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Shiny Shadow Mewtwo Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go: How To Find Shiny Mewtwo

Shadow Mewtwo Rocket Tasks Pokemon GO | I found a NEW Shiny Shadow | Shadow Mewtwo vs Mega Mewtwo Y

Shiny Mewtwo is returning to Pokemon Go in the near future. This guide will show players how they can find and capture this Shiny legendary Pokemon.

Players will soon be given a chance to capture a Shiny Mewtwo in Pokemon Go. This guide will show players how they can find and capture this Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are amongst the rarest creatures to exist in the series. Players travel across the land to capture every Pokemon for their Pokedex and that in itself is already challenging. There are trainers out there who will not rest until they have captured Shiny versions of every Pokemon out there. In the case of Pokemon Go, not every Shiny Pokemon is available at the same time as its normal colored counterpart. Most Shiny Pokemon are introduced at a later date as part of a special event. For those looking to capture the Shiny version of the world’s most powerful Pokemon, the chance is fast approaching. This guide will show players how they can find their very own Shiny Mewtwo.

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Pokemon Go Raid For July 2021 Is Mewtwo

Mewtwo is currently part of raids for July 2021. Mewtwo and Armored Mewtwo have been in the regular rotation of five-star raid for Pokemon GO for quite some time now. So if you miss catching on this month, there will most likely be more opportunities to do so in the future. Mewtwo has also been part of a Pokemon GO Tour event from February of this year and was part of the rewards for defeating Team Rocket back in October of 2020. There is also a chance that players of Pokemon GO will see a Mega Mewtwo evolution sometime in the coming months.

That being said, once the Pokemon GO Fest with Mewtwo as the five star raid boss is over this July, Mewtwo will most likely pop up again as a prize if players missed their chances of catching it this time.

In order to get the Mewtwo for this month, players will need to defeat then catch the Mewtwo in the Go Fest 2021 raid. The best counters for the well-known psychic Pokemon are:

  • Gengar – Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball
  • Gyarados – Bite/Crunch
  • Giratina – Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball
  • Darkrai – Snarl/Shadow Ball
  • Yveltal – Snarl/Dark Pulse
  • Tyranitar – Bite/Crunch

After defeating the raid, players will have a limited amount of time to catch the defeated Mewtwo. Use Premier balls and Razz Berries to catch ’em before the Mewtwo escapes.

Spot Mewtwo In The Right Place

Really, it is hard to spot Mewtwo because they are spread all over the world. Also, it would not be feasible for you to explore the real world to spot Mewtwo. So, the best alternative way to locate Mewtwo is spoofing your device location. To do that, you can take the assistance of UltFone iOS Location Changer. With this amazing tool, you can change the GPS location on your iPhone to any corner of the world and search for Mewtwo. Some of the incredible features of UltFone iOS Location Changer are:

  • Change GPS location to anywhere in the world.
  • Control the speed of your trip.
  • Fake location without jailbreaking your iPhone.
  • Support the latest iPhone 12 Series and the iOS 14 version.

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Icipate In The Mewtwo Quest

Mewtwo is a legendary Pokemon that is amazing in raids. Nevertheless, only a few could get a Mewtwo, as it is challenging to catch it and might take a while to make it yours. This method makes use of completing the Mewtwo quest to unlock it. All you have to do is join Dr. Willow in his research and complete the tasks that come with it. The step below shall guide you further.

  • Step 1: On the main screen, tap on the flashing image on the right-hand side.
  • Step 2: “An Inter-egg-sting Development” research would show up, it would present you with some tasks.
  • Step 3: Complete those tasks, and it would turn into a shadow Mewtwo encounter. The research isn’t going to be easy and might need some time to complete, but the reward is worth waiting.
  • What Else Makes Them Different

    Where Is Mewtwo Pokemon Go

    As you can probably tell, the visual appearance isnt the only difference between normal Pokémon and their Shadowy counterparts

    In addition to the above, Shadow Pokémon were not able to level up until they were purified. This means that they were cleansed of their Shadow ailment and returned to a normal state.

    Shadow Pokémon are typically stronger than their counterparts and in the Gamecube games they dealt either neutral damage or super-effective damage against all types Shadow Pokémon also had special Shadow Moves such as Shadow Rush that they could use instead of regular attacks.

    In addition, due to their unstable nature, Shadow Pokémon have a tendency to not listen to or even attacktheir own trainers!

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    Best Pokemons Against Mewtwo

    In order to combat Mewtwo, I would recommend using a bug, ghost, or dark type Pokemons as only they can do maximum damage to Mewtwo. Here are the Pokemons that can be the right choice to battle with Mewtwo.

    Armored Mewtwo:

    Armored Mewtwo is the most preferred Pokemon for fighting against Mewtwo. Its iron tail and confusion moves shall help to beat Mewtwo.


    Gengar is a ghost-type Pokemon that you can pick to fight against Mewtwo. Gengar has some great moves that can do significant damage to Mewtwo.


    If you have a trained Houndoom in your Pokemon collection, then it would also be a great option to battle with Mewtwo as it can do 160 damage to Mewtwo.


    Pinsir is a powerful bug-type Pokemon. You can use its bug bite and x-scissors moves to defeat Mewtwo.

    Pokemon Go Strange Eggs And Shiny Mewtwo

    A new sort of Pokemon Egg is in Pokemon GO this week heres why thats important. As its been with past new releases like this, Niantics likely set to continue changing the way Pokemon Eggs are used and monetized. For now, the Strange Eggs are part of the Team GO Rocket Event that takes place October 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19, 2020.

    Right this minute you should see new Pokemon will appear in the newest sort of Pokemon eggs. These new Strange Eggs include the following Pokemon, with rewards between 16 and 32 candy. Thats the same as 10km eggs but these eggs are 12km! Spooky!

    Deino Vullaby Pawniard

    Niantic stated that it is time to join Professor Willow and investigate Team GO Rockets involvement with Strange Egges, culminating in a battle with Giovanni himself for a chance to rescue Shadow Mewtwo! And thats not the only Shiny Shadow Pokemon thatll appear with this event

    New Shiny Shadow Pokemon began to appear on the 12th of October, including Shiny Growlithe, Shiny Drowzee, and Shiny Omanyte. All of these Pokemon appeared in battles with Rocket Leaders of several sorts. A boosted set of Pokemon spawns appeared starting on the 12th, including what youll see below.

    Gulpin Croagunk Skorupi

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    So Liam What Exactly Is A Shadow Pokmon

    If we look at the Bulbapedia definition, this is what you see:

    Shadow Pokémon are Pokémon that are being used for wrongful acts because they had the doors to their hearts shut artificially, a process created and carried out by Cipher in the Orre region. Collecting Shadow Pokémon through snagging and restoring them to normal by purifying them is the main goal of Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

    These are basically artificially created Evil Pokémon that are being used to do bad guys bidding. Hence why they are the perfect fit for a Team Rocket Grunt!

    As you can see from the above screenshot from Pokémon Coliseum, Shadow Pokémon have a purple aura around them and are distinctly different from a regular Pokémon.

    How To Get Shadow Mewtwo


    Since this experience is only for those who purchased tickets to Pokemon GO Fest, players will need one to collect this corrupted version of the popular Psychic-type. The second day of the event comes with the Rocket Straight to Victory special research, a series of tasks that reward players for completing them. Shadow Mewtwo is the reward for completing the fourth task, titled “Defeat Go Team Rocket Boss Giovanni.” Once Giovanni is taken care of, players just need to tap that completed task and they will earn a chance to capture Shadow Mewtwo.

    As part of the reward for completing the fourth task, players are also given twenty ultra balls, two incense capsules, and a Victini encounter. This Pokemon was teased in the days leading up to Pokemon GO Fest through Strange Scraps. These are images with scraps of paper and drawings on them that were shared online through social media. Players were meant to connect the dots and pick through the clues to realize that the mythical Pokemon Victini would be part of GO Fest.

    With over 1 million GO Fest 2020 tickets sold, there are a lot of trainers online catching Pokemon and joining in on the festivities. The special encounters and chances to catch extremely rare Pokemon are always a plus, but the event also brings plenty of opportunities for players to round out their collections. There are currently spawn increases for every habitat, which are all uniquely themed, contain specific Pokemon, and rotate each hour.

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    Full Analysis Of Mewtwo In Pokmon Go

    Pokemon Type: Mewtwo is regarded as a psychic Pokemon. It has high vulnerability to Bug, Dark and Ghost moves while a high resistance towards Fighting and Psychic moves.

    Mewtwo Raid Guide: The Pokemon has been a Raid Boss at the tier 5 and Ex. It has a boss CP of 54148 and suggested players varying from 5 to 10.

    Evolution: There are no available evolutions for Mewtwo in Pokemon Go. However, people are often confused regarding the evolution of Mew into Mewtwo, which is a wrong myth, as Mew and Mewtwo are two separate Pokemons that can’t evolve into each other.

    Best Movesets for Mewtwo: The best moves for Mewtwo is to use Confusion and Psystrike together during attacks on Pokemons in the gym. The combination produces the highest total DPS and is one of the keys to win player vs. player battles.

    Pve Offensive Moves Explanation

    Movesets with Confusion will do more damage than those with Psycho Cut, but the latter is easier to dodge with and provides more energy for Charge Moves. Use Psycho Cut when Psychic type is resisted, when the charge move is weather boosted, or when the charge move is doubly SE.

    • Psycho Cut + Shadow Ball is ideal against Psychic-type Pokemon when Ghost is super effective and Psychic is not. Confusion + Shadow Ball is Shadow Mewtwos best neutral DPS and ideal against Ghosts.

    • Psystrike makes Shadow Mewtwo the best Psychic attacker, standing far above all competition. Pair with Confusion for the highest DPS pure Psychic moveset.

    • Psychic is an acceptable alternative to Psystrike, sporting close overall performance.

    • Ice Beam makes Shadow Mewtwo the top ranked Ice-type attacker considering all other current options have a much lower attack stat.

    • Thunderbolt places Shadow Mewtwo just behind Shadow Raikou, Shadow Magnezone, Shadow Electivitre, and Shadow Zapdos as one of the top Electric attackers in the game.

    • Flamethrower can’t allow Shadow Mewtwo to rival Shadow Moltres, but it’s still very viable.

    • Focus Blast is ideal for gyms against all those Blissey and Snorlax. However, there are much better options for Fighting-type DPS.

    • Hyper Beam is definitely Shadow Mewtwos worst charge move and one of the best uses of a Charged TM. Note: This move is legacy.

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    Tips For Catching Legendary Pokmon

    While we have already come across several easy hacks to catch a Mewtwo, here are some tips when attempting to catch Mewtwo.

    • Every time you defeat a Mewtwo in a battle, you are rewarded with some premier balls that should only be used to catch it. If you battle alongside your friends, the chances of getting rewarded with more balls increase.
    • Make sure to use the razz berries before attempting to catch the Mewtwo, the berries improve the chances of a perfect throw.
    • Having found a Mewtwo, don’t throw the ball until the target ring is smallest, try curving the ball as it increases the chances of a successful catch.
    • Wait until the Mewtwo slows and starts acting up, once that happens, time your throw keenly as the Pokemon stops.
    • When attempting to catch a Mewtwo, make sure that you are having all the provisions such as a max potion, max revives etc., these items ease the catch for you.

    Catching a legendary Pokemon isn’t going to be easy, thus don’t get disheartened if some of your attempts don’t bring the best results.

    How To Find Shiny Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

    What are the sparkly lucky Pokemonâs in Pokemon Go and how ...

    Mewtwo will only be available for a single week in 5-star raid battles. It will begin to appear again starting on July 16th to be replaced on July 23rd with a brand-new Pokemon. During this week, players can participate in raid battles against Mewtwo. Here are the best Pokemon to bring along to counter it.

    • Mega Gengar: Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball.
    • Mega Houndoom: Snarl and Foul Play.
    • Mega Gyarados: Bite and Crunch.
    • Darkrai: Snarl and Dark Pulse.
    • Yveltal: Snarl and Dark Pulse.

    The trick about Shiny hunting in raid battles is that players won’t know if it’s a Shiny Pokemon until the capturing phase of the battle. Shiny Mewtwo comes in a bright green color that makes it stand out from its original design. The best thing players can do is head outside during this time period and participate in as many Mewtwo raids as possible. This will only be available for a week and it’s currently unknown when Mewtwo will return in raid battles. It’s confirmed Mewtwo will be a part of Go Fest, but that is only for ticket owners. For now, continue to battle and capture this legendary Pokemon.

    Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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    Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto Mewtwo

    While the majority of the content involved within the upcoming Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto Event is locked behind a paywall, there are still plenty of things non-paying players can enjoy. One of these things are the raid bosses that will be present for the event. Of course, Mewtwo will be making appearances as one of the four possible raid bosses.

    Mewtwo will be a tough Pokemon to deal with while challenging it. It is highly recommended players challenge Mewtwo with other players using Pokemon that can take advantage of its weaknesses.

    Once players take Mewtwo down, they will get the opportunity to catch it. Thanks to the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto Event, it even has the chance to appear in its shiny form. Players are recommended to use whatever Golden Razz Berries and normal Razz Berries to increase the odds of this Pokemon staying in the Pokeball.

    The Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto Event will be on Saturday, February 20, 2021 and will be running from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in players’ local times. Players will only have the event’s duration to challenge Mewtwo in a legendary raid.

    Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

    Shadow Lugia The Crown Jewel

    You may have seen plenty of hype around the above Pokémon: Shadow Lugia. This is yet another thing from the Gamecube games that didnt make it past those two titles but has become a fan-favorite ever since. Hence why, with the return of Shadow Pokémon seemingly being imminent, players are stirring up excitement for the future possibility of this Pokémon to be featured in raid battles or in some sort of future event.

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    What Exactly Are Shadow Pokmon

    Trainers, As you may have read in one of our latest articles there has been a recent discovery of Shadow Pokémon within the games code.

    You may have also seen mention of Team Rocket invading PokéStops and also a mention of Purified Pokémon. Lots of people are seeing this as a reason to board the hype train and go full steam ahead into the station!

    Its made me think quite a lot about exactly what these Pokémon are and why they are important in, not only within Pokémon Go but, the greater Pokémon world as well.

    I have aimed to explain the differences between these Pokémon and regular Pokémon but please note that I have deliberately stayed away from anything too spoiler-y and have decided not to include any details that have been showcased by everyones favorite Reverse Engineer.

    Please also note that a full-guide for this feature will be available through GO Hub shortly after it goes live. This is also the reason why I have stayed away from using this article to speculate how these Pokémon will function with Pokémon Go itself.

    Anyway, enough disclaimers, lets get into the good stuff:

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