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Top Ten Most Expensive Pokemon Cards

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Blastoise Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram Card

Top 10 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards

Now this card is an absolute gem! At first glance youd think it wasnt real when you look at the font. But it is in fact an iconic piece of Pokemon history.


This test printed Blastoise was used by the Wizards of the Coast team to help showcase to their higher ups at Nintendo, that they was capable of producing the English version of the TCG. Incredible right?!

What Makes the 1998 Presentation Blastoise Card So Rare?

  • Only 4 copies were every made!!
  • Three of the copies had Magic: The Gathering backs to them as WOTC produced that TCG already
  • The other copy has a blank back

Recent Sales

  • The single blank back copy, graded an 8.5 by CGC sold for $360,000

Pokemon World Championship Master Key Trophy Card

Sold in August, 2020 for $26,900

The Pokémon World Championships are where the best of the best meet each year to battle it out for money, prizes, and the title of Pokémon World Champion.

Players who earn enough points in qualifiers and smaller tournaments receive a special invitation to compete in the three-day event held in rotating locations.

The first tournament kicked off in 2004 in Orlando, Florida, but in 2010 the competition made its way to the Hilton in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii.

Just thirty-six contestants participated in the 2010 event and each received a copy of this beautiful foil card in a special case.

With so few of them ever produced, they are among the rarest Pokemon cards, and command huge prices if and when they do surface for sale or auction.

Base 1st Edition Holo Stamp Shadowless Charizard

Estimated Average Market Value $43,654

If you know Pokemon cards, you knew this card was coming.

Possibly the most iconic chase Pokemon card there is, the base set 1st Edition, Holo, Stamped, Shadowless Charizard.

While another card on this list has now sold for more money, for some Pokemon card collectors, there will only ever be one true Holy Grail when it comes to Pokemon cards, and this is it.

Its not just the fact that this card is first edition, but the huge popularity of the Charizard Pokemon character has put this card head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.

The popularity of a Pokemon can play a huge role in its market value its not a coincidence that Charizard appears on this list more than any other Pokemon.

Update!: This card has now sold for over $500,000!

With its flashy holographic shine, this card has been highly prized ever since it first hit playgrounds and continues to be a pillar of the Pokemon trading card game.

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Ex Dragon Frontiers Charizard Gold Star

Sold in November, 2020 for $30,300

Released in November 2006, the EX Dragon Frontiers set marked the fifteenth main expansion of the EX Series.

Of the 101 cards in the set checklist, there are two rare Gold Star cards: Charizard and Mew .

With the odds of pulling a Charizard thought to be roughly 1 in 144 packs, many collectors never had the fortune of pulling this card from a pack, giving it a reputation as one of the toughest Charizard pulls of any set.

Featuring a stunning image penned by the gifted hands of Masakazu Fukuda, the eye-appeal of this card is also tough to match as the powerful creature breathes fire onto the edge of the card.

The Pokmon Characters With The Highest Card Value

Top 10 World‘s research found the Pokémon character with the highest card value is Starly, as the median price of a Starly Pokémon card is £399.51.

Bidoof, a rodent-like creature, is in second place. The median price of Bidoof Pokémon cards is £285.00.

Charizard , Lugia and Umbreon are among the other valuable Pokémon characters, respectively ranking third, fourth and fifth.

Rounding off the top ten is Rayquaza. Pokémon cards which feature the serpentine-like character have a median price of £100.00.

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Gold Star Umbreon Play Promo

Released in Japan in 2005, the Gold Star Umbreon Pokemon Play promo features some truly stunning artwork. This, combined with the card’s rarity, led to a copy being sold for $70,000 in June of 2021. The card in question had been rated by Beckett as a 9.5, suggesting that a perfect 10 could yet push the card’s value higher still.

In order to get their hands on a copy of the card, players would need to be a member of the Pokemon Player’s Club and then accumulate 70,000 EXP points before the end of the fourth season. Considering players only received 100 points for attending official events, not too many of these were ever handed out as evidenced by there being just 24 graded by the PSA to date.

Ex Dragon Frontiers Gold Star Charizard

Despite being printed in 2006, a Gold Star Charizard managed to bring in an incredible $60,066 at auction not too long ago. The Delta Species card was sold through eBay in October 2020 and attracted interest from a number of interested parties before the final sale price was finally confirmed.

According to the PSA website, there are just shy of 1,500 graded copies of the card in existence, although only 59 of those have been awarded the coveted GEM-MT 10 rating. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the record-setting sale was of one of these 59 cards. Others regularly sell for between twenty and thirty thousand dollars.

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Pokemon Snap Trainer Magazine Pikachu: $900

If you were a Pokemon fan back in the days of the Nintendo 64 console, you might just remember the classic spin-off game Pokemon Snap. The object of this Pokemon spin-off was to snap creative in-game photos of various creatures, and there were several tie-in cards in Japans Pokemon Trainer Magazine to help increase the hype among fans to try this new game.

This card was a Pikachu card with the model from Pokemon Snap as the art, making for a relatively hilarious-looking card that only could be found within this magazine in 1999. Miyabihobby has a record of an unopened magazine being sold for 100,000, or about $900 USD, but PSA Card has records of auctions ranging between $300 and $1000 for perfect condition grades.

Pokemon First Edition Chansey

Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards!

Sold in November, 2020 for $36,877

Fewer than fifty examples of the First Edition Holographic Chansey have received the elusive PSA 10 distinction, making it one of the most difficult First Edition Holos to find in that grade.

Chansey is a lovable pink, normal-type Pokémon that uses the egg held in its pouch to complete its signature move known as “Soft-Boiled” to help heal people and other Pokémon.

Many believe that Chansey can bring joy and happiness to those who catch it in the Pokemon world, while this card in high grade will bring lots of money to those who own it in the real world.

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Pokemon Japanese Neo Summer Battle Number 2 Trainer

Sold in November, 2020 for $20,105

Just a bit ago, we had a look at the number 3 trainer card from the 2001 Neo Summer Battle Road Tournament.

And now we are looking at the card that contestants would receive for finishing in second place in that tournament.

The card has pretty much the same look and feel as the third-place card, but Chancey and Doduo have joined Pikachu and Growlithe in posing with Ash Ketchum, as he holds a silver medal.

Even in a PSA 7 holder, this card will sell for thousands of dollars to give you an idea of just how coveted these trophy cards are.

Tropical Mega Battle Tropical Wind Promo Card

Card sale date: October 2020

Card selling price: $65,100

What makes it special: This was a trophy card during the 1999 Tropical Mega Battle in Hawaii. The tournament was an invite-only event where players from around the world competed.

Specifics of the particular sale: The PSA rated this card in a GEM MINT 10 condition.

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Crystal Charizard Holo Skyridge

  • Release Date: 2003
  • Grading: PSA Gem Mint 10
  • Pokemon card value at auction: $25,100

In 2003, interest in Pokemon cards had started to wane among core fans who had been collecting since it launched in 1999. As a result, production of the Skyridge set was considerably lower compared to past expansions.

This would also be the last release printed by Wizards of the Coasts and features the iconic e-reader designs meant to be a tie-in for the Game Boy Advance. Its low production has made the retro set one of the most expensive Pokemon cards products to hunt down from the era.

The crown jewel of the expansion is none other than Charizard. Its rare Crystal Holo design variant was extremely limited even at release. In November 2020, a perfectly graded version of the collectible sold for $25,100 at auction.

Lugia First Edition Neo Genesis

Top 10 World

This card is the #6 in our list in the First Edition of the set in Pristine 10 condition. This card depicts the psychic bird which is said to be resting deep in the bottom of the ocean, because of the amount of power it holds. This is worth $144k as of now. The price will surely exceed in the future because its really rare.

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St Edition Pokmon Charizard Golf Label


The record price for any Pokémon card, has been set by us tonight, this gold label charizard sold for $369,000 ..WE ARE ACCEPTING POKEMON CONSIGNMENTS please 1st edition cards only. Email

Goldin Auctions

This Pokémon Charizard is popular among collectors because it is a shadowless holographic first edition card.

Such extremely early cards usually lacked drop shadows behind art or text, and this tiny difference catapulted them in rarity and price

First Edition Charizard Cards

Charizard, or Lizardon as the character is known in Japan, is one of the most well known characters in the Pokemon universe. It made its first appearance in the Pokemon Red and Blue video games, and has since shown up in various spinoffs, the Pokemon anime series, and on trading cards. Since Charizard is such a fan favorite, its no surprise that owning cards featuring the character tend to be highly valuable the older the cards and the better the condition, the more money you stand to make. Each first edition Charizard card can sell for about $575.

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Pokemon World Championships Promo No 2 Trainer

My Top 10 RAREST & Most Expensive Pokemon Cards!
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Grading: PSA 9
  • Pokemon card value at auction: $110, 100

The incredibly rare Trophy card was handed out at the 2006 World Championship held in Anaheim, California. Since these Pokemon cards were only given to winners, it makes their population extremely low.

According to PSA, only three of these collectibles are even said to have been issued at the competition. It almost feels like a crime putting this Pokemon card at this spot because due to its scarcity, it rarely goes up for sale

However in February 2021, one finally appeared online. With over 150 bids, this item brought in a mind-blowing $110,100 at a PWCC auction.

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What Are Pokemon Cards / Pokemon Tcg

Pokemon TCG is a collectible card game that has been the top-selling card game since its beginning until now. It has sold over 34 billion cards over the world till now. It was first published in 1996. That needs two players and is played the same way it was to be played in the animation or video game.

The players or collectors take the role of trainers and battle their Pokemon in the card with the opponents. The player whose Pokemon knocks out all the cards of the opponent or the player who has the most Prize card wins.

Official Website To Buy Pokemon Trading Card Game :

Chansey #3 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set

  • Release Date: 1999
  • Grading: PSA Gem Mint 10
  • Pokemon card value at auction: $36,877

For many Pokemon card collectors, it doesnt get any better than the Base Set which made its North American debut in 1999. Not only does it feature some of the TCG series most iconic artwork, but there is also a ton of nostalgia players have connected to the release.

As a result, Pokemon cards from the release have seen the most explosion in value over the last decade. While not a heavy-hitter in the franchise itself, fans have been going wild for the adorable Chansey #3 Pokemon card. So much so that its surprised industry veterans when it started fetching jaw-dropping prices.

While hovering around $20k since 2019, the collectibles value has only continued to grow. According to PWCC, a 1st Edition Shadowless version sold for $36,877 in a November 2020 auction.

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Holo Gold Star Rayquaza: $4500

Rather than many cards on this list, this Shiny Rayquaza from the EX Deoxys set is a rare Pokemon card thats mostly just mythical pull from a standard set. During this expansion, Pokemon with a Gold Star in your deck, making them just as powerful as they are gorgeous with unique colors and art exiting the frame.

Costs can vary massively, but spaces like Troll and Toad price the card at just under $4500. It simply combines all the great aspects of a standard card in the perfect combination, and the rarity of it in packs of this small expansion set make it one of the most valuable original Gen 3 cards, and one of the first major shiny cards to hit record prices before other shinies would catch up.

Tropical Mega Battle Cards

Top 5 most expensive Pokemon cards
Estimated Average Market Value $6,500
Estimated Copies Worldwide 60

The Tropical Mega Battle was a TCG tournament that took place annually in Honolulu, Hawaii from 1999 to 2001.

The exact details of who was given which cards and for what is still unclear today, which most likely only adds to their value, as no one is totally sure how many of them are out in the wild.

There have been reports that one of these cards was sold for approximately $100,000, but the details around the transaction are unclear and the listing page no longer appears to be available.

One thing is for certain though, with copies of this card being so limited, its only a matter of time before the value of these cards reaches a point where someone tries to cash in and moves these cards further up the list.

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Tropical Mega Battle No 2 Trainer

  • Release Date: 1999
  • Grading: PSA Authentic
  • Pokemon card value at auction: $50,300

Interestingly, this is the first Pokemon card in the top 20 that is so poor quality-wise, it didnt even receive a grade. In situations like this, PSA will still give it an official Authentication. Dont let the grading fool you, though, as the Tropical No. 2 Trainer card is pristine except the back which has color loss and fading due to the sun.

Given out originally at the 1999 Mega Battle tournament in Japan, only the top players received this Pokemon card. In total, PSA has only seen five of these, making it one of the rarest Pokemon cards in existence. Its so scarce that its still worth a jaw-dropping amount despite its quality setbacks think about that.

According to PWCC, one of these green Exeggutor prizes was sold at an auction in October 2020 for $50,300. Its fascinating to think that even a damaged card can sell for as much as a sports car. And this Pokemon cards value will only continue to climb given that they just dont exist.

Japanese Parent/child Mega Battle Cards

The Kangaskhan, or Parent/Child Mega Battle, was a Pokemon tournament held in Japan in May 1998. Kids teamed up with their parents to compete in the trading card game with other families, and those who won enough games were rewarded with an exclusive promotional card. The Pokemon Parent/Child Mega Battle card is one of the small handful that has a set symbol featuring the Pocket Monsters Trading Card Game logo. This card has been collectible for well over a decade, and a mint condition one can sell for at least $10,000.

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St Edition Charizard Holo Shadowless

Perhaps the most well-known, “rare” Pokémon card is the 1st Edition Charizard Holo. First released in 1999, the sought after card is still one of the most expensive as well. The initial release of the card featured a printing error, which was quickly corrected and reprinted. As such, the misprinted “shadowless” version is extremely rare.

Only 95 cards in circulation have been rated as Gem Mint 10, further increasing the typical auction price. In October 2020, a “shadowless” 1st Edition Charizard Holo sold for a record-breaking $220,574 to the former rapper-turned-YouTuber Logic.

Mint Condition Crystal Cards

Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards From Chilling Reign! (TCG)

When Pokemon introduced Aquapolis in 2002, it also brought forth Crystal Pokemon. The types of changes that Crystal characters can undergo gets a bit complicated if youre not familiar with the game, but suffice it to say Crystal cards in the Pokemon game are hot items. The highest amount that a full set of mint edition Pokemon Crystal cards was auctioned for is $9,875. This particular auction included Japanese and English versions of the cards.

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