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Shiny hunters can rest easy as Mewtwos Shiny Form has been available in Pokemon GO since September 2019.

Youll instantly recognise if youve nabbed yourself one as its usual purple colours are no more, instead, Mewtwo turns a sickly shade of green.

If youre going to be hunting one at GO Fest or before, you should be safe in the knowledge that instead of 1 in 500 odds of encountering one, youll be facing a much better 1 in 20.

How To Get Mewtwo In Pokemon Go: Best Moveset Weakness And Counters

1st Sep 2021 14:37

Not sure how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon GO or want to know the best Mewtwo moveset, weaknesses, and counters? Then you’ve come to the right place. This iconic Pokemon is a tricky beast to take down and one of the rarest pocket monsters in Pokemon GO, but we’ve got everything you need to know. Whether you want to know how to get Mewtwo, you want to use some TMs on the best Mewtwo moveset, or you need the best Mewtwo counters, make this your one-stop Mewtwo shop.

How Do You Beat Tyranitar In Pokmon Go Machamp

Tyranitar is the Godzilla of Pokémon Go Gen 2. Its got the highest potential CP outside the Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, and even though you shoundt see it over 3000 in Gyms any more, you will see it really close. Its dark and rock type, however, makes it weak against bug, grass, fairy, ground, steel, and water types. Its formidable strength cancels a lot of that out, but it doesnt cancel out this Tyranitar is double weak against fighter types.

  • Best counter: Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch. Goes through Tyranitar like a Jaeger through a Kaiju.

  • Other options: Any other fighter with double fighter-type movesets, which gives them same type attack bonus and takes advantage of Tyranitars double weakness. That includes Machamp with lesser, legacy movesets, Haracross . Vaporeon, given its power and Tyranitars single weakness to water, is a good fallback as well, with Poliwrath following behind.

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Pokemon Go Shiny Mewtwo Explained

While it doesnt have any bearing on stats or performance, the chances are youll want one of the ultra-rare Shiny Mewtwos. As the name suggests, these are very hard to come by, and theyll only crop up in five-star Raids. The last time Shiny Mewtwo appeared in Raids was during Pokemon GO Fest, where it cropped up for just one week.

With raids, you dont know if the Pokemon youre battling is Shiny or not until youve defeated it, and are about to catch it. Therefore, getting a Shiny Mewtwo is very much down to luck. If you get it though, there will be a piece of Pokemon GO history in your Pokedex. Legendary Pokemon in raids have a 1/20 chance to be shiny, so if you don’t get it right away, the odds are in your favour to nab one before too long.

There it is, everything you need to know about Mewtwo in Pokemon GO. Be sure to check out our other Pokemon GO guides below:

Best Guide Mewtwo Mega Evolution X Pokemon

How do you beat Mewtwo? Pokemon Go ~ ToyLab

Mewtwo is a fictional creature from the pokemon universe. Mewtwo was created by Team Rocket scientist Dr Fuji. The first movie that Mewtwo appeared in was Pokèmon: The First Movie .

It has been revealed that Mewtwos mega evolution x will be released on November 30th, 2016 for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon versions of the video game series. And this new form

will contain two different types of psychic abilities instead of just one type like other pokemon have only had before it.

But Mewtwo x and y will be earth and fighting types and this new form of Mewtwo will contain the dark type. This is all we know so far about Mewtows new mega evolution x.

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Mewtwo Is One Of The Legendary Pokemon Creatures In Pokemon Go That Comes From The First Generation Scroll On To Check Out Mewtwo’s Best Moveset And Counters

Pokemon GO Mewtwo is a legendary Psychic-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO and is known as a high tier generalist. It comes from the Kanto region and possesses a top Combat Power of 4178 in the game. It is one of the most recognised Pokemon creatures that comes with a destructive moveset.

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What About Secondary Charge Moves In Pokmon Go

With PvP Trainer Battles, Niantic also introduced secondary Charge Moves. You can buy them with Stardust and Candy, and TM them to whatever it is you need. So, what do you need? Typically, variety. If the best Charge Move is a full bar, get a secondary that’s multi-bar. If there are two possible types for the Charged move, get both. For example, a Mewtwo with Shadow Ball or Psystrike is incredible, but one with both? Gamebreaker! However, adding a second Charge Move is expensive so make sure there is a good secondary move before spending on this upgrade.

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The Best Pokmon Counters To Yveltal

Some of the best Pokémon you can use against it include Zekrom, Rhyperior, and Togekiss.

Zekrom is a Dragon and Electric-type Pokémon. Besides Therian Thundurus, its one of the best Electric-type Pokémon to use in the Master League or raids. Zekrom can shut down Yveltal pretty hard given its array of Electric-type attacks. The best moveset for Zekrom to use against Yvetal will be charge beam for its fast move, followed by wild charge and outrage.

The next choice is Rhyperior, a Ground and Rock-type Pokémon. While this is a Ground-type Pokémon, Rhyperior being a Rock-type makes up for it. Rhyperior has quite a bit of defense to withstand Yvetals attacks. The bad thing that Yvetals charge move, focus blast, is super effective against Rhyperior, and that can lead to some problems. The best moveset Rhyperior can use against Yvetal will the fast move smack down, followed by rock wrecker and stone edge for its charged moves.

The last choice we want to bring up is Togekiss, a Fairy and Flying-type Pokémon. Togekiss is always the ideal choice in the Master League and Master League Classic to defeat many Dragon-type Pokémon and some of the more niche choices. Yveltal now fits that category, and you want to use a Togekiss in your team to counter it both in PvP and when battling it in raids. The best moveset Togekiss can be charm for its fast move, followed by ancient power and flamethrower.

  • Electivire
  • Thundurus Incarnate

In Pokmon Go What Is Mewtwos Best Moveset


In Pokémon GO, the greatest moveset for Mewtwo is:

  • Confusion in a hurry
  • Psystrike is the main move

Isnt it quite a collection? You can see why Mewtwo is so sought after. The ideal strategy is for Mewtwo to stick to its guns and utilize Psychic-type attacks for maximum damage. As a result, whether youre aiming for an offensive or defensive build, Confusion for the Quick Move and Psystrike for the Main Move is your best option. Psychic can suffice if you dont have the Elite TM for Psystrike.

Mewtwo is a powerful psychic-type Legendary Pokémon that first appeared in the 1998 game Pokémon Silver. It was created by Ken Sugimori. The best moveset for mewtwo would be Psychic, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, and Hyper Beam. Reference: mewtwo pokémon go counters.

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Which Is The Most Powerful Attack For Mewtwo

Submission destroys Normal-type Pokemon and Hyper Beam is a massively powerful attack to use against lower health Pokemon. Psychic is still here for reliability against many Pokemon wasting Mewtwos most powerful attack and that magnificent base 154 Special would be a shame. Mewtwo can also be defensive.

Mewtwo Strengths And Weakness

As mentioned above in the article, Mewtwo is weak against Dark, Ghost, and Bug types, so steer clear away from them if they show up. Even if they are not as powerful as you Mewtwo, their moves might cause decent damage, which you dont want.

Mewtwo is vulnerable to bugs, dark, and ghosts all three will deal 160% damage to your pokemon. That is just an insane percentage if you get hit by a decent enough move, youll be finished. But as it has weaknesses, it also has its strengths.

Mewtwo is resistant to Fighting and Psychic-type Pokemon and can deal 63% damage to them. So if these types show up against you can one-hit KO them if you play your moves right.

Remember, even if you have a decent advantage over your opponent typing-wise, know that if you dont utilize your shield correctly, you might lose, even after the edge.

Many players use shields against strong pokemon at times like these, it is best to let them run out of their shield rather than doing something abrasive.

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Pokmon Go Event Update: Armored Mewtwo Returns Start Time And Pokmon Day Celebrations

Niantic and The Pokémon Company are celebrating Pokémon Day and the release of the Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution on Netflix early with a brand new event in Pokémon Go.

Armored Mewtwo makes its return to the popular mobile game for one week, but the powerful Psychic-type wont be alone. The clone variations of some of the more notable Pokémon in the film will be making their Pokémon Go debuts including the Kanto Starters and Pikachu.

If youre looking to take advantage of all that Pokémon Go has to offer in the Armored Mewtwo event, heres what you need to know.


The Armored Mewtwo event runs from Tuesday February 25 at 4 p.m. EST to Monday, March 2 at 4 p.m. EST in Pokémon Go.


Armored Mewtwo will appear in Level 5 Raids during the event, and being a pure Psychic-type Pokémon its only weaknesses are Dark, Ghost and Bug-type attacks.

While there are plenty of powerful Pokémon that have those moves at their disposal, Armored Mewtwo will likely carry at least one Psychic-type attack making some of the best, like Gengar, susceptible to being knocked out by it.

However, if you bring with you the following Pokémon and have a big enough group of trainers to help you, taking down Armored Mewtwo shouldnt be too much of a problem. This time around, Armored Mewtwo will have the special move, Psystrike.



What Are Pokmon Go Mewtwos Stats

Pokemon Go Mewtwo Best Moveset

Depending on whether youre going up against Mewtwo in a raid or snapping it up in a pokéball, Mewtwo can have different CP levels. Mewtwo also benefits from a windy weather buff which will significantly increase its CP, so keep that in mind.

  • Max raid boss CP 54,148
  • Max CP when catching Mewtwo 2,387
  • Max CP when catching Mewtwo with windy weather buff 2,984

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Your Best Movesets In Pokmon Go

These are the best Pokémon Go movesets I’ve seen for the toughest Pokémon and best counters currently in the game. If you have a favorite that didn’t make the list, let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out our Best Portable Battery Packs so your phone never runs out of juice on the way to becoming a Pokémon Master!

The Best Moveset For Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

Mewtwo is just about as dominant in Pokemon GO as it is in every other game it appears in.

In terms of stats, moves, and just overall performance, Mewtwo is as close to a perfect Pokemon as Niantic can get. It has an overwhelming 300 Attack stat, paired with powerful moves that come with lower energy costs. Ignoring PvP, Mewtwo can single-handedly beat most raid bosses on its own. There almost is no ideal moveset for Mewtwo, since it runs so many great options. This is generally a good way to build Mewtwo, though.

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If Youre Looking To Snag Your Own Pokmon Go Mewtwo Look No Further Find Out About Its Best Movesets Stats Counters And More

In Pokémon Go, Mewtwo is a legendary psychic Pokémon that was originally found in the Kanto region in gen one. Then, in 2017, Mewtwo made its Pokémon Go debut through Ex raids, and has since periodically made appearances in five-star raids. With its strong psychic abilities, Mewtwo has the potential to be a massive asset to your team or a powerful foe.

Our Pokémon Go Mewtwo guide will tell you everything you need to know about this legendary critter, including its strengths, weaknesses, possible moves, and counters, along with how you can defeat it in a raid. As raids circulate regularly, we will update this guide when new information drops.

If you want to catch Mewtwos smaller, cuddlier form, you can check out our Pokémon Go Mew guide. We also have a Pokémon Go raids guide if youre waiting for the opportunity to snag yourself your own Mewtwo, and a Pokémon Go codes list so you can grab some goodies along the way.

Take Him Down Easily With This Guide

Mew’s Best Moveset in Pokemon GO | Part 1: Raids

Pokémon day is just around the corner, with plenty for fans to celebrate and take part in. Of course this means more events in Pokémon GO, the mobile phenomenon that swept the world by storm in 2016. Millions of trainers still log in every day and will be taking part in the latest events. This time, to celebrate both the day and the release of a new movie on Netflix, Armored Mewtwo is returning to raids. But what are the best counters against him this time? Heres how to beat Armored Mewtwo in Pokémon GO.

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Pve Offensive Moves Explanation

Movesets with Confusion will do more damage than those with Psycho Cut, but the latter is easier to dodge with and provides more energy for Charge Moves. Use Psycho Cut when Psychic type is resisted, when the charge move is weather boosted, or when the charge move is doubly SE.

  • Psycho Cut + Shadow Ball is ideal against Psychic-type Pokemon when Ghost is super effective and Psychic is not. Confusion + Shadow Ball is Mewtwos best neutral DPS and ideal against Ghosts.

  • Psystrike makes Mewtwo the best Psychic attacker, standing far above all competition. Pair with Confusion for the highest DPS pure Psychic moveset.

  • Psychic is an acceptable alternative to Psystrike, sporting close overall performance.

  • Ice Beam makes Mewtwo the top ranked Ice-type attacker considering all other current options have a much lower attack stat.

  • Thunderbolt places Mewtwo just behind Raikou and Zapdos as one of the top Electric attackers in the game.

  • Flamethrower Mewtwo is outclassed by several alternative Fire-types, but it’s boosted if the weather is clear.

  • Focus Blast is ideal for gyms against all those Blissey and Snorlax. However, there are much better options for Fighting-type DPS.

  • Hyper Beam is definitely Mewtwos worst charge move.

Pokemon Go Mewtwo Counters

Boosted Weather: Windy100% IVs: 2387 / 2984

Mewtwo isn’t a complex Pokemon, despite its canonical background. It’s purely a Psychic-type, which means that counters mainly come in the form of Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon, with a couple of Bug-types thrown in for good measure. You will need at least four or five highl-level trainers to take Mewtwo down reliably though, because it is a tough fight.


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Everything We Know About Yveltal

Alongside Xerneas and Zygarde, Yveltal is a member of the Aura Trio who make their home in the Kalos region.

Being the counterpart of Xerneas, Yveltal is a representative of death stealing away life energy rather than giving it. When Yveltals own lifespan reaches its end, this legendary Pokémon uses its wing to steal all of the life energy from the land around it before going to sleep in a cocoon for a thousand years.

While Yveltal sleeps, Xerneas plays their part in the cycle, bringing life to the world, and, if this cycle is ever disturbed, then Zygarde comes forth.

Considering its status as a literal death bird god, its possible that Yveltal, and in turn the Aura Trio itself, has taken some inspiration from the Morrigan from Celtic mythology.

The Morrigan is a shape-shifting goddess associated with war and fate. She was often depicted as a crow, flying across the battlefield, deciding which warriors should live and which should die. The Morrigan is also considered to be a triple goddess and sometimes appears as a trinity alongside her sisters Badb and Macha.

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Little Jungle Cup Restrictions In Pokmon Go Explained

Best Pokémon Go movesets for Mewtwo, Zapdos, Moltres ...

The Little Jungle Cup in Pokémon Go has four restrictions you need to keep in mind when selecting your team.

The first is that both Pokémon who cant and cant evolve can enter the Little Jungle Cup. Admittedly, this is less of a restriction and more of an opportunity for experimentation.

The second is that the CP limit is 500, so your choices must either meet or be below this number.

Thirdly, only Pokémon which have one of the following types can be entered in the Little Jungle Cup bug, dark, electric, flying, grass, ground, normal and poison. This means you have a pure bug-type Pokémon like Caterpie on your team, along the steel and flying-type Skarmory.

Finally, both Shuckle and Smeargle have been banned from the Little Jungle Cup, so you wont be able to include them in your team.

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