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Pokemon Go Battle League Tier List

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Pokmon Go Battle League Season 9 Dates Explained

Shadow Pokemon PvP Tier List | Pokémon GO | GOBattle League

Season 9 of the Go Battle League in Pokémon Go follows the familiar format of the three main leagues – Great, Ultra and Master – with the Premier Cups and a number of special cups running alongside to shake up the competition.

It’s important to remember that these dates are subject to change and we’ll keep this page updated with any changes which may occur.

Below you can find all the League dates for Season 9. Each League will change over at the usual reset time of 1pm PST / 9pm UK time:

  • Ultra League and Ultra League Remix dates – Monday, 13th September to Monday, 27th September
  • Master League, Master League Classic and Little Jungle Cup dates – Monday, 27th September to Monday, 11th October
  • Great League – Monday, 11th October to Monday, 25th October
  • Halloween Cup – Friday, 15th October to Tuesday, 2nd November
  • Ultra League and Ultra League Premier Classic dates – Monday, 25th October to Monday, 8th November
  • Master League, Master League Premier Classic and Players’ Choice dates – Monday, 8th November to Monday, 22nd November
  • All three leagues dates – Monday, 22nd November to Monday, 29th November

From Monday, 27th September to Monday, 11th October and Monday, 8th November to Monday, 22nd November, you’ll receive triple the amount of Stardust from any rewards, but not end-of-set rewards.

Please read the section below to learn more about the Great League Remix, Ultra League Remix, Master League Classic, Little Jungle Cup, Halloween Cup and Players’ Choice.

Important Updates Modifications And Changes

It should be noted that they are the Top Tier Pokémon based on PvPoke rankings as well as study and research. It is completely up to you which team you choose, and we hope that this guide will help you make the best selections for your playstyle.

Each season, a new meta emerges based on the Pokémon that may be battled and any new Pokémon additions or modifications to movesets.

You may mix and match your teams anyway you like, but bringing any of these top Pokémon will significantly improve your performance!

The list progresses from the strongest Pokémon to Pokémon that arent as powerful but have specialized applications with high DPS . With the advent of Premier Cup, a new meta was established by excluding legendary Pokémon, enabling more Pokémon to shine.

Also, look out for Pokémon designated with an XL, which suggest that their greatest performance is when powered up beyond level 40.

The introduction of level 50 and generation 6 has shook up the meta, but it will likely be some time before you see XL Pokémon in the meta.

Ive added XL in this guide so you can decide which Pokémon to train to XL in the future. You may replace lower-tier Pokémon until XL becomes more prevalent.

As a disclaimer, this tutorial is comprehensive and will include a lot of information. It will be up to you to utilize what you have to create the best squad possible for yourself.

Everyones Pokémon box is unique, and we made an effort to account for it. An additional disclaimer for XL Pokémon.

Pokmon Go Great League And Great League Remix Tier List

The Great League is about to return to Pokémon GO but this time its bringing a friend in the form of Great League Remix. Both leagues will offer a big challenge to players, with the remix altering the meta and shaking up the big tier lists. To help you pick a full team of the best Pokémon for the GO Battle League arenas weve put together an updated Pokémon GO Great League and Great League Remix tier list for April 2021.

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Earning Go Battle League Sets In The Pokmon Go Battle League

Until further notice, walking will not be required to unlock Battle Sets

Battles in the Pokémon Go Battle League come in five Battle increments called Go Battle League Sets. The first of these Sets is free, but each Set after that has to be earned and/or purchased. To earn a Go Battle League Set, you need to walk five KM, but you also have the option of paying Poké Coins to speed this up. Even if you pay to Battle early, you still need to walk at least 2 KM, so players who sink lots of money into the game will still have to work for their Battle Sets.

Players can earn up to five Sets each day. However, each Set requires walking another 5 KM, so participation really requires keeping active and playing a lot. You can see your progress towards earning your next Set in the Battle Menu, and the app also notifies you when you’ve earned another Set.

The Master League Classic Tier List In Pokmon Go September 2021

Pin by Moti Vaanunu on Master League

The Master League Classic is a popular PvP event in Pokémon Go for players. Its a competition similar to the standard Master League competition, but players are prohibited from using any Pokémon that has received XL candy. If you want to avoid fighting against players who have an abundance of XL Pokémon and would rather have a more traditional Master League series of fights, we recommend jumping into this one.

These battles will take place from September 27 to October 11. We also have the best Pokémon team list for the Master League Classic. This guide details the Master League Classic tier list for the best Lead, Switch, and Closer Pokémon.

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Which Pokmon Should You Be Using

Another season of the Pokémon GO Battle League has concluded, which means its time for another to start right up. Rather than offering multiple leagues to choose from at once, the Great League is the only one going on here at the start of June. More people may be interested in the Great League than usual too, as Mienfoo has been introduced to the game exclusively as a reward in the Pokémon GO Great League. This is why you will really want to have the best team to rank up and get your own Mienfoo, so we have compiled a list split into three tiers of the best Great League Pokémon for June 2021.

Pokemon Go Battle League Pvp Is Upon Us

Pokebattler supports both GO Battle League and Silph Arena Cups. Our Random Shield settings are a great way to quickly analyze which Pokemon have the advantage over others. But dive in to see all the different shield scenarios.

The Top 30 rankings give you an idea of what wins against the general field. The Counters rankings lets you know which Pokemon beat the Top 30 mons. Finally, current meta and predicted meta matrix links allow you to see how the top 24 most popular Pokemon fair against a short list of meta Pokemon. Pokemon GO Battle League PVP is very complex but these rankings should get you started!

We hope you are as excited as we are about what PvP brings to Pokemon Go. We hope these lists help guide you to building a strong team. Pokebattler will continue working on providing more refined lists and additional PvP features as time goes on.

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Best Team For The Pokemon Go Great League Remix

For the best chance of success in the Great League Remix, wed recommend a team consisting of Registeel, Mandibuzz, and Machamp. These three will give you solid coverage and wins against some of the biggest opponents youll face.

As with any League or Cup in the Go Battle League, though, its hard to say what a definitive best team will be, as it really depends on the Pokemon youre up against something you wont know until youve already entered a battle.

However, there are some standouts that should definitely be on your radar. Below youll find information on five of the best Pokemon to take into the Great League Remix to help you win and work your way up the ranks.

What Makes A Pokemon Good


CP is determined by 3 things.

  • Base Stats The Attack, Defense, and Stamina values of your Pokemons species .
  • IV Values The particular additional stat points, added onto individual pokemon. Visible in-game.
  • Level Represents how trained or powered up your pokemon is. Represented by the white curve directly below the CP value. Scales to your Trainer Level +2. Caps at Level 40 . Is squared before being multiplied into CP.

If you are starting from scratch, there are a couple of aspects of Pokemon that all come together to determine if its good in PvP, and in what Tier.

  • Fast Move The first listed attack, can and should be used constantly in combat by tapping the screen to charge your Charge Moves energy.
  • Some Fast Moves have incredibly high Damage on their own, but dont charge well , some charge incredibly fast but have low Damage , and some moves are busted and have both .
  • Charge Move Stronger attacks. You can unlock a second one for a high stardust/candy price. Can be shielded, twice per game.
  • Once the move charges, you need to hit the button to activate their damage minigame. The Type of the attack will determine what the minigame is, and a pattern of bubbles will appear on the screen for a few seconds. You can see all minigames here:
    • You can save up energy above the needed amount. Critically, energy stored up is saved if your Pokemon switches! Meaning the more you pop by swiping, the higher your damage will be.

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    The Best Great League Team

    Pokémon GO has multiple variants of the GO League that have been around since it was first introduced, but one of the two most common of them is the Great League. This is the most simplistic of the leagues, with the only requirement being your Pokémon are no more than 1500 CP. With this lower level of CP, the Great League often finds some very interesting Pokemon that you might not expect to be used, so thats why we have broken down the best Pokémon for Great League down into three tiers for June 2021.

    The Pokémon GO Battle League is all about the current meta and matchups, so its not just picking the three strongest Pokémon you have at 1500 or under CP. Picking just the top three Pokemon from our list below also isnt always your best bet, as those are the Pokémon that people will know to try and counter most often. As a result, youll want to find the best team with more Resists against and less Weak to as best you can. This is our Great League tier list for June 2021.

    Note: If a Pokémon is marked with that means means to reach this potential you will need to power it up with Candy XL. They are usually still good choices without the XL candy, but if they are far from the 1500 XP cap you will have to power them up with candy or find other Pokémon to use.

    Great League Tier 1

    Battles In The Pokmon Go Battle League

    Battles within the Go Battle League are set up the same way as Trainer Battles and Team Leader Training Battles. You select three Pokémon and will be matched up with another Trainer at random. The Battle begins with your first Pokémon against your opponent’s first Pokémon, and until a Pokémon is sent out, neither Trainer knows what the other has brought with them. If you’re lucky, the Pokémon you’ve chosen will have a Type advantage, or at least not be weak against the other Trainer’s choice. There are definitely some Pokémon better suited for these Battles than others, but there isn’t a single Pokémon that cannot be countered, so there’s a fair bit of luck involved in winning these matches.

    To learn more about which Pokémon you should focus on for the Pokémon Go Battle League, see our Pokémon Go Battle League Prep Guide.

    Like other Battles within Pokémon Go, you’ll mostly be using your Fast Move until you’ve built up your Charged Move, which will involve hitting several bubbles on the screen to determine how strong it hits. Each Trainer will have two Shields they can deploy against any Charged Move, but dodging isn’t really an option like it is in Raids. Whichever Trainer’s Pokémon faint first loses. The winner will move up in Rank, as well as get an increase to their Matchmaking Rating. The loser won’t lose Rank, but in higher Ranks, you can lose points in your Rating.

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    Pokemon Go Master League Best Team: These Are The Meta Pokemon You Should Be Using

    The Pokemon Go Master League best team you should be using is essentially the strongest Pokemon in the game, but that’s not solely based on the highest CP ‘mon in your collection. Thanks to plenty of hidden stats and typings, the best Master League Pokemon in Pokemon Go includes some choices that you might not expect… along with plenty that you probably can predict. Here are our picks for the Pokemon Go Master League best team for the current meta.

    Type: Steel/DragonWeakness: Fighting, Ground

    Dialga is one of the most common Pokemon you’ll come up against in the Pokemon Go Master League, largely due to its typing and moveset. Steel is resistant to a lot of the types you’ll encounter, while Dragon is strong against well, other Dragon-types. Dialga is also one of the highest CP Pokemon you can get with a ceiling of 4,038 CP, placing it in the top 10.

    When it comes to moves, Dragon Breath should be your top choice for the fast move thanks to dealing four damage per turn and generating three energy per turn , while you have the choice of Iron Head or Draco Meteor when it comes to the charged move. Iron Head requires much less energy to use, whereas Draco Meteor deals 150 damage per use. The only downside is that Draco Meteor debuffs Dialga’s attack stat by two stages after each time you use it, so you should only be using Draco Meteor to finish off a battle.

    The Best Premier Cup Team In Pokmon Go June 2021

    Reddit Ultra League Tier List

    The Premier Cup keeps the 2500 CP limit while also removing all Legendary and Mythical Pokémon from contention. This changes the meta quite a bit and alters the normal tier lists making the best Premier Cup team hard to put together. Heres our suggestions for the best Premier Cup Pokémon in June 2021 for Pokémon GO.


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    Building Your Team Great League

    if you are a long time player and have maintained a practice of just keeping the highest CP pokemon you have, youre in luck, many of them are likely competitive for PvP.

    Heres a list of Pokemon who its possible youve accumulated without knowing about it. All level 35 or so.

    • LV 30+ Azumarill
    • L30+ Medicham
    • L30+ Wormadam
    • L30+ Dragonair
    • L30+ Alolan Rattata
    • L20 Machamp

    Heres Pokemon that are decently common to begin collecting for evolution. The First Number for the CP Range is when you can be certain the pokemon will evolve below 1500. The second number is the maximum cp where its still possible the pokemon will evolve below 1500, but not certain:

    • Swablu CP < 551 / 616
    • Hoot hoot CP < 431 / 501
    • Nosepass CP < 653 / 716
    • Barboach CP < 530 / 592

    Reach Goals

    These Pokemon are pretty hard to find, but they are scary to face and something to look out for.

    There are a couple of ways to be efficient with resources.

    The stardust cost to get extra Charge Moves on pokemon varies! 10K ones are the cheapest. All Starters and baby pokemon have 10k second move costs.

    Babies are of particular note, because many of their evolved forms have more expensive costs, meaning it is more efficient to get a second charge move while pokemon are babies. This is important for: Togepi, Tyrogue, Smoochum, Elekid, Magby, Chingling, Riolu, and Azurill. If you want a second charge move on your Hitmons, Lucario, and Azmaril, do it when they are a baby.

    Misc Info:

    Important Updates And Changes

    It is important to note that these are the Top Tier Pokémon based on rankings from PvPoke and from investigation and research. What team you choose to use is entirely up to you and it is our hope that this guide will hope you make the best choices for your playstyle.

    Each season, a new meta forms based on Pokémon allowed to battle and any new Pokémon additions or changes to movesets. You can mix the teams however you want, but bringing any of these top Pokémon will easily boost your performance!

    The list goes from the strongest Pokémon to Pokémon that are not that strong but have niche uses with strong DPS . With the introduction of Premier Cup, a new meta was created with the exclusion of legendary Pokémon, allowing more Pokémon to shine.

    Also, pay attention to Pokémon marked with an XL to indicate that its best performance is powered up past level 40. With the introduction of level 50 and generation 6, the meta has been shaken up, but it will likely still be awhile before you see XL Pokémon widespread in the meta.

    I have included XL in this guide so you can determine which Pokémon you want to train to XL in the future. Until XL becomes more prominent, you can substitute lower tier Pokémon.

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