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Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Codes

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Buy: Inteleon Vmax League Battle Deck

Free Pokémon TCGO Codes – Pokemon Trading Card Game Pokémon Online Codes

If you want to go from having nothing to having a strong deck that will allow you to compete against the wolves in Standard and Expanded play, look no further than the Inteleon VMAX League Battle deck. Everything about this deck slaps, from the pair of Inteleon V and VMAX cards, to support Pokemon that can really change the complexion of battle, to excellent trainer cards that can work well in almost any deck you make afterwards. Getting this one deck is going to be your best one-stop solution to being able to compete right away.

Also worth noting that while there are other League Battle decks out there, the Inteleon VMAX version is the only one to fully-survive the 2022 rotation. You dont have to worry about swapping cards in to make it Standard legal until August/September 2022. That said, feel free to modify this one with other cards to make it even stronger!

Avoid: Booster Packs For Whatever The Current Set Is

Hot new releases are always sold at hot new release prices. This holds true for Pokemon TCG Online booster pack codes. The latest sets are oftentimes sold for three-to-four times more expensive than older sets. Unless you need booster packs from the current set right now, I would instead leverage your in-game coins for whatever the latest set is.

If youre looking to buy booster packs, you may get more mileage out of cheaper sets that have more meta-relevant cards. The safest bet is likely Battle Styles, which is a set that sells for less because its not as popular from a collectors standpoint but has a lot of meta-relevant cards, such as the Urshifu VMAX, to all of the Single Strike/Rapid Strike cards to make decks within those specific archetypes. Otherwise, check sites like Pokecollector and see which sets have cards that you want before buying any boosters.

Pokemon Tcg Live App Announced But Players May Not Be Happy

For years now, fans of the Pokemon TCG have been using the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online app to play online with digital card collections. Pokemon TCG Online has been around for a decade at this point, and the Pokemon TCG community has been asking for upgrades for years. Today, The Pokemon Company announced a new app dubbed Pokemon TCG Live that will eventually replace Pokemon TCG Online, but at this early stage, it doesnt sound like much of an upgrade to us.

From a core functionality standpoint, it seems that Pokemon TCG Live will work mostly like Pokemon TCG Online does already, though with updated visuals and animated, 3D avatars to replace that replace the static avatars from PTCGO. Players will still be able to build out their digital collections by redeeming code cards from real-world packs and purchasing packs with in-game currency.

Pokemon TCG Live will have some functionality thats missing from PTCGO, however. For the first time, the app will be playable on iOS and Android smartphones in addition to tablets, PC, and Mac Pokemon TCG Online, on the other hand, is only officially playable on tablets and desktop , with support for smartphones inexplicably nowhere to be found even after all these years. Official smartphone support is a big addition so big that it alone should get a lot of Pokemon TCG Online players excited to make the transition to this app.

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Avoid*: Shadow Rider Calyrex V Or Ice Rider Calyrex V

This one is a weird one. Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX and Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX are absolute monsters in the current Pokemon TCG meta. However, their V versions are not great on their own. More importantly, the versions available through online codes are different from those in Chilling Reign, as they feature different and worse moves.

On their own, these cards wont do a lot for you, even if you can get a full set for a few bucks. However, if you happen to be sitting on a VMAX for either Calyrex, then getting an equivalent number of Vs is a no-brainer. Even if the moves are worse, youll only be using them as vessels to evolve to their VMAX forms anyway.

Note About Kids Accounts:

Free: Pokemon trading card game online codes
  • Offer codes are not currently available for iOS users with a Pokémon Trainers Club child account.
  • If you are using an Android device and have a Pokémon Trainers Club child account, you can redeem the offer code in the in-game store.
  • By default, Niantic Kids accounts cannot interact with sponsored content, including redeeming sponsored offers. Your parent must grant your account Sponsored Content permissions to redeem sponsored offers. Learn how to enable parental permission for sponsored content.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Code Dump #2

Episode #2

One last giveaway before they are tossed into the garbage!Mind you these are from older videos so no promises if they are used or not! I figured Id give them one last film before throwing them to the waste bin! Any who enjoy!!!

Thank you for all the support! Much love! If you want more of these shorts, please let me know by commenting below!! Smash that like button if possible too!

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Avoid: Any Theme Decks In The Old Format

Theme decks make for a fantastic introduction to the game and are the only decks eligible for Theme matchmaking and Theme tournaments. However, you dont need to spend real money on these. Instead, you can unlock all of the theme decks through the in-game store for 500 coins apiece. Save your real money for other stuff!

NOTE: V Battle and League Battle decks arent the same as theme decks. Those are much easier to justify buying in the secondary market, as theyre not available for purchase through the in-game store.

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Pokmon Trading Card Game Online/redeem Codes

Redeem codes button . Redemption codes are unique codes that allow players to unlock Theme decks, Booster packs and more. They are only found on specially marked packs and decks. “Contains 1 code card” is found on the back of Booster packs which contain a Redemption code card. Only Theme decks that are clearly marked “Play This Deck Online” will contain Redemption codes. These unique Redemption codes can only be used once. For a full list of redeemable decks, please see List of Pokémon Trading Card Game Online decks

As a general rule:

  • All standard sixty card Theme decks will unlock their respective cards, as well as a coin. All of these cards are not Trade Locked cards and can be used in any way desired.
  • Elite trainer boxes unlock Gameplay items including a deckbox and sleeves. Most will unlock no cards These items can be traded as well.
  • If an online code card is included, multipack boxes such as the Charizard-EX Box and tins will unlock rewards ranging from a single card to a full 60 card deck.

The following include an online code card from the XY series and are not Trade Locked cards:

In addition, there are generic Redemption codes which may be used by all Pokémon TGCO players. The following are confirmed codes which unlock Theme decks, Booster packs, and Avatar items :

  • PlasmaFreeze – Rallying Cry deck

Avoid: Marnie Premium Tournament Collection Box

HOW TO GET CHEAP PTCGO CODES!!! (Pokemon Trading Card Game Online)

Dont get me wrong. I stan for Marnie and her trainer cards are must-haves in my custom decks. This one comes with a full playset of Marnie cards, including one full-art version thats exclusive to this set. However, youre paying a massive premium for four Marnie cards, a Marnie coin, Marnie sleeves, and a Marnie deck box. Youll get three Marnie cards in the Inteleon League Battle deck plus a full competitive-level deck for half the price. Youll get two Marnie cards and a whole host of other trainer cards in the Trainers Toolkit for less than half the price. Unless you really need those Marnie accessories, there are better investments you can make first.

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Bonus Wheel Mystery Prizes

In order to receive a bonus wheel prize, you must face an opponent in a ranked match if you do not have ranked matches unlocked, you must fight in 5 practice matches .

Note that the ranked match must last at least 2 minutes total in order to obtain the wheel prize. This means your & your opponent time can be in any combination of time passed that totals at least 2 minutes. As an example for 2 min being passed, you and your opponent must have 24:00 each. Another example is having 24:15 min remaining and the other player being 23:45. If one player has a time of < 23:00 min, that is a guarantee for a bonus wheel prize.

Unlike the other free methods listed here, the booster pack or the card prize are UNLOCKED!

The prizes that can be obtained by the wheel includes:

  • A small number of Trainer Tokens
  • 1x Tournament Ticket

Important Notes About Offer Codes:

  • The method of entering the offer code will differ depending on your device and Pokémon GO login method.
  • Each offer code can only be redeemed once. Once a code is redeemed, it cannot be reused.
  • Each account can only receive this Special Research once. You cannot receive more than one Special Research even if you enter more than one offer code.
  • If the offer code has expired, you will not be able to receive Special Research.

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A Note About Free Cards/items

Card quantity as of Version:

As you obtain these items for free, they are – in most cases – untradable!

Untradable cards have a lock icon with the number of cards stated which cannot be traded. For example, the Pikachu card shown has only 2 available for trading.

You can obtain tradable cards/packs by redeeming codes, winning boosters from tournaments, as a Wheel Mystery prize or buying items from the shop with gems which is currently only available in Canada.

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