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Hard Won Happiness Pokemon Snap

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New Pokemon Snap: How To Complete Hard Won Happiness

New Pokemon Snap Hard Won Happiness Request Guide

Hard Won Happiness only requires a few simple steps, which makes it a fairly reliable way of getting a four star photo of Pidgeot even after you complete the request. As a result, we’re going to break down each and every one of these steps in detail so that you know exactly what you’re doing as soon as you start your run through Florio Nature Park.

Here are the steps for completing the Hard Won Happiness request in New Pokemon Snap:

And that’s it. Provided you complete all of the above steps, Hard Won Happiness is actually one of New Pokemon Snap’s easier requests. Just make sure you submit the correct photo to Professor Mirror, as the request won’t be marked as complete unless he sees it.

Whats Up With Wurmple Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park Requests

In the process of completing the Pokemon Snap Whats up with Wurmple request, youll also very likely complete the Off to a Flying Startle request. Head to the Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park . As you get to the end of the area with the lake, turn around and youll see several Taillow flying toward you overhead. Snap photos of as many as you can, and theyll do a special little pose. Thats the pose you need for Off to a Flying Startle.

Each Taillow that you activate as they fly past will appear a moment later around the corner on the lefthand side, harassing a Wurmple. All you need to do at that point is throw an Illumina Orb at the Wurmple and itll counterattack with a toxic spray attack. Capture its toxic spray on camera and youll complete the Pokemon Snap Whats up with Wurmple request.

New Pokemon Snap Starter Locations

We also know that loads of you are probably curious about which starters and starter evolutions made it into New Pokemon Snap. The strongest showings are from Kanto, Sinnoh, and Galar – the originals, the ones from the upcoming Diamond & Pearl remakes, and the most recent – but there are plenty of surprises in the mix, too.

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Nouvelle Demande De Bonheur Durement Gagn De Pokmon Snap

Peu de temps après le début du cours, la première étape de la demande doit être complétée. Dans le champ de droite où dort tout le Bouffalant, un Pidgeot descendra et atterrira parmi eux. Lorsque cela se produit, jetez un fluffruit aussi près que possible. Il y a de fortes chances que les Bouffalants au repos bloquent le fruit jeté, donc arc sa trajectoire pour quil passe au-dessus de la bête. Avec un lancer bien ciblé, le Pidgeot remarquera le fruit et commencera à le manger. Une fois terminé, il senvolera et réapparaîtra plus tard dans le cours. Après avoir traversé le col de la forêt avec le Murkrow, les joueurs entreront dans un champ avec Torterra endormi. Faites attention au ciel sur le côté gauche, car le même Pidgeot descendra et se reposera près de hautes herbes. Tout comme avant, jetez un fluffruit dans sa direction générale et regardez-le lécraser. Bien que ce soit plus facile que la première fois, car rien ne bloque le chemin, veillez à ne pas dépasser et à heurter accidentellement le Pidgeot par erreur, car cela pourrait leffrayer.

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Le nouveau Pokémon Snap est disponible sur Nintendo Switch.

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How To Take Pidgeot 4 Star Photo

How to Complete Hard Won Happiness in New Pokémon Snap ...
A bit unusual!

Hard-Won Happiness

This photo can be taken to complete the request . Click the link to see a detailed walkthrough on how to get this up-close look at Pidgeot!

In Park , Pidgeot will appear at the start of the course near the and in the middle of the course near the . In both instances, feed it a . Doing so will cause Pidgeot to happily approach you at the end of the course, which is when you take the 4 star photo.

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New Pokemon Snap Hard Won Happiness Request Guide

Hard Won Happiness is a request in New Pokemon Snap that can only be completed in Florio Nature Park . While it doesnt seem to matter which rank you attempt the request at, we completed it at research level three.

The Hard Won Happiness request is specifically tied to Pidgeot, who you must befriend in order to mark this task as complete. While there are several steps in this interaction chain, its actually quite an easy request to tackle once you know what to do.

Fortunately, weve completed Hard Won Happiness and put together a handy guide so you can do the same. Heres how to complete Hard Won Happiness in New Pokemon Snap. If you need help with any other elements of the game, be sure to also check out and bookmark our New Pokemon Snap complete guide and walkthrough.

How To Complete Hard Won Happiness In New Pokmon Snap

New Pokémon Snap is a unique installment in the blockbuster franchise as it isnt a traditional RPG about capturing and raising Pokémon for battle. Rather, its a photography game, a genre not many other games can claim as a title. While players can have fun snapping all sorts of photos and solving cryptic puzzles, theresa request, or mission, system to keep players on their toes.

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Hard Won Happiness is a request thats unlocked relatively early on in the game, as it takes place at the Florio Nature Park during nighttime. Because this is the first course available in the game, it will be one of the first requests new players have access to. The goal is simple: feed a fluffruit, which are the apple-like fruits the player can throw, to the Pidgeot flying around the park. However, there are a few extra steps that need to be taken to complete this request, so heres a guide on how to do so.

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How To Take Pidgeot 1 Star Photo

Nice and calm

Ready to Fly

To take a 1 Star photo of Pidgeot, go to Park course research-level 1. In the middle of the course, you’ll find Pidgeot landing over just before the stone bridge. Before you get closer to Pidgeot, hit it with a Fluffruit and wait for it to spread its wings. Take a nice shot of Pidgeot before it flies away to achieve 1 Star Diamond.

What Are Lentalk Requests And Why Should You Complete Them

New Pokemon Snap Hard-Won Happiness

LenTalk Requests are missions provided by the Research Team that require you to capture specific moments and behaviors of certain Pokemon. While only a few LenTalk Requests will provide rewards for completing them, you will find that most of the requests will help you fullfil many of your 3-Star and 4-Star photo opportunities.

So if you’re struggling to capture a specific star rating of a Pokemon, we highly recommend checking the LenTalk Requests menu for hints.

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Dancing With The Queen Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park Requests

The Pokemon Snap Dancing with the Queen request may take a few tries, but its not that hard. Head to the Florio Nature Park at night. Once you get to the end where the flower field is, activate the Crystalbloom towards the start while a Combee is nearby. Itll fly off and then a Vespiqueen will appear and head toward the other Crystalbloom a little further down.

Once the Vespiqueen is on top of the Crystalbloom, activate it and both the Vespiqueen and the nearby Combees will do a dance. Capture of a photo of Vespiqueen and the Combees dancing and youll complete the Pokemon Snap Dancing with the Queen request.

How To Take Pidgeot 3 Star Photo

You don’t see this everyday

Flapping Wings

In the middle of the Park course research-level 2, you’ll find Pidgeot landing over by the trees and grass on your left side. Focus your camera on Pidgeot and wait for it to walk through the grass to have a clear shot. Once you have the perfect angle, throw an Illumina Orb at it to flap its wings. Take a close-up shot of Pidgeot flapping its wings to achieve 3 Star Diamond!

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Final Step: The Smile

This one’s not so much a step as it is an end result. Towards the end of the park, in the meadows specifically, look around for the Pidgeot once again. If all has gone to plan, it will swoop down and approach the player happily, culminating in a clear smile. That’s pretty hard to pull off with a beak, so snap a picture lickity-split. That’s one more request in the bag and on to the Pokemon hanging out at Florio Island’s Illumina Spot. It’s not a difficult request overall, but it is most definitely a cute one.

New Pokemon Snap is available now on Nintendo Switch.

So Vervollstndigen Sie Die Hard

Hard Won Happiness Request: New Pokemon Snap (How to Guide)

Wie oben erwähnt, müssen Sie einen Lauf im Florio Nature Park starten. Ich habe dies mit einem Forschungslevel 3 gemacht, so dass es sein kann, dass der spezifische Moment nur in einem solchen Zustand erfasst werden kann. Wenn Sie nicht das Verhalten auslösen, das Sie in niedrigeren Forschungsstufen benötigen, versuchen Sie es einfach erneut, wenn Sie Stufe 3 erreicht haben. Beginnen wir mit Ihrer Aufgabe.

Zuerst müssen Sie zu Beginn der Etappe auf der rechten Seite aufpassen, wo ein Pidgeot herumfliegt. Wirf ein paar Fluffruits in die Mitte der Bouffalant-Herde, damit sie auf diesen Früchten landet und einen Snack zu sich nimmt. Pass nur auf, dass du es nicht abschreckst, indem du es mit diesen Früchten schlägst. Nachdem Sie ein oder zwei Früchte gegessen haben, wird es glücklich erscheinen und wegfliegen. Wenn Sie weiter in die Etappe vordringen, treffen Sie möglicherweise auf denselben Pidgeot, diesmal auf Ihrer linken Seite. Wirf wieder ein paar Früchte, damit es mindestens eines davon frisst, und fliege wieder weg, nachdem du voll bist.

Kehre mit dem Bild in dein Lager zurück und die Aufgabe des hart erkämpften Glücks ist abgeschlossen. Das gleiche Bild kann wie das 4-Sterne-Bild wirken, sodass Sie sich dort einen Bonus sichern und Ihre Suche nach einem vollständigen Photodex fortsetzen können.

Newr Pokémon Snap ist auf Nintendo Switch verfügbar. Weitere verwandte Inhalte zum Spiel finden Sie in unseren Anleitungen hier.

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Where It Snacks And Snoozes Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park Requests

The Pokemon Snap Where It Snacks and Snoozes request is one of the more finicky ones in the Florio Nature Park so it might take a few tries. Heres how to do it. First, head to the Florio Nature Park . In the second area, start scanning the lefthand side to reveal a Pincers horns. If you want to long, Pincer will pop halfway out and youll have to restart the stage.

Once you see Pincers horns, throw an Illumina Orb at them, and hell pop fully out of his hole and start wandering around. Then, toss several fluffruit around the area behind Pincers hole and scan again. A Heracross will fall out of the nearby tree.

Take a picture of Heracross on its back and youll complete the Pokemon Snap Where It Snacks and Snoozes request.

How To Complete Hard Won Happiness Request In New Pokmon Snap

In New Pokemon Snap, travel to the islands that make up the Lental region. Research these Pokémon alongside Professor Mirror as you explore dense jungles, vast deserts, and more! Professor Mirror will give you requests to complete Hard Won Happiness request. Here you need to Snap a picture of Pidgeot when it is close to you and feeling happy.

Head to Park in Florio Nature Park.

At the start of the expedition, travel along the path and search for Pidgeot standing among the Bouffalant. You need to throw a Fluffruit where the Pidgeot is standing so that it can eat it.

Again near the lake, Pidgeot will come again. Repeat the process, you need to throw a Fluffruit again for it to eat.

Near the end of the expedition, it will come near you and give a happy/laughing expression. Snap it to complete the request.

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How To Complete Hard

One of the early LenTalk requests for the Florio Nature Park Night level is to snap a close-up picture of Pidgeot while its eating a fluffruit or two. Its a fairly simple request, but theres a perfect opportunity to snap a four-star picture in a particular spot on the level. Heres how to complete Hard-Won Happiness in New Pokemon Snap.

The LenTalk Request reads, Pidgeots cool, but its kind of distant. Think itd warm up to you for a fluffruit or two? The keywords here are its kind of distant, which implies you need a nice close-up shot. If youre having trouble on this one, that could be where youre going wrong.

Livening Up The Flowers Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park Requests

Hard Won Happiness – Pidgeot 4 Star Pose | Request | New Pokemon Snap Guide & Walkthrough

The Pokemon Snap Livening Up the Flowers request should be very easy to complete. As far as I can tell, you dont need to do anything. Just head to Florio Nature Park once your research level is high enough to receive the request and wait until you reach the flower field at the end.

Once there, just watch the Florges, try not to get its attention or interrupt it, and it should naturally perform an animation where it surrounds itself with a green aura. Capture a photo of the special glowing Florges animation and youll complete the Pokemon Snap Livening Up the Flowers request.

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Best Frenemies Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park Requests

The Pokemon Snap Best Frenemies request is an extension of the previous request, Where It Snacks and Snoozes. Complete all the steps outlined above, but make sure Pincer hasnt wandered too far off by the time Heracross falls out of the tree. Pincer should take notice and hover over the Heracross, staring at it.

Next, as you near the end of the lake section, look to your left to find a Sylveon sleeping behind a Torterra. Wake it up with an Illumina Orb .

As you turn the corner, youll see Heracross and Pincer fighting. At that point, use your music tool and Sylveon will show up and break up the fight. The three Pokemon will all share a laugh. You need a photo of Pincer doing its laugh animation to complete the Pokemon Snap Best Frenemies request. However, its a little specific in its timing. I suggest you just rapidly take photos of the Pincer once Sylveon shows up and one of those will surely count.

Asleep On A Calm Night Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park Requests

The Pokemon Snap Asleep on a Calm Night request is very, very easy to complete. You just need to know where to look. As you reach the end of the lake area, look to your left. Youll see a Grookey and a Sylveon sleeping behind a nearby Torterra.

Just snap a photo of the Sylveon while its still asleep and youll complete the Pokemon Snap Asleep on a Calm Night request.

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Myth Of The Nature Park Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park Requests

The Pokemon Snap Myth of the Nature Park request is a bit fun. Head to Florio Nature Park and wait until you get all the way to the flower field. At the start of the flower field, whack the Pichu hidden in the first bush on the left side of the path with a fluffruit to flush it out.

Next, look closely at the Crystalbloom on the right near the Florges and youll see a Shaymin. Activate the Crystalbloom and itll run off toward the other Crystalbloom on the left side.

Meganiums Pal Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park Requests

Hard Won Happiness Request: New Pokemon Snap (How to Guide)

The Pokemon Snap Meganiums Pal request can be a little tricky. Heres how you do it. Head to the Illumina Spot in the Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park area. Once the Meganium gets to the second Illumina flower, itll lower its head to smell it. While that animation is playing, you need to throw three Illumina Orbs at Meganium to activate its Illumina state. Once Meganium stands back up itll jump up a little and do an excited trot towards the nearby tree in the middle of the open field.

As Meganium is heading over there, start chucking fluffruit at that tree all over the place. There are about five Combees in there, and a Hoothoot. You need to flush out the Hoothoot before Meganium looks around and gives up on searching for it.

Snap a photo of the Hoothoot interacting with Meganium and youll complete the Pokemon Snap Meganiums Pal request.

That about covers it when it comes to the Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park Requests Guide. If you want to see my full video review of Pokemon Snap, you can check it out on my new YouTube Channel here. For more Pokemon Snap guides, be sure to check out the Pokemon Snap section. If you havent gotten Pokemon Snap yet and youd like to buy it, you can . Finally, check out the main page to find guides for other games.

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