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How Do You Become Lucky Friends In Pokemon Go

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Leveling Up Friendship Levels


After adding a friend, you must level your friendship level to start unlocking and increasing various perks. To do so, go back to your friends list and select a name. You can then view there profile, and also send them a gift. Select “send gift” to pick a gift from your inventory to send to them. If you don’t have a gift, simply spin Pokestops until you have some. You can hold a maximum of 10. After your friend OPENS your gift, you will level up for the first time!

You can level up your friendship once per day with various activities. These activities include:

  • Opening a gift from a friend
  • Doing a raid with a friend
  • Trading with a friend
  • Battling with a friend

Gifting is the primary way to level up your friendship level as it can be done at any time, from any distance. It’s also, by far, the best way to level up. For some gifting details:

  • Gift sending has no daily limit in total, but you can only send 1 to a single friend per day
  • Getting gifts from Pokestops is limited to 100 per day, but not limited per Pokestop so you can get all 100 from a single Pokestop
  • You can only hold up to 10 gifts at a time
  • Opening gifts is limited to 20 per day

Friends have 4 levels to work through, with “Lucky” friends being somewhat of a 5th level. These levels are:

What Lucky Friends Are And How To Get Them

Lucky Friends are the next level up from the max friendship level of Best Friends. Becoming lucky friends with someone is a simple concept. All you need to do is interact through any of the following ways:

  • Trading
  • Battling in Gyms together
  • Battling each other

The big catch is that it happens at random. All you can do is keep trying the list above until the RNG gods smile down on you.

Unlike all previous friendship levels, Lucky Friends are only temporary. They drop back down to Best Friends the next time you trade with that player. You can always get this special relationship back, but only every 24 hours per friend.

Your friendship level drops back to Best Friends because the trade you make with a Lucky Friend results in both Pokemon becoming lucky. This is a huge upgrade from the previously random chance of a trade producing a lucky Pokemon.

It makes sense that its so limited since maintaining the new friend status would ruin the novelty of Lucky Pokemon. If you could make every Pokemon get that status at will then it would lessen the need for players to acquire as much stardust for leveling up their creatures.

So even though its easier to get the Lucky status on a Pokemon now, its still important to choose wisely. Dont waste a single chance to get a super powerful Pokemon by accidentally trading for a lowly Dunsparce.

Can Lucky Friends Trade From A Distance

This allows you to trade with practically any Trainer as long as you are 100 meters or less from one another, adding onto that comes Lucky Pokémon which you are randomly granted through Trading, and then to round it all off you now even have the chance to reach Lucky Friends status which guarantees your very next trade

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Finding Current Friendship Days Counter

  • Tap on your profile photo in the lower left
  • Select the “Friends” tab
  • Tap on your friendship level heart meter
  • Tap on the next empty friendship level heart
  • If you are not in control of the Best Friend level-up timing because:

    • The timer has said ‘play together for 1 more day’ since yesterday or even longer
    • Your friend has your unopened gift, but you have no gift from your friend
    • You don’t have any way to communicate

    This worked for me:

    • I remembered the name of the friend in control.
    • As soon as I opened the game, I immediately went to News:
    • I saw that the friend had opened my gift a few hours ago.
    • I quickly pressed ‘Items’ and activated a lucky egg.Right after that, I got the Best Friend notification and 200,000 XP points

    This also worked for me:

    • Compete in raid with friend, which raised us to Best Friend status, and it even said so in the screen before the ‘catch’ event.
    • I had no active lucky egg though.
    • I completed the catch, then immediately activated a lucky egg. When message for the update to my XP arrived, it was 200,000.

    Lucky Egg Timing For Increasing Friendship Level

    New Pokemon GO Update Guarantees Lucky Pokemon

    I’d like to use a Lucky Egg right before my friendship with another player levels so I double the significant XP boost. How do I time it so that I trigger the level with when the Lucky Egg is active? I’m guessing I would do it this way:

  • Wait until friendship shows “Play together for 1 more days to be come X Friends”
  • Wait until friend has sent gift
  • wait until 1 and 2 is true for lots of friends
  • Use Lucky Egg
  • Open friend’s gift and send them a gift before Lucky Egg timer ends
  • If I do it this way will it ensure that the friendship levels while the Lucky Egg is active?

    If you want to guarantee the timing on when you increase the level, then do the following:

  • Exchange gifts with your friend until it says “Play together for 2 more days to become X friends”
  • See instructions below on how to find this message
  • Send your friend one more gift and no more. Once they open it, the counter will change to “1 more day”.
  • Wait for your friend to send you a gift but do not open it! Do not send your friend any more gifts or they may inadvertently trigger the levelling at the wrong time.
  • Repeat 1-3 for several other friends if you want to level several at the same time to save on lucky eggs.
  • You’re ready to level the friendship. Set an exact time and date when you’re going to open their next gift and level the friendship.
  • Be nice! Contact your friend outside of the app and let them know exactly when you’ll be opening their gift so they can use a lucky egg if they want to get the experience bonus.
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    Can You Become Lucky Friends By Battling

    Essentially, once players become friends in-game, they can raise their friendship level by battling each other, completing raids together, trading pokemon, sending gifts, and a few other things. To become Lucky friends in Pokemon GO, players will first need to become Best friends with another player.

    Lucky Pokemon Stats Are Stronger

    Niantic has also updated the stats & IV that Lucky Pokemon will come with when received. They will now have a minimum of 80% IV, making them more powerful than before.

    Dialogue To Determine Good IV Range

    Overall, your simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!
    Blanche Overall, your is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokemon!
    Spark (Instinct Overall, your looks like it can really battle with the best of them!

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    How To Get Lucky Pokmon In Pokmon Go

    Lucky Pokémon come from the game’s trading feature. When you trade, there’s a chance both creatures will have the Lucky status afterwards.

    The success rate isn’t yet known, but the longer the Pokémon has been in storage – in other words, the longer you’ve owned the Pokémon – the higher the chances of it becoming Lucky by the end of it.

    So if the Pokémon are from when the game launched in 2016, your chances of them being Lucky will be much higher than if they were caught this year.

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    If they are caught at different periods, it’s suspected the game will take the average age of both creatures in the trade as the calculation, as either both will or won’t be Lucky together.

    That’s not to say a freshly caught Pokémon can’t be Lucky – members of the community have been successful with trading recent catches. But the older it is the better, and since you can only trade one of a specific Pokémon, you want those chances to be as high as possible.

    What Are Lucky Pokmon


    Lucky Pokémon are a new type of Pokémon in Pokémon GO that require 50% less Stardust to power up over a regular Pokémon, and have a special background while viewing them in your Pokédex.

    While viewing one, you’ll also see a new counter displaying the number of Lucky Pokémon you’ve caught for each species.

    An even more interesting feature of Lucky Pokémon, is that they always have high IVs. The lowest a Lucky Pokémon can have in terms of IVs is 80%. That’s an IV score of 10 for every single stat.

    Here’s to your first Pokémon GO trade and the first #PokemonGOfriend who helped make it happen. Trainers, what Pokémon did you receive in your first trade? Pokémon GO

    You can check to see if a Pokémon is Lucky by viewing it in your list of Pokémon. Glance just above its HP and you’ll see a new ‘Lucky Pokémon’ label. Check out our tweet above to see all of that in action.

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    Getting The Most Of This Update For Pokemon Go

    Even though you can only get one Lucky Pokemon from a specific friend per day, theres no known limit on how many people this applies to. Technically the only max number of daily Lucky Friends we can identify is 200. That number is solely based on the fact that the most friends you can have at one time is 200.

    Even if youre not going to be getting 200 lucky Pokemon in one day there are still plenty of ways to make the most of this update:

    • Save up on top-tier Pokemon Candies
    • Trade top-tier Pokemon
    • Save up on rare candies

    You still need to have the same amount of candies for evolving and leveling up, so save those. However, being able to get the most powerful creatures with the guarantee of having the lucky status is a game changer.

    It has the chance of quickly increasing the number of high IV Pokemon that people have on their teams. At the same time itll decrease the need for exorbitant amounts of stardust to power up high-tier monsters.

    Thats all there is to Lucky Friends in Pokemon GO. If you want to learn anything else about Pokemon Go check out our Wiki.

    What Are Lucky Pokemon In Pokemon Go

    So what are lucky Pokemon? They’re similar but different to shiny Pokemon while shiny Pokemon look different, lucky Pokemon are identified by gold circles around the Pokemon on the list view. When you click on them, the background is gold and sparkly, compared to the usual type-specific background.

    When you have a lucky Pokemon, you get a couple of benefits. The first is that the stardust cost to power it up is reduced by 50%, so if you have a strong PvP Pokemon that becomes lucky, you’re in luck. Pun intended.

    The other possible benefit is that a lucky Pokemon’s IV will always be a minimum of 12/12/12. This means that you could trade a 0 IV Pokemon and potentially gain a 100 IV Pokemon in return. On the contrary, you’re risking a lot if you trade a 98 IV Pokemon, because there’s a high chance it will come out with lower stats than it went in with.

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    Pokmon Go Friendship Levels And Trade Costs

    When adding a friend in Pokémon Go, there are four levels: Good, Great, Ultra, and Best. Raising friendship every day will improve this level over time. The higher your friendship is with somebody, the better. Youll be able to trade Pokémon for less Stardust, do more damage if you raid together, and even get a bonus Premier Ball or two when you complete a raid.

    Special trades that feature Legendary or Shiny Pokémon not in your Pokédex can cost up to 1,000,000 Stardust to trade, so get your friendship levels up first. The trade cost decreases to 800,000 for Great Friends, 80,000 for Ultra Friends, and 40,000 for Best Friends. Higher friendship has no effect on trade distance.

    What Else You Need To Know About The Friends Feature In Pokmon Go

    Pokémon Go friendship guide: Lucky Friends explained, how ...

    There are many quirks to the Friends feature you should know about:

    • There is a Friends List cap of 400 in Pokémon Go – up from 200 at launch – which is more then enough to start building Friendship Levels with both close friends and several Raid groups.
    • If you copy the Trainer Code message received from a Friend and paste it into the Trainer Code box, it’ll just post the code itself. Handy!
    • A red dot will appear in the home screen, above the Trainer icon in the bottom left of the screen, to notify you a Gift or Friend request is pending.Notifications for Friends and Gifts can be turned off in the settings, if you don’t want them showing up.

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    Pokemon Go Lucky Friend Odds

    Pokemon Go Lucky Friend odds are something youll want to know if youre using this new feature in Niantics game. If you want to learn how to unlock the Pokemon Go Lucky Friend feature, and what the probability of getting one is, youve come to the right place. Learn everything about Pokemon Go Lucky Friend odds with our guide.

    Pokemon Go Lucky Friends Guide

    There are currently five levels of player friendships in Pokemon GO: Good, Great, Ultra, Best, and Lucky. Essentially, once players become friends in-game, they can raise their friendship level by battling each other, completing raids together, trading pokemon, sending gifts, and a few other things. The more friends do these activities, the higher their friendship level will get. To quickly and effectively raise friendship levels, players will need to complete some of the tasks in the list above daily. Further, friendships can only be leveled up once per day.

    To become Lucky friends in Pokemon GO, players will first need to become Best friends with another player. Once youve done that, simply continue to send gifts to each other and battle together and eventually youll reach Lucky friend status. If youre just starting out with a new friend, this process will likely take a long time and will require daily dedication, so be patient and try to find a good routine. Its also worth noting that once you become Best friends, youll only have one shot at becoming Lucky friends each day, so dont worry about trying to spam friendship leveling activities multiple times a day.

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    How To Get Lucky Pokmon

    You can get Lucky Pokémon randomly when trading Pokémon with friends. When you trade, theres a small chance that your Pokémon will become Lucky. Both Pokémon will always become Lucky if one does.

    According to research from The Silph Road, Pokémon are more likely to become Lucky if they were caught long ago. The research shows that Pokémon less than a year old have about a 5% chance to be lucky, Pokémon that are a year old have a 10% chance, and Pokémon that are two years old have a 25% chance. This means that holding onto rare Pokémon for a long time is probably worth doing, even if just to get a Lucky Pokémon.

    If you have Lucky Friends, which happens randomly with Best Friends, then your next trade will be Lucky, guaranteed. While Niantic hasnt announced the Lucky Friends chance, some researchers on The Silph Road subreddit note that the Lucky Friends odds are a little bit below 2% per exchange.

    How Do I Trigger Lucky Friends

    Lucky Friends Guide: Tips & Tricks | Pokemon Go

    How do you become Lucky Friends? Once you become Best Friends, you will have a chance to become Lucky Friends! You will have this chance once per day when you and your Best Friend trade Pokémon, open a Gift from each other, team up in raids and Gym battles, or challenge each other to a Trainer Battle.

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    Is A Lucky Pokmon Like A Shiny Or Is There Any Real Advantage

    The Pokémon itself doesn’t have a different color, like Shiny Pokémon do, but they do have a special advantage:

    It seems that Lucky Pokémon require less Stardust to power up, which means they can reach a higher CP much faster than other Pokémon. Plus, a Lucky Pokémon can be detected by the Pokédex, so you can keep track of them!

    More precisely, it seems like Lucky Pokémon only require half the Stardust and Candy to power up as a regular Pokémon, making them much more efficient to power up.

    How The Guarantee Actually Works

    A piece of the puzzle was missing. Now, thanks to a series of carefully controlled experiments conducted by Silph Research Group Scientists, as well as Lead and Senior Researchers, we can report that at this time1 the actual mechanism for guaranteed Lucky Trades involving a July-August 2016 Pokémon appears to be:

    All July-Aug 2016 Pokémon are guaranteed Lucky if the sender has been in fewer than 10 trades where at least one party was guaranteed.

    At first, this may seem like a subtle distinction, but it means that not all Lucky trades are created equal. Lucky trades that were not guaranteed before the total is met do not appear to count towards the 10 guaranteed allotment.

    Ignorance of this previously-unknown distinction meant many of the data points previously believed non-guaranteed were in fact guaranteed!

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