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How To Chop Down Trees In Pokémon Let’s Go

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Where To Learn Strong Push

How To Cut Down Trees In Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

In Pokémon: Lets Go, Strong Push replaces the HM, Strength. To learn Strong Push, youll need to head to the Southern edge of Fuchsia City. There, youll encounter Team Rocket. Speak with Team Rocket and collect the Gold Teeth from them.

With these Gold Teeth, you can return to Fuchsia City and visit the Wardens House. Speak with the Warden and give him his Gold Teeth. As a reward, hell give you the Safari Outfit Set, and will teach your Pikachu or Eevee a Secret Technique called Strong Push. Using Strong Push, youll be able to clear large rocks and boulders from your path.

By interacting with NPCs, youll be able to learn Secret Techniques, and pick up cosmetic items like Outfit Sets. Out of the five Secret Techniques in Pokémon: Lets Go, which one is your favorite to use? Let us know down in the comments below!

Exploring The West Hallway

In the first room on going west, youll find a Beauty sitting on a couch. Shell think youre a waiter so nothing to see here. Moving on in the second room, youll find a father and daughter together with a . Again, no fight here.

In the third room, youll find two battles, one with a Beauty and another with a Youngster. After fighting both make sure pick up the Paralyze Heal behind them.

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How To Chop Down Trees In Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu And Eevee

Here’s how you can cut down trees blocking your path in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

Guideby Hirun Cryer, Staff Writer

Early on in both Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, you might find plenty of trees blocking your path. These can actually be cut down, but only with one method. In our guide to both games, we’ll be walking you through how to chop down trees in Pokemon Let’s Go as easily as possible.

Where To Learn Sea Skim

How to Chop Down Trees in Pokemon Lets Go

In Pokémon: Lets Go, Sea Skim replaces the HM, Surf. To learn Sea Skim, youll need to visit Fuchsia City. On the Northern edge of Fuchsia City is the GO Park Complex. Before you enter the GO Park Complex, explore the grounds outside.

On the left, youll find a man with a Lapras. Speak to the man, and hell teach your Pikachu or Eevee a Secret Technique called Sea Skim. Hell also give you a Surfboard. Using Sea Skim, you can travel over watery terrain with Pikachu or Eevee on the Surfboard, or using a rideable Pokémon like Lapras.

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Pokemon Let’s Go Secret Techniques

Before we get started, it’s important to note that you;will encounter all of the secret techniques naturally throughout your journey through Kanto in Pokemon Let’s Go. If you’re worried about missing one, however, here’s where they’re found, plus what original HMs they correspond to in previous Pokemon games:

Acquire Some Old Amber

Head back up to using the Secret Path accessed via Chop Down. Once there, head to the Northeast corner of the city. There youll find another tree that can be chopped down, giving access to a small building next to the Science Museum.

Inside, talking to the man in the back of the room, he will give you some Old Amber he believes is hiding Pokémon DNA, and asks you to bring it to a Pokémon Lab.

Thats all the side stuff we have for now. Head on through again and head east through where youll find a tree that can be cut using Chop Down to

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Where To Learn Light Up

In Pokémon: Lets Go, Light Up replaces the HM, Flash. To learn Light Up, youll need to make your way through Digletts Cave which connects to Vermillion City. After you exit Digletts Cave and before you enter Vermillion City, youll stumble across the home of Professor Oaks Assistant.

Talk to Professor Oaks Assistant, and hell teach your Pikachu or Eevee a Secret Technique called Light Up. Using Light Up, you can illuminate dark cave areas in Pokémon: Let’s Go.

How To Chop Tree In Pokemon Lets Go

How to Chop Down Trees in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Eevee

To chop trees in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee, your Pokemon first has to learn that skill. To do so, youll have to find the captain of the S.S. Anna in Vermilion City . Thats in Vermilion City Port , and hes on the ship itself. Well get into the specifics of where exactly to find him below.

Anyway, when you find the captain and talk to him, youll learn that hes sick, and he needs your help. In fact, hes seasick; quite a situation for a ship captain. He needs you to help him by giving him a back rub. How this cures his seasickness, I have no idea, but hey, it works for him.

When you help him, hell teach your Pokemon to chop trees technique. You dont have to do anything; the game will let you know that your Pokemon has learned a new skill.

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Pokmon Let’s Go: Ss Anne And Where To Find The Captain

S.S. Anne, which you’ll find docked just to the south of Vermilion City, has three levels – the entrance level, a downstairs level and an upstairs level – plus a little outside area at the front of the ship, and the captain’s quarters to the rear.

Both your rival and Blue will appear as you enter the Ship, and it’s worth noting that the woman in the first room on the right just after enter will heal your Pokémon for free as many times as you like. A Pikachu with Thunderbolt or Ivysaur with Vine Whip will help clear out the trainers here – there are lots of Water-type Pokémon in particular – otherwise, you’re free to explore at your leisure.

To ‘complete’ the area, head left and upstairs, and left again to go out to the front of the ship, then back inside and over to the far right, and upstairs again on that side, to find the captain. We recommend you explore the whole ship first though, popping your head in every door, as there’s a huge amount of items to be found plus lots of trainers to practice against, too.

:: Pokémon Sword and Shield walkthrough and guide

Once you do find the Captain – remember, left and upstairs from the entrance, then over to the far right and up the stairs there to the Captain’s Quarters – he’ll teach you your first Secret Technique: Chop Down! The lets you cut down those pesky thin trees you’ve seen dotted around the world. When you’re ready then, go take on Lt. Surge’s Gym!

Available Items

Trainers and Battles

Which Is The Only Pokemon That Can Learn Cut

In Generation, I to III Cut is used to remove obstacles such as trees that block your way. Cut is a very useful move that can be also obtained through cheats or finding the item on its locations. With regards to learnset, Kartana is the only Pokemon that can learn cut by leveling up while the majority

These plants can be cut down by the field move Cut or the Secret Technique Chop Down. From Generations I to V, these plants are small, skinny trees. In Generation VI, they are thorny bushes. In Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu! and Lets Go, Eevee!, they are small plants but sprawl widely to obstruct the player.

Apply the Cut HM to a pokémon. Once youve allowed one of your pokémon to learn the Cut HM, youll be able to cut down path-blocking trees throughout the world by selecting the pokémon and using it on the tree.

In Generation, I to III Cut is used to remove obstacles such as trees that block your way. Cut is a very useful move that can be also obtained through cheats or finding the item on its locations. With regards to learnset, Kartana is the only Pokemon that can learn cut by leveling up while the majority

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Learn How To Find And Learn Chop Down In Pokmon: Lets Go One Of Many Secret Techniques In The Game

Published Nov. 21, 2018, 9:18 p.m.aboutPokemon: Let’s Go

by Bryan Dawson

In the original Pokémon games players could acquire HM Cut, a secret technique that could be used to chop down small trees. Youll have to learn Chop Down in Pokémon: Lets Go because it replaced HM, but works in the same way. Today well show you how to find and acquire the Chop Down technique in Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee.

How To Learn The Secret Technique Chop Down

How to Chop Down Trees in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, Eevee ...

Once you have the S.S. Ticket, board the ship at the south part of the Vermilion City.;

The captain is on the 3rd floor. Upon boarding, turn left and straight ahead.

Take the stairs going to the 2nd floor.;

In the 2nd floor, turn right and straight until you reach the next stair.

From here, youll meet your Rival trainer. Youll be required to face your rival before you can talk to the captain. Once, you defeated him. You can now go upstair to talk to Captain.

The Captain can now teach your Pikachu / Eevee the Secret Technique Chop Down.

To use, just go in front of the tree and press A Button or Right Button . Then it will prompt you to cut the trees.

Pika Pika! You can now chop down thin trees in the game.

You may also watch our walk-through video below.

Erwin Bantilan

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How Do You Cut Down Trees On Nintendo Switch

Question for Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu

How do you cut down trees on nintendo switch?

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HM Cut was replaced with the Chop Down Technique in Let’s Go Pikachu. Here’s how to learn the technique: Hope this helps!

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How To Learn All Secret Techniques In Pokmon: Lets Go

As stated above, there are a total of five Secret Techniques that either Eevee or Pikachu can learn in Pokémon: Lets Go. To learn a Secret Technique, youll first need to find and talk to a specific NPC.

For example, to learn Sea Skim youll need to find an NPC in Fuchsia City. To help make the process easier, weve listed where to find and learn all five Secret Techniques in Pokémon: Lets Go down below.

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How To Get To Vermilion City From Cerulean City

If you have no idea how to get to Vermilion City, you need to check this guide first. If youre coming from the Cerulean City.

Find and enter the house on the top right corner of Cerulean City, before the bridge, back of the Cerulean City Pokemon Gym.

Inside the house, there will be hole made by the Team Rocket. Enter to the hole, so you can pass to the other side of Cerulean City.

From their, take the road in the bottom, until you reach Route 5.

There will be an underground tunnel going to Vermilion City. Enter to the tunnel.

You should arrived in the Route 6 at the end of the tunnel. The South part is the Vermilion City already.

In the Vermilion City, the port is just on the right bottom corner.

Get The Chop Down Secret Technique

Pokemon Let’s Go chop down tree guide

Once you have beaten your Rival, you can meet up with the Captain of this cruise liner. Before you talk to him, make sure you’ve been to every part of this ship and collected all the .

The Captain is sick and the only thing that can cure him in Pokémon Land is… no, not Dramamine – a back rub. As a thank you, you will receive the Secret Technique, Chop Down. He will teach Chop Down to your eager partner Pokémon.

Unlike in the previous games and their HMs, Lets Go no longer requires you to teach a move to your Pokémon that allows them to use out-of-battle effects. Instead, these Special Techniques are taught to your starter Pokémon and take the place of HMs, allowing you to use their effects any time outside of battle.

A Starter that knows Chop Down can cut down the annoying little trees that block your way in so many places. With that, the prepares to take off, however, you will not be staying along for the ride.

As you leave the ship, the takes off on its voyage. It’s now time to head back into

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Getting The Ss Ticket Boarding Pass

You need an S.S Ticket in order for you to reach the Captain at the Vermilion City, without it youre not allowed to board the ship, the S.S Ticket can be obtain from Bill, this is where the talking Pokemon lives. The cottage of bill is just in the right corner of Route 24, above Cerulean City.

Refer to this map, for the exact location of Bills Laboratory.

When you enter the Laboratory of Bill, youll find out a talking Pokemon that needed your help to return him back to a normal person. That was Bill.

After this, he will give you the S.S. Anne Ticket that you can use to board the ship of the Captain.

Where To Learn Sky Dash

In Pokémon: Lets Go, Sky Dash replaces the HM, Fly. To learn Sky Dash, youll need to defeat Team Rocket by finding and exploring their Secret Headquarters. To find the Secret Headquarters, head to Celadon City and enter the Rocket Game Corner. Inside the Rocket Game Corner, interact with a poster to the right of the Cashier.

In doing so, youll open a stairwell that leads to the basement. Defeat Team Rocket, then exit the Rocket Game Corner and youll spot a man with a strange flying machine outside. Interact with the man, and hell teach your Pikachu or Eevee a Secret Technique called Sky Dash. Using Sky Dash, you can open your Town Map and fast travel to any town you previously discovered.

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How Do You Cut Down Trees In Pokemon Red

Originally Answered: How do you cut trees in Pokemon Red? You get the TM CUT from the ship after the 2nd city then teach cut to a Pokemon then when you need a tree cut go to the menu click Pokemon click the Pokemon you taught it to then an option will come up to cut click it and it will cut the tree.

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How to Chop Down Trees in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, Eevee ...

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If youve been playing a lot of Pokémon: Lets Go, you may find yourself asking how to learn all Secret Techniques. In the game, Secret Techniques replace the concept of HMs like Cut or Surf. Rather than teaching one of these moves to a suitable Pokémon, either Pikachu or Eevee will ask to learn these moves.

Once Pikachu or Eevee learns a Secret Technique, they can use it whenever you need them to. Right now, there are a total of five Secret Techniques in Pokémon: Lets Go. Having a hard time finding one, like Sea Skim or Sky Dash? Weve got you covered! Below, weve put together a guide on how to find and learn all Secret Techniques in Pokémon: Lets Go!

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