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How To Ev Train Pokemon

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Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Ev Training Best Pokemon Ev Training Method

How To EV Train in Pokemon Sword and Shield – FULL GUIDE

To quickly farm EV, get the Power items of the EV you want to max and then acquire the Pokerus, spreading it to Pokemon you want to train. Now begin the SOS chain . Keep on knocking Pokemon out that are called in for help but do not knock out the original Pokemon. Waste your turns using Adrenaline Orbs or healing items whenever the calls for help fail. Knockout seven Pokemon to max out your EVs.

The best way to train your HP is to fight Grimer in Malie Citie Outer Cape. Best way to train Attack is to fight Yungoose, Pikipek or Spinarak on Route 1. For Defense look for Geodude or Roggenrola on Route 12. Special Attack can be increased through Magnemite on Route 1 Trainer School whereas the Special Defense can be increased through Drowzee on Route 2. Speed can be increased by using Zubat or Diglett on the Seaward Cave.

Well, thats it! Have fun while you EV train Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon.

That is all we have for our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon EV Training Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is now available on Nintendo 3DS.

Pokmon Sun And Moon Evs Explained

EVs, short for Effort Values, are the hidden numbers which help define the strength of a Pokémon’s given stat. Whilst their counterpart, IVs, dictate a Pokémon’s inherent strength, and Natures provide a small modifier on certian stats, EVs denote the amount of training a Pokémon has in the stat in question.

EVs are acquired alongside Experience when your Pokémon battle. As a general rule of thumb, if your Pokémon earns Experience from something, they’re also earning EVs.

Here are some quick definitions of the key terms to get us started:

Let’s dive a little deeper into EVs then. Essentially, they act as points which are assigned to any of a Pokémon’s six stats . Think of a species of Pokémon like you would a species of animal: horses are generally faster sprinters than cows , but some horses are born faster than others . EVs, meanwhile, work like training – you could have an untrained horse that was born fast and an untrained horse born slow , and the naturally fast horse would win. But train the naturally slow horse , and it might be as fast, or faster, than the untrained, naturally speedy one.

As of Sun and Moon, you can put a maximum of 252 EVs into a given stat, and a Pokémon can have a maximum of 510 EVs in total.

Generally, in competitive play, trainers will put 252 EVs into two key stats, and the remaining handful into a third. But how do these numbers translate into the actual stats themselves?

What To Expect When Ev/iv Training In Sword And Shield

Years and years ago, EV and IV training a single Pokemon could have taken you weeks, and thats not an exaggeration in the slightest. With Pokemon Sword and Shields many new in-game systems, there are now much easier ways of getting a Pokemon ready to battle online, and if you have some of the key items already, you can potentially get a Pokemon competitive ready in under 30 minutes.;

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In this guide, I may talk about things only exclusive to the DLC, which does, without question, make this process go much faster. However the DLC is not necessary for of these processes at all. You will need a whole lot of in-game money to make it go as quickly as possible though. Money is very accessible in Sword and Shield especially if youve unlocked the Isle of Amours Watt Guy. A good estimate is around 250-500K.;

Lastly, I will be building a Pokemon alongside you in this guide too, so take a look at my pictures if you feel lost. In this guide, I will be building up a sweeper Aegislash!;Say hello to Fred!

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Why Are Evs Important

EVs are important because they;are another way of being able to improve your Pokemon besides just leveling them up. EV training allows players to target specific stats they want to increase on their Pokemon.;If you want to make your Charmander faster, putting EVs into its Speed stat will make it more likely to attack first in battle.

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On top of that, EVs arguably increase the realism of the Pokemon world and offer a more diverse and challenging experience when it comes to battling. Having a mechanic that turns a Pokemon’s efforts into visible improvements makes our Pokemon seem that much more life-like.

However, EVs aren’t the only factors that determine a Pokemon’s overall stats.

Why Should I Ev Train

Super Easy EV Training Guide

So youve now learned that Pokémon gain EVs after fighting against Pokémon and that there are EVs for each of the six stats, but what do these EVs actually do?

Effort Values raise your Pokémons stats. The amount that it raises a given stat by is based on your Pokémons level, but for a level 100 Pokémon, it will receive +1 point in a stat for every 4 EVs it has in that stat, rounded down. Just to be clear, since this misconception comes up a lot: that doesnt mean as soon as your Pokémon reaches level 100 it gains all of those extra points at once the gains from Effort Values affect a Pokémons stats at every single level, proportionately.

Lets take a level 100 Garchomp, for example. If this Garchomp has 0 EVs in Attack and has a neutral nature, then its maximum Attack stat would be 296. If this Garchomp instead has 255 EVs, it would have 63 points higher in Attack than one with 0 EVs, meaning it would have a much more fearsome 359 Attack. If it has a nature that raises its Attack by 10%, such as Adamant, it could reach as high as 394 Attack .

That means, instead of going with 255 EVs in two separate stats, you could instead put 252 EVs in two stats and then the remaining 6 EVs in a third stat . You squeeze one extra stat point that you wouldnt have otherwise gotten, which may make a difference in a close battle.

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Effort Values: What Are They

Every Pokémon battle you win yields effort values ! So, for those of you unfamiliar, you have already been gaining EVs! Generally speaking, Defeated Pokémon give effort values consistent with their highest stat. For example, Ponyta gives 1 speed EV each time you defeat it as its highest base stat is speed!

What Is Ev Training

EV stands for Effort Value. It has nothing to do with training a bunch of Eevee, but it instead describes the process of training up your Pokémons stats to optimize them for competitive battling.

Imagine your Pokémons stats. Theres HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Each of these stats also has a special, invisible number that is referred to by the Pokémon community as Effort Values, as these were required in order for a Pokémon to earn the Effort Ribbon starting in Ruby & Sapphire.

Officially, these are referred to as base stats or base points in-game, but almost no one uses that terminology and it is also confusing given the more widely understood definition of base stats that you will see listed on Pokémon fansites Pokédex pages the base values for each stat that determine how strong a given species of Pokémon is.

Think of Effort Values EVs like Experience Points. Your Pokémon gain them when they fight against other Pokémon, whether its a wild battle or a Trainer battle. If its a battle where youd normally gain Experience Points, its a battle youll gain Effort values from so fights against other players or in facilities like the Battle Tower, Battle Frontier, etc. do not earn EVs.

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Each Pokemon Gives A Specific Base Point

The type of Base Point a Pokemon gives when you defeat is determined by that Pokemon’s species!

Example: Diglett

When you defeat any Diglett, regardless of level, your Pokemon will gain 1 Speed Base Point. This means, if you take down 252 Diglett, you will give the maximum number of bonus points to your Speed stat!

Resetting A Pokmons Evs

EV TRAINING GUIDE! How to EV Train Your Pokemon for Competitive! Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Although the EV reducing berries described in the main EV Training guide can be used to lower Pokémons EVs, the problem is these are not easy to farm. They can only be shaken from trees that respawn every day, and theres no guarantee of how many youll get. Youll need over 50 berries to completely reset a fully EV Trained Pokémons EVs.

Thankfully, the Isle of Armor from the Expansion Pass has a fix for it, although it is a little pricey.

Theres a man on one of the small islands off the southeastern coast of the Isle of Armor that will fully reset a Pokémons EVs to 0 for the cost of 10 Armorite Ore. This can be an effective way to make sure your Pokémon has a clean set of EVs, especially if it was a Pokémon you took with you throughout your journey through the Galar region, where you werent keeping track of what EVs it gained. You can earn Armorite Ore by fighting in Max Raid Battles on the Isle of Armor.

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How To Know When You’re Finished

Most games have an NPC that will award Effort Ribbons to Pokemon that have maxed out their EVs. For Generation VI and later, players will be able to see a Pokemon’s EVs in their summary. In Pokemon Sword & Shield, this stat will be blue and have a distinct sparkle.

Whichever method you choose for EV training, know that making your Pokemon the best they can be is always a worthy and noble pursuit. Happy Training!

What Happens If I Dont Ev Train

One problem with the whole EV Training process is that it pretty much has to be planned out in advance. If youve played through a Pokémon game with your team of Pokémon without thinking anything about EV Training, your team still will have gained EVs from all of the Pokémon theyve fought, but youll have no clue how they are distributed and they wont be optimally invested in the stats you want to boost.

Because of this, its STRONGLY recommended that you only consider EV Training freshly-caught or freshly-hatched Pokémon, not any Pokémon that youre playing through the game with normally! While there are ways in some games to reset your EVs entirely, its often a hassle to do, and in some games may be impossible.

Thankfully, you do not need any EV Training to get through any of the main games! In single-player experiences, the only time youll need EV Training is if you want to tackle some of the challenging facilities like the Battle Tower, Battle Maison, Battle Tree, etc., because in the later rounds there, all of the Pokémon you fight against will be EV Trained.

Its also important to remind you thatYou dont NEED to EV Train to HAVE FUN! If all of this goes completely over your head, dont let that stop you from enjoying the Pokémon games as a whole, because you can still do so just as you always have. EV Training is geared towards players who want to step up their game and take their gameplay to the next level.

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Can You Ev Train In Pokemon Lets Go

To the casual player, EV training may just sound like the kind of thing you do with an Eevee. To experienced PokeProfessors, though, its a crucial element that dictates Pokemons specialties. Heres what you need to know about whether you can EV Train in Pokemon Lets Go.

In previous titles, fighting certain Pokemon or participating in Super Training would yield EVs that would give particular stats a boost. It was a fairly grueling process to complete, but the rewards were too great to ignore.

For this reason, you may be delighted or disappointed to know that EV training is not present in Pokemon Lets Go; however, you can still give your critters stats a boost.

EVs are now dictated by candy. You receive candy when catching Pokemon, with consecutive combos awarding greater hauls. Sending excess Pokemon to Professor Oak will yield even more candy; just dont try to overthink the implications of that.

You can find Health Candy , Mighty Candy , Tough Candy , Smart Candy , Courage Candy and Quick Candy that will raise the relevant stat by 1 point when enough have been eaten.

Just as it was with classic EV training, Pokemon that excel in a particular area will dish out that kind of candy, so its best to plan out a particular farming area if you want to focus on one stat.

Rarely, you will receive a species-specific candy that can only be consumed by the named Pokemon. It will raise all stats, instead of just one.

That was funnier in my head, to be honest.

Check Summary To See Evs

Pokemon XY: How To EV Train! (Competitive Battling)

You can check EVs by selecting “Check Summary” &pressing the X button on the radar chart. You can’t see the exact amount of EVs but you can get a grasp of how your EVs have been allocated.

How To Look At EV Radar

Light Yellow & Dark Yellow
What To Do After Beating The Game

More Efficient To Buy With Money Than BP

Though Vitamins can be bought with a low price of 2 BP, it’s far more efficient to buy them using money at Pokemon center in Wyndon, as BP is harder to acquire and can be used for other more pressuring things.

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How To Check Evs In Pokmon Sword And Shield

If youre going to start EV training your Pokémon in Sword and Shield, one of the most important things to know is how to check effort values and the progress of your EV training. Unfortunately, you arent going to be able to see the exact numbers.;

That means that you cant see for certain if youve got 124 or 200 effort points in a particular stat, but usually youre going to focus the vast majority of EV training into two core stats. When you check EVs for a Pokémon, you do get an indicator when a stat is maxed out.;

To check, simply go into the summary of your Pokémon through the start menu and view the page where youd normally check stats. Then press X on your Nintendo Switch, and the stats view will switch to show you the progress of EV training.;

If things are sparkling around a particular stat, as seen above, that means youve effectively maxed out the EV training for that stat. This is the best way to check your progress, but there are many ways to get that progress rolling.;

Getting Pokmon With Perfect Ivs

A way to find Pokémon with guaranteed perfect IVs is through SOS Battle chaining. The longer the chain, the more perfect IV’s the next called ally will have:

  • Chain length of 0 to 4: No guaranteed perfect IVs
  • Chain length of 5 to 9: 1guaranteed perfect IV
  • Chain length of 10 to 19: 2guaranteed perfect IVs
  • Chain length of 20 to 29: 3guaranteed perfect IVs
  • Chain length of 30 to 255: 4guaranteed perfect IVs

Another way to get a Pokémon with perfect IVs is to breed one. The best way to do this is to find two parents who both have perfect IVs in different stats. Give one of the parents a Destiny Knot , so five of the parents’ combined twelve IVs will be passed down to the child. As soon as a hatched Pokémon has more perfect IVs than one of the parents, replace that parent with the new Pokémon. Keep doing this until a hatched Pokémon has the IVs you desire.

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Power Items Increase Ev You Get

There are in-game held items which, when given to a Pokemon, increase the amount of Base Points it receives after every battle. These can really speed up your training! You can also purchase Power Items in the Hammerlocke BP Shop.

When your Pokemon is infected with Pokerus, that Pokemon gets double the EVs. You get infected by Pokerus on very rare occasions, so try finding a friend who already has a Pokerus infected Pokemon. Once you’ve got one, Pokerus will be passed down as long as the Pokerus infected Pokemon is in your team.

Lowering Or Resetting Evs

How to Ev train Pokemon

While training your Pokémon, it can happen that you accidentally trained the wrong stat or trained more EVs in a stat than you wanted. No worries though, as it is possible to lower the amount of EVs in a stat or reset a stat completely to 0 EVs.

One of the methods to do this is by giving your Pokémon EV-lowering drinks from the Friendship Café or the Friendship Parlor at Festival Plaza. The Sweets Sets lower the EVs by a bit, while the Secret Meals reset the stats completely to 0 EVs. The Secret Meals only become available after you become Champion.

The following Sweets Sets/Secret Meals are available:

  • Sweets Set/Secret Meal A: lowers/resets HP EVs
  • Sweets Set/Secret Meal B: lowers/resets Attack EVs
  • Sweets Set/Secret Meal C: lowers/resets Defense EVs
  • Sweets Set/Secret Meal D: lowers/resets Special Attack EVs
  • Sweets Set/Secret Meal E: lowers/resets Special Defense EVs
  • Sweets Set/Secret Meal F: lowers/resets Speed EVs

Note that these meals cant be eaten by Pokémon which have their Friendship maxed out, as they also raise Friendship.

Another way to lower EVs is by using EV-lowering Berries, which are the following:

You can find these Berries in Berry Piles throughout the game, and grow more of them on Isle Aplenny in Poké Pelago.

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