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How To Evolve Farfetch’d In Pokemon Sword

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How To Evolve Farfetch’d Into Sirfetch’d

Pokémon Sword & Shield – How to Evolve Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d

To evolve a Farfetch’d into a Sirfetch’d, players will need to get three critical hits with the Pokemon in one battle, which may prove to be easier said than done. One thing that will help immensely is the held item Leek, which raises the critical hit of Farfetch’d by a good amount if it is holding it. When catching a Galarian Farfetchd, it has a 50% chance to be holding a Leek, so keep on trying until one is caught with this item in its wings. Leaf Blade, a grass-type move that crits more often, is another option, but it isn’t learned by Farfetch’d until level 55.

Next, Pokemon Sword and Shield players will need to battle a trainer with a decent amount of Pokemon in his/her roster. This way there are plenty of chances to get critical hits. Once a player’s Farfetch’d gets three critical hits in one battle, it will evolve into Sirfetch’d.

There are other Galarian versions of Pokemon worth seeking out as well, like Ponyta, which looks downright magical in this new region. Like many Pokemon, there is a requirement for locating a Galarian Ponyta as well, but it can only be found within copies of Pokemon Shield. Players with Sword will have to trade for it, which may make for the perfect opportunity to offer a Farfetch’d.

Pokemon Sword is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Where To Catch Farfetchd

Your biggest obstacle to evolving Farfetchd is finding one to catch in the first place. This is because it only appears in one version of the game and has a painfully low chance of spawning. However, if you are not able to get one through trading, head to one of the following areas in Pokémon Sword and try your luck:

Overcast 5%

Note: Farfetchd can also appear in Max Raid Battles throughout the Wild Area at the Dusty Bowl, North Lake Miloch, and Stony Wilderness locations.

How To Evolve Farfetchd To Sirfetchd In Pokmon Sword And Shield

Farfetchd can only evolve into Sirfetchd if he makes three critical attacks during a battle.

The best way to make sure this happens is to enter a battle with a trainer who has multiple Pokémon. In this way, you will give your Farfetchd enough time to deal critical damage without ending the battle.

Farfetchd can learn a series of moves that cause Critical Hits more easily. This includes Leaf Blade at Level 55 or using TR 50.

You can also teach Focus Energy to Farfetchd using TR13, which will increase his ability to cause Critical Hits.

You can also increase the odds that Farfetchd will cause a critical attack by giving him a hold of the Scope Lens or Razor Claw.

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Scope Lens is located on Route 9 next to the entrance to Spikemuth.

Go up the hill from the water section of this road and then turn left towards a small alley to find this item on the ground.

Scope Lens location.

You can find Razor Claw at Galar Mine No.2.

Follow the path traced through the mine until you battle Worker Yvonne. Once you have defeated her, pick up the item on your left this is Razor Claw.

Razor Claw location.

Finally, you have the item Leek. This item is specific to Farfetchd, increasing the ratio of its critical attacks, and can only be obtained by capturing a Farfetchd that already has it.

If you want to get Leek, then bring several Poké Balls with you and start capturing Farfetchd.

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Its More Likely To Get Critical Hits In Battle

There are a lot of ways to get the advantage in a Pokemon battle and getting blessed with a critical hit can sometimes be the deciding factor in a close encounter. Some trainers may never experience critical hits, but Galarian Farfetchd is a Pokemon thats deeply invested in the occurrence. Farfetchd typically has a leek attached as an item, which is specifically designed to boost the Pokemons likelihood for critical hits. This, in addition to the rest of Farfetchds Fighting-Type moveset make critical hits more likely.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Galarian Farfetchd

How to evolve Farfetch

Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Farfetchd is a Fighting Type, which makes it weak against Flying, Psychic, Fairy type moves. You can find and catch Galarian Farfetchd using our guide below on How To Obtain this pokemon. The Max IV Stats of Galarian Farfetchd are 52 HP, 95 Attack, 58 SP Attack, 55 Defense, 62 SP Defense, and 55 Speed.

List of Galarian Farfetchd Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

Speed 55

Based on this pokemon’s stats we consider the best nature for Galarian Farfetchd to have is Lonely, this will increase it’s Attack and decrease it’s Defense stats.

Galarian Farfetchd Abilities

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How To Get Sirfetchd In Pokmon Go

Get knighted.

To celebrate the release of Pokémon Sword and Shields latest DLC, The Crown Tundra, Pokémon Go is reintroducing Farfetchd Galarians variation into the wild once moreand its quite easy to put them through the knighting ceremony.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get Sirfetchd in Pokémon Go.

  • Set your Galarian Farfetchd as your Buddy Pokémon.
  • Encounter wild Pokémon and rack up 10 Excellent throws
  • Watch your Farfetchd honorably evolve into Sirfetchd and gain his leek sword and shield
  • Poké Balls thrown during raids count as well, which could be a quicker option to notch the requisite amount due to Raid Pokémon usually having a lower catch rate and a larger size.

    Instead of holding onto your Poké Ball and watching the catching reticle shrink and expand, its possible to set the circle at its Excellent position simply by letting go. Then, wait for the Pokémon to attack and throw the ball.

    The special requirement and focus on precision is similar to how the Wild Duck Pokémon evolves in Pokémon Swordand Shield, where they have to land three critical hits in a single battle.

    The event runs for just one day, from 8pm CT on Oct. 22 to 8pm CT on Oct. 23. Even if youve missed out, Galarian Farfetchd will be added to the seven-kilometer egg pool after the event, so theres still a chance for you to obtain the chivalrous Sirfetchd.

    Pokemon Sword And Shield Farfetchd

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Farfetchd is a Normal and Flying Type, which makes it weak against Rock, Electric, Ice type moves. You can find and catch Farfetchd in Route 5 with a 5% chance to appear during All Weather weather. The Max IV Stats of Farfetchd are 52 HP, 90 Attack, 58 SP Attack, 55 Defense, 62 SP Defense, and 60 Speed.

    List of Farfetchd Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

    Speed 60

    Based on this pokemon’s stats we consider the best nature for Farfetchd to have is Lonely, this will increase it’s Attack and decrease it’s Defense stats.

    Farfetchd Abilities

    Keen eyes prevent other Pokémon from lowering this Pokémons accuracy.
    Inner Focus The Pokémons intensely focused, and that protects the Pokémon from flinching.

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    Where To Find Farfetchd In Pokmon Sword And Shield

    First, you can only capture Farfetchd if you are playing Pokémon Sword.

    Farfetchd can be found on Route 5, which is between Turffield and Hulbury, and at Giants Mirror in the Wild Area.

    Farfetchds locations

    It is important that you know that Farfetchd will only appear in Giants Mirror when the weather is cloudy.

    You can find Farfetchd walking through the tall grass in these areas, holding his leek.

    How To Evolve Galarian Farfetch’d To Sirfetch’d

    How to Evolve Farfetch’d in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

    In the main Pokémon Sword and Shield games, evolving Farfetch’d to Sirfetch’d takes an extra effort compared to most other characters. Of course, it’s not too new for the series, but for Pokémon GO, the new mechanic is quite unique. It all seems to work with research tasks. These quests have been in the game for a long time but have been linked to evolution, allowing unique quests to unlock the ability to evolve certain species of Pokémon.

    For Galarian Farfetch’d, players must choose the one they want to evolve and set it as their buddy, then complete 10 excellent throws in order to unlock the ability to evolve them into Sirfetch’d. Once this task is completed, you should be able to select your Galarian Farfetch’d friend and evolve him into his more powerful Sirfetch’d form. However, great throws can be difficult to make, requiring you to hit the center of the aiming circle when it’s small enough. However, Legendary or Mega Raids offer a lot of solid options for making great throws, so try to complete some and be patient with your throws.

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    Where To Find A Galarian Farfetchd In Pokmon Sword

    The Galar version of Farfetchd will only pop up in two places in the wild in Pokémon Sword and the spawn rates are pretty low, so if you want to catch one, youll likely need to search for a while to get the chance to catch one.

    The easiest place to get one is on Route 5, which is the road that leads out of Turffield , and I had the most success finding Farfetchd in the patches of grass by the pond . You should be able to find a Galarian Farfetchd anywhere n Route 5 however, remember that the spawn rate is pretty low. The good news is if one does spawn, youll always see it walking around the map, it wont spawn as a random encounter.

    This isnt the only place you can find a Farfetchd in Galar, you can also find one in the Giants Mirror area inside the Wild Area however, Pokémon found there will be a pretty high level, so you likely wont be able to catch one in the Giants Mirror for quite some time.

    How To Get Farfetchd During Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto

    While it was one of the first regional exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go for the Kanto region, people likely have a number of Farfetchd in their collection by now in the form of Galarian Farfetchd, which has been a popular egg hatch since it was introduced. However, the original Kanto version of Farfetchd has been much more elusive, sitting as an exclusive to parts of Asia since the beginning. There have been a couple opportunities in the past to catch Farfetchd, but this is the most accessible yet as part of the Pokemon Go Tour Kanto event that is going on right now. As a result, this guide will help you on how to catch Farfetchd during the Pokemon Go Tour Kanto event.

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    How To Catch Farfetchd In Pokmon Sword And Shield

    Farfetchd is a fighting type Wild Duck Pokemon, and so, it is only weak against three types of attack and is strong against three other move types.

    As it is quite a rare spawn but it can be seen in the over-world and isnt a random encounter youll want to make sure that you take your chance to catch Galarian Farfetchd as soon as the opportunity arises.

    Galarian Farfetchd is, somewhat ironically, weak against flying-type attacks as well as psychic and fairy-type moves. They are, however, strong against bug, rock, and dark-type attacks. All other attack types do regular amounts of damage.

    As such, youll want to approach a wild Farfetchd with a similarly-levelled Pokémon while using effective and then not very effective move types to slowly decrease its health. Use weak-to-moderate power attacks when not using bug, rock, or dark attacks to ensure that you dont defeat the Farfetchd in battle.

    Galarian Farfetchd that are found in the wild dont get too high in level, so anything more than a Great Ball wouldnt be necessary to catch the leek-loving Pokémon. However, if you have Ultra Balls at your disposal, you may as well use them to increase your chance of catching Farfetchd.

    Then again, you could always test your luck with a Quick Ball at the very start of the encounter, or if your Pokémon are significantly stronger than level 30, you could use a Level Ball.

    Fury Cutter + Leaf Blade And Brave Bird Or Brick Break

    How to Evolve Galarian Farfetch

    Fury Cutter doesnt get STAB, but its fast energy generation helps make use of its charge moves much sooner. Rock Smash is a pretty bad move even with STAB, and has pitiful energy gains.

    Leaf Blade the best charge move available, ties for the least amount of energy needed among the charge moves of Galarian Farfetchd, and has a very high 2.0 DPE rating . Brave Bird offers a good coverage option, though its not the most impressive move in the game. Brick Break generally speaking is a very bad move due to its pathetic damage output, but the addition of STAB helps to make it less awful, and at the very least it can be spammed frequently.

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    How To Evolve Galarian Farfetch’d

    This is a guide on how to evolve Galarian Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d in Pokemon Sword and Shield. To evolve Farfetch’d in this new form you need to land 3 critical hits in one battle, at any level. Use the instructions below to achieve this goal:

    • Catch a Galarian Farfetch’d on Route 5 or Wild Area in Pokemon Sword, or trade to get one in Pokemon Shield
    • Make sure you have Farfetch’d signature held item, Leek, equipped for higher critical hit rate, and purchase a few Dire Hits from the Poke Mart
    • Make sure you know a weak move, like Peck or Rock Smash
    • Get into a battle with a tanky wild Pokemon such as Wobuffet or Onix
    • Use a Dire Hit to further increase your critical hit rate in the battle, and if you are worried about your opponent fainting your Farfetch’d you can use an X Defense / X Sp. Def as well
    • After setting up your stat boosts, start attacking the enemy Pokemon and hope for some critical hits. This is a luck based situation, so it may take a few attempts to get all 3 critical hits

    How To Catch And Evolve Galarian Farfetchd In Pokemon Go

    Finding and catching Galarian Farfetchd in Pokemon Go isnt as common as when it was first introduced. The Ultra Unlock Part 3 event, which runs from August 20-26, will see more of these fighting ducks in raids and in 7km Eggs. Shiny Galarian Farfetchd will make its Pokemon Go debut during this event.

    Once trainers have caught a Galarian Farfetchd you want to evolve to Sirfetchd, theyll have to make it their buddy similar to Galarian Slowpoke. Instead of catching a specific type of Pokemon, trainers will need to make 10 Excellent Throws and then feed Farfetchd 50 of its candy.

    Making Excellent Throws is relatively difficult in Pokemon Go. Trainers have to wait and toss a PokeBall when the catch circle on the Pokemon is at its smallest. While there is some skill involved, and for many its pure luck, trainers can make it easier by using a Nanab Berry. Nanab Berries calm a Pokemon down so they wont move or jump up and down. This will make the Pokemon a stationary target, and from there its up to the trainers aim.

    Im currently a GamesRadar guide contributor with a specialty in everything Pokemon GO. If youve wanted to know the best way to take down a Rayquaza, theres a good chance you read one of my guides. I previously have written for IBT Media, Newsweek and Screen Rant. Im a huge fighting game fan and everything Pokemon, but Ive grown to love RPGs.

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    How To Evolve Farfetch’d Into Sirfetch’d In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    To evolve Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ll need to follow these steps.

  • Catch a Farfetch’d and put it into the front of your party .
  • Encounter a trainer with at least three Pokemon in their party.
  • Battle the trainer. Make sure Farfetch’d defeats three enemy Pokemon in a row and is never swapped out.
  • If you can do this, Farfetch’d should evolve after the battle into Sirfetch’d
  • How To Use Sirfetchd

    HOW TO EVOLVE FARFETCH’D TO SIRFETCH’D : Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Image Source: Sword and Shield

    Sirfetchd, in all its glory, is a fighting-type Pokemon, and so it is weak to flying, psychic, and fairy-type attacks. All other attack types will do damage to Sirfetchd, but bug, rock, and dark-type moves are not very effective.

    The sword and shield-wielding Pokémons ability is Steadfast, which raises its speed by one level whenever it flinches. Its not an overly valuable ability to plan to use, but its hidden ability can be superb in battle.

    Scrappy, the available hidden ability of Sirfetchd, allows it to land normal-type and fighting-type attacks on ghost-type Pokémon. However, hidden abilities are very rare in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

    It is said that Pokémon with these hidden abilities can be encountered in some Max Raid Battles. So, if you want it in your Sirfetchd, attempt to find a Farfetchd in a Max Raid Battle with the hidden ability Scrappy.

    There you have it: your Farfetchd just evolved into a Sirfetchd. It can be a grind trying to get Farfetchd to evolve into Sirfetchd as an element of luck is involved. But the result is more than worth the effort, with Sirfetchd being a fan-favourite of the games even before Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield were released.

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