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How To Invest In Pokemon Cards

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Xy Generations Elite Trainer Boxes

How To Invest In Pokemon Cards!!!

Best Pokemon Anniversary Set

Back to the XY series, and to the Generations set that was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon.

Unlike most sets, it wasnt possible to buy booster boxes for Generations. Instead, booster packs were included as part of an Elite Trainer Box or Collector Boxes which featured a particular Pokemon.

The 83 card set, also included an additional subset of 32 cards called the Radiant Collection.

In my opinion, the combination of popular Gen 1 Pokemon, beautifully designed full art cards and more limited acquisition of booster packs , make Generations a sleeping giant in terms of value.

Best Cards in XY Generations to Collect

Why Are We Seeing An Increase In Price Of Pokemon Cards

Since the pandemic started, there have been a lot of things that have gone viral. There was the dalgona coffee craze, baking , Tiktok, and Tiger King.

So, it came as no surprise when Pokemon Cards took over the internet. Hell, Pokemon was never gone in the first place, but the pandemic surely made its popularity experience resurgence.

Deborah Norvilla said in a segment of Inside Edition that The pandemic is partly being credited for making Pokemon cards popular again because, during the lockdown, a lot of people became nostalgic for simpler times.. That explains why people belonging to Gen X and Millennials are going crazy about this trend.

For the younger generation , Pokemon cards have become a trend that they feel they should hop in, primarily because of the hype that Youtubers and other Influencers make. Lucky enough, Pokemon cards are still in the system. With the latest generation named Battle Styles being released just this March, kids and teens have a good chance of getting their hands on a deck.

That being said, collectors and owners of old and rare Pokemon cards will naturally take advantage of the hype and increase their selling price. The rarer and older your card is, the more people would want to have it. Thats how collectibles work.

Sword & Shield Series Champions Path Elite Trainer Box

Best Pokemon Set for Hunting Modern Charizards

Although one of the most modern Pokemon sets on our list, Champions Path rightly takes its place.

Lets cut to the chase, this is a fiercely sought-after set. Pre-orders went mad, and it was very hard to get hold of an Elite Trainer Box. In fact, most online retailer limited purchasing to one-per-customer, as people were snapping them up so quickly to resell on eBay for an inflated price.

So, why the hype and hysteria?! You guessed it, its our man Charizard!

Champions Path features two wildly attractive secret rare Charizards, and the ETB even comes with a stunning Charizard promo.

Firstly, weve got the Charizard VMAX secret rainbow rare, and then we have an iconic black and red Charizard V card which is also a secret rare. Two bloody secret rare Charizards! No wonder collectors could barely contain themselves!

Most online retailers remain sold out, so if youre looking to acquire a Champions Path Elite Trainer Box, or Collectors Box, your best bet is eBay.

Best Cards in Champions Path to Collect

Best Booster Box for Early Rainbow Rare Artworks

Next up we have an iconic set from the Sun & Moon era Burning Shadows.

The previously released Sun & Moon Base Set and Rising Guardians made waves with the introduction of secret rainbow rare cards, a design never seen before on a Pokemon card. However Burning Shadows was the set everyone was waiting for when news dropped of a secret rare rainbow Charizard!

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How To Get Started

If youve read this far you are probably thinking to yourself hell yes I need to get in on the Pokemon action. Yes, yes you do. But before you go out to Wal-Mart to buy a booster pack, here are a few things you will need to do to get started.

Learn about Pokemon TCG

I remember playing Pokemon as a kid, but I didnt pay attention to nuances in the cards themselves. There are certain insignias that denote a 1st Edition from a reprint and a Base Set card from a later edition. You need to know what these are and how to spot them.

You also need to learn about the game itself. I stopped playing Pokemon when I entered middle school in 2003 because ya know, trying to be cool and all. That means 17 years worth of new pokemon have entered the fray.

Arceus, for example, is a Generation IV Pokemon that entered the game after I exited. Its the most powerful Pokemon out there. While Millennials like myself are nostalgic for Charizard, there are current players that may be looking to add a PSA 10 Arceus to their collection in a couple years. You need to have that knowledge as you begin investing in the market.

If youre just tuning into Pokemon check out Bulbapedia. This is basically the Wikepedia for everything Pokemon. You can learn which Pokemon belong to which generation, how they relate to the video games, and the different attributes that sets a series apart from another.

Understand the Role of Pokemon in Pop Culture

Study the Market

Are Any Of Your Old Pokemon Cards Worth Anything


Like many Millennials in their 30s, I had a binder full of Pokemon cards that my family and I held onto for years. Upon hearing the news that some of them might be worth a 401, I immediately called up my mom.

Mom do you have any idea where my old Pokemon cards are??

Sadly, she didnt. Our shared conclusion is that we likely donated them to a kid down the street years ago, along with my old airsoft stuff.

This deflating revelation immediately made me feel like the guy who paid 10,000 bitcoins for pizza.

However, if youre also fretting over the location of your old Pokemon card collection, I actually have some good news for you:

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Investing In Pokemon Cards Advice For Beginners

I got back into Pokemon Cards in 2016, after the Pokemon Go craze hooked me in again.

I loved collecting the cards as an 11 year old, and like many of us, I wish I would have kept them!

So, I decided to start purchasing vintage cards, booster packs and sealed boxes.

Nothing felt so nostalgic than to see those old cards again. Artworks I hadnt seen in over 15 years. It was such a buzz!

So why are you telling me this Clive?!

Because if you did what I did, investing in Pokemon cards five years ago and turning a profit today is dead easy!

I was totally lucky that I just so happened to get back in at the right time, and also totally lucky that values went through the roof in 2020.

Investing in Pokemon Cards today is a lot harder.

Doing it profitably is still very doable, but make no mistake, its much harder.

In fact, theres been quite a noticeable re-correction in the market from 2020 to where we are now.

Prices went mad, and now theyve come back down a fair amount.

And I dont sit here writing like Im some oracle who predicted it all!

I bought plenty of cards last year thinking Pokemon was going to the moon and never coming back down! Those cards have substantially decreased in value.

But of course, only if I sell

Which leads me on to my next point

Its A Global Phenomenon

Sometimes, the place you live dictates how easy it will be to collect your hobby of choice. However, Pokémon is EVERYWHERE! Virtually any country you go to will have its own posse of Pokémon collectors. This also means that, in addition to the cards we see in our stores, there are also hundreds of versions in other languages and with slightly different designs from different countries.

Here in America, there are plenty of stores that carry these collectibles. You can find them at big box stores like Wal-Mart or Target. Most comic book stores have a section of Pokémon cards. Even some dollar or discount stores carry cards. Without needing a lot of luck, your opportunities to purchase cards are endless.

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What Pokmon Sets To Look For

The Pokemon Trading Card Game continues to rock the investment world as valuation for classic cards continue to soar. While the series as a whole is currently celebrating its silver anniversary, the card game is approaching its 25th anniversary in autumn of 2021.

Original booster packs and sets featuring 1st generation Pokémon are the hot commodities at this time. Here is a list of the following sets: Base Set, Jungle, Fossil, Base Set 2, Team Rocket, Gym Heroes, and Gym Challenge.

Reasons To Invest In Pokemon Cards

How to invest in Pokemon cards strategically. We also pull the BEST card in Darkness Ablaze!

Here are four compelling reasons why a small investment in Pokemon cards this year may pay off down the road:

  • Supply is dwindling and demand is rising. Economics 101 tells us that when demand for an asset outstrips supply, prices rise. Nobodys making new 1st Edition Pokemon cards and demand is rising at the moment, so its reasonable to suggest prices will rise in the short term as well.
  • Theyre easy to buy and sell.Compared to real estate or rare cars, Pokemon cards are among the easiest forms of property to buy and sell. No surprise leaks or expensive brokers you always know exactly what youre buying or selling.
  • Theyre easy to store. Similarly, trading cards are perhaps the single easiest physical investment to store and maintain. Pokemon cards dont need cleaning, climate-controlled storage, or even insurance just a plastic sleeve and a safety deposit box.
  • The upside could be huge.In 2017, if youd invested $500 in an S& P 500 index fund youd have about $1,500 now. If youd put that money into a PSA 9 Charizard instead, youd have $5,500.

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Pokemon As An Alternative Investment

Before we dive too into the weeds of strategy, pricing, and acquisition, lets first make sure we are on the same page regarding Pokemon as an actual investment.

Yes, I know, it sounds absurd BUT you can buy and trade Pokemon cards just as you would stocks.

Think of cards the same way you would think about investing in fine art. Why do people pay MILLIONS for a specific piece of art by a particular artist?

Supply and demand.

There are a finite number of works by that artist. If there is more demand than supply available, the price will increase.

That art holds value over time due to the fame or notoriety of the artist in question. There will always be people clamoring to buy original Van Gogh paintings. Over time the painting will become rarer just as more people enter the market. As demand increases the price goes up.

The same logic applies for trading cards and sports cards. First edition and rookie cards that had one print run will become valuable as time passes because there are only a finite number in existence.

You cant go back to 1999 and print more 1st Edition Charizards right? Similarly, you cant go back to 1999 and prevent your 8 year-old self from flushing the 1st Edition Charizard you did have down the toilet.

As demand and popularity for Pokemon continue to increase 1st Edition cards will also increase in value. Thus, investing in Pokemon could be a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio or try something new.

Analysing The Collectibles Market From A Sellers Perspective

The modern collectibles market has seen quite a rise over the past few years.

In my opinion, I think people have become more savvy to the fact that:

  • You wont become financially free by simply saving
  • Its possible to make a living doing something you actually enjoy
  • People will pay big bucks for a hit of nostalgia
  • Generation Y value games, toys and figures over art, stamps and coins
  • Mental health and happiness is more valuable than anything
  • Combined with global platforms like eBay, Amazon and Etsy, theres now an outlet for people to pursue their passion and make a business out of it too.

    And I think its important to highlight the bigger picture here, because Pokemon Cards are just one slice of this collectibles pie.

    So if youre thinking about investing in Pokemon Cards because of all the media hype, but the franchise doesnt really interest you, you may want to re-calibrate and analyse the other options available to you.

    For example:

    • Figurines
    • Toys

    However, if youre 100% set on investing in Pokemon Cards, heres all you need to know

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    Xy Evolutions Booster Boxes

    Best Modern Booster Box for Old School Artwork

    You knew it was coming! XY Evolutions is the hottest modern Pokemon booster box in recent memory. It just goes to show how nostalgic the original artwork is for people, and what it means to open packs containing these card designs again.

    Whats interesting about the set is that its actually pretty poorly printed. Youll often find cards that are well off-centre. But what may seem like a flaw, has actually played to its advantage. This is because when youre lucky enough to grade a card in a PSA 10, its worth a considerable amount of money. Why? Because there just arent that many of them, compared to the flood of PSA 9s!

    Take for example, our king and chief the holographic Charizard. Look at the PSA report below. There are approximately 20 times as many PSA 9s as there are 10s! Its no wonder that despite only being a few years old, top graded versions are going for thousands of pounds.

    This is why Evolutions is a booster box worth buying. Sure, its a bit like a spin at the roulette table, but you could theoretically pull one card that is worth 5 times the value of the entire box! Its crazy! Plus you get to experience the buzz of seeing all your old friends again. O.G. Bulba, Squirtle, Pika, theyre all there! Or, if youre a fan of sealed product, you could lock it away for a decade and sit on it as an investment piece.

    Whatever you decide to do with it, snap up an XY Evolutions Booster Box while you still can.

    Tips: What Pokmon Cards To Invest In

    How to Invest AND collect in Pokemon cards. 5 MUST HAVE ...

    10 Tips: What Pokémon Cards to Invest in?

    The Pokémon TCG is undoubtedly one of the most popular TCGs out there as per the gurus over at, and one of its main features is just how many cards players have at their disposal. With all these cards, others stand out from the crowd either because they are extremely powerful, are stunningly beautiful because of their design, or because of nostalgia as discussed over at Given that everyone has their own memories of playing the game and, therefore, has their own list of favorite cards, it may be difficult to create a list of the best Pokémon cards. However, when it comes to investing in Pokémon cards, it becomes a little bit more straightforward as all you have to do is focus on the most valuable cards. This article will look to highlight 10 Pokémon cards you should consider investing in if you are looking to get into the game.

    • Shaymin EX

    This card was a must-have during the Roaring Skies era of the Pokémon TCG, discussed over at Its ability to Set Up, allowing players to fill their hand with up to six cards from their deck when the Pokémon is first put into play made it extremely desirable for both amateurs and competitive players. Its legend remains, and it remains one of the most valuable Pokémon cards out there, and one that you should invest in when you get the chance.

    • Charizard GX
    • Surfing Pikachu
    • Lysandres Trump Card
    • Tapu Lele GX
    • Pikachu
    • Mewtwo and Mew Tag Team GX
    • N
    • Charizard
    • Ancient Mew

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    ‘the Last Dance’ Fuels Sports Memorabilia

    After an explosive 2020, which had already been preceded by rapid growth from 2016 to 2019, the collectibles market is continuing to heat up. Goldin Auctions, an industry leader in collectible and memorabilia auctions, took in $220 million in the first half of 2021 vs. $100 million for all of last year.

    Ken Goldin, founder of the eponymous auction house, pointed to ESPN’s release last year of the documentary series “The Last Dance,” which chronicles Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls in 1997-98.

    As episodes aired last April and May, he said, prices skyrocketed for Jordan cards but also for all basketball-related collectibles. Then on July 18, 2020, a LeBron James rookie card sold for a record-setting $5.2 million.

    Another driver of interests in collectibles is the livestreaming of “case breaking,” Goldin added. The trend sometimes involves celebrities livestreaming the opening up of a box of cards.

    “People can get into that,” Goldin said. “Then they also want to buy a $5 pack of cards for the chance to get a card worth thousands of dollars.”

    The internationalization of the marketplace also is a factor. He says 20% of his daily user base comes from outside the U.S. “Ten years ago, 99% were from the U.S,” he said.

    Collectors That Already Have Cards

    If you already own cards, you need to first figure out which items actually have any value. Once you sort out the ones that have potential, you need to send them off for grading. To put it bluntly, items have lower value until they have been looked over by a professional company.

    • Step 1: Look at your cards, and put aside any holographics or rare items. Go to an auction site like eBay and enter the name of the card, as well as the number listed on the bottom right. For example Charizard 107/105
    • Step 2: Once you see your exact card, tick off the Sold Items box. Now look through all the auctions of your card that have been sold in the last month to get a general idea of what the collectible is actually going for.
    • Step 3: Now that you know which cards you own that have a high-selling potential, you need to send your cards off to either PSA or Beckett BGS grading companies to get them looked over.
    • Step 4: Due to Pokemons popularity, wait times may be longer than usual. But once you get your cards sent back, you will have a more definitive idea what your card is worth. For instance if your card comes back as a PSA 9, repeat Step 2 and look for other PSA 9s that have sold recently.
    • Step 5: Now you can either sit on your graded cards and wait as the prices continue to go up. Or you can sell the item on sites like eBay, trollandtoad, or even put them up at Heritage Auctions or Iconic.

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