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Pokemon 1st Edition Base Box

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What Is A Heavy Booster Pack


Basically, some smart Alec realised a long time ago that packs with a holographic card weigh more!

Generally speaking, the pull rates of a holo are 1:3 packs, therefore you can simply weigh the packs, extract the valuable items and flog the rest.

Not exactly fun or ethical right?!

But, thats the game I guess when a lot of money is at stake.

Its important to know this for two reasons:

  • When someone is selling a pack as unweighed be very cautious! The only time Id believe this is a live stream straight from a box break.
  • It means the value of booster packs can swing massively. A pack weighed light or heavy will differ in value considerably. This should hopefully explain the valuation ranges below!
  • Anyway, lets get into the different pack variants

    1st Edition Base Set Booster Packs

    • Estimated current value £5k £10k
    • Easily identifiable by the 1st Edition logo on the foil

    Shadowless Base Set Booster Packs

    • Estimated current value £1k £3k
    • Harder to identify. This helpful article explain the different Shadowless booster pack variants

    Black Triangle Error Base Set Booster Packs

    • Estimated current value £1k £5k

    Unlimited Base Set Booster Packs

    • Estimated current value £300 £600

    Pokemon Mystery Box New & Old

    Pokemon Mystery Box New & Old – Booster Packs – usa pokemon walmart mystery box 1:4 vintage pack factory sealed 2 booster packs. part of my pokemon collection for sale. You are bidding on pokemon 1st edition booster box in excellent condition . Has been put back whole into the box. Some wear on the box. They are from a smoke and pet free home. Collect from the WESTON-SUPER-MARE area

    What About Your Cards

    “The regular Charizard card might be worth around £300,” Dan, from trading cards and collectibles shop Game HQ, tells Newsbeat.

    “Most cards that people have will be the mass-produced ones so they wont be worth as much, but they can still be worth a lot of money as long as the cards are in good condition.

    It might be time to ask your mum to dig out your old stuff, but if you do, which ones should you look out for?

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    First Edition Holographic Ninetales

    Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $3,000

    It’s easy to see where Ninetales gets its name although the spelling of “tails” is noticeably different.

    And while each of its golden-white tails is catching to the eye, it is said that simply grabbing one of them can result in a 1,000-year curse giving this fox-like Pokémon its reputation of extreme vengeance.

    Inspired by the kitsune of Japanese folklore, Ninetales holds mysterious powers within its nine tails and can even control the mind with its piercing, red eyes.

    First Edition Holographic Blastoise

    Pokemon Base Set 1 Booster Box

    Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $5,500

    A water-type Pokémon, Blastoise first appears in the Pokémon Red and Blue video games as the final evolutionary stage of Squirtle, one of the original three starter Pokémon.

    Relying on twin water cannons that retract from the shell on its back, Blastoise is capable of delivering powerful blasts of water with superior accuracy.

    And just as we saw Charizard’s boost in popularity stemming from its appearance on the cover art of the Pokémon Red video game, Blastoise was the center of attention on the Pokémon Blue video game:

    Rightfully considered one of the coolest-looking of all Pokémon, Blastoise remains a collector favorite and this card can bring thousands of dollars in high grade.

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    Vintage Pokemon Tcg Booster Box Sells For A Record

    Pokemania has well and truly been running wild in the Pokemon trading card game community for some months now. Ever since the invasion of cash-flush influencers into the scene, including YouTube star Logan Paul and rapper Logic, the market has seen a huge uptick in demand for the already-popular TCG.

    The games most sought after set, the 1999 Base Set, somehow still has mint, first edition boxes out there despite going out of print two decades ago. These boxes have been going for ludicrous sums of money well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars with the lure of pulling the iconic Charizard a huge selling point. Now, a new record has been set, with an eye-watering $450,000 exchanging hands in return for a 1st edition shadowless Base Set booster box.

    Pokemon card broker to the stars, Michael ThePokeJew Goldstein, yesterday took to Instagram to announce that he had facilitated the sale of the box to German Fortnite content creators LoftyVTR and Standart Skill. According to ThePokeJew, this is the single largest transaction for a sealed first edition Base Set booster box to date, shattering the previous record sale of $408,000.

    You can see the encased box in all its glory below.

    Base Set Booster Box Variations

    1st Edition Base Set Booster Box

    • Estimated current value £300k £350k

    The boxes are easy to spot as they have a 1st Edition Stamp on them and the text 1ST EDITION LIMITED PRINTING.

    Important 1st Edition boxes do not have the Wizards of the Coast logo printed on the cellophane wrapping. Stay well clear if you spot a box being sold with this its fake.

    Shadowless Base Set Booster Box

    • Estimated current value £50k £100k

    Still very valuable and ultra rare, Shadowless booster boxes are harder to identify as there is no shadowless labeling or anything of that nature.

    Instead characteristics of the box , and very carefully being able to identify the packs within is the way of identifying whether a box is shadowless or not.

    FYI Green winged Charizard boxes dont necessarily mean its shadowless there are other factors too.

    This guide goes into great detail on identifying a shadowless Base Set booster box.

    Unlimited Base Set Booster Box

    • Estimated current value £15k £20k

    Although this is the most commonly found Base Set booster box variant, its still no chump change!

    As more and more boxes are opened on YouTube etc, Id expect the value to continue to creep up long term as supply dwindles.

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    First Edition Holographic Raichu

    Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $2,500

    Raichu, the rodent-like evolved form of Pikachu, is an electric-type Pokémon that uses its tail to gather electricity from both the ground and atmosphere.

    As it charges, the creature stores the electricity in those circular, yellow sacs on its cheeks and once fully charged, Raichu’s ears will point directly upwards.

    Raichu also uses its pointed tail as a ground to prevent itself from being electrically shocked.

    Pokmon First Edition Base Set Sealed Booster Box

    The Original 1ST EDITION Base Set Pokemon Booster Box !!!

    Are you looking for the item that will quickly become the centerpiece of your collection? Well, look no further because we have just the item for you with this Sealed First Edition Base Set Booster Box! Released on January 9, 1999 by Wizards of the Coast the Base Set included 102 cards, including the widely popular Charizard. At the time of its release the Pokémon Trading Card Game became an instant hit and has withstood the test of time continuing to be beloved by the next generations. To find a booster box like this one still sealed in its original shrink-wrap is no easy task due to the low print run, few have remained sealed and even fewer have come to market.

    Whether you’re opening it, storing it, or attempting to make a famous YouTuber seek you out, I wish the best of luck to everyone going for this 1st Edition Pokémon TCG: Base Set booster box.

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    First Edition Holographic Machamp

    Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $1,000

    The final form of Machop that evolves from Machoke, Machop is an intimidating fighting-type Pokémon who looks like the last thing you’d want to fight.

    Known for its brute force and strength, Machamp is nothing but solid muscle and its four arms allow it to strike opponents from multiple angles at once.

    And not only is Machamp overpowering, it also possesses incredible speed making it capable of throwing as many as 500 punches in one second.

    Wearing a championship belt around its waste, the aptly named Machamp is frequently on the victorious side of the fight.

    First Edition Holographic Venusaur

    Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $2,200

    Venusaur, the final evolved form of one of the original starter Pokémon, Bulbasaur, is a dual-type grass and poison Pokémon with a noticeably large flower that protrudes from its back.

    Because the creature uses that flower to absorb energy from the sun’s rays, it is constantly on the move in search of more sunlight.

    Venusaur also serves as the mascot of the Pokémon Green video game making it one of the most recognizable of first edition Pokémon:

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    Pokemon 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Booster Box English 1999

    $2,388.11eBay Money Back Guarantee

    Seller:pokemontrainerv100%, Location:Marysville, Washington, Ships to: Americas, Europe, Asia, AU, Item:124893896958POKEMON 1ST EDITION SHADOWLESS BASE SET BOOSTER BOX ENGLISH 1999 – EMPTY! . POKEMON 1ST EDITION SHADOWLESS BASE SET BOOSTER BOX ENGLISH 1999 – EMPTY! GREEN WING CHARIZARD! We ship by using USPS Priority Mail medium flat rate box, the extra shipping cost is for insurance & sign on delivery. We ship with bubble rap for your protection. We ship either one to two business days. We do not ship to Italy, Germany, Brazil, Thailand, Korea, and the Middle East. Due to customs. Apologies. Payment is due in 2 days through PayPal. If you have any questions please let us know. We will answer all questions very quickly. Our goal is 100% satisfaction and we will do whatever we can do make that happen.All returns accepted:ReturnsNotAccepted, Set:Base Set, Character:Blastoise, Country/Region of Manufacture:United States, Card Condition:Good, Graded:No, Features:1st Edition, Year Manufactured:1999, Card Type:Pokémon, Manufacturer:Wizards of The Coast, Language:English, Rarity:Rare, Game:Pokémon TCG, TV Show:Pokémon, Franchise:Pokémon, Genre:Fantasy See More

    • Popularity – 3,323 views, 123.1 views per day, 27 days on eBay. Super high amount of views. 0 sold, 1 available. More

    How Many Different Print Runs Of Pokemon Base Set Are There

    Pokemon Base Set Booster Box

    It may surprise you to learn that there were actually 8 different print runs of Base Set!

    Before we go into what they were, lets define a print run

    In a nutshell, the cards in the set are the same, but theyve changed a characteristic on one or some of the cards. For example, they fixed a design error.

    So, here are the eight

  • Shadowless
  • 1999-2000 Base Set
  • Wait, what?! Arent you missing 1st Edition Base Set?!

    Interestingly, the cards were stamped with the 1st Edition symbol after the print run fun fact!

    Okay, but what the heck are the 1999-2000 Base Set cards?!

    Often incorrectly labelled the UK Print , the final print run of Base Set had a new copyright date added to the bottom and the colour is slightly paler than before.

    Famously, they also corrected Vulpixs HP error which had somehow slipped through the previous seven print runs! All the way until 1999-2000 Base Set, Vulpixs Hit Points read HP 50 instead of 50 HP! Very subtle of course, but it makes the corrected card a bit more sought after.

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    First Edition Holographic Zapdos

    Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $1,400

    Together with Articuno and Moltres, this electric and flying creature is one of the three Legendary birds of Kanto.

    Only seen during thunderstorms, Zapdos will create lighting bolts and loud cracking sounds as it flaps its wings when airborne alerting everyone in the area to its presence.

    The yellow and black spiked feathers that surround its body make Zapdos look just like the blasts of electricity it creates.

    Pokmon Box Set Sells For $408k

    Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions

    DALLAS — Demand for rare, high-end Pokémon collectibles continues to soar as evidenced by the sale of a Pokémon First Edition Base Set Sealed Booster Box for a world record-setting $408,000 at Heritage Auctions.

    The box sold during the second session of Heritages four-day Comics & Comic Art Auction, which ran through Sunday, January 16.

    The afternoon session included 16 Pokémon lots that accounted for more than $1.3 million in sales. The record-setting booster box was one of three that produced six-figure results.

    Jesus Garcia, Heritage Auctions

    Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions

    Recent history has shown that the demand for First Edition Base Set Sealed Booster Boxes is soaring, said Jesus Garcia, Trading Cards Expert in the Heritage Auctions Comics Department. “Based on the competitive bidding when Heritage Auctions sold a similar set in November, we expected the interest in this set to be even higher, and our collectors did not disappoint.

    Offered in its original shrink wrap, the First Edition Base Set Sealed Booster Box broke the previous world record for an auction sale, set when Heritage Auctions sold a similar booster box in November 2020 for $360,000. The set was created in 1999 by Wizards of the Coast and features 102 cards, most notably the Charizard. Today, an original shrink wrap version is considered the pinnacle of box collecting.

    Pokémon First Edition Base Set Booster Box: $408,000 at auction

    Pokémon Charizard


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    Pokemon 1st Edition Booster Box

    Welcome to Game Trading Cards Insider FREE Version. We use Moneyball tactics to discover undervalued, mispriced, and hidden gems across the world of Game Trading Cards.

    This week Adams done a deep dive into the 1999 Pokemon 1st Edition Booster Box that will IPO on Rally 9th April 2021 at noon EST.

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  • Logan Paul Pulls 2 Charizards From $1 Million First

    SCAMMED !!! Base Set 1ST EDITION Pokemon Booster Box – 100% RESEALED

    There were some big winners during Paul’s break.

    Content creator Logan Paul hosted his own celebration stream for Pokémon Day on Feb. 27, opening 36 rare, unopened first-edition packs of Pokémon cards from the original Base Set.

    The stream was run in partnership with leading collectible and memorabilia marketplace Goldin Auctions. Paul took bids on the packs and opened them for fans or collectors who won the lots.

    Paul is considered by many to be one of the biggest catalysts for the recent surge in popularity and value of vintage Pokémon TCG boxes, cards, and packs after opening a Base Set box in front of 300,000 concurrent viewers in October. Each of the packs he auctioned off on Goldin went for an average of $39,206 per pack, totaling more than $1 million and making them some of the most expensive Pokémon TCG packs ever sold.

    During the box break, Paul and Goldin Auctions founder Ken Goldin found two holographic Charizard cards, both of which are expected to be graded PSA GEM MT 10, which would have them valued at over $500,000 each. A first edition PSA GEM MT 10 Charizard is currently up for auction on Goldin for over $325,000 with five days left on the bidding.

    a historical evening

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    First Edition Holographic Nidoking

    Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $1,500

    Nidoking is a dual-type poison and ground Pokémon that is the final evolved form of Nidoran.

    With its sharp teeth, pointy ears, plated underside, claws and venomous horn that protrudes from its forehead, Nidoking is obviously a very intimidating reptilian creature.

    However, its powerful tail is the primary weapon of choice to smash its enemies or create the spacing Nidoking needs to execute one of its devastating charges.

    High grade specimens of this card can sell for around $1,500 or more.

    First Edition Item Finder

    Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $750

    The intent of the Item Finder is exactly as it sounds: it aids players in locating items.

    While its name and how it helps players find items greatly changed in later Pokémon games, the first edition card merely instructs the player to discard two cards from his or her hand and replace them with a trainer card.

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    An Unopened First Edition Set Of Pokmon Cards Deemed The Pinnacle Of Pokmon Collecting Just Fetched $408000 At Auction

    It turns out playing with your Pokémon cards was a big mistake.

    Sarah Cascone, January 22, 2021

    Did your mother make you throw out your old Pokémon cards? Now you have an opportunity to show her that they really could have been worth a lot of money one day. An unopened first edition set of Pokémon cards just fetched a world record $408,000 at the Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction sale at Heritage Auctions in Dallas.

    Released in 1999 by game publisher Wizards of the Coast, the original run of US Pokémon cards featured 102 cards, including the coveted Charizard, the powerful dragon-like final form of the fire Pokémon Charmander. The record-setting auction lot is a sealed box of first edition cards featuring 36 booster packs of 11 cards each, or 396 cards total, all of which are in gem mint condition , according to the auction house.

    Due to their low print run, these box sets have become extremely scarce, especially those still in the original sealed state, wrote Heritage. It is considered the pinnacle of Pokémon box collecting.

    The auction featured 16 lots of Pokémon collectibles, collectively accounting for more than $1.3 million in sales.

    This Pokémon First Edition Base Set Sealed Booster Box set a world record with a $408,000 sale at Heritage Auctions, Dallas. Photo courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

    First Edition Cards In Review

    Pokemon Base Set 1 French Booster Box

    Whether you are a fan of them or not, there’s no debating that first edition Pokémon cards are some of the hottest cards in non-sports card collecting.

    The video games, television shows, and the cards themselves transformed Pokémon into a worldwide phenomenon with an enormous fan base.

    And many of those kids who grew up with these cards are now adults with more spending power able to pay big bucks for them in top condition.

    It doesn’t look like that trend will slow anytime soon as these cards have found their place as one of the most popular non-sports sets in the hobby.

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