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Pokemon Cards Mew And Mewtwo

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Kyurem Black And White

Pokemon Cards: Opening a Mew and Mewtwo Super Premium Collection Box! INSANE PULLS!!!

Kyurem would probably lose a fight against Mewtwo in its standard form. However, once it was able to merge with either Reshiram or Zekrom, Kyurem gained a much better fighting chance. Its abilities combined with another massive dragon legendary mean that its sheer power would probably be enough to overthrow Mewtwo. Furthermore, Kyurem was never formally defeated by Keldeo in the movie, just calmed down enough. This means that Kyurem has added durability that Mewtwo likely couldnt handle.

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How Does The Mewtwo & Mew

Every Mewtwo & Mew-GX deck in Pokemon TCG Online works the same. You have a bunch of other Pokemon in the deck that you discard as soon as you can, and then you use the ability to use any of their attacks whenever you want.

Perfection: This Pokémon can use the attacks of any Pokémon-GX or Pokémon-EX on your Bench or in your discard pile.

Note that while you can steal GX attacks as well, you can still only use one per match as always.

Since this ability requires you to meet the Energy requirements of the Pokemon youre stealing abilities from, the best Mewtwo & Mew-GX deck is naturally the one that revolves around the Type that has the best support cards in Pokemon TCG Online: Fire.

With Welder, Giant Hearth, and Fire Crystal being a big part of Standard, pairing Mewtwo with these cards and some Fire Pokemon makes for some pretty consistent decks.

Like the Pikarom deck, this deck is great in both Standard and Expanded. With cards like VS Seeker and Computer Search, it is even more consistent in Expanded.

In this guide, Ill be taking you through both versions of the deck, although Ill be focusing more on the Expanded version since it is better, and includes all cards from the Standard deck anyway.

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Pokmon Stronger Than Mewtwo

Is Mewtwo the most powerful Pokémon? There have been some strong Pokémon over the years, but how many of the most powerful Pokémon can rival them?

The philosophy behind Mewtwos creation was to make the worlds strongest Pokémon. Little did the scientists know how powerful their creation would be. Mewtwo far surpassed their expectations and was unwilling to be controlled by any corrupt official. He destroyed the laboratory that built him before traveling on his own and going into hiding. Several times, however, Mewtwo has come out to cause strife in the real world.

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Since Mewtwo is a clone of Mew, there seemed to be only one Pokémon that could match him at the time of his original creation. However, Game Freak has vastly expanded its universe since then to include more powerful Pokémon, Ultra Beasts, and deities that can stand toe-to-toe with the lab-created powerhouse. Despite the power of Mewtwo, there are other Pokémon who are much more powerful.

The Pokémon franchise has continued to come out with more games and memorable monsters. The eighth-generation releases, Pokémon Sword and Shield, have introduced players to frighteningly strong pocket monsters like Eternatus, the Galarian Bird Trio, Zacian/Zamazenta, Calyrex, and Dragapult. These newcomers come equipped with new techniques and battle strategies that make them unique challengers for Mewtwo’s reputation as one of the most powerful Pokémon in existence.

Why Is Mew 151 And Mewtwo 150 Pokémon Card Database

Did people find out about Mewtwo through Mew? If so…How did Mew get clone in the first place? Would Mewtwo have to be discovered AFTER Mew which would make him 151 and not Mew?

The way Pokemon Origins explains it is that Red realizes Mewtwo is out there from the Pokemon Mansion logs, and Oak adds in a blank slot for a pokedex entry before he heads off. Then, after its caught, Oak, Red and some others were eating lunch, then Red remembered that Mewtwo was said to come from Mew, and Oak upgraded the pokedex once more before Red went out to search for Mew.

Because game mechanics. Mewtwo was obtainable in-game, and was given number 150, so that there were no gaps. Mew was supposed to only be available through events, so was given number 151.

my explanation is mewtwo was a known pokemon first. Mew was considered a legend but never actually seen so it didn’t have a dex number. Mewtwo was made from a found tissue sample and then given a number and named for what they suspected genetic sample came from. After Mew was officially discovered, but that is purely speculative.

I’m not sure, but I guess the pokedex order has nothing to do with the discovery order.

It probably has EVERYTHING to do with discovery…

What happened was Gamefreak programed Mew in right before the release, unknown to Nintendo. Hence why it is 151.


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Entei Raikou And Suicune

Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are powerful Pokémon that have been helpful in a pinch, but none of them have the potential to face Mewtwo and live to tell the tale. They were regular Pokémon created by Ho-Oh, so their powers are limited as a result. They are stronger than most Pokémon, but impressive speed and elemental powers arent quite enough to bring down Mewtwo. All it would have to do is deflect those attacks and the match would be over quickly.

Reshizard And Mega Alakazam

Zen Force and Outrage are both excellent 2-Energy attacks. Flare Strike is the one I aim for in each game, and opponents generally just quit once Reshizard gets going and you start throwing the 230s right from your second turn.

You will also find matches where you start with Reshizard on turn one, and it ends up winning the match without Mewtwo getting a chance to attack.

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Reverse Other Pokmons Evolution

This talent is unique to the Mew in the Pokémon Trading Card Game however has some terrifying implications. With a move known as the Devolution Beam, Mew can take say a Charizard and opposite it again to its former evolution, Charmeleon.

Whats much more abnormal is that its capable of performing this feat on its allies, as neatly. Sure, it is going to take away their status effects, however it might be extremely impolite to take the tough sea dragon Gyarados and devolve it to a lowly Magikarp simply to wake it up.

Supporters For Mewtwo & Mew


Volcanion is in the deck to accelerate Energy. Always go second if you win the toss you do not want to miss out on Flare Starter.

Indeedee V and Jirachi-GX will sit on your Bench to help you with their passive abilities. Indeedee heals you for 20 damage each turn, and Jirachi negates Psychic weaknesses to help your Mewtwo last longer.

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Things Mew Can Do That Mewtwo Can’t In Pokmon

Since the release of the film Pokémon: The First Movie Mewtwo Strikes Back, lovers were debating whether or not the lovable and cuddly Mew or the brooding and vengeful Mewtwo was once the most powerful. While many fanatics would argue that Mewtwo is more potent, there are some things Mew is capable of that Mewtwo isnt.

Across the games and movies, Mew has demonstrated positive skills that its clone is both now not able to or isnt mindful it can do. This doesnt necessarily make Mew stronger, nevertheless it does counsel that underestimating this small Pokémon is a foul concept.

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Can Learn Every Move

Speaking of moves Mew has a novel skill that can put it on equal footing, if no longer give it an advantage over Mewtwo. Mew is capable of studying every transfer in the video games aside from for a handful of signature strikes unique to mythical or godlike Pokémon.

Any TM or HM can study to Mew, making it adaptable to numerous situations and giving it unique features in battle. At the very least, Mew has been used in the video games as an HM slave or its been advanced into an impressive warrior that strikes worry in the hearts of different running shoes.

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