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Pokemon Gba Hacks With Mega Evolution

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About The Mega Evolution

Top 5 BEST Pokemon Rom Hacks With Mega Evolution

The concept of Mega Evolution was first introduced in Generation VI. This means that only the games beyond X and Y, or at least those around Gen 6, will have this feature. Mega Evolution is basically just another evolutionary step for some Pokemon. The key difference? This one is temporary and can only be activated during battle.

There are also catalysts like a Keystone and Mega Stone. However, were not here to discuss Mega Evolution in all its glory. We are here to put up a list of the best ROM hacks with Mega Evolution. Thats right, ROM hacks and fan-made games exist where you can play them with Mega Evolution and more!

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The Best Pokmon Rom Hacks And Fan Made Games

For over twenty years, Pokémon has persisted as one of the largest, most well-known franchises in the gaming industry. It provides fans with endless characters, possibilities, storylines, and games.

Did you know that fans have found a way to create their own versions of some of the most classic Pokémon games? These cames carry on the essence of main Pokémon games while taking paths that havent been explored by the franchises designers.

But thats not all that Pokémon fans do with their gaming experience. Some very clever players have found ways to modify the existing Pokémon games. Thats beyond my technical knowledge, but you better believe Ill happily take advantage of their PokémonROM hacks.

In this article, were going to break down the best fan-created Pokémon ROM hacks and games.

Grab your Pokeballs because its time to catch them all.

Pokemon Godra: Remastered Version


Pokemon Godra’s roster features Pokemon from the first six generations of Pokemon games and offers players an unprecedented amount of freedom. You can choose to get a job, start the game from two different locations, and will be assigned a starter Pokemon based on your answers to a series of questions.

The remastered version, which was released in mid-2020, brings the graphics more in line with the Gen 4 games and also offers a few additional quality of life updates. The locations you visit will vary depending on whether you decide to start your journey in East or West Godra and your choices will ensure an adventure that’s entirely unique to you.

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Top 5 Best Pokemon Gba Rom Hacks With Gigantamax

Pokemon Dardusk

Its the year 2021, and were all trapped at home, which means its time to highlight some of the best Pokemon ROM hacks. On this list, well just include GBA ROM Hacks. Weve also included a few small highlights that we thought were worth mentioning. If one of these games appeals to you, you will find more information and even download links on this website. So, trainers, these are the Top 5 BEST Pokemon GBA ROM hacks with Gigantamax

Pokemon Light Platinum Version

Pokemon GBA ROM Hack with New Region, New Story and Mega ...

Pokemon light platinum is one of the best Pokemon rom hacks. Pokemon light platinum is a remake rom of Pokemon ruby version. It is a completed GBA game, and you can play it on any GBA emulators.

Pokemon light platinum has a unique storyline that you will enjoy. It also has a new region called the Zhery Region. Unlike Pokemon ruby, in this game, you can catch all Pokemon, including the legendary Pokemons up to generation four Pokemon.

Here are some unique features of the Pokemon light platinum version:-

  • Explore the new region of Zhery.
  • The game contains new elite four and gym leaders.
  • You compete with new rivals.
  • Along with the Zhery region, you can travel to four other locations. These four regions are Hoen, Kanto, Sinnoh, and Johto.
  • In this game, you can catch all the Pokemons, including the legendary Pokemons.
  • There are some unique events.
  • There are some unique sprites that you will like.
  • The creators have also added a new final event, which is the Pokemon world championships.

You can download Pokemon light platinum here

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Pokemon Sovereign Of The Skies

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies is an amazing Pokemon Emerald rom hack developed by Dragonfyre. The developer Dragonfyre created the game using the Codebase engine, and it is available in English and German.

There are a ton of new features added to the game. We are sure that if you do enjoy playing Pokemon games, then you will spend hours playing Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies.

The Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies storyline is quite similar to other Pokemon rom hacks. The game takes place in a new region called the Amitec region, where there are many Pokemon to catch and train.

Unlike other games, in Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies, your dad is a professor who gives you your starter Pokemon. Your dream is to travel the world and become the Pokemon world champion.

Here are some amazing features of the Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies version.

  • A brand new region to explore and catch Pokemons up to generation seven.
  • The developers have added new sprites, music, overlays, tile, and many more enhancements.
  • There are day and night features.
  • You can adjust the difficulty of the game.
  • Some of your actions and decisions will alter the outcome in the future.
  • There are tons of ruins to explore in the Amitec region.

You can download Pokemon the Sovereign of the Skies version here

Pokemon Mega Evolution Game Information

  • Getting a new pokemon .
  • The Alola Forms have been updated.
  • Moves and movesets are brand new features.
  • Mega evolutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • New 4th and 5th generation attacks.
  • Some pokemon have unique abilities.
  • The Fairy type has been added.
  • Between the buildings, take a walk.
  • Physical, Special, and State of the Attacks are the three categories.
  • Meet with the professor and consult with him.
  • The updated Pokemons icons and sprites.
  • System of Day and Night.
  • New tiles that are amazing.

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‘pokemon Mega Emerald Xy’

Hoenn region-centered Pokemon games such as “Pokemon Ruby” and “Pokemon Sapphire” already have “remake” versions, including “Pokemon Omega Ruby” and “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.”

However, “Pokemon Emerald,” another game that features both Team Magma and Team Aqua in Hoenn, has not received a remake.

The fans were disappointed when “Pokemon Delta Emerald” did not happen.

For those who missed it, you can play this ROM hack, “Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y” editions.

Although its concept borrows what “Pokemon Emerald” offers, players could explore other things that are not present in the old game.

There are tons of Pokemon sprites that you can discover here, plus the challenging Legendary hunt.

Pokemon Theta Emerald Ex Version

Top 10 Pokemon Gba Rom Hacks with Mega evolution like X and Y 2021

We can consider Pokemon Theta emerald EX version as the best game when it comes to diversity in the gameplay. This game is a Pokemon emerald rom hack and an updated version of Pokemon Theta Emerald.

In this game, there are more than 700 Pokemon that you can capture and train to compete to become the number one Pokemon trainer.

The number of move sets has increased exponentially, as the older version had a little over 100 move sets, while this game has more than 600 move sets. The game follows the same storyline as that of Pokemon Theta Emerald.

Here are some fantastic features of Pokemon Theta Emerald EX:-

  • Capture all 721 Pokemon, including all legendary, even the mythical water/fire type Volcanion.
  • More than 600 move sets are there in the game.
  • There is a proper distinction between physical moves and special moves.
  • There are more than 100 abilities every ability from generation one to six are present.
  • Fairy type Pokemon and move sets have been added in the game.
  • Many new items have been added that you can either find in the wild or purchase it at the poke mart.
  • All the TMs are reusable.
  • Mega evolutions have been added in the game, and you can find all the mega stones in the wild.
  • You can run indoors.
  • Battle frontier has been updated, wherein any trainer can bring any Pokemon to battle.
  • You can now gain experience when you catch a new Pokemon.
  • The best feature is that HM moves can be deleted and replaced.
  • The maximum level for any Pokemon is level 250.

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Pokemon Nameless Fire Red Project

Nameless FireRed Project is a ROM hack of FireRed. Basically, the story is the same but the hack has some added features. We could start with the Mega Evolutions because it is the point of this list. The Pokemon roster has also expanded with several ones coming from later Generations until 6 and up.

The game also has over 100 TMs that you can use in the game. Dont forget about updated mechanics, stats, types, and more. Later features like a Phone and Field effects like Grottoes have also been added. This is an interesting way to play FireRed while maintaining the original content intact.

Notable Features

  • Increased rate to encounter a Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Dark Rising 2

Pokemon Dark Rising 2 is a sequel to the first Dark Rising game. While the first game was okay, this one pumps it all up and makes it better. The story continues where it left off, dealing with the wonders and mysteries of the game about dragons and more. The games dialogue and other things have been polished by the same team.

Then, of course, Mega Evolution is pretty much available here at a specific point in the game. The roster is nearly up to 200 Pokemon spanning from Gen 1 to 6. All you have to do is progress the story, find more Pokemon, and uncover the mysteries in the Core and Omni Regions.

Notable Features

This is a ROM hack of Emerald and basically, it adds a nice layer of difficulty and challenge to the game. The story is pretty much the same, so if you played Emerald, you pretty much know where to go and what to do. The game also has updated stats, types, moves, and TMs. You just need to find out more about what it has to offer.

Then, dont forget about the Mega Evolution in the game which you couldnt normally do back in the original Emerald. The Primal forms for Groudon and Kyogre are also available in this game. It boasts around 700 Pokemon under its roster until Gen 6.

Notable Features

  • Learned HMs can be changed

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Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Version

Once youre done playing Pokemon dark rising, you should start playing Pokemon dark rising 2. This game is the sequel of dark rising. The story from dark rising continues in the dark rising 2.

This game is also based on Pokemon fire red rom. In the game, you can meet and catch all the Pokemons that are available in the game. If you are looking for new Pokemon rom hacks, then the dark rising series is perfect.

Here are some of the features of Pokemon dark rising 2:-

  • They have added fairy type Pokemon.
  • Mega evolution has been added to the game.
  • They have added a day and night system, where you will find different Pokemon during the day and night.
  • New moves and hidden abilities have been added.
  • There are 12 gyms in this game.
  • You have the option to choose a dragon starter Pokemon.
  • New custom music has been added to this hack.
  • A total of 193 Pokemon can be caught.

You can download Pokemon dark rising 2 versions here

Pokmon Theta Emerald Ex

Pokemon GBA Rom Hack With Mega Evolution, GEN7 &  3 Regions ...

It should come as no surprise that Pokémon Emerald, one of the franchise’s most popular game, is also one of the most popular games to create ROM hacks from. Pokémon Theta Emerald EX is another one of these hacks that improves something that is already beloved.

There are over 700 Pokémon to catch in the game, compared to the 600 that you can catch in previous game versions. This includes new abilities, TMs, HMs, and Mega Evolutions, as well as Primal Revisions. You can even find new Fairy-types in the game, with the new Repel mechanic.

Another fun and purely aesthetic element are that you can run inside of buildings!

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Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Despite being based on the manga Pokemon Red , the game is entirely a simulation in which you play as Red and interact with the other characters from the manga. It has new graphics, features, and mechanics. I think this is a must-try and best Pokemon Hack.

The main attributes of the game are:

  • Reusable TMs
  • Has IV & EV checker

Best Pokemon Rom Hacks: Our Top Pick

Ever since 2000, the Pokemon community has been creating unofficial Pokemon games by using various software. These games are known as rom hacks. Rom hack games are quite similar to the original game, yet it will be different.

For example, consider the official game Pokemon red. One creator may make a rom hack of Pokemon red, and the only difference from the original will be the difficulty level of the game. Some creators might change the storyline as well. Therefore, you can have multiple variations of one single game.

The best part about rom hacks is that you can play them on any device using the appropriate emulator. Emulators are the software that runs the rom games from your device.

For example, Visual boy advance is a great emulator for mobile phones as well as computers. In this article, we will look at some of the best rom hacks that you can play.

After accurately comparing all the games, I have made a list that you can follow. There are plenty of other games that you can check out by heading towards the poke community website.

None of the names mentioned here are in any specific order, and you can go through the description of all the games and decide which one you would like to play. Every game is excellent and has unique features that you will like.

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Pokemon Mega Emerald X And Y

As the name suggests Mega Emerald X and Y is a simple yet fun ROM to have in Pokemon Emerald. The ROM adds almost all the elements of Pokemon X and Y to Pokemon Emerald, from Pokemons of gen I to VI to all the Legendary pokemon. There is a lot for fans of the Pokemon franchise. This is just a big Pokemon game that players should try.

Pokmon Tre: Team Rocket Edition

Top 5 POKEMON GBA COMPLETED Rom Hacks with Mega Evolution |

TRE is not your typical Pokémon ROM hack of the Red version as it allows you to become one of the bad guys! Namely, the Team Rocket Leader, Giovanni, looking for a successor. There are only two competitors left to get this position you and your sibling, two novice Team Rocket members.

The gameplay is about going through an evil Pokémon adventure, beating the gym leaders, and finally, the Elite IV, to show that you are worth becoming Giovannis successor. If you like to play games as a dastardly villain, you will like this Pokémon ROM hack for sure!

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Pokemon Dark Rising Version

Pokemon dark rising is a fan-made game that was created by the team of DarkRisingGirl. They used the Pokemon FireRed rom as the base for this game. Pokemon dark rising is one of my favorite Pokemon ROM hacks.

No other game can be compared with dark rising. It is one of the most loved games by Pokemon fans. It is a massive game series with four different games. In the dark rising, you play as a character that has to save the world.

The storyline is very different from the other games. Pokemon dark rising has two versions that you can play. The second version is called the dark rising Kazio version.

Here are some features of the Pokemon dark rising version:-

  • Each gym leader has a unique Pokemon to showcase.
  • Moves from newer generations like shadow claw, scald, roost, etc. are added in this game.
  • DW abilities are added to the game.
  • All Pokemon found in the grass or water will learn its egg moves by leveling up.
  • You can grind experience by battling nurse Joy.

Here are some features of the Pokemon dark rising Kazio version:-

  • There are plenty of side-quests and extra stories added.
  • New moves, enemies, and locations are added in this version.
  • Bugs and glitches from the main version were fixed.

You can download Pokemon dark rising version and dark rising Kazio version here

Pokemon Adventures Red Chapters

The game Pokemon Adventures Red Chapters mainly follows the Pokemon Adventure Red Manga and the maker changed a few occasions to make the game engaging.

The game developer did the hack using Pokemon Fire Red as the base and gave it a higher level of difficulty. Pokemon Adventure Red was designated as the top Pokemon hack for quite a while fans are anxious to play the game, and some are hanging tight for new updates and enhancements.

Here are some amazing features of the Pokemon Adventures Red Chapters version.

  • The whole game story is based on the Manga series.
  • The developers have either buffed or nerfed several Pokemon for balance.
  • There are a lot of bonuses and new events added to the storyline.
  • The game follows a day and night system.
  • There are multiple regions to travel to and catch new Pokemon.
  • Fairy type Pokemon are added to the game.
  • Play the game and find out all the hidden features of the game.

You can download the Pokemon Adventures Red Chapters version here

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