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Pokemon Unbroken Bonds Price List

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Unbroken Bonds Gx Secret Rare

Unbroken Bonds Pokemon Card Prices

One of the cooler hidden gems of the Pokemon Trading Card Game are the secret rares included in sets of cards. They’re not divulged in preview lists that feature all of the cards in the set, and most fans won’t know what the secret rares of a new set are until someone pulls them.

The Unbroken Bonds set of the Pokemon Sun & Moon series was home to a Blastoise GX secret rare card that brilliantly displayed the Kanto Water-type starter under a stunning rainbow-colored overlay and can be purchased for $150 on average.

Pokemon Unbroken Bonds Card List

Pokemon unbroken bonds card list -1/214 pheromosa & buzzwole gx h. Find weezing in the pokédex explore more cards weezing. Want to know the best cards to pull in unbroken bonds. Pokemon card unbroken bonds 19/214 019/214 kartana holo rare condition is near mint+. Black star promo, sm85) maxie’s hidden ball trick milotic mismagius (sun & moonunbroken bonds, 78. Name rarity number price trend Pokemon unbroken bonds card list. Pokemon card dragon majesty 68/070 068/070 altaria gx full art. Stage 1 pokémon evolves from: Sun & moonunbroken bonds expansion offers many amazing cards for both collectors and competitive players!

You may play only 1 supporter card during your turn. Surge’s strategy (sun & moonunbroken bonds, 178/214 The 10 most valuable pokemon cards in unbroken bonds? Personally the card i am most l am most excited for from the four unbroken bonds prerelease promos is definitely the volcanion card. With an illustrated deck box to protect and store your cards.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Detective Pikachu / Unbroken

Want to know the best cards to pull in unbroken bonds. Argent saga tcg bakugan tcg card sleeves card storage tins cardfight vanguard chrono clash system collectible storage deck boxes dice masters digimon card game dragoborne dragon ball super ccg dragon ball z tcg exodus tcg final fantasy tcg flesh and blood tcg force of will. The pokemon sun & moon unbroken bonds expansion brings over 210 brand new cards to collect.

Plasma Storm Secret Rare

Before the days of secret rares in Pokemon sets being covered in a rainbow gradient, they simply had a gold border. The Blastoise secret rare from the Pokemon Black & White Plasma Storm set was just that and released in the set back in 2013.

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The card tends to go for around $200, but it has recently exploded in value and is currently going for around $400. It’s unclear if this price will stick or if it’s simply seeing a spike due to having low availability at the moment. Time will tell on this one.

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Blacephalon & Fire Crystal

These two cards are made for each other and make Blacephalon the likely best non-GX attacker in Unbroken Bonds.Flame Ball Circus is a great attack without real damage cap, and theres a lot of support that makes it very possible to build a deck around it. Aside from the obvious Fire Crystal, Welder is another incredible addition to every Fire deck.

A regular Basic Pokemon that can OHKO everything in the game must of course also have weaknesses. I think one big problem will be the decks reliance on Wishful Baton, and the resulting weakness to Field Blower and Lysandre Labs. At 120 HP, it wont be rare having to replace Blacephalon with a new one every turn, while also having to amass enough energy in hand, so the draw power provided by Welder might not be enough.

A lot of initial lists are relying on mostly Greens and Welder as their supporters of choice, which makes me worried about their chances against Let Loose or other hand disruption. Being put to 4, while playing a fragile Pokemon that relies on a big hand, without having many outs that actually refresh the hand, is scary.

The Best Cards To Pull From The Pokmon Unbroken Bonds Tcg Set


Here is what you need to look out for next month.

The Pokémon Unbroken Bonds TCG expansion set is nearly upon us, bringing with it a whole host of different cards to strengthen your deck.

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The set contains over 200 cards, so some are always going to be more valuable than others. While kids will be happy to get their hands on that holo Lucario card, the competitive players and collectors will definitely be keeping their eyes open for some of the better cards in the set.

With that in mind, here is a handful of cards you should definitely look out for next time you open a booster back from the expansion set. Theyre guaranteed to be some of the cards all players will want to get their hands on.

Any of the Tag Team cards

There are a massive amount of Tag Team cards including in the Unbroken Bonds set that can change the shift of any battle depending on the type of deck you have. They are powerful new cards that were added with the Team Up set and are some of the rarest to find.

Keep your eye out for any of them when you open a booster pack. They could be something either you or another trainer are after.

Reds Challenge

Reds Challenge is a Supporter Card that allows you to search your deck for any card and add it to your hand, so long as you discard two other cards from your hand first.

Samson Oak

Kogas Trap

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Mega Xy Evolutions Ex Full Art

The XY – Evolutions EX full art card of Mega Blastoise may just be $30, but it happens to feature arguably the best card art on this entire list. Having the bold Japanese lettering on the front mix with the colorful background makes the card itself pop incredibly.

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This card was released as part of a set that’s less than 5 years old at this point, so it’s safe to assume that the value of this card will continue to go up. It will likely get a bonus bit of value due to the card being so aesthetically pleasing to both collectors and fans.

Prices For Pokemon Unbroken Bonds Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Unbroken Bonds card list & price guide. Ungraded & graded values for all Pokemon TCG Unbroken BondsPokemon Cards., historic prices, and past sales.

Find out how to identify your pokemon card using card numbers, sets, foil, and editions.

Prices are updated daily based upon Pokemon Unbroken Bonds listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. Read our methodology.

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Unbroken Bonds Set List

Complete list of cards in the Pokemon Unbroken Bonds set. Click on the card to see how much theyre worth.

Pokemon » All Sets » Sun & Moon » Unbroken Bonds

The Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds expansion was released on May 3, 2019. Its the tenth expansion set in the Sun & Moon series and contains a whopping 234 cards . The Japanese version of this set is called Double Blaze and only contains 116 cards.

The Unbroken Bonds set contains a bunch of valuable cards. Look for the Pokemon GX, Tag Team, ultra and secret rare cards, theyll be worth the most money. Also, look for the rare trainer and special energy cards.

The following table is a complete list of cards in the Pokemon Unbroken Bonds set. Click the card to see what its worth.

Team Rocket Dark Blastoise

Unbroken Bonds Buy List (Pokemon Cards You Need)

It’s important to preface that the following list of cards is based on their average value, and in turn, the understanding that high-graded versions of these cards go for much more. The first card on the list is the Dark Blastoise card from the Team Rocket set that released in 2000.

It goes for around $15 near mint, which is pretty affordable for fans trying to get their hands on a bit of cardboard nostalgia. The card itself has iconic art of the war machine turtle that has been considered some of the best for the creature ever made.

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Pokegear & Greens Exploration

Ive grouped these two cards together because even though they wont always be played together, they are very similar in what they do for the format and are good for many of the same reasons. Both of these Trainer cards will be consistency staples and automatic 4-ofs in many decks to come. Some decks will use the combination of these two as their main engine of card access.

Pokegear improves the odds of finding Supporters, while Green is an incredible option in any deck that is able to use it. In most recent formats players had to rely on draw supporters like Cynthia or Lillie, but finding the exact cards that are needed is usually a stronger effect. Skyla used to be a popular card, and Green is basically two Skyla in one!

With Green in format, If an archetype has the option of going completely Ability-less, it probably will, just so it can include this card.As the decline in Tapu Lele usage will only continue due to this, Pokegear becomes even more important as an alternative for finding Supporters. Especially decks around Tag Teams, or other decks with simple Pokemon lineups, will probably have both the deck space and need for Pokegear and include a full playset.

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