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What’s Good Against Fighting Type Pokemon

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Pokmon Type Effectiveness And Weakness Chart

Top 10 WEAKEST Fighting Type Pokemon

Our type chart presents the 18 Pokémon types in attack and defence scenarios. To use it, simply find your Pokémons type to see what its attacks are strong and weak against, and what it is resistant and vulnerable to when defending. This chart is designed for use with Pokémon GO, but the general strength/weakness information holds true for most every Pokémon game.

  • Types bolded in square brackets are subject to a further cut in effectiveness in the mainline games these are outright immunities
  • If a type is not listed, damage is neutral
  • The strength of an attack is increased if the attack type is strong against both types of a dual type Pokémon
  • Type resistance and vulnerability effectively cancel each other out on dual type Pokémon

Bug, Dark, , Fighting

Poison, Steel

Note that attack and defence type relationships are not identical e.g. types may be resistant to types when defending that they are not super effective against when attacking.

Remember, things get even more interesting when Pokémon of dual types crop up and you have to factor in additional strengths and weaknesses.

Pokemon Go: What Are Dragon

In Pokemon GO, Dragon-types are some of the most challenging opponents to face in battle. It can be difficult for players to pinpoint what Dragon-types weaknesses are in the mobile game.

Knowing which of the 18 types of Pokemon these creatures are weak against will help trainers to come out victorious against them in a fight.

This article explores what Dragon-types are weak against in Pokemon GO and the best counters to use when battling them.

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Best Defenders In Pokemon Go 2021

To defend against powerful attacks, you should choose the best Pokemon Defenders. Here are the top ten Defenders in Pokemon Go that you should use.

  • Mewtwo and Metagross are both effective attackers and defenders, therefore you should gather Pokemon Go uncommon candies to strengthen them. Both of these Psychic Pokemon, however, are vulnerable to Dark, Bug, and Ghost kinds. Metagross is susceptible to both Fire and Ground.
  • Normal-type Pokemon like Slaking, Blissey, and Snorlax are excellent defenders. This Pokemon type is only vulnerable to attackers who are Fighting-type Pokemon. You may employ Blissey to defend against Pokemon of different types. Mewtwo, Metagross, and other legendary Pokemon are more difficult to obtain than these Normal-type Pokemon defenders.
  • Togekiss is a Pokemon with two types: Fairy and Flying. To gain this formidable Pokemon Defender, you must evolve Togetic. Use Steel, Poison, Ice, Electric, or Rock techniques to counter Togekiss.

Keep the Pokemon Go Weakness Chart in mind during battles so you can choose the best Pokemon attackers and defenders and know how to rapidly counter your opponents. It will assist you in effortlessly winning the fight.

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What Pokemon Is Good Against Rock Pokemon


It is a legendary water type that is amazing against all rock type pokemon. The moves it has in its arsenal are one of a kind and are super effective against rock type.


Kartana is a dual type grass/steel pokemon that is an excellent choice against all rock types.


Venusaur is a dual grass/poison type pokemon that can also be a choice against rock type.

Pokemon Fighting Type Strengths

What are some intuitive explanations for some of the ...

The good news, if youre the one using one, is fighting Pokemon have more strengths than weaknesses. Theyll do extra damage to any Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, or Steel Pokemon.

That means a Fighting type Pokemon makes an excellent counter to some powerhouse foes:

  • Dark: Tyranitar, Hydreigon, Krookodile, Wavile, Bisharp, etc.
  • Ice: Kyurem, Mamoswine, Glaceon, Regice, Articuno, etc.
  • Normal: Slaking, Meloetta, Porygon-Z, Snorlax, Braviary, etc.
  • Rock: Tyranitar, Rhyperior, Terrakion, Archeops, Rampardos, etc.
  • Steel: Dialga, Metagross, Melmetal, Genesect, Excadrill, etc.

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All Pokmon Type Matchups

Almost 900 unique Pokémon have been introduced since the franchise first captured the hearts and minds of Trainers around the world. Whether its your favorite Pokémon or an obscure creature found on an unexpected Route, their types are an integral part of themand knowing their pros and cons is an important tool to dictate how much success you have in battle.

These species can be broken down into 18 different types, with one or two assigned to each Pokémon species. With how many combinations and interactions are possible, it can be a daunting task to memorize each types strengths, weaknesses, and resistances to ensure that you are making the right Pokémon selection in battle.

While type matchups differ slightly between different generations in the Pokémon series of games, the following information is accurate for after the sixth genafter Pokémon X and Y, plus Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Also, Pokémon Go does not include the feature of immunities.

Here are all the Pokémon type matchups to help you clear your next battle objective.

What Are Steel Type Pokmon Strong Against For Those Seeking To Know All Weaknesses Strengths And Resistances In Pokmon Check Our Type Chart

Pokémon fights in the franchise’s games involve understanding the different types, strengths, weaknesses and resistances amongst creatures. In order to help to understand which Pokemon types beat Fire creatures or what are the strongest against Ghost ones, we have prepared a type chart and an explanation on how they work. This chart is updated to the 8th generation in 2021 so players can use it to play Sword and Shield and also Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for Nintendo Switch.

This type chart shows which moves are more effective against each type of defending Pokémon

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Historical Changes To Pokmon Types In Mainline Pokmon Games

When using the type chart for older mainline Pokémon games bear in mind that the following changes were made to the type system. These changes applied to all subsequent games, including remake titles

Generation 6

  • Ghost and Dark-type moves made neutral against Steel

Generation 2

  • Dark and Steel types added
  • Bug-type moves made ineffective against Poison
  • Poison-type moves made neutral against Bug
  • Ice types made not very effective against Fire
  • A programming bug that made the Ghost-type move Lick ineffective against Psychic Pokémon was fixed

What Pokemon Is Good Against Ghost Pokemon

Fighting Type Pokémon in RBY (And why they’re Bad)


Greninja is a dual Water/Dark type pokemon which is very good against the ghost type.

Greninja can also transform into a unique form known as Ash-Greninja which is super effective against a Ghost type pokemon.


Yveltal is a mixture of Dark and the Flying type and is a formidable foe for the Ghost type.


Weaville is another Dark/Ice pokemon which is amazing to use against the ghost type.

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Every Types Strengths And Weaknesses

The more you can remember from the table below, the better, as it will help you know which Pokémon and which moves to use against your opponents. Heres a quick guide on how to read this table:

  • Type: The type of Pokémon/move
  • Super Effective: The types of Pokémon the attack type will do double damage against
  • Not Very Effective: The types of Pokémon the attack type will do half damage against
  • Weak: The types of attacks that will do double damage to a Pokémon of this type
  • Immune: Types that this Pokémon type is immune to meaning they take no damage.

Using the information above and the table,e below, you can deduce everything you need to know about how each type interacts with each other. Heres an example of how this breaks down:

  • Bug attacks are super effective against Grass and Psychic-type Pokémon and will deal double damage.
  • Bug attacks will do half damage to Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Dark-type Pokémon.
  • Bug Pokémon are weak to Flying, Rock, Fire, and thus will take double damage from these types of attacks.
  • Bug Pokémon are not immune to any damage.

What Type Of Pokemon Is Good Against Fighting

Just so, what is Flying type Pokemon good against?

Type chart, effectiveness and weakness explained in Pokémon Go

Poison, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Steel
Ground Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire, Electric Flying, Bug, Grass
Flying, Bug, Fire, Ice Fighting, Ground, Steel

Also Know, what type is immune to fighting? It is the only type that deals super effective damage against Normal. Ghost’s immunity to Fighting can be nullified by Foresight or Odor Sleuth. Most Fightingtype Pokémon can learn Rock-type moves to check Bug-types and Flyingtypes.

Secondly, what is dark Pokemon good against?

Psychic Ghost

What type is good against normal?

There is no type that Normal is super effective against. At the same time, Normal has no resistances, but does have one immunity. The only type that Ice resists is Ice itself. Ground and Fighting have the most types that they are super effective against, with 5.

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When Did The Darkness Type Come Out In Pokemon Gold

The Darkness type was introduced in the Neo Genesis set, along with the Metal type, when the Dark and Steel-types were added upon Pokémon Gold and Silver s release. Prior to this, there were no Darkness type Pokémon. Like the Metal type, the Darkness type has its own Special Energy, Darkness Energy.

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What Pokemon Have A Good Defense Against Attacks From Rock Pokemon

Pokemon Go Type Chart

Several other types of pokemon heavily resist the rock type. Some of these different types are given below.

Fighting Type Pokemon

The fighting type is one of the weaknesses of a rock type. Most of the moves that a fighting type pokemon possesses are all physical, except for a few special moves.

Defensively speaking, the fighting type has three different weaknesses. However, they also have an advantage in that they can have their three weaknesses neutralized. For this reason, they are a good bet against rock type.

Moreover, the type also has five different super effective moves in their bag. So you can say that the fighting type is one of the best pokemon to use against a rock type.

Ground Type Pokemon

Ground type pokemon is another pokemon type that relies mainly on physical moves to inflict damage.

The ground type is not affected by sandstorms, which makes them unique against the rock type. Moreover, they offer excellent resistance to rock type attacks which is mainly why these are included here on this list.

Ground type pokemon also have 5 super-effective moves that they can use as well. That means that they are good to use offensively as well. The ground type is also resisted by very few other pokemon types, which makes the issue of dual type pokemon practically disappear.

Steel Type Pokemon

It is another one of the types which can resist a rock type. These pokemon also rely on physical moves and are the most resistant class of pokemon out of all of them.

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What Pokemon Have A Good Defense Against Attacks From Ice Pokemon

Generally, the ice type doesnt have resistance against any other types.

They are only resistant to themselves, so they are considered one of the weakest types in the game.

The pokemon who have a good defense against the ice type is given below.

Steel Type Pokemon

Steel type pokemon is another one of the eighteen types. These pokemon mainly deal damage with physical moves but have some special moves in their arsenal as well.

These pokemon were actually introduced later in the Pokemon arc.

They have a good defense against special attacks, which makes them good against ice type pokemon.

Fire Type Pokemon

The fire type pokemon is another one of the eighteen types. As you can probably tell, fire makes ice melt, which is why the fire type is perfect against ice type pokemon.

It inflicts damage based on special moves, but physical moves were also added to their arsenal. The fire type has excellent resistance to ice type attacks, but if the opponent has some water moves in their arsenal, thats terrible news.

A lot of water type moves cause severe damage to the fire type. Some water type moves even reduce the attacking capabilities of the fire pokemon by a considerable percentage. But, generally speaking, ice type pokemon are weak against fire type pokemon.

Water Type Pokemon

Water type pokemon are another class of pokemon that can be used against the ice type. These pokemon have a good resistance against the special attacks that most ice pokemon can use to cause damage.

What Pokemon Is Good Against Ice Pokemon


Charmander is a fire type pokemon that is good to use against ice pokemon. Especially when it evolves into Charmeleon or Charizard, it is super effective against the ice type and should always be used against them.


Onix is another type of pokemon that is good to use against the ice type. It deals damage physically and has a strong resistance against the ice type attacks, which is why its effective against the ice pokemon.


Psyduck is a water type pokemon with a good defense against the ice type and substantial damage dealing attacks that an ice type pokemon is vulnerable to. So, in addition to being cute, it can cause severe damage as well.

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Pokmon Go Type Chart: How To Remember Pokmon Types

For anyone who has invested years of play into this series, the type system becomes second nature. While in time your memory too will retain most of, if not the full set of relationships it is worth learning the logical relationships that do exist.

The classic example taught at the beginning of every Pokémon game is that fire is super effective against grass, which is in turn super effective against water, which is in turn super effective against fire. This is easy enough to follow fire burns grass, grass thrives with water, water puts out fire but finding similar relationships in the other 18 types is will help you remember the system.

Here are some other ideas to get you started:

  • Rocks effectiveness against flying is reminiscent of the phrase kill two birds with one stone
  • Similarly, psychic is effective against fighting because brains are better than brawn but psychic is vulnerable to dark and ghost because the mind cannot cope with the unknown and supernatural
  • Ground types are immune to electric attacks because being grounded is an important principle in electric circuits but ground can be swept away be water, cracked by ice and exploited by grass.

Weaknesses Of Rock Type Pokemon

Top 10 Strongest Fighting Type Pokemon

Rock pokemon have an exceptional defense against physical attacks, but special ones are where they generally lack. Moreover, rock type are also the slowest type, as you can imagine.

But with these weaknesses, they also have resistance against 4 types of pokemon.

Another weakness of the rock type is that there are a lot of different rock type moves which have less than 100% accuracy.

This makes inflicting damage even harder for the user because rock type moves to inflict less than average damage anyway. And for that to be coupled with less than 100% accuracy is where this type is lacking.

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What’s Good Against Fighting Pokemon

Battling against fighting Pokemon can be difficult because fighting is a great offensive type, but a lot of types also resist or are immune to their hard-hitting moves!

Fighting type Pokemon tend to be faster than average and generally sport the highest attack stats of all types, so they can move first and cause a lot of damage.

What Attacks To Use Against Rock Type Pokemon

It is a grass type move that is super effective against rock type.

Leaf Blade

This is another grass type move super effective against all rock type. It is the signature move of Sceptile and Grovyle.

Hydro Cannon

This attack is a damage-dealing water type move that is super effective against all rock types. However, only fully water type can learn this move.

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Relations With Other Types

  • Theyre strong against the Psychic type because of peoples fear of either darkness or evil people, and fear is known to disrupt ones rationality and concentration. It can also be because of how easy it is to corrupt ones mind with wicked and malevolent thoughts, which is why Dark is the only weakness of Psychic to be immune to it as well.
  • Theyre strong against the Ghost type because evil can damage the soul.
  • Theyre weak against the Fighting type because philosophically, a warrior must overcome their fears represented by Dark. The Fighting type also supposedly represents justice, which opposes evil, also represented by Dark types.
  • Theyre weak against the Bug type because some bugs operate well in darkness. While criminals are active during darkness, when they least expect it, bugs can swarm over them.
  • Theyre weak against the Fairy type because fairies represent light and the darkness disappears with light. Furthermore, light is a metaphor for goodness, which always triumphs over evil in fiction.
  • The type was resisted by the Steel type this is likely in reference to the idea of steel being used in security measures, like locks or even weapons for self defense, and to how some metals like silver are weaknesses of classical monsters and demons. In turn, so may the crafty and clever find ways to overcome security measures with figuring out their features.
  • They resist themselves because its hard for villains to recruit anyone who is already evil.

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