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When Did Pokemon Ultra Sun Come Out

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Pokmon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire

Do People Play Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Online In 2020?!?

These games are the enhanced versions of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.


The player will enjoy exploring a region thats rich in Pokémon species and incredible people.

Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

Release: November 21, 2014 , November 28, 2014

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS


These versions have a dramatic storyline that unfolds as the games progress with the Hoenn Region as the main setting.

Why players should play this game

Some great features of this game include:

  • The Pokémon-Amie feature allows players to interact more with their Pokémon.
  • There are Secret Bases that players can customize however they wish.

The Pokmon Company Confirms Switch Listing For ‘ultra Sun And Ultra Moon’ Was An Error Is 3ds Only

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The Pokemon Company

Right after todays Pokémon Direct announcement which revealed plans for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon versions of the game on Nintendo 3DS, something odd popped up on The Pokémon Companys official press site. Below a listing that showed the fall 3DS release date, there was an entry that said Switch: TBA, leading many to think that the games were coming to Switch at some later date.

But The Pokémon Company International has not only since removed the listing, but come down hard on the idea that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are coming to Switch with an official statement sent to me directly:

We would like to address rumours based on a clerical error on the Pokémon press site Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon are coming exclusively to Nintendo 3DS family of systems and are not due for release on Nintendo Switch. This listing on the Pokémon press site was made in error and is not indicative of future plans. Please refer to the Pokémon Direct for more game details.

Between the original listing and the fact that the following press release after the Direct did not specify which platform the games would be available on, that led many to believe that the Switch would get Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon eventually. But what The Pokémon Company has said here seems pretty definitive. Its not coming out later, its not even hinting at future plans.

Theres An Entire Valley Dedicated To Pikachu

Any Pikachu fans like me might have spotted the strange clubhouse in the first reveal trailer for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Well, it turns out its not just some kind of Pikachu caravan youll see in these new games – theres a whole valley dedicated to the little yellow mouse. There are a lot of things you can do in Pikachu Valley and events with Pikachu. You can get some different outfits and other things. Its just really cool, says Iwao. And I totally agree.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun Rom Download For Nintendo 3ds Emulator

Pokemon Ultra Sun ROM download for Nintendo 3DS emulator to play this game on Windows PC. We are providing a direct download link to this game. You just need an N3DS emulator and ROM file which are provided below. The USA English version of Pokemon Ultra Sun ROM is provided in this post. It is developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo The Pokemon Company, and distributed by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS video game console. It was first announced in June 2017 and released worldwide on 17 November 2017 in all key regions. You can download the ROM file of this game as well as the Nintendo 3DS emulator using the below download link & play on your PC.

Pokmon Diamond And Pearl

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

These are the first installments in the Pokémon series fourth generation.


One key feature of this game is the Internet play that allows players to go online and play using a Wi-Fi connection.

Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

Release: September 28, 2006 , April 22, 2007 , June 21, 2007 , July 27, 2007 , February 14, 2008

Platforms: Nintendo DS


The main settings of these games are in Sinnoh that has massive mountains covered in snow.

Why players should play this game

Some great features of this game include:

  • There are 107 new Pokémon introduced in this game.
  • These games include five time periods from morning until night.

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All The Main Pokmon Games In Chronological Order

Were you there when it all started?

Designing a game is one thing, but creating a franchise and turning into an empire is another.

While it may be relatively easy to attract masses during the information age, it was a whole different world in the 90s. Pokémon first came out as an RPG for Nintendos Game Boy, and after a local launch in Japan, the attention surrounding the future third best-selling video game franchise started to increase.

The anime adaptation of the first titles allowed the Pokémon fever to cross continents. Alongside early adaptors, a chunk of the player base was introduced to the series through the anime series, which also shaped many fans childhoods.

The Pokémon franchises core titles were released in generations. This meant that each game had different Pokémon and characters. This evergoing cycle kept the masses coming for more while also increasing the Pokédexs size. Trainers naturally wanted to continue catching them all, and they were also hooked by the new storylines.

Theres no doubt that excellent developers took part in making each Pokémon game, but theres another factor that was key to the franchises success. Controlling the hype and enthusiasm around your franchise is another critical factor that makes or breaks series. Too much or too little of anything can easily reduce players interests, and Pokémon did it just right.

Here are all the Pokémon games from the core series in chronological order.

  • Generation: First generation

One Journey Ends Another Begins

This is the episode with the first official Pokemon death in the series. It took guts to show it especially after all the years and 20 seasons they went without giving anyone what happens in this important detail of Pokémon life.

It also tried to show Litten having to pull away from its sick friend and trying to cope with it. While Ashs message to Litten wasnt the most thought out piece, it is respectable that they went with this dark content matter with such a happy and bright series.

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Komala The Cute Sleepy One

Now, you can give the whole spiel about choosing Pokémon based on utility rather than looks. Thats totally cool. The fact of the matter is, though, some just look so much better than other. Of Ultra Sun and Moons designs, none instantly captured my heart quite like Komala did. Just look at it. Look. At it. Ive never looked up adorhuggable in the dictionary, but Im pretty sure Id find a picture of Komalas face there if I did.

The concept is neat, and the ability is very, very nice too. With Comatose, this Pokémon cannot be status’d, as its considered to be asleep already. Thats quite a gimmick to have, and there was a lot of love for Komala.

In a competitive sense, though, its sub-standard stats render it low tier material.

Wishiwashi The One That Sucks Without Its Squad

How to Get 37 Legendary Pokemon from Wormholes in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon | Austin John Plays

Could you imagine ever watching an episode of Friends that only included one of the gang? It just would not function. Who would Chandler sarcastically snark at? Who would Ross bore the cheeks off of with his incessant dinosaur talk? It just doesnt bear thinking about. If youve ever watched Joey, youll know that the rest of the guys are absolutely crucial .

One Pokémon that knows all about this concept is Wishiwashi. For me, this is one of the most interesting new gimmick abilities in Sun and Moon. In its Schooling form, this Water-type is incredibly powerful, but Schooling deactivates when it falls below a quarter HP. At this point, its stats become Magikarp-terrible. One of the more interesting Pokémon this generation, Wishiwashi sees use but needs to be played carefully to reach its potential.

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Pokmon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Rockruff Event Details Start Date And End Date

Rockruff event start date:

The Rockruff event is already live, start on the day of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s release, November 17th 2017.

Rockruff event end date:

The Rockruff giveaway ends on January 10th 2018, meaning you have just under two months to claim it in-game.

How to get the event Rockruff

This event, being a standard Mystery Gift-style giveaway, is nice and simple. All you need to do is:

  • On the startup menu, select “Mystery Gift” and then “Receive Gift”.
  • Select “Get via Internet” and follow the instructions.
  • Load up your save and head to any Pokémon Center.
  • Talk to the deliveryman in the yellow and blue polo shirt.
  • How Much Is Pokmon Sun And Moon

    It will set you back £39 if you pre-order from Amazon or GAME.

    Those wanting something a bit more special can splash out £44 on a Pokémon Sun and Moon Fan Edition, which includes the game inside a special SteelBook case. Pre-ordering will also bag you a exclusive figurine.

    You can also pre-order the games from Nintendo, which is offering three different pre-order packages.

    Those who buy before January 11 will also get a Munchlax that evolves into Pulverizing Snorlax and comes with a special item called Snorlium Z giving it two moves it wouldnt otherwise have.

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    Incineroar The Awkward Teenage One

    Now, lets not misunderstand each other here. Nobodys talking needless smack about Incineroar. For me, this is one of the best-looking Fire-type starters Game Freak have brought us for generations. I hardly need to tell you about the mass love-in that Litten enjoyed from the moment it was announced, either.

    Incineroars issue, I would say, is its stat distribution. It isnt super strong, and its not weak either. The same goes for its defenses. Its darn slow, though. As a result, it doesnt quite have a place in most teams, competitive-wise. However you use it, it could probably be replaced by something more effective.

    Lets talk about those enormous hands, too. The poor guy looks like its been stung by bees.

    This is the reason animators generally choose to give their anthropomorphized animals less than five fingers.

    Pokemon Sword And Shield

    Pokémon Ultra Sun &  Ultra Moon

    Games: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    We really have very little clue where Sword and Shield fit into the Pokemon timeline. The region in which they are set, Galar, features lots of ancient history regarding the Pokemon of the land. There are huge statues dedicated to the Legendaries, and strange markings that honour them. But where does this put it in the Pokemon timeline?

    Frankly, we have no idea and what makes these games all the more confusing is the introduction of Gigantamax: where your Pokemon suddenly grows to towering heights and can even change form. However, these are not Mega Evolutions. So, is this a completely new timeline, unrelated to either of the former?

    Pokemon Sword and Shield are essentially soft-reboots for the series. Not only do they make no reference to the other games, but the Pokédex is culled significantly for the first time in the series history. Perhaps the upcoming DLC which will feature Legendaries of games past will reveal more and place the games on the convoluted Pokemon timeline. But, for now, these two are outliers that probably take place in an alternative universe.

    I’m the Entertainment Editor over here at GamesRadar+, bringing you all the latest movie and TV news, reviews, and features, plus I look after the Total Film and SFX sections and socials. I used to work at The Independent as a general culture writer before specializing in TV and film

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    Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

    A brand new version of Pokemon Sun and Moon has been announced for the 3DS, said to contain new monsters, evolutions, and an original story.

    Guideby Hirun Cryer, Staff WriterAdditional contributions byTom Orry

    As revealed by Nintendo on June 6 during their Nintendo Direct event, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will be releasing on Nintendo 3DS towards the end of this year, telling an alternate story to the one told in the Sun and Moon games.

    If you’re instead after information on Pokemon GO, then head over to our Pokemon GO guides hub, or if you’re after comprehensive guides for Pokemon Sun and Moon, then check our our complete guides hub for both Pokemon Sun and Moon.

    Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Essential Information:

    • Release Date: November 17, 2017
    • Price: $39.99
    • Platform: Nintendo 3DS

    Pokmon Black And White

    These versions are the first installments in the Pokémon series fifth generation RPGs.


    Some key features of these versions include rotation battles, a seasonal cycle, triple battles, and more.

    Developer: Game Freak

    Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

    Release: September 18, 2010 , March 4, 2011 , March 6, 2011 , March 10, 2011

    Platforms: Nintendo DS


    The basis of the Unova Region is New York City that has a more modern feel to it.

    Why players should play this game

    Some great features of this game include:

    • Improved graphics compared to the previous versions of the games.
    • Speech balloons appear over the heads of the characters.

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    Pokmon Black 2 And White 2

    These versions are the sequels of Pokémon Black and White and they are also part of the fifth generation games.


    Most of the events in these occur in new locations in Unova Regions western side where the player can also find new Pokémon.

    Developer: Game Freak

    Publishers: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

    Release: June 23, 2012 , October 7, 2012 , October 11, 2012 , October 12, 2012

    Platforms: Nintendo DS


    In the beginning, the main character and their rival start the journey in the Unova Region.

    Why players should play this game

    Some great features of this game include:

    • There are 300 new Pokémon available in these versions.
    • Special unlocks called keys that the player receives after completing tasks.

    Alolan Dugtrio The One That Looks Like A Sixties Boy Band

    TOP 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO DO In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

    There was some logic to Alolan Dugtrios design. Somewhere along the line, there was. Im sure of it. It wasnt just a case of Game Freak watching Queens video for Bohemian Rhapsody one night and thinking, hey, you know what would be darn funny?

    However the whole thing went down, here we are with this thing. If simple novelty value alone is enough to earn a Pokémon a teamslot, Alolan Dugtrio would be right in there. I do see a surprising amount of them cropping up, but I cant quite fathom why.

    If youve used Dugtrio in the past, youll know that its great for finishing things off. Its raw speed, its ability it totally shines in this role. Alolan Dugtrio is much worse in this regard, losing precious speed and gaining more weaknesses with that Steel typing. It does have fabulous hair, though.

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    Wont Bring Over Sun And Moon Players

    This potential problem of a lack of new content ends up presenting an even bigger problem: what are Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon doing to bring over people who own Sun and Moon? The short answer is nothing at this point. Based on what weve seen, these titles are going to function very similarly to Sun and Moon. As an owner of Pokémon Sun, Im simply not convinced that I need these games.

    The issue here is that Game Freak is essentially shooting themselves in the foot. At the end of the day, theyll only be hurting their own sales by people who dont want to play the same game. Like I said before, weve already caught all the creatures and Ultra Beasts. We built the Pokémon League. Why in the world would we want to do it again for $40?

    Pokmon Heartgold And Soulsilver

    These are the enhanced remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver with features from Pokémon Crystal.


    The setting of these versions is in the Johto region where the main goal is to raise, catalog, and evolve Pokémon while trying to defeat other trainers.

    Developer: Game Freak

    Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

    Release: September 12, 2009 , March 14, 2010 , March 25, 2010 , March 26, 2010

    Platforms: Nintendo DS

    For these versions, the main character hails from a small town called New Bark Town.

    Why players should play this game

    Some great features of this game include:

    • For these versions, the player can speak to the Pokémon to check how theyre feeling.
    • There is a new mini-game entitled Pokéathlon.

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    Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Changes

    Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon are very similar games to their predecessors. Though Pokemon USUM and SM by and large share the same plot, there are a handful of key differences contained. Though debatable if these alterations or additions are enough to warrant what might be considered a second purchase, the additions are very much in line with what a fan might expect from the third addition to a pair of Pokemon titles.

    Among these changes and features, there have also been many tweaks to the story. In Pokemon USUM, the player receives their first Pokemon on Route 1 from Professor Kukui before saving Lillie, for example. The player and Hau will travel from Melemele Island to Akala Island using the newly introduced Mantine Surf mini-game instead of hitching a ride on Professor Kukui’s boat. There are many other minor story tweaks but the major beats are more or less the same, with some of the bigger changes appearing towards the end, such as Gladion leaving as opposed to Lillie and Lusamine leaving in the end, for example.

    Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are available now for Nintendo 3DS.

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