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Where To Find Ditto Pokemon Shield

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Pokemon With Different Color Schemes

Where To Find Ditto In Pokemon Sword And Shield!

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon that sport a different color scheme than their normal counterparts. These Pokemon are very rare and are highly sought after by Trainers!

No Bonus Stat Changes

Keep in mind that shiny Pokemon possess cosmetic changes only. These Pokemon do not have bonus stats that improve their performance in battle.

What Are Square Shinies In Pokemon Sword And Shield

so apparently my Elephant is a rare square shiny or smth #PokemonSwordShield #NintendoSwitch

You may have heard whispers of the elusive square shinies in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so let us shed some light on the situation. In an effort to add even more longevity to Galar by Game Freak, you can now find two types of shiny Pokemon standard and square. Standard shinies are the shiny Pokemon everyone knows and loves from previous games, while square shinies are brand new.

On paper, for every shiny encounter in the game, it has a 1/16 chance of being a square shiny instead of the standard. Youll be able to tell whether its standard or square by the intro animation the usual stars will be replaced by square outlines, but the difference in colour palette is still the same. Dont worry, square shinies arent a different shade!

Its not quite as simple as that however. If you follow the chaining method explained above by catching or defeating 25 of the same Pokemon in a row, those 1/16 odds will be flipped. Instead, youll have 15/16 odds of finding a square shiny, and just 1/16 of the shiny being standard.

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How To Find Ditto In Pokmon Sword And Shield

If youve ever played a Pokémon game, you know how important that little purple blob Ditto can be. The transforming cousin of Flubber can shapeshift into any Pokémon in the game, making him a vital asset for something very specific: breeding. Whether youre hunting Shinies, breeding competitive Pokémon, or just want a few extra Sobbles, heres the best way to find Ditto in Pokémon Sword and Shield so you can launch a successful career in Galar region Pokemon breeding.

Theres only one zone in the entire game that you can catch a Ditto in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Its the Lake of Outrage zone in the Wild Area. This region can only be accessed after you get an upgrade to your bike on Route 9 that allows you to cross bodies of water.

Once you get that bike and get those water-crossing wheels, its time to catch a Ditto. When you head to the Lake of Outrage, Ditto can either be found roaming around inside of the grass or as a random encounter in the grass itself. Youve got a 10 percent chance of seeing it spawn on the overworld and only a two percent chance of having a random encounter with it. Furthermore, random encounters with the Transform Pokémon can only happen in normal weather.

With your trusty Pokémon stud Ditto acquired, you can head to either of the two nurseries in the game to start breeding. One of them is on Route 5, while another is in the Bridge Field zone of the Wild Area.

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Brilliant Glowing Aura Ditto

Another method for getting a good Ditto is to look for a Brilliant Glowing Aura Ditto in the Wild Area. Brilliant Glowing Aura Pokemon are guaranteed to have at least 3/6 “Best” stats. To find a Brilliant Glowing Aura Ditto head to the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area. There are three patches of grass, each filled with powerful Pokemon as well as Ditto.

Once you find where the Dittos are spawning start defeating all of the non-aura Ditto you see to force more to spawn. You will want to use a fast Pokemon that can take out the Ditto with one hit to keep it from transforming. Do this long enough and you will eventually encounter an aura Ditto. Just be sure you have another Pokemon on hand to weaken the Ditto for catching when the time comes.

How To Find And Catch Ditto In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Where to find Ditto in Pokemon Sword &  Shield

Anyway, Ditto has always been a rarer, less common Pokemon – and that’s still the case in Sword and Shield. In fact, Ditto only spawns in one place – the Lake of Outrage, which is the zone in the top left of the Wild Area. On the world map, that’s just to the west of the Hammerlocke Hills, the very northern-most point of the Wild Area.

The Lake of Outrage is actually located across the water from the Giant’s Cap area, and that means you’ll need the Rotom Bike upgrade that lets you ride across water in order to access it. You get this during the natural course of the story – it’ll be rewarded to you shortly after you first travel down Route 9, so well before you complete the gym challenge and reach the Sword and Shield Post Game.

Cross the water and climb up the curving mountain path that dominates the other side of the Lake of Outrage. Up here there are patches of grass. Lots of high level Pokemon spawn here, but so does Ditto. As an aside, the evolution stones used to evolve Eevee can be found up here, too.

Ditto can appear out on the overworld in this grass. It’s a short little thing, so keep an eye out for that pinky-purple blob sliding around. It can also appear as a random encounter spawn, but the chances of that are far lower. It likes normal weather, so if it isn’t a regular, sunny day, consider coming back later.

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S To Catch Ditto From Den

1 Register Ditto in your Pokedex
2 Train a Legendary Pokemon to win Max Raid Battles
3 Exchange Wishing Piece with your Watts
4 Go to a specific Pokemon den in the Stony Wilderness
5 Use a Wishing Piece to spawn a raid battle
6 Repeat from step 3 until you get a Dynamax Ditto

Required Preparation

  • Register Ditto in your Pokedex
  • Wishing Pieces: As Many As You Can Get
  • Repeat Ball: 10
  • Friends To Do Max Raid Battles With: 3

How To Get Many Wishing Pieces

In order to repeatedly take on Max Raid Battles, you will need an item called a Wishing Piece. Since 1 Wishing Piece costs 3000 Watts, it’s better to ask your friends to help you gather Wishing Pieces.

Ditto Link Trade Code In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Now that you have a Ditto that is native to your game it is time to trade it away for a nicer newer foreign Ditto.

No more sifting through forums or chatting with random strangers online to find a partner to trade with. Instead, the Pokemon Sword and Shield community have set a specific link trade channel for trainers seeking foreign dittos code 4448.

Press the Y button to open the Y-Comm menu, then press + to connect to the internet if you arent already. Once you are connected to the internet, it is time to set up a Link Trade.

When setting up a link trade, choose the Set Link Code option, and set the code to 4448. This is the link code designated by the Pokemon community for Ditto trades only. If you do not have a Ditto to trade in return, your trade will more than likely be rejected.

After entering the code wait a few seconds and you should be paired with another trainer using the same code. Navigate your PC Boxes until you have found your native Ditto and then offer it as a trade.

Once you and the person you are trading with have selected a Ditto to trade you can check if it is a foreign Ditto or if it has the IVs you are looking for by selecting Check the other Pokemons summary. If it is a foreign Ditto you should see an indicator in the top right corner of the Pokemons summary telling you what country of origin the Ditto is from. If it is not a foreign Ditto you can cancel the trade and start a new trade with the same link code.

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Catch A Native Ditto In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Before you can receive a foreign Ditto you will first need to catch a Ditto in your own game. If you already have a native Ditto skip ahead to the next section of this article.

If you do not already have one, Ditto can always be found in the overworld at the Lake of Outrage. The Lake of Outrage is located in the top left corner of the Wild Area and can only be accessed after you upgrade your bike so that it can traverse water. The water bike upgrade can be found on Route 9. It is impossible to miss as it is a part of the story that you acquire said upgrade.

Once you are able to access the Lake of Outrage there is a 10% chance during every type of weather that Ditto will appear in the overworld. The odds of finding a Ditto are very high but this is a heavily populated area with fairly large and powerful Pokemon lurking about so keep your eyes peeled for those tiny purple blobs.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Ditto: How And Where To Get The Transform Pokemon In Galar

Where to find Ditto in Pokemon Sword & Shield – Ditto Location

Finding a Pokemon Sword and Shield Ditto is crucial if you want to breed Pokemon at the Nursery. Unfortunately, it’s only available in one specific spot which you can’t access until late in the game, so don’t think you can catch one right at the start of your Pokemon Sword and Shield journey. Ditto is extra useful when you’re Pokemon Sword and Shield shiny hunting, so for everything you need to know about where to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Sword and Shield, read on.

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What Is A Foreign Language Ditto

A foreign language Ditto commonly referred to as just foreign Ditto is a Ditto which comes from a copy of Pokémon Sword or Shield that has been played in a different language to your own. For example, if youre playing the game in English, but receive a Ditto from another player who has played their game in French, the Ditto will be a foreign language Ditto.

Ditto In Pokmon Sword & Shield:

Method #1:

Ditto is capable of being located within the Max Raid battles located within the Wild Area. Difficulty will range and Ditto himself is a fairly rare appearance in raid battles.

Method #2:

Once youve reached Route #9 and defeat Team Yell, you will receive access to the Water upgrade for your Rotom Bicycle. Travel back to the Wild Area outside of Hammerlocke and go to the Lake of Outrage Area across the water using your brand new bike capabilities. Travel to the patch of grass below in order to find Ditto waiting for you.

Note: You will need up to badge #7 in order to catch Ditto as it will appear as level 55-57.

As always, we hope you found this short guide helpful and it helps you find a Ditto of your own!

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Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Find Dynamax Ditto

Ditto and other ‘little’ Pokemon are appearing more frequently in Max Raid Battles for a limited time.

Trainers, a limited time event in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is causing little Pokemon, such as Ditto, Mantyke, and Riolu, to appear in Max Raid Battles more frequently.

If you want to add Ditto to your Pokemon collection, our guide will show you how to find one to battle in a Max Raid Battle.

First, check out the Pokemon Dens in the Wild Area that have a beam of light coming out of them.

When you interact with one of these Dens, look for the silhouette in the screenshot below. If you see this silhouette, youve found Dynamax Ditto!

If a Ditto Raid isn’t currently available in your Wild Area, remember that you can cause new Max Raid Battles to appear by completing all of the Raids that are currently active.

You can also cause a Pokemon to appear in a Pokemon Den by tossing a Wishing Piece into it. Specifically, youll need to interact with a Pokemon Den that doesnt have an active Raid to collect your Watts. Then, interact with the Pokemon Den again. The game will ask you if you want to use a Wishing Piece. If you say Yes, a Pokemon will appear in the Den for you to battle, and it may be Ditto!

To learn more about Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, or to read more of our guides for the games, check out our previous coverage.

Where Are The Nurseries In Pokmon Sword And Pokmon Shield

How to catch a DITTO in Pokemon Sword &  Shield

Within the Galar region you will find two nurseries: one of them is in the Ruta 5 and the other in the Wild Area. The latter is very close to the designated place to be able to capture a Ditto and quickly take it to reproduce. The Route 5 nursery has a straight line, as in other generations, that will help you ride your egg with the bicycle and make it hatch faster.

Hopefully these tips together with your patience have made it possible for you to capture a Ditto in the designated area and you can use it in the breeding of Pokémon species.

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Use The Wishing Piece In The Stony Wilderness

After arriving in the Stony Wilderness, go to Den J on the map above and use a Wishing Piece. If a thick beam of light comes out, a Ditto will appear in the Max Raid Battle if a thin beam of light comes out, a different Pokemon will appear in the Max Raid Battle.

If a thin beam of light comes out, unfortunately, youll need to use another Wishing Piece on Den J to try for another Ditto.

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Why Do I Need A Foreign Language Ditto

We’re guessing that most of you landing on this page will probably know this already, but using a foreign language Ditto can hugely increase your chances of hatching a Shiny Pokémon from an Egg.

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, the chances of catching or hatching a Shiny Pokémon are usually 1 in 4096 – so they’re pretty rare. This rate can be improved dramatically with a Shiny Charm – you can learn all about that and much more in our full guide to Shiny Pokémon – but using a foreign language Pokémon increases these odds further.

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New 5 Star Ditto Den In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Its located on Ditto Island, a special new island introduced in the Isle of Armor DLC that is home to a lot of overworld Ditto spawns. It is also home to two different Pokemon dens. One of which is the new method to farming Ditto for high IV breeding.

I discovered the island during the cloudy weather effect, but have tried it on other weather effects and it seems much the same. In 10 different attempts, I was able to encounter a Ditto on each attempt. It may not be a complete guarantee, but it is near enough 100%. I will continue tests. About 70% of the Ditto I found were 5 star, although not all were the yellow rarity stamp.

I have yet to try the other den but this den has worked perfectly so far.

Where To Get Your Perfect Ditto

How To Get Ditto in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The spot youll need to camp out in is the Stony Wilderness section of the Wild Area. If you see a purple light inside the well, this means that the Max Raid is going to feature a Ditto.

If you cant seem to find a purple well, you can always force one to appear by speaking to the Watts Trader and purchasing a Wishing Piece for 3,000 Watts. This will cause a raid to appear nearby, but it wont always be a Ditto.

Weve got one more trick to make sure you get a Ditto raid. First, turn off autosave and set your text speed to slow. Then, save your game before using a Wishing Piece. If the raid that spawns isnt purple, hit your home key, close the game, and reload it from just before you used the Wishing Piece. Now you can keep using that same Wishing Piece until you find a 5-star Ditto raid.

Now you can use that perfect Ditto to breed whatever you want and impart that baby with perfect IVs.

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How Do I Tell If A Ditto Is Foreign

So, you find yourself on the brink of trading with a complete stranger but have no idea if the Ditto they’re offering is foreign or not. Thankfully, there’s a very easy way to check.

Take a close look at these images below of our very own Ditto. The one on the left is a Ditto that we caught in our own English-language game the one on the right is one that we received by using the Secret Link Code method above. As you can see, the Ditto on the right has the code ‘CHS’ on its summary screen, indicating that it is a Chinese Ditto. If that player had sent us an English-language Ditto, there would be no code at all. Simple!

So there you have it! Hopefully that helps with any questions you might have about foreign language Ditto, but do make sure to leave a comment below if there’s anything else you need.

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