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How To Beat Cliff Pokemon Go

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What Is Team Go Rocket

How to Beat Team Rocket CLIFF New Aerodactyl Team in Pokemon GO

Team GO Rocket is the current incarnation of the criminal organization from the original Pokémon games and shows. Led by Giovanni, Team Rocket has always been lurking in the shadows of the Pokémon world, stealing any Pokémon they can get their hands on, along with all the Poké Balls and Pokémon related technology possible. They’re the bad guys. Worse even, as Team GO Rocket, they’ve invaded the world of Pokémon Go along with Shadow Pokémon, formerly good Pokémon who have been corrupted through a mysterious technique that leaves them in constant pain, forced to assist in Team GO Rocket’s criminal endeavors.

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How To Beat Cliff In Pokemon Go In October 2021

By Sam Woods

Team GO Rockets fearsome leader Cliff is back to cause havoc in October 2021 and hes got a strong bunch of Pokemon with him.

To help you out, heres our guide on how to take Cliff down, including the best counters for each of his different Pokemon.

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Cliffs Second Pokemon Hariyama Poliwrath Or Kingler

Moving on to Cliffs second party member, it has the chance to be either Hariyama, Poliwrath, or Kingler. Hariyama is a pure Fighting-type Pokemon, making it weak to Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-type moves. For resistances, Hariyama is strong against Rock, Bug, and Dark-type moves. With this in mind, the best counters to use against it are:

PokemonFast MoveCharge Move Mewtwo Confusion Psystrike Attack Form Deoxys Zen Headbutt Psycho Boost Alakazam Confusion Psychic Zacian Quick Attack Play Rough Espeon Confusion Psychic

For Poliwrath, this Pokemon is a dual Water and Fighting-type that is weak to Flying, Grass, Electric, Psychic, and Fairy-type moves. It also benefits from resisting Rock, Bug, Steel, Fire, Water, Ice, and Dark-type moves. If Cliff sends out Poliwrath, the best Pokemon to use in response are:

PokemonFast MoveCharge Move Attack Form Deoxys Zen Headbutt Zap Cannon Mewtwo Confusion Psystrike Therian Thundurus Thunder Shock Thunderbolt Zacian Quick Attack Play Rough Alakazam Confusion Psychic

Finishing this section is Cliffs Kingler. It is a pure Water-type Pokemon giving it weaknesses against Grass and Electric-type moves. Defensively it resists Steel, Fire, Water, and Ice-type moves. The best counters to use against this Pokemon are:

PokemonCharge MoveFast Move Therian Thundurus Thunder Shock Thunderbolt Zekrom Charge Beam Wild Charge Attack Form Deoxys Zen Headbutt Zap Cannon Zacian Snarl Wild Charge Zarude Vine Whip Power Whip

Possible Second Party Member


The first of the Pokemon that can appear in Cliff’s second party slot is Gallade. This Pokemon is a dual Psychic and Fighting-type, making it weak to Fairy, Flying, and Ghost-type moves. It however also resists damage from Fighting and Rock-type moves.

Gallade’s weaknesses are commonly used by a lot of powerful Pokemon currently in Pokemon GO. The best ones for the fight against Cliff’s Gallade include:

Gengar/Mega Gengar – Lick and Shadow Ball

Chandelure – Hex and Shadow Ball

Moltres – Wing Attack and Sky Attack

Rayquaza – Air Slash and Hurricane

Mewtwo – Confusion and Shadow Ball

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Pokemon Go Cliff : How To Beat Best Counters

In order to defeat Cliff in Pokémon Go in September 2021, you must first defeat his pokemon lineup. Youll get lots of prizes for defeating each Team Go Rocket Leader on your way to becoming the strongest Pokemon master!

Currently, he always uses Seedot as the main Pokémon. You can battle with one of these Pokémon at random:

  • First Pokémon: Seedot
  • Second Pokémon: Hariyama, Poliwrath, or Kingler
  • Third Pokémon: Sharpedo, Tyranitar, or Torterra

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The Third Pokmon Of Cliff

Here are the final choices for Cliffs third Pokémon that he could use against you in battle.


Nightclub is a Specter-type Pokémon of the fourth generation. It is weak against attacks of type Spectre Darkness.

It is recommended to use: Darkrai, Giratina, Ectoplasma, Lugulabre.


Mammochon is a fourth generation Ice and Ground-type Pokémon. It is weak against attacks of type Steel Combat Fire Ice cream Poison

It is recommended to use: Métalosse, Kyogre, Lucario, Bétochef


Tyranitar is a second generation Rock and Dark type Pokémon. It is weak against attacks of type Insect fairy fight plant soil steel water.

It is recommended to use: Hariyama, Mackogneur, Bétochef and Scarhino.

How To Counter And Beat Cliff In Pokmon Go


Cliff has eight Pokémon in his collection, and none of them are pushovers. Round one will either be a Pinsir or Grimer, round two can be a Machamp, Omastar, or Electivire, and his final Pokémon will be either a Tyranitar, Swampert, or Torterra. Pick the best team you can for your first attempt just to try and see which Pokémon he’ll throw out in rounds two and three before setting up your team for the perfect counter on your next try.

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Locating Team Go Rocket Leaders

Every once in a while in Pokémon Go, you’ll have the chance to battle Team Go Rocket Grunts, and whenever you defeat one, they will drop an item called the Mysterious Component. If you manage to collect six of these, you’ll be able to combine them and craft a Rocket Radar.

This handy item reveals the location of any Leader Hideouts that are in close proximity to you. Once you’ve equipped your Rocket Radar, tap the Rocket Radar button to view the Leader Hideout locations.

As shown in one of the screenshots below, the Leader Hideouts resemble regular Pokéstops on the map. And once you’re nearby, one of the Team Go Rocket Leaders will be standing right by the Leader Hideout.

Before you fight, keep in mind that Leaders like Cliff are a lot tougher to beat than regular Team Go Rocket Grunts, so make sure that you line up your best Pokémon and that they’re at full health before the fight.

Once you’ve defeated a Cliff, your Rocket Radar will disappear, so you will need to either purchase a new one from the Shop or locate and combine six more Mysterious Components in order to battle more Leaders.

Best Team To Beat Cliff In Pokemon Go

One of the best and easily accessible lineups to defeat Cliff in Pokemon Go would be Togekiss, Magnezone, and Mamoswine .

Togekiss, with its Flying and Fairy moves, takes care of Hariyama, Poliwrath, and Seedot. Magnezone, with an Electric and Steel moveset, will be strong against Kingler and Tyranitar. Finally, Mamoswine can take advantage of Torterras extreme Ice weakness.

As with all Team Go Rocker battles, you wont know what Cliff is going to send out in the second and third rounds until you enter the battle, so it can be hard to plan ahead. Fortunately, you can choose to rematch if you lose, allowing you to bring a better lineup with you.

Dont worry too much if you dont have any of the counters weve listed. Focus on the weaknesses of each of Cliffs Pokemon, and take your strongest of those types into battle for a good chance of emerging victoriously.

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How To Beat The Team Go Rocket Leaders

How to Beat CLIFF New Team With Low

As always counters are going to be very important when fighting the Rocket Leaders, but there is some other strategy that you should know as well. These important tips for how to beat Arlo, Cliff and Sierra will help you regardless of which Pokemon they are using or you are using. As a rule of thumb you should always put your lead Pokemon in the second or third slot, then swap to them immediately. This will make the Team GO Rocket Leaders pause their attacks and you can get some free hits in. By doing this correctly right when the battle begins you get some quick damage and charge up your Charge Attack. The second big tip to beat the Team Go Rocket Leaders is to use the aforementioned Charged Attack. Charged Attacks used at the beginning of this fight in quick succession can take down the shields for Arlo, Cliff and Sierra.

Using those two tips + the correct counters for the Team Go Rocket Leaders and you should have no problem beat them. Now lets get into the best counters for Arlo, Cliff and Sierra for October 2021.

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Sierra Counters And Line

Below youll find the current line up for Sierra in Pokémon, as of May 2021.

Remember the first Pokémon is one that, if you defeat him, youll be given the chance to catch, while the others are randomly selected:

First Pokémon
Gliscor Drapion

Sierra continues her tradition of being the leader whose team is the hardest to plan counters for. We highly recommend scouting out Sierras team so you can properly assemble a team of counters, because, once again, theres barely any weakness overlap in her team. Its almost like she doesnt want to be defeated

For Sneasel, youll want to choose either a steel or fighting-type Pokémon. Sneasel is especially weak to fighting-types like Lucario, Conkeldurr or Machamp, but a steel-type, such as Metagross, Dialga or Excadrill, is a good choice if Sierra has selected Granbull as her second Pokémon.

When it comes to Sierras second Pokémon, you will need to scout ahead, because there is no shared weakness between them.

If you find yourself facing Gliscor, then select an ice-type, like Mamoswine, Weavile or Glaceon, since its especially weak to this type. Ampharos, however, is weak to ground-type Pokémon, making Goudon, Garchomp and Rhyperior good choices. Finally, as mentioned above, Granbull is weak to steel-type Pokémon, though poison-types, such as Roserade, Toxicroak or Victreebel.

Pokemon Go Cliff Counters: September 2021

2nd Sep 2021 11:04

The best Pokemon GO Cliff counters for September 2021 are thankfully the same as last month, which means that if you defeated the blue beefcake during August, you can rely on the same three Pokemon to take him down once more. If you haven’t fought Cliff in Pokemon GO for a while though, you’ll need to enlist the help of this guide to know exactly what his weaknesses are and how to take him down. These are the best Pokemon GO Cliff counters in September.

If you haven’t taken down the other Team GO Rocket leaders yet, take a look at these guides:

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Cliff Counters And Line

Here are the possible line ups for Cliff in Pokémon Go, as of May 2021.

Remember – the first Pokémon is one that, if you defeat him, you’ll be given the chance to catch, while the others are randomly selected:

First Pokémon
Hariyama Torterra

When planning your counters against Cliff, you’ll want to start your team with a fire or flying-type Pokémon. This choice depends on whether Cliff is using either Poliwrath or Hariyama as his second Pokémon, because, if he is, then your first Pokémon could cause some additional damage to them after defeating Seedot. Rayquaza, Honchrow or Moltres are all ideal flying-type counters, with Moltres having the additional bonus of also being a fire-type, which makes it ideal for defeating Seedot.

If you decide to go down the fire-type route though, but don’t have a Moltres, then Darmanitan or Entei are also good choices.

When it comes down to Cliff’s final choice, then a strong bug-type is the way to go as all three of his choices share it as a common weakness. This makes Scizor, Pinsir and Yanmega all excellent choices.

It’s important to note that Tyranitar is especially weak to fighting-types, such as Lucario, Conkeldurr and Machamp good choices, while Torterra can be easily defeated by ice-type Pokémon, like Mamoswine, Weavile or Glaceon.

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How to Beat CLIFF New Team With Low-Levels in Pokemon GO

Cliff, leader of Team GO Rocket, is a tough opponent that Pokémon GO trainers will have to face.

Having entered September, Team GOs Cliff has seen a change in his Pokémon lineup. Like the other Team GO Rocket leaders, Cliff will have an ultimate starter Pokémon and then several others once hes defeated.

These Pokémon rotate, which means Pokémon GO Trainers will see a different lineup in all their encounters with Cliff.

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How To Beat Team Go Rocket Leader Giovanni

The Founder of Team GO Rocket, Giovanni is the only one bringing in Legendary Shadow Pokémon. For the time being, however, his team is more limited than his Executives. His first Pokémon is always Persian and his last is currently Shadow Ho-Oh.

  • Giovanni’s first Pokémon is Persian. The best Pokémon to counter Persian are Tyranitar, Machamp, Conkeldurr, Lucario, and Hariyama. However, you can also use this time to build up a charged attack for his second Pokémon.

  • For his second Pokémon, Giovanni could bring Golem. As a Ground and Rock type, Grass and Water are the best bets, but it’s also weak to Fighting, Ground, Ice, and Steel. Some of the top counters include Torterra, Mega Gyarados, Swampert, Mega Venusaur, Kyogre, and Leafeon.

  • If he brings Cloyster, this Water and Ice type takes increased damage from Electric, Fighting, Grass, and Rock type moves. Some of the top counters include Melmetal, Shadow Magmortar, Omastar, Arcanine, Regirock, and Lucario.
  • Machamp could be his second Pokémon. Fairy, Flying, and Psychic types deal super effective damage to this pure Fighting type. Your best options for countering are Lugia, Mewtwo, Zapdos, Shadow Zapdos, Cresselia or Shadow Mewtwo.

  • Giovanni’s third Pokémon is currently Shadow Ho-Oh. The Legendary Bird is a Flying and Fire type Pokémon so it is weak to Electric and Water, and has a quad weakness to Rock. Top counters include Mega Ampharos, Politoad, Mew, Swampert, Mega Gyarados, Shadow Raikou, and Mega Blastoise.

Team Rocket Leader Cliff Line

Cliff now uses Shadow Seedot as his first Pokémon. Cliffs second Pokémon will either be Shadow Kingler, Shadow Hariyama, or Shadow Poliwrath. Finally, for Cliffs third Pokémon he will choose to use either Shadow Tyranitar, Shadow Sharpedo, or Shadow Torterra.

Now you know which Pokémon he’ll use, you just need to know how to beat them. The best way to do that is to use specific Pokémon to counter, so below you’ll find a list of the best Pokémon to counter and the most effective moves against each of Cliff’s possible Pokémon, as of .

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Pokmon Go Cliff Guide: August 2021

The best Pokémon to defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Cliff in Pokémon GO.

A comprehensive guide on how to defeat Rocket Leader Cliff in Pokémon GO, updated for August 2021. We got you covered with the best Pokémon to use against Cliff, regardless of which line-up Cliff uses.

Remember that you can rematch Cliff if you lose the first time. Use this guide in combination with knowing Cliffs Pokémon to ensure a victory. While Cliff is not the most difficult Team Go Rocket Leader, he is often the most unpredictable.

Note: In Trainer Battles, counters need not always be Pokémon that do super-effective damage. We include Pokémon that are more viable to defeat Cliff, rather than those who do maximum damage.

The Best Pokemon Go Counters For Cliff

How to Beat Cliff Team GO Rocket Leader

Once players collect the Mysterious Components and build the Rocket Rader, they will encounter a Team GO Rocket Leader in Pokemon GO. One of those leaders may be Cliff.

Cliff’s Pokemon are quite diverse compared to his counterparts. Considering the relentless rotation in his lineup, players will benefit from knowing his Pokemon:

  • First Pokemon: Seedot
  • Second Pokemon: Hariyama, Kingler, or Poliwrath
  • Third Pokemon: Sharpedo, Torterra, or Tyranitar

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The Best Team To Use Against Pokmon Gos Cliff This Month

Want to know the best Pokémon Go Cliff counters for this month? Well, were here to help. Cliff can sometimes feel like the toughest Team Rocket Go Leader, so its only natural you may need a little bit of extra help working out which Pokémon you should use in a team against him.

With help from our Pokémon Go Cliff counters guide, you will soon have a team full of strong Pokémon to take into battle. We have also gone ahead and listed all of the available rewards you can get your hands on by knocking out all three of the Team Rocket Go leaders Pokémon.

If you need help in other areas, you should definitely head on over to our Pokémon Go level 50 and Pokémon Go Eevee evolution guides. Once youre done there, why not check out our list full of the best games like Pokemon Go on mobile for something brand new to play on iOS or Android.

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