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Kings Rock Evolutions Pokemon Go

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Pokmon Go Evolution Chains

King’s Rock Evolution Item Obtained! Slowking Evolution and Pokedex Entry! Pokemon GO

Like most Pokémon games, Pokémon GO allows Pokémon to evolve. However, rather than evolving by levelling up , evolution is achieved by collecting special Candy for each Pokémon.

Catching a Pokémon yields Candy named for the base form of that Pokémon – i.e. Bulbasaur Candy is awarded for catching a Bulbasaur, Ivysaur or Venusaur. First stage catches yield 3 Candy second stages yield 5 Candy and third stages yield 10 Candy. Transferring a Pokémon to Professor Willow gives an extra 1 Candy. Hatching Pokémon from eggs yields higher Candy amounts.

Below are the evolution charts for all Pokémon currently in the game data along with the amount of Candy required. Some evolutions require items or special conditions these are all noted where relevant.


How Do You Use Evolution Items In Pokmon Go

Using an Evolution Item is the easy part.

  • Tap on the Poké Ball menu button at the bottom center of the game screen.
  • Tap on the Pokémon button at the bottom left of the menu screen.
  • Tap on the Pokémon you want to evolve.
  • Tap on the second/bottom Evolution button.
  • Tap on Use This Item on your Pokémon to confirm.
  • Enjoy!
  • Once the evolution is done, the Evolution Item will be spent.

    What Do Evolution Items Do In Pokemon Go

    If youve spun a Pokestop for the seventh day in a row or finished your weekly research breakthrough task and found a brand new shiny thing youve never seen before, you can say hello to your first Pokemon Go evolution item. You might even have a few you dont know you have, so pop into your items list and have a quick scroll.

    Evolution items were introduced with the Gen 2 update all the way back in 2017 and mean a whole stack of new mon via evolution if you hoard your candy just right. So far, weve only got one fourth generation item, the Sinnoh Stone, but youre going to need it for a stack of 4th generation Pokemon evolutions. More on that below but the current evolution items are as follows:

    • Dragon Scale
    • Mossy Lure
    • Glacial Lure

    Each one can be used to evolve one of your existing Pokemon into a new evolution. Below are each of the ways you can use evolution items.

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    Generation 2 Evolution Items

    Pokémon GOs Generation 2 evolution items can be obtained via the 7 day streak, randomly from PokéStop spins, or from opening gifts sent by other Trainers.

    Sun Stone

    A peculiar stone that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It burns as red as the evening sun.

    Kings Rock

    A rock that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It looks like a crown.

    Metal Coat

    A coating that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It is a special metallic film.

    Dragon Scale

    A scale that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It is very tough and inflexible.


    A transparent device that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It was produced by Silph Co.

    How To Evolve A Slowpoke Into A Slowking In Pokmon Go

    ALL EVOLUTIONS ITEMS: Kings Rock, Metal Coat, Sun Stone ...

    To get a Slowking you simply have to follow the steps we mentioned earlier and you will get your Slowpoke evolution. Slowking is an alternative evolution of Slowpoke, functioning as an alternative to Slowbro. Interestingly, both Slowbro and Slowking have identical stats, which means that if you are undecided between which Slowpoke evolution to choose, simply choose the one you like best, or the one you lack in Pokédex, of course.

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    Pokemon Go: How To Get And Use The King’s Rock Item

    Trainers looking to get Slowking or Politoed in Pokemon GO wont be able to without a Kings Rock.

    This item was introduced in Generation II. It was found on the bottom floor of, appropriately, the Slowpoke Well. In the main series games, Slowpoke and Poliwhirl needed to be traded with the Kings Rock to evolve. Thankfully, this mechanic isnt in Pokemon GO. The tradeoff, though, is…this item is incredibly difficult to find.

    Spinning Pokestops & Gyms

    This is one of the easiest methods to start trying. Kings Rocks are still fairly rare in Pokemon GO, so youll need to spin many PokeStops and Gyms. Still, its a free method that will give you instant results. However, the items that drop are random and theres no assurance that youll even get any kind of evolution item. Fortunately, theres another method that has to do with spinning PokeStops and Gyms which is a bit more reliable.

    Each time you do your first spin or catch your first Pokemon, youll see a counter appear on the screen indicating that you have a streak of a certain number of days up to seven. This is where the Kings Rock comes in.

    After an update that was released back in 2017, the seventh consecutive PokeStop or Gym spin in your weekly streak assured an evolution item would be dropped.

    Sometimes youll get a Metal Coat, Sun Stone, Dragon Scale, or Upgrade. But this method you can do by yourself is the only one currently in Pokemon GO that will always give you some evolution item .

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    ‘pokemon Go’ Special Items Guide: How To Obtain & Use King’s Rock Dragon Scale & More

    The recent update brought to “Pokemon Go” special items that players are not familiar with. In order for you to be able to obtain and use these special items, check out our latest guide.

    How To Get Special Items

    Niantic brought over 80 new Pokemon in the game. For players to catch them, they must use these new “Pokemon Go” special items that were introduced recently. These new items are also called evolution items.

    The only way to obtain these New “Pokemon Go” Special items, according to BGR, is to pay a visit to PokeStops and spin the Photo Discs. The items appear randomly and getting a new item or not is entirely a matter of chance. There is no guaranteed way to get the evolution items that you want. The only thing that you can do is to keep spinning Photo Discs until it appears.

    How To Use The Special Items

    The new “Pokemon Go” special items are only applicable to a certain kind of Pokemon. One special item called Dragon Scale will evolve Seadra into a Kingdra. You still need Horsea to evolve into a Seadra by using 100 candies. The Dragon Scale has no use unless Seadra is in your lineup.

    Scyther evolves into Scizor for 50 candies with the use of “Pokemon Go” special item known as Metal Coat. It can also evolve Onix into Steelix for 50 candies. Another evolution item is the Sun Stone. This new “Pokemon Go” special item evolves Gloom into Bellossom with 100 candies instead of Vileplume. It can also evolve Sunkern into Sunflora for 50 candies.

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    Pokemon Go Unova Stone: How To Get One And Which Pokemon Can Evolve

    Slowking Evolution using KING’S ROCK! Pokemon GO Evolution Items!

    Pokemon Go Unova Stones are one of the evolution items features in Pokemon Go. They’re specifically used to evolve certain Gen 5 Pokemon, and work almost identically to Pokemon Go Sinnoh Stones. If your goal is to complete the Pokedex in Pokemon Go and collect some of the strongest Pokemon in the game, you’ll need to know exactly how Pokemon Go Unova Stones work.

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    Who Can Evolve With The King’s Rock

    Unlike the Up-Grade evolution stone, there are two different Pokemon that can evolve with King’s Rock, and both of them are water-type Pokemon – Slowpoke and Poliwhirl. Out of the two Pokemon that can evolve with King’s Rock, the easiest one is Slowpoke, so players may want to focus on evolving it first.

    After acquiring the King’s Rock, the next step to evolving Slowpoke into Slowking is amassing 50 Slowpoke candies. Players can earn Slowpoke candies in a variety of ways. Typically, they will get the most candy from hatching a Slowpoke from an egg, but that comes down to chance. They will also earn three Slowpoke candies every time a Slowpoke or Slowbro is caught, and an additional one for transferring duplicate Slowpokes and Slowbros to the professor. Yet another way to earn extra Slowpoke candy is by assigning it as a buddy Pokemon and walking around.

    For those looking to catch Slowpoke/Slowbro, and Poliwag/Poliwhirl for that matter, the best place to look is near a body of water. As can be expected, water-type Pokemon tend to spawn near public lakes and ponds, so if the weather permits, go for a stroll and start collecting as many of these Pokemon as possible.

    With enough persistence, players will earn enough candy and King’s Rock evolution stones to evolve Slowpoke into Slowking and Poliwhirl into Politoed. After adding these two rare water-type Pokemon to their roster, players will be well on their way to catching all the Pokemon currently available in Pokemon GO.

    How To Guarantee Your Preferred Outcome

    Having so many possible outcomes can create a level of difficulty that is less than desirable for completionists or specific collectors. Fortunately, there is an easy trick for obtaining a preferred outcome. In the original anime, “The Battling Eevee Brothers” episode featured Rainer with his Vaporeon, Sparky with his Jolteon, and Pyro with his Flareon. Naming an Eevee after the corresponding trainer before evolving will produce the desired result. It is important to note that this particular trick only works once, so choose your Eevee carefully.



    Magnetic Lures

    Along with the Mossy Lure and Glacial Lure used for the Gen 4 Eeveeloutions, there is also the Magnetic Lure. When used, it allows any trainers in the vicinity to evolve their Magneton into Magnezone and Nosepass into Probopass.

    Tyrogue Evolutions

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    How Do You Get Evolution Items In Pokmon Go

    Most Evolution Items are rewarded as rare drops from PokéStop spins. They can also be earned by completing certain Research, winning in the Pokémon Go Battle League, defeating the Leaders of Team GO Rocket, or participating in events. The elemental Lure Modules can also be purchased in the PokéShop.

    Kings Rock Pokemon Go

    Sinnoh Stone Pokémon

    What is Pokemon Go? Developed and published by Niantic and The Pokemon Company, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game released in 2016 for Android and iOS devices. Mobile devices are used to locate, train, capture, and then battle virtual creatures in the game called Pokemon Go. This game initially launched 150 different species of Pokemon and have now reached approximately 600 in 2020. Many players are now wondering Kings Rock Pokemon Go. Continue reading to know Kings Rock Pokemon Go.

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    Pokemon Go: How To Get A King’s Rock

    There are a few ways to get a King’s Rock, but none are guaranteed.

    That means you’ll want to complete as many of these tasks as possible – especially since you can only use it once.

    Field Research

    Arguably the easiest method of earning a King’s Rock, you’ll want to spin Pokestops wherever possible.

    Each offers a 1% chance of an evolution item, including a King’s Rock.

    You’ll up your chances by spinning Pokestops for seven days in a row, too!

    Go Battle League Reward

    Speaking of PvP, try competing in the Go Battle League for a chance to earn a King’s Rock as a mystery item.

    How To Use The Dragon Scale In Pokemon Go

    The good news is that you can only use your Dragon Scale on one specific Pokemon but youre going to want to take a trip to the seaside or your nearest river. Combo up the Dragon Scale with 100 Horsea candies to evolve Seadra into Kingdra.

    Seadra evolves into Kingdra with Dragon Scale and 100 Horsea candy

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    How To Use The Kings Rock In Pokemon Go

    Now heres where the choices come in. Kings Rock can be used in two different ways, which means you might already have the candies you need for at least one Pokemon evolution.

    Kings Rock can not only evolve Poliwhirl into the froglike Politoed, it also turns Slowpoke into Slow King. As ever youre going to need serious candies for both Pokemon.

    Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed with Kings Rock and 100 Poliwag candy

    Slowpoke evolves into Slow King with Kings Rock and 50 Slowpoke candy

    How To Get A Kings Rock During A Very Slow Discovery In Pokmon Go

    Pokemon Go Gen 2 KINGS ROCK – found!!! Evolving SLOWKING

    The new events have begun for Summer in Pokémon Go. Niantic has kicked off the Season of Discovery, which means new events are flooding in. The new events bring a bunch of new spawns, as well as Research Tasks. One is the new A Very Slow Discovery, which has its own special Poke. There are of course others, like the Gibble event that ran this week. Anyway, back to the topic of A Very Slow Discovery. The event features Galarian Slowpoke, a Pokémon that originates from the Galar region, featured in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

    Players who want to get their hands on the regional variant for the Dex can get it by using a special evolution item. You will need to use an item called the Kings Rock to unlock Slowking, a special variant. This Pokémon will offer some very interesting Water and Psychic moves. Heres how to get it. To get the item, it comes as a Pokéstop reward. You need to head out and spin Pokéstop dials. When you do, you will sometimes get both items and Research Tasks as a result. Theres no guarantee that you get a Kings Rock as a reward but practice some patience.

    For A Very Slow Discovery event, there will be a specific field research task you want to find that will give you a guaranteed Kings Rock item. Just get the tasks to Evolve a Pokémon and you will get the item youre after.

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    How To Get Pokemon Go Special Items

    If you wonder where to find Pokemon GO Special Items, you dont have to go out of your way to get these evolution items. Like all other items, you can collect them by spinning the Photo Disc at a PokeStop. Note, however, that the Pokemon GO Evolution Items drop rate is very low. Youll have to get lucky, thats all there is to it. Completing a seven-day PokeStop streak seems to increase the chances of a drop on the seventh day, according to trainers, so that might help.

    Bottom line, theres no definite way to know if youll get any Evolution item or not. You just have to keep spinning those PokeStops and hope for the best.

    Metal Coat Evolutions In Pokemon Go

    Typing this out has made me realise Im just a gen-two fanboy. I love both of these and I think theyre the coolest ever. Thanks.

    • Onix > Steelix
    • Scyther > Scizor

    Getting enough Scyther candy can be a tough task, but if you can do it, Scizor is a valuable Pokemon to have. I have a shiny. Humble brag.

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    How To Get King’s Rock

    It should come as little surprise to Pokemon trainers on the prowl for evolution stones, but the King’s Rock evolution stone is found the same way as the rest of them. Unless Niantic updates the game to allow players to obtain a King’s Rock using other methods, the only way to get one at the time of this writing is to get lucky at a PokeStop.

    To increase one’s odds of finding a King’s Rock, it’s a good idea to hang out near areas with a high concentration of PokeStops. This may mean traveling to a bigger city, but taking the time to do this will make the search for a King’s Rock go much faster. Not only that, but players can advance their progress in other areas of the game while farming for King’s Rock at PokeStops.

    While walking between PokeStops, players can earn XP by catching new Pokemon and hatching eggs. Furthermore, they may acquire one of the other evolution stones in their attempt to get a King’s Rock, like the Up-Grade or the Metal Coat, which could go a long way in filling out the Pokedex. So even though walking around between different PokeStops may seem boring, it’s actually a great way to advance in Pokemon GO.

    Sun Stone Evolutions In Pokemon Go


    The second generation of Pokemon actually loved to introduce items simply to evolve one or two Pokemon – no idea why these were never used again. Theres probably some nonsense lore reason about them not being available in other regions. Regardless, here are the Pokemon that evolve with the Sun Stone.

    • Gloom > Bellossom
    • Sunkern > Sunflora

    Sunkern is one of the few Johto Pokemon that actually evolves with an item introduced in Johto. No idea why! The rest are all from Kanto.

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    How To Use The Magnetic Lure In Pokemon Go

    The Magnetic Lure is one of three new types of lure in the game and it works much like a normal lure, with some slight modifications. For 30 minutes, extra Pokemon will be attracted to the lure, but while a normal lure can attract any type of Pokemon, a Magnetic Lure will only attract electric, steel, and rock type pocket monsters.

    It’s also an evolution item! If you’re within the vicinity of a Poke Stop with a Magnetic Lure applied, you can evolve Magneton and Nosepass into Magnezone and Probopass respectively – provided you have enough candy, of course. If you don’t want to fork out 200 coins for one yourself, you could also wait until the next Pokemon Go Community Day and find someone else who’s used one!

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