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Apple Watch Pokémon Go

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Choose A Rare Type Buddy

Pokémon Go for Apple Watch

Some Pokemon dont appear very often. Because you wont see these very often, making them your buddy means you can earn those types of candies gradually as you walk. With time, youll find you have enough to evolve that Pokemon.

Probably best not to do that with Magikarp, because you need 400 candies to evolve it and youll get bored before anything happens. Its worth noting, however that different Pokemon will need you to walk different distances.

Rewind What Exactly Is Pokmon Go For Apple Watch

Heres what Niantic had to say:

For the first time ever, Pokémon GO can be played hands-free with the new Apple Watch app. Players will now be able to explore and experience the world around them directly from their wrists, whether theyre tracking wild Pokémon or trying to hatch the new Pokémon from the Pokémon Gold and Silver video games.

Apple Watch is the ultimate platform for Pokémon GO as it seamlessly combines gameplay and imagination with exercising and exploring the real world. Trainers can easily interact with Pokémon GO on Apple Watch using quick taps to discover nearby Pokémon and collect items. Once they encounter a Pokémon, they can catch it via iPhone. In the Niantic tradition of getting people moving, Trainers can log their play sessions through the Apple Watch app as a Workout that will count towards their personal Activity rings, while also tracking steps towards hatching Pokémon eggs.

To recap the core features of Pokémon GO for Apple Watch, Trainers will be able to:

  • Log each play session as a Workout, with gameplay counting towards personal Activity rings
  • Receive notifications about nearby Pokémon
  • Count steps towards hatching Pokémon eggs and receiving candies via your buddy Pokémon
  • Receive notifications about PokéStops nearby and collect items from them
  • Receive notifications when eggs hatch and badges are awarded

Hatch those eggs right from your wrist the next time you go on a run with your Apple Watch!

Pokmon Go Is Coming To Apple Watch To Get You Outside And On The Go

A version of Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch, together with a new feature that better tracks how far you need to walk before your Pokémon eggs hatch within the game.

Pokémon Go for Apple Watch will ship before the end of the year, John Hanke, the chief executive of Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs, said onstage Wednesday at Apples iPhone 7 launch event in San Francisco.

Pokémon Go, the hit mobile game for iOS and Android, has been downloaded over 500 million times worldwide, Hanke said. The game uses augmented reality to help players discover Pokémon in the wild, allowing users to see Pokémon superimposed over real-world objects.

The new Pokémon Go app provides information on your eggs and the Pokémon around you.

According to Hanke, Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch, along with a new feature: better egg tracking. One of the features of the Pokémon Go game involves hatching virtual eggs, which require you to walk a certain distance to hatch. The new Apple Watch complication will allow you to track the progress of your eggs as youre out for a run or a stroll, and also alert you to the presence of nearby Pokémon.

Were really excited to bring you this new way to experience Pokémon Go, and to give you a little more motivation to get outside, get some exercise, and have fun with your friends, Hanke said.

Theres even information about PokeStops, as well.

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Make Sure That Pokmon Go Has All The Permissions It Needs

Now the last step is to ensure that Pokémon Go has all the permissions it needs for its working. Heres how you can check it.

  • Open the Settings App on your iPhone
  • Now, scroll down and find the Pokémon Go app in the apps list.
  • Tap Pokémon Go, and here you will find the list of all the permissions it needs. Make sure that the Game has all permissions.

Pokemon Go Apple Watch Treadmill How To Connect & Configure Correctly

Pokemon Go is now available on Apple Watch!

Being released in 2016, Pokemon instantly became a world phenomenon because of its strange playing scheme and health-improving purpose. In addition, this game received excellent customer reviews and support by requiring players to walk more for game achievements and rewards.

However, the most significant disadvantage of this game is that players may find it a bit annoying on rainy days. Therefore, some people have an idea of playing Pokemon Go with an Apple watch and a treadmill. But is it possible? Read this article for the answer.

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Pokemon Go Apple Watch Release Date: When Is Pokemon Go Coming To Apple Watch

Niantic originally announced Apple Watch support for Pokemon GO during Apples September 2016 announcement, with many suggesting itd be out within a month. However, it seems most were wrong as Niantic delayed the release of the Pokemon GO app update with Watch support until 22 December 2016.

With that being said, the current version of Pokemon GO should have the Apple Watch app built-in, meaning you dont need to install a separate app. To install it on your Apple Watch, simply open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down to Pokemon GO and toggle Show App on Apple Watch on. Give it a few minutes to install, and the app should then be ready to go on your Apple Watch.

Pokmon Go Features On Apple Watch

The main features of the new offering are as follows:

  • Players get notifications about Pokemons nearby.
  • Distance towards hatching Pokemon Eggs and receiving Candy with Pokemon Buddy.
  • Receive notifications about PokeStops.
  • Players also receive notifications about medal awards and eggs hatching.
  • Each play session can be logged as a workout activity rings increase, as fun and workout go hand in hand, but its not an actual workout, just a bit.

AS the company says, its a great head start to that fitness resolution in the New Year. Fun is of great importance, but its not a magical solution to a slimmer waist you need to go to the gym to get that done.

Nevertheless, Niantics team has done a great job at staying true to their words, and has made the release just after Christmas and right before the New Year.

Therefore, its a great gift for Pokemon Go fans who own an Apple Watch. Its time to get going hunting Pokemon with your wearable.

What do you guys think? Are you gonna play?

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This New Development Makes Pokmon Go Way Better

Pokémon Go is about to get a lot easier and more fun. You no longer have to look at your phone while walking or running, because Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch!

While Apple Watch users will still have to open the app to catch a Pokémon, you’ll be able to track which ones are nearby on your watch so you never have to miss any rare Pokémon again. You’ll also be able to track how far you’ve walked and how close any eggs you’re incubating are to hatching. And when they do hatch, you’ll instantly see which Pokémon you got right on the screen.

As a bonus, you’ll also be able to use your wrist to activate Pokéstops without having to pull out your phone. Your watch will vibrate, after which you just need to swipe to collect items, exactly like in the game.

The Apple Watch app will arrive later this year, but you can bank on the fact that we’ll be watching and waiting for more details over the coming weeks.

Cmo Usar La Aplicacin Pokmon Go Para Apple Watch

Apple Watch app vs Pokemon Go Plus: enough to bring you back?

Los creadores de Pokémon Go han lanzado su tan esperada aplicación Apple Watch, que seguramente complacerá a Watch con los entrenadores Pokémon en todas partes.

A pesar de su decreciente popularidad, Niantic continúa actualizando y perfeccionando Pokémon Go con correcciones y nuevas funciones, como el sistema de amigos y el sistema de bonificación de captura.

Quizás la actualización más destacada en los últimos meses sea la recientemente lanzada aplicación Apple Watch . Ahora, la aplicación Watch obviamente no va a atraer a los entrenadores de Pokémon Go que no poseen un reloj, pero puede revivir el interés de los que sí lo tienen, tanto por usar el reloj como por jugar.

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Is Square Enix Releasing A Mana Collection In Europe

Last Friday, Square Enix filed a trademark for whatever Collection of Mana may be. The application was submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Square Enix has previously done the same in Japan.

We all know that Square Enix suddenly announced a remake of Secret of Mana two years ago. What many people dont know is that the developer also released a collection of Mana games for the Switch in Japan that same year. At that time, however, Square was not interested in releasing that collection in the west.

Would Square Enix have changed its mind now? Will we also get our own Seiken Densetsu Collection with Mystic Quest, Secret of Mana and the never-before-located Seiken Densetsu 3? And would we perhaps hear more about that on the developers pressco at E3? Hopefully we will know more during the night from Monday June 10 to Tuesday June 11 !

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Arknights Japan 25 Anniversary Livestream Highlights

There has been rumors hovering around our heads about Pokemon Go NOT coming to the Apple Watch in the new future because Niantic was coming up with their own wearables. We got the first part of the rumor wrong because there will be an update that brings the game to the Apple Watch. The new update will let you explore the world around you without constantly checking your phone, instead you just check your wrist. Its fairly convenient Id say. You can also hatch your Pokemon eggs.

Its pretty easy to navigate the watch. You basically tap the screen on your watch and navigate the UI to collect items from PokeStops. However when you do encounter a Pokemon, youll be notified on the watch, but you still need to pull out your phone to catch it. So for everything that you do on the watch will be linked to your Pokemon Go Activity ring. If you own an Apple Watch, it will definitely make it easier to catch specific Pokemons.

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Pokmon Gyms Will Give You Plenty Of Exercise

While the Pokémon gyms may not contain any exercise equipment, dont let that fool you. Pokémon Go will make you work hard to collect those colorful creatures. Walking long distances is not just encouraged. It is required.

Sitting around will get you very little in this game. Its true that if you put a lure on a PokéStop, you can lazily lurk and wait for the Pokémon to come to you. But to maximize the number and variety you can catch, youll need to do a lot of walking.

Cmo Instalar Y Configurar La Aplicacin Pokmon Go Watch

Using Pokémon Go as a weight

La aplicación Watch está disponible como parte de la actualización del 22 de diciembre de 2016 para iOS . Así que asegúrese de que su aplicación esté actualizada a la última versión, y la aplicación Watch debería instalarse automáticamente en su reloj.

Cuando abra la aplicación por primera vez en el reloj, le pedirá permiso para enviarle notificaciones. Debes permitir que lo haga o te perderás una parte esencial de la experiencia. Siempre puede cambiar esto en la Configuración más adelante.

Cuando proceda, probablemente será recibido con una pantalla de entrenador de nivel 1. No entre en pánico, solo necesita abrir la aplicación Pokémon Go en su iPhone para sincronizar. De hecho, cuando toca «Inicio» en esta pantalla, es posible que reciba un mensaje que le diga que haga precisamente eso.

En tu iPhone, abre la aplicación Pokémon Go. La primera vez que lo haga, se le pedirá que permita que la aplicación acceda a su ubicación incluso cuando no la esté utilizando. Nuevamente, querrás tocar «Permitir», porque permitirá que el juego se ejecute en segundo plano.

En la superficie, la aplicación Pokémon Go Watch parece simplemente otra forma de jugar, pero también es un rastreador de ejercicios, lo que significa que se conecta a la aplicación Salud. Puede permitir o no permitir que la aplicación rastree cuatro métricas de salud: Energía activa, Pasos, Distancia para caminar + correr y Entrenamientos.

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Make Sure That Apple Health Is Connected To Pokmon Go

One of the possible reasons why Adventure Sync is not tracking your fitness progress is that Apple Health is not connected to the Game. You can check it by using the following steps.

  • Open the Apple Health App on your iPhone
  • Now tap Sources.
  • Navigate to the Apps section and make sure that Pokémon Go is on the list.
  • If its not connected, then repeat the process of connecting the Apple health with Pokémon Go again.

How To Set Up And Configure The Pokmon Go Watch App

The Watch app is available as part of the December 22, 2016 update for iOS . So just make sure your app is updated to the latest version, and the Watch app should automatically be installed on your Watch.

When you first open the app on the Watch, it will ask permission to send you notifications. You should allow it to do so or youll miss out an essential part of the experience. You can always change this in the Settings later.

When you proceed, you will probably be greeted with a level 1 trainer screen. Dont panic, you just need to open the Pokémon Go app on your iPhone to sync up. Indeed, when you tap Start on this screen, you might be greeted with a message telling you to do just that.

On your iPhone, open the Pokémon Go app. The first time you do so, you will be asked to allow the app to access your location even when youre not using the app. Again, youre going to want to tap Allow, because it will let the game to run in the background.

On the surface, the Pokémon Go Watch app seems like just another way of playing the game, but its also a workout tracker, which means it hooks into the Health app. You can allow or disallow the app from tracking four Health metrics: Active Energy, Steps, Walking + Running Distance, and Workouts.

Note the Data item on this screen as wellwell talk more about this below.

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Pokemon Go For Apple Watch

But you’ll still need your phone.

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After three long months, you can now download the monster-stalking smash hit game Pokemon Go for your Apple Watch — and stop staring at your phone like a hawk whenever you’re out walking the road.

Mind you, it’s not a full version of the Pokemon Go game. To actually catch Pokemon, you’ll still need your phone. The Apple Watch version is more of a companion app that tracks your steps , helps you stock up on Pokemon-catching items, and sends notifications to your wrist when there’s a Pokemon nearby.

It’s a shame the game still makes you pull out the phone — to avoid that, you may still need to find the $35 Pokemon Go Plus wearable.

Here’s the full list of features, according to an official blog post from the game’s creators:

How To Check If The Apple Health Is Connected To Pokemon Go


At times, the user might experience the issue of not tracking the fitness activities. So the user has to ensure that the Apple Health and the Pokemon Go are correctly synced.

1. Open the Apple Health application on the iPhone and click on the Sources option. Apple Health is a built-in health app on Apple Watch to stay healthy.

2. Navigate to the Apps section on the device and ensure that the Pokemon Go option is enabled.

3. If the application is not synced, the user has to repeat connecting Apple health with Pokemon Go.

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Does Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Drain Battery

Some players theorize this could be caused by the Adventure Sync feature, but for most players Adventure Sync did not cause a significant change to battery consumption until the most recent update. To make matters worse, some users are finding that the GO Battle League is causing their phones to overheat.

I Love This Game Can We Make It Even Better

This has been a great game since the beginning! Never before have we had a game that encouraged people to get out and meet people in the real world with the same love for Pokémon. The best part is Niantic really does care about their players and listens to the feedback given from their loyal players. The new changes have been great keeping older players such as myself actively playing yet Ive felt like since the beginning there has been a key element that has been missing. In the original Game Boy games when you tried to catch a Pokémon you had to fight it with one of your own Pokémon and each Pokémon had up to 3 or 4 attacks that you could pick from. Less tapping the screen continuously and more strategizing your next move. I was reading the reviews and I agree that there needs to be a chat with your friend group so you can coordinate raids rather than using facebook chat groups. I honestly dont struggle with poke balls but more with potions since I battle a lot I am always healing my Pokémon and always have a huge amount of Pokémon I cant revive due to the low amounts of potions that are more frequently getting distributed as gifts from raids or friends. Also can we make dodging work in battles? Its an underutilized addition that doesnt appear to help with battling.

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