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Field Research Pokemon Go Rewards

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Pokemon Go Research Tasks

Pokemon Go Field Research Breakthrough Reward, Week 1: Articuno
Shiny variant can be obtained as a Research reward encounter
? Confirmation pending. We’ve not yet confirmed this encounter in our controlled study, but believe it is appearing! Typically clarified within a few hours.

Listed below are the current Research tasks and possible rewards in Pokemon GO, according to the Silph Research Group.

Only one reward is given per task.

Pokmon Go Power Plant Spawns And New Pokmon

The main appeal of the Power Plant event are the two new Pokémon coming to Pokémon GO. Helioptile and Heliolisk will be making their first ever appearance on the game for this event. Players will get plenty of chances to catch these two Electric and Normal-type Pokémon for themselves via the Field Research Tasks above.

Helioptile and its evolved form, Heliolisk, originated from the Kalos region. Theyre Gen 6 Pokémon that are finally making their debut in GO. While you can catch Helioptile as a Wild Pokémon simply by completing the field research tasks, youll need 50 Helioptile Candy to evolve it into Heliolisk.

Helioptile isnt the only Pokémon going to appear in the wild. If youre looking to add other interesting Pokémon to your collection, other Pokémon will also have an increased rate of spawning. The Power Plant event in Pokémon GO gives you the chance to also catch these:

  • Electrode
  • Trubbish
  • Porygon

Most Pokémon you can catch in the Power Plant event will be Electric-type. Youll even be able to encounter Pikachu, Shinx, Bedlum, Blitzle, and Klink in one-star raids.

During 5-star raids, you can even have the chance to encounter Regice a powerful Legendary Pokémon. On 3-star raids, youll be battling against Dewgong, Monferno, Piloswine, and Druddigon.

Pokemon Go January 202: Field Research Tasks & Rewards

Its essential to note Pokemon Go January 2022 Field Research ends on January 31, 2022. Hence, make sure you claim all the rewards before the deadline. These are the Pokemon Go Field Research tasks and rewards in January 2022:

  • Battle in the GO Battle League 2 times Stunfisk
  • Catch 5 different species of Pokemon Burmy Burmy Burmy
  • Catch 5 Pokemon Rhyhorn
  • Catch 5 Pokemon with Weather Boost Vulpix Poliwag Hippopotas Snover
  • Catch 7 Pokemon Magikarp
  • Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon Dratini Bagon
  • Defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader Lapras
  • Earn 2 Candies walking with your buddy Bunnelby
  • Earn 3 Candies walking with your buddy Stunfisk
  • Earn 5 hearts with your buddy Eevee
  • Evolve a Pokemon Eevee
  • Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row Gible
  • Make 3 Great Throws Snubbull Lileep Anorith
  • Make 3 Great Throws in a row Onix
  • Make 5 Curveball Throws in a row Pineco
  • Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row -Spinda #4
  • Make 5 Nice Throws Dunsparce
  • Open 5 Gifts Slakoth
  • Power up Pokemon 3 times Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle
  • Power up Pokemon 5 times Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile
  • Power up Pokemon 7 times Treecko Torchic Mudkip
  • Spin 3 PokeStops or Gyms Sudowoodo
  • Spin 5 PokeStops or Gyms Ralts
  • Take a snapshot of a wild Pokemon Miltank Hoppip Yanma Murkrow
  • Trade a Pokemon Bidoof
  • Use 5 Berries to help catch Pokemon Wurmple
  • Walk 2 km Shellder
  • Win 5 Raids Aerodactyl
  • Win a level 3 or higher raid Omanyte Kabuto

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Pokemon Go Power Plant Event Schedule

The Power Plant Pokemon GO event will last two full weeks, starting on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at 10:00 AM and ending on Tuesday, February 1, 2022, at 10:00 AM local time. Unlike the XP Challenge and other limited-time events that require the purchase of a Johto Tour Ticket, the Power Plant event is free to all players.

Are There Any Additional Rewards Associated With January 2022s Research Breakthrough Encounter

[Infographic] Pokemon Field Research Rewards

Somewhat. Niantic initially planned that each Research Breakthrough encounter in January 2022 would also reward Trainers with Steelix Mega Energy. Unfortunately, ue to an unforeseen issue, this reward distribution will not be handled this way. Instead, Trainers can earn up to 200 Steelix Mega Energy throughout January via a special Timed Research task .

The task is to Catch 7 Pokémon and the reward is 25 Steelix Mega Energy . This can be repeated up to 4 times from Saturday, January 1st, 2022 at 12:00 a.m. to Monday, January 31st, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. .

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Go Battle Day: Great League & Sinnoh Cup

Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022, 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. local time

Rounding out this week is an event in the GO Battle League: during GO Battle Day, instead of the usual five-fight sets per day, you can do a full 20 series thats 100 trainer battles. This action is also sweetened for you with the quadrupling of Stardustrewards for victories. Get ready for the event with our Great League and Sinnoh Cup tier lists.

If you just need even more pocket monsters in your life right now, check out our ranking of all starter Pokémon.


Master Pokmon Go Research

Research is the newest craze in Pokémon GO, and you’ll findit makes finding wild Pokémon even more fun and rewarding. Research is the new keyto finding powerful Pokémon, rare items, and even encountering Legendary andMythical Pokémon!

Whether you’re new to research or looking to make the mostof this exciting new feature, we’re here to help. Read on to maximize yourrewards from both Field Research and Special Research.

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Pokmon Go September And October Field Research Tasks And Rewards

The Pokémon Go Field Research were a giant addition to the 2018 game, introducing new Pokémon Go tasks for players to complete.

To complete the Field Research tasks in Pokémon Go also gives unique rewards as part of Research Breakthroughs, while tasks Special Research will help you discover Pokémon never before seen, including the fantastic Mythic Pokémon Mew.

Field Research tasks change every month, but now there are a number of additions to that cycle, with several special events and limited resources also obtaining their own research mission.

Pokemon Go Field Research Tasks Rewards Research Breakthrough December 2021


Trainers, December 2021 brings new Field Research tasks, rewards, Pokemon encounters, and Deino as Research Breakthrough encounter.

As with every beginning of the month, Niantic releases a new set of Field Research tasks and rewards that brings a thrill to the game. Along with the new set of tasks, the Research Breakthrough encounter also changes, and to get to this encounter, you will need to collect seven stamps from completing seven Field Research tasks. In December 2021, as a Research Breakthrough encounter, we will have Deino and its Shiny form.

To get more Field Research tasks, all you need to do is to spin a PokeStop disc and it will momentarily give you a new task with cool rewards and activities. Keep in mind that you only get one stamp per day.

Here are the December 2021 Field Research tasks and rewards.

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Pokmon Go Field Research Quests Explained

Field research are missions collected one at a time by spinning a PokéStop, and will involve finding certain creatures, engaging in battles and other activities.

Every day PokéStops will give you a new quest, and each type of quest can have one of many different rewards, from previously Raid-exclusive consumables such as TMs and Rare Candy and common items such as Poké Balls.

Examples of quest types include:

  • Catch one or two specific Pokemon
  • Catch specific Types
  • Catch Weather-boosted Types
  • Hatch a certain number of Eggs
  • Battle in a Gym a certain number of times
  • Battle in a Raid a certain number of times
  • Evolve a certain number of Pokemon
  • Make a certain number of specific throws
  • Spin a certain number of PokeStops

Some of these quest rewards even give you the chance to catch a mystery Pokémon. There’s nothing exclusive here, but there does include uncommon and rare Pokémon, such as Tangela and Chansey, depending on the quest in particular.

As well as from a PokéStop, one additional research quest will also be added to your list at midnight local time. If you have a full roster of research, then you’ll receive a fourth regardless – though if you still have four the following evening, no more will be added.

Pokemon Go Power Plant Field Research

Trainers, new Field Research, and rewards are now available as part of the current Power Plant event in Pokemon Go.

The Power Plant event runs from January 19, 2022, at 10 AM to February 1, 2022, at 10 AM local time, featuring new Pokemon, shiny Pokemon in the wild, different Raid Bosses, and new Field Research tasks.

There are 3 different Field Research tasks for the Power Plant event, and different Pokemon are available to encounter when completing the tasks. That said, lets take a look at the list of event-exclusive Field Research below.

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Pokemon Go May 2021 Field Research Tasks Rewards And Breakthrough Rewards

Update – May 2021 Field Research Tasks and Rewards Arrive in less than 24 hours!

Original Story –Pokemon GO players, it’s once again time for a new month of field research quests and rewards.

On this page, we’ll share with you everything we know about Field Research quests in Pokemon GO for May 2021.

We’ll cover how they work, the existing quests available right now and what Pokemon will act as our new Field Research Breakthrough in May 2021.

To make things easy, we’ve broken it down into sections, so if you want to skip ahead, by all means, click the links above to fast-forward to the info you’re looking for.

All Pokmon Go Power Plant Event Field Research Tasks And Rewards

Pokemon Go October Field Research Tasks, Rewards ...

While the Pokémon GO Power Plant event is going on, youll be tasked with doing some field research. Youre going to be needing some spinning PokéStops to get the event exclusive field research tasks. Whats great about this, is this is that its possible to simply save these tasks and then complete them even after the Power Plant event ends.

For the Power Plant event in Pokémon GO, youll have six different field research tasks to do. A few of them involve travelling quite the distance, so get ready for some exercise.

Here are the field research tasks youre asked to complete as well as their rewards.

Of course, dont just immediately head outside and tackle these tasks. Youll have to first unlock them at random via spinning PokéStops while the event is going on. These specials tasks can be taken alongside the standard field research during the Power Plant event.

  • Heliophile
  • Heliolisk

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Pokemon Go Field Research List: January 2022 Rewards And Missions

As we previously explained, everything around the field research mission system is on rotation. Every month brings around a different set of events with different goals, and we’re going to keep this page up-to-date with whatever the current mission set is. Here’s the quests that you’ll find in your Field Research list during January 2022 – but remember these quests are given out at random, so which you see is entirely down to chance.

Field research missions have an element of the random to their rewards – so there’s a chance that you’ll get more basic rewards like Pokeballs, Stardust and other items. Every quest has a Pokemon encounter it has a chance of rewarding you with, however, and this is a list of those missions and encounters:

Mountains Of Power Event

Pokemon Go is holding a new event called Mountains of Power from Jan. 7 to Jan. 13. Few details have been revealed so far, but more information will be announced as we get closer to the event.

In the meantime, Pokemon Go’s winter holiday event is underway until Dec. 31, and Kyurem is currently appearing in five-star raids. You can catch up on everything else happening in the game this month in our .

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Pokemon Go Field Research December 2021

  • Battle in Go Battle League: Swablu
  • Catch 10 Fire-type Pokemon: 10 Charizard Mega Energy
  • Catch 10 Grass-type Pokemon: 10 Venusaur Mega Energy
  • Catch 10 Normal-type Pokemon: 10 Pidgeot Mega Energy
  • Catch 10 Water-type Pokemon: 10 Blastoise Mega Energy
  • Catch 5 Different species of Pokemon: Minccino
  • Catch 5 Pokemon with Weather Boost: Poliwag , Vulpix , Hippopotas , Snover
  • Catch 5 Pokemon: Lillipup
  • Catch 7 Pokemon: Magikarp
  • Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon: Bagon , Dratini
  • Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts: Onix
  • Earn 2 Candies walking with your buddy: Bunnelby
  • Earn 3 Candies walking with your buddy: Stunfisk, Meowth
  • Earn 5 Hearts with your buddy: Jigglypuff
  • Evolve a Pokemon: Eevee
  • Hatch 2 Eggs: Beldum
  • Hatch 3 Eggs: Alolan Vulpix
  • Hatch an Egg: Mantine
  • Make 3 Curveball Throws in a row: Psyduck
  • Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row: Gible
  • Make 3 Great Throws in a row: Onix
  • Make 3 Great Throws: Lileep , Anorith , Snubbull
  • Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row: Spinda #3
  • Make 5 Nice Throws: Dunsparce
  • Power up Pokemon 3 times: Bulbasaur , Charmander , Squirtle
  • Power up Pokemon 5 times: 10 Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise/Beedrill/Pidgeot Mega Energy
  • Power up Pokemon 5 times: Chikorita , Cyndaquil , Totodile
  • Power up Pokemon 7 times: Treecko , Torchic , Mudkip
  • Sent 10 Gifts to friends: Delibird
  • Spin 3 Pokestops or Gyms: Sudowoodo
  • Spin 5 Pokestops or Gyms: Ralts
  • Take 2 Snapshots of wild Ice-type Pokemon: Spheal
  • Take a Snapshot of a wild Pokemon: Murkrow , Hoppip, Yanma
  • Trade a Pokemon: Seadra

Pokmon Go November Field Research Tasks

Elite Technique #2 How to stack claim rewards for Field Research in Pokémon Go.

This month has a diverse range of tasks to complete and the following list will guide you on what you need to do for them. You can choose to go about completing the tasks in the way that would be beneficial to do so for your playstyle and perhaps choose to complete certain tasks first to net specific Pokémon. The list is as follows:

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What Is Field Research In Pokemon Go

Field Research is a series of tasks that are obtained by spinning a PokeStop or Gym. Players looking to wrack up rewards will have to travel as they are only able to complete one task a day for each location.

Each task contains an objective and Trainers are given a reward for achieving them. Rewards can range from items like Poke Balls to encounters with specific Pokemon, all of which you can see in the table above.

How Do I Unlock A Research Breakthrough

To unlock a Research Breakthrough and get an encounter with the current months Pokemon, youll need to complete one Field Research task every day for seven days. The good news is they dont have to be consecutive days.

Once youve completed a task, make sure you claim the reward on the Field Research progress page to earn a stamp. You can only earn one stamp per day, but completed tasks can be saved up and claimed at a later date to earn a stamp.

Once seven stamps have been earned, youll be able to claim your Research Breakthrough reward by opening the package that appears at the top of the Field Research progress page.

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Field Research Tasks For Pokmon Go 2021 Holiday Event Part 1

These are these tasks and rewards for the first half of Pokémon Go‘s Holiday 2021 Event:

  • Take 2 snapshots of wild ice-type Pokémon: Reward: 25 Mega Abomasnow Energy.
  • Send 3 gifts to friends: Rewards: 3 Pinap Berries, 3 Poké Balls, or 3 Razz Berries
  • Catch 7 different species of Pokémon: Rewards: Alolan Vulpix encounter
  • Win a level 3 or higher raid: Rewards: Cryogonal encounter
  • Open 5 gifts: Rewards: Pikachu or Stantler or Cubchoo encounter.
  • Catch 5 different Ice-type Pokémon: Rewards: Spheal Holiday encounter.
  • Spin 3 PokéStops or Gyms: Rewards: Swinub encounter.

These tasks will be switched out starting on December 24th. As trainers look towards 2021, they have the upcoming Johto Tour to look forward to. While these Field Research tasks provide trainers with Johto Pokémon encounters like Swinub, that event will also offer the chance to capture all of their Shiny forms. Similar to the Pokémon Go Kanto Tour event that happened last year, this one will be a celebration of all things Johto. Until then, the second half of the holiday event will keep players occupied.

Pokémon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

Pokemon Go Power Plant Start & End Date

Pokemon Go Field Research Rewards February ...

The Power Plant event begins in Pokemon Go on Wednesday, January 19, at 10am local time and ends on Tuesday, February 1, at 10am local time.

This means youll have just under two weeks to complete all of these Field Research tasks and unlock all of the rewards on offer and hopefully earn enough Helioptile Candy to evolve a Heliolisk!

Thats not all, though, as the Power Plant event is actually split into two parts. The second half is called A Bad Feeling and it kicks off on January 24. Expect appearances from Team Go Rocket and more.

Make sure you visit our Pokemon Go home page for the latest news, and check out some other guides below:

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