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Pokemon Sword Water Gym Puzzle

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Nessa: Shes Also Ruthless In The Role

Pokemon Sword And Shield Water Gym Puzzle Guide

For the protagonist of the Pokémon games, Gym Leaders are really just stepping stones. With their insistence on using just the one Pokémon type, they dont tend to be the most fearsome opponents.

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Regardless, though, Pokémon lore still regards them as some of the greatest trainers in their region. They dont give those badges away upon their defeat for nothing, after all. As such, a huge part of the role is the Gym Leaders confidence in their own ability, and Nessa certainly isnt lacking on that front. She may have even more bravado than Misty!

Pokemon Sword And Shield Water Gym Puzzle Guide

You only have one option at first, go for the red switch and fight the trainer there. When you beat the trainer, hit the red switch and then go hit the yellow switch. From there, hit the red switch again and head up the side area to the next set of switches and trainers. Take out the next trainer so you have access to the yellow switch. Hit the yellow switch, then go down and around to hit the red switch. Now go up and to the left side of the area, facing the trainer on the other side. Now head down the stairs and hit the yellow switch at the bottom of the left side. Head back up and hit the red switch, then the blue switch, then stake the stairs to the center of the area. Follow the path up and you will face of with Nessa.

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I Played The Water Gym Puzzle At The Pokmon Centre Yesterday A Few Thoughts

So first off, there were two queues one for the centre itself and one for the game, we went for the main centre and as we were leaving, a guy just randomly asked if we wanted to play. Got damn lucky there.

We played handheld cause I wanted to save the TV experience for when I’m home and wanted to get a feel of it compared to a DS game.

It’s different. Not majorly different but you can feel the game responding to movement controls a lot better and all the areas do feel wider, more space to move. It doesn’t come across in gameplay videos cause visually it’s similar but when you start controlling it you can feel it instantly.

There aren’t touch screen controls for a battle. don’t know if this was just disabled in the demo but it’s not there now.

The puzzle for the water gym is a bunch of waterfalls you have to turn on and off to get through to the final battle, it actually reminds me of a mild difficulty trial for Breath Of The Wild. There are also trainers hiding throughout the level, I think 4 was my count?

It’s also quite a tricky puzzle, there were around 15 demo spaces available and a lot of people were asking for help.

Battling system is exactly what you’d expect, but I think this game is really going to shine in the exploring nature and the new additions to gameplay.

Also, for those complaining about the lower frame rate, it really doesn’t affect anything as it looked very smooth anyway. The art style makes it blend nicely.

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Misty: Shes Totally Committed To Her Gym

With great power comes great responsibility, as wise old Uncle Ben once said. This is also true in the case of Pokémons Gym Leaders. Not only do they have the responsibility to take on uppity young pre-teens who only became Trainers a few routes ago, but theyve also got to support their gyms in other ways during difficult times.

In one episode of the show, The Misty Mermaid, the Sensational Sisters at the Cerulean Gym need help attracting crowds to their shows. Misty is eventually convinced to play a mermaid in an underwater ballet, demonstrating her commitment to her gym, her city and her siblings.

Nessa: She Has A Ace Up Her Sleeve

Hulbury Gym Mission: How to solve Water Puzzle

If youve played Sword and Shield, you cant fail to have noticed the fact that Pokémon are suddenly growing to about eighty feet tall out of no-darn-where in Galar. Or, to give this phenomenon its official name, theyre Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing.

Needless to say, Mistys Pokémon have never been capable of any such feat. Nessa is the first Water Gym Leader to bring something as fearsome as Dynamax Drednaw to the battlefield. In the Champion Cup rematch, she exceeds even that by Gigantamaxing Drednaw instead, an even more formidable prospect.

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Misty: She Proved Herself From Such A Young Age

When we first meet the fresh-faced Misty in the early days of the show, its clear that shes a very special young woman. Shes tenacious, shes talented, shes dedicated to her beloved Water-type Pokémon . All her appearances testify to this.

Of course, Nessa isnt lacking in any of these traits either, but she wasnt quite the big deal from such an early age that Misty was. This isnt to say that Galars resident Water expert wasnt a young Poké-prodigy herself, though, as the information on her League Card makes clear.

Pokmon Sword And Shield: Circhester

Circhester is a charming winter town, home to your sixth Gym battle with either the Rock-type user Gordie in Pokémon Sword or Ice-type user Melony in Pokémon Shield.

There’s more to do here than just that though. The town also has a two-part hotel, with one or two things to do inside, as well as an historic hot spring and a quirky restaurant.

To dive into things to do, first up there’s a man selling food by the smaller fountain that will trade you a Throh for your Vanillish in Sword, or a Sawk for your Vanillish in Pokémon Shield – you can catch a Vanillish just back on Steamdrift Way if you need one.

In the house nearest to the Pokémon Center, you can speak to a man to get TM27 Icy Wind in Pokémon Sword or TM48 Rock Tomb in Pokémon Shield.

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There’s a Move Tutor, who teaches the powerful but hard-to-master move Draco Meteor, at the Hero’s Bath .

The western wing of the hotel has a couple of things to do: upstairs, in the far left room, is a man in a doctor’s outfit who’s actually the Game Director . He’ll give you a Catching Charm for now, and reward you with a Shiny Charm later on if you return having completed the Pokédex!

There’s also a Police Officer in one of these rooms that’s actually Morimoto, the man behind Pokémon’s complex battle systems. You can battle him here once you return as Champion of Galar!

When you’re done exploring, head up to the north of town to the Gym!

Available Pokémon

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How Do You Complete The Nessas Gym Mission

Head right, defeat the first trainer, then hit the red button. Pass through the open path, then hit the yellow button behind it to remove the water channel on the yellow floor tile. Cross the red floor tile. Hit the red button again to move the water channel back to its original spot and open up the path ahead.

How To Pass The Last Question Of The Second Gym

*SUPER EASY* Pokemon Sword And Shield Water Gym Puzzle Guide

1. Top right bookshelf 2. Top left bookshelf 3. Bottom left bookshelf 4. Bottom right bookshelf 5. Middle right bookshelf. Now defeat the SchoolKid, answer YES to her question, and pick out the book. After reading the memo, the bookshelf will move to the right, revealing a hidden staircase. nothing happen ?? Why are you reporting this answer?

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Nessa: Her Gym Is Truly Imposing

Of course, this isnt really a fair fight, considering that we first visited Mistys gym in Cerulean City on our humble Game Boys in 1998. The chunky handheld has all the processing power of your average toilet flushing mechanism today.

Still, though. For a Water-type gym, theres no doubt that Nessas huge arena, with its gushing torrents of water and maze-like design, defines the epic watery challenge we were hoping for.

Circhester Gym In Pokemon Sword

Leader: GordieType: Rock

Geordie’s Rock Gym takes the same form as Melony’s Gym, but with a sand and stone theme rather than ice. where you’ll still need to work your way through an area with a collapsible floor. You’ll get a little help from a detector that’ll tell you when you’re close to a section of the floor that’s unstable, but there are Gym Trainers to face too, all armed with Rock Type Pokemon, so make sure you’ve got some Ground, Fighting, Grass, Ice or Steel Type Pokemon with you.

Gym Mission: Here’s a little walkthrough for you to get you through the Rock Type Gym Mission, talking as if the playing field is on a grid.

Area 1: Go forward two – right three until you hit the rock – up three – left three – up three into the platform – fight the Gym Trainer – exit left off the platform – go left three – up three or until you’re one line from the top – go right until you hit the rock – exit the area

Area 3: Enter the area in the left lane – go up three – left two – up one – left one – up until you hit the rock – right one – move up onto the platform – go all the way up the platform – battle the trainer at the top – exit the platform on the right below the trainer – go right until you hit the wall – go up three – left two – up one – left one – up two – left one – up two – right one – up until you reach the platform – exit either left or right – go up and around the blocks until you get to the platform.

Rock Gym Leader Gordie

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Recommended Counters Against Bea

All of Beas Pokémon are weak against flying-, psychic-, and fairy-type Pokémon. Note that psychic-type moves will not effect Pangoro due to its dark-typing, but fairy-type moves will be four times more effective.

Here are some good Pokémon to catch and evolve for this gym, as well as the easiest places to find them:

  • Woobat, psychic/flying

Pokemon Sword And Shield Circhester Gym Guide: How To Defeat Gordie

How To Solve The Hulbury Water Gym Puzzle

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Circhester Gym is the Sixth Galar Gym required to be defeated by the player in order to get the Rock badge. The Leader of this Gym is known as Gordie and he handles Rock-type Pokemon. If you have trained Water and Grass Pokemon, they will be a huge help in this Gym Battle. Read on for our Pokemon Sword and Shield Circhester Gym guide for tips on how to defeat Gordie and conquer the gym.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield: Second Gym Guide For Water Type Leader Nessa

Your Pokemon Sword And Shield adventure will lead you to Nessa’s Water gym and the second gym in the game. Picking Scorbunny will cause some challenges for you in this battle, so here’s our guide to defeating this gym.

Pokemon Sword and Shield allows players to conquer the familiar 8 gyms that the franchise has become known for as they explore the Galar region in the hopes of becoming champion.

The second gym leader that you will encounter in your journey is the water type, master Nessa.

Be sure to watch our wide variety of Pokemon content here!

Located in Hulbury, which is a city surrounded by the waterfront and fishing spots, Nessa’s gym challenge is the classical puzzle-style fighting her can seem challenging depending on your team.

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Misty: Shes A Gym Leader Through And Through

So, Nessas League Card reveals some interesting information about her . If you take a look at the rare version she gives you in the post-game, though, youll discover something quite interesting: shes living a double life!

As it turns out, shes just as successful as a model as she is as a Gym leader. Apparently, she can flit between personas depending on the work shes currently doing. For all her talk about her commitment to crushing challengers, then, is she actually less dedicated to Gym Leader life than we may have thought?

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Water Gym Puzzle Guide Pokemon Sword And Shield

In this guide, you will come to know how to solve the Water Gym Puzzle in the Pokemon Sword And Shield. You have to follow the given guide, and you will get to know about the switches through which you can solve the puzzle.

You will have to pass through the trainer as you start the puzzle, come to the red switch, and press it.

After the red switch, move forward to the yellow switch, which is right after the red switch, press it.

After that, you need to come back to the red switch and press it again. It will clear your path to the other red switch.

Before pressing the red switch, you need to come over to the trainer and press the yellow switch behind her. Once you are done pressing the yellow switch, you can return to the red switch and press it, as shown in the image below.

Now you need to come up to the left area of the map. After getting into that area, you have to move straight, then pass through the trainer. You have to come downstairs, and you will get another yellow switch there.

Then go to the yellow switch, and you need to press it. Further, move to the red switch and press it to clear your path to the blue switch.

After that, you need to run towards the blue switch and press it. It will be the last switch for you, and it will clear the path to the Gym Leader for you. After pressing the blue switch, you need to come downstairs and then move straight to the door.

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Misty: Shes A Pokmon Icon

Hulbury Gym Mission: How to solve Water Puzzle | Pokemon Sword & Shield

Dont get us wrong, here. Nessa struck a chord with fans the world over as soon as her design was revealed. The fact that her gym was used as Sword and Shields playable demo only helped her popularity skyrocket further.

However, lets not lose sight of the fact that Misty is well, Misty. The tomboyish mermaid has been a fan favorite for decades, whether shes fearlessly putting Brock in his place or just being outright adorable. Youve had a good start, Nessa, but itll be quite some time before you even approach this level.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Turffield Puzzle Solution: How To Solve The Little Girl’s Riddle

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield riddle is given to you by a girl standing at the side of the path in… yep, you guessed it: Turffield. It’s one of the first towns you arrive in and has the Grass-type gym, but the riddle this girl gives to you in Pokemon Sword and Shield can be quite confusing. If you manage to solve it, you receive a reward, but before we get on to that, let’s take a look at the riddle itself. Here’s how to solve the Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield riddle solution and complete the puzzle with the standing stones.

How To Solve Hulbury Gym Challenge Waterfall Color Puzzle Pokemon Sword & Shield Nessa Boss

To solve the Hulbury Gym Challenge waterfall puzzle and reach its boss, Nessa, you have to press the red, yellow, and blue buttons in the correct order. These buttons turn the waterfalls on and off, allowing you to progress. So, lets walk you through this section one step at a time.

From the entrance, head to the right and fight Gym Trainer Julia. Shell through a level 21 Tympole at you. Press the red button shes standing next to. Then, push the yellow button right in front of you, then the red button again. This will unlock the way to the stairs. Climb up the stairs and ignore the red button for now. Instead, head for the yellow button and fight Heather. She attacks with a level 20 Krabby and Corphish. Push the yellow button, then circle back to the red button and press it. Climb up the stairs and walk all the way to the left.

When you reach the end, head towards the screen and battle Lynn. She fights with a level 20 Remoraid and level 21 Chewtle. Then, go down the stairs towards the screen, and push the yellow button. Head back up the stairs and to the left, then press the red button. Lastly, head to the right and press the blue button that youve just unlocked. Go down the stairs on the right, then proceed towards the door.

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Misty: She Faces Her Fears And Gets The Job Done

Being courageous isnt about having no fear. Not really. Its about having that fear, but going right the heck ahead and doing it anyway, like the unstoppable legend you are.

Misty knows all about this. Her phobia of Bug-types is well documented, but there she was in that darn forest anyway. After that encounter with a Gyarados, too, her fear of them was more than understandable . Did that stop her? Well, yes, at first, but she overcame that too. Thats exactly the kind of spirit we want to see in our Gym Leaders.

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