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All Pokemon Seasons In Order

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Pokemon Watch Order Chronological/recommended:

Pokemon All Seasons Name List | [Season 1 – 23]

The anime itself has multiple seasons, with movies and special episodes popping in between the seasons. However, viewers prefer to view the anime according to different regions of the anime seasons. Moreover, the Pokemon Watch Order Chronological contains the movies that fall between the anime season. On the other hand, the ONAs takes place in a timeline of their own. Hence, you can view the ONAs anytime. Furthermore, the chronological and recommended watch order for Pokemon is also the same. The chronological/recommended watch order is as follows:

  • Indigo League : 82 Episodes
  • Adventures in the Orange Islands : 36 Episodes
  • The Johto Journeys : 41 Episodes
  • Johto League Champions : 52 Episodes
  • Master Quest : 65 Episodes
  • Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! :
  • The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back :
  • Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution :
  • Pokemon the Movie 2000 :
  • Spell of the Unown :
  • Pokemon 4Ever: Celebi: Voice of the Forest :
  • Pokemon Heroes: Latios and Latias :
  • Mewtwo Return : 1 hour 14 minutes
  • Advanced : 39 Episodes
  • Advanced Challenge : 52 Episodes
  • Pokemon Advanced Battle : 53 Episodes
  • Battle Frontier : 47 Episodes
  • Jirachi: Wish Maker :
  • Pokemon the Movie: Destiny Deoxys :
  • Lucario and the Mystery of Mew :
  • Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea :
  • Diamond And Pearl : 52 Episodes
  • Battle Dimension : 52 Episodes
  • Galactic Battles : 53 Episodes
  • Sinnoh League Victors : 34 Episodes
  • The Rise of Darkrai :
  • Giratina and the Sky Warrior :
  • Arceus and the Jewel of Life :
  • Zoroark: Master of Illusions :
  • Weekly Pokmon Broadcasting Station

    Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station is a closely related spin-off series that aired with the beginning part of Pokémon: Advanced Generation. The show was presented as an animated variety show, and showed clip shows, reruns of Pokémon episodes, television airings of the Pokémon movies, cast interviews, and live action footage, in addition to the previously mentioned Pokémon side story episodes. The hosts were Mayumi Iizuka as Kasumi and Yji Ueda as Takeshi . They were regularly joined by Kaba-chan, Manami Aihara, Bernard Ackah and Rex Jones as the comedy team “Shio Kosh”, Megumi Hayashibara as Musashi , Shin-ichiro Miki as Kojir , and Inuko Inuyama as Nysu . The show ran from October 15, 2002, to September 28, 2004, when it was replaced by PokémonSunday.

    List Of Anime Episodes

    This is a list of all main series episodes of the Pokémon anime, airing on Tuesdays between April 1, 1997 and December 16, 1997, on Thursdays between April 16, 1998 and September 13, 2018, and on Sundays since October 7, 2018 in Japan, and since September 7, 1998 on a varied schedule in the United States. These episodes follow the journey of Pokémon TrainerAsh Ketchum across the regions of Kanto, the Orange Archipelago, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar with his first Pokémon, a Pikachu, and many others along the way.

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    Pokemon Season : Advanced Challenge

    Continuing their journey in the Hoenn region, Ash, May, Max, and Brock had a few adventures in Advanced Challenge but none of which really stood out as that memorable. None, except for the classic two-parter that saw the return of Misty and Togepi The Princess and the Togepi and A Togepi Mirage.While these two episodes were truly epic, they still couldn’t boost the season higher than number 10.

    Pokemon Series Watch Order Guide: A Complete Information 2021

    Pokemon Complete series plus movies Origins and the orange ...

    Looking for a way to watch the Pokemon series? We have all of the answers you need! Heres how to order and watch your favorite episodes. You can stream it on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. If you want to buy individual episodes, theyre available on iTunes, Google Play Movies & TV and YouTube. Click here for more information about How To Watch The Pokemon Series!

    Pokemon, a fascinating world filled with new activities, creatures, and characters, is one of the most memorable parts of our youth.

    It provided archetypes we could identify with, characters we wished to be like, and the greatest comedic villain trio in history .

    Many nostalgia-inducing elements were included in the series, such as predicting which Pokemon was during the commercial breaks and role-playing and capturing theoretical Pokemon.

    However, the children who grew up playing video games are now crazy about them. This group of adults still enjoys anime. They obsess over every little detail and will gladly discuss it with you for hours if you ask them enough times.

    We occasionally crave to return to our childhood, and when we do, something seems to get in the way.

    The anime has aired for more than 1,100 episodes without missing a beat since we quit watching it, and now its almost 1000 episodes old with Ash still being a 10-year-old boy.


    • Canon 1, 7, 10-18, 20-31, 34-36, 40-43, 45, 47-48, 50, 52-53 , 55-56 , 58 , 60-61 , 63
    • 8-9, 19, 32-33, 37-39, 44, 46, and 51 are filler cards.

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    List Of Pokmon Seasons

    Pokémon All Season List. The Anime Centre December 10, 2020. Pokémon is a multi-media franchise that’s owned and developed by the major Japanese games manufacturer, Nintendo. It is second only to the company’s Mario Brothers franchise in terms of profitability making it the world’s second most lucrative video game franchise.

    Episode #04 Pikachu’s Winter Vacation. Episode #05 A Family That Battles Together Stays Together! Episode #06 Cerulean Blues. Episode #07 Were No Angels! Episode #08 Showdown at the Oak Corral. Episode #09 The Blue Badge of Courage. Episode #10 Oaknapped! Episode #11 Celebi and Joy! Episode #12 A Date with Delcatty.

    Someone wanted me to post the list that I made a good while back of all Pokemon episodes, movies, shorts, specials, and everything animated there is about Pokemon, so here goes. This list is made while giving top priority to where a certain episode/movie/short fits in best and second priority to release dates, i.e. chronological order.

    This is the complete National Pokédex for Generation 8, which lists every one of the 898 Pokémon discovered so far.. Click a Pokémon’s name to see its detailed Pokédex page, or click a type to see other pokemon of the same type. See also: Pokédex with stats.

    Pokemon Season : Indigo League

    The best Pokemon season was the first one which has since been rebranded as Indigo League after the Kanto region’s Pokemon League.

    This season of the anime is pure classic anime. It’s fun, features so many memorable supporting characters that fans still celebrate to this day despite most of them only appearing in a single episode. It’s also the only season of the anime to feature the entirety of Ash’s journey to a Pokemon League within one season and without question, features the best theme song out of any season.

    If you could watch only one season of the Pokemon anime, you should watch this one. If you could watch them all, you should watch this one again, and again… and again. It’s that good and that’s why it’s the very best.

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    Pokmon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

    These games are the enhanced versions of Pokémon Sun and Moon but with a new storyline.


    The setting of these versions is the Alola Region too. But they have an alternate storyline along with the introduction of new characters and gameplay features.

    Developer: Game Freak

    Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

    Release: November 17, 2017

    Platforms: Nintendo 3DS


    The main emphasis of these versions is the legendary Pokémon known as Necrozma. The setting includes new locations and structures.

    Why players should play this game

    Some great features of this game include:

    • There is a new mini-game called Marine Surf.
    • There is a new online mode available known as the Battle Agency.

    Pokmon Games In Order

    Pokemon Seasons :all season names with first episode picture

    Pokemon 1080p, 1080p FHD), 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, Cartoon Network India, Disney Channel/XD, Hungama TV, Marvel HQ, Pokemon, Pokemon All Series & Seasons

    Pokemon Season 1: Indigo League Box Set Rare 26 Episodes. 5 out of 5 stars. 35 product ratings – Pokemon Season 1: Indigo League Box Set Rare 26 Episodes. $23.90. $2.89 shipping.

    Anime watch order list is a website dedicated to present with everything you need to know about crystals and previous gemstones. In short, wiki for crystals. Our team analyzes a long list of anime episodes, working tirelessly for many hours, to hand-pick the order series

    Pokémon: XYZ. Pokémon: XYZ is the nineteenth season of the Pokémon anime, and the third and final season of the XY series. It features Ash Ketchum, his Pikachu, the two siblings from Lumiose City, Clemont and Bonnie, and his old childhood friend, Serena as they continue their adventures in the Kalos region, catching new Kalos Pokémon, and learning more new secrets of Mega Evolution.

    Boba Fett vs Samus Aran Remastered. Video. February 26th 2015. Samus Aran. This is the first time a Death Battle has been shown live on Twitch and is the first remastered Death Battle episode, as it is a remake of episode 1. Chuck Norris vs Segata Sanshiro. Video. March 18th 2015. Drawish.

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    What Is The Best Pokemon Episode

    Ranking The 10 Best Pokemon Episodes Attack Of The Prehistoric PokémonCharizard ChillsKalos, Where Dreams And Adventures Begin!Charmander: The Stray PokémonShowdown In Pewter CityElectric Shock ShowdownCant Beat The HeatSecuring The Future!Pokémon, I Choose You!Island Of The Giant Pokémon

    Where Can I Watch The Pokmon Series

    As of right now, the easiest way to watch Pokémon is on the Pokémon TV app, which is one of the few apps that you can download from the Nintendo Switch eShop. Amazingly, its a free service, so all you have to do to watch is create a Pokémon Trainer Club account.

    Unfortunately, at the time of writing, every season isnt available on there. You can currently watch seasons 1, 2, 14, 15, 20, 21 and 22 of the main series. Hopefully this changes soon, because having the entire series in full on there for free would be massive.

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    Where To Watch Pokemon With Subtitles Or Dubbed

    Unfortunately, to watch Pokemon officially online, only a few streaming platforms have this classic anime.

    Here is the list with the preferred subtitles or the dubbed versions

    • Netflix US English subtitles and dubbed
    • Pokemon TV English subtitles
    • Hulu English and Spanish subtitles
    • Amazon Prime English subtitles and dubbed

    Pokemon Season : Advanced

    Pokemon: Seasons 1 &  2

    While The Johto Journeys benefitted from the new creativity a new region brings, Pokemon Advanced also benefitted and then some.

    The sixth season of the Pokemon anime saw a total refresh of the visual style of the show. The character designs were now much more modern and the animation smoother. The writing also seemed to have more energy, making this season one of the highest yet.

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    Pokemon Season : Adventures In The Orange Islands

    The Pokemon Company

    A lot of Pokemon fans dislike Adventures in the Orange Islands with a passion but I like it so much that it’s actually my sixth favorite season!

    The season’s strength is in its originality and willingness to be different from the previous story arcs. Adventures in the Orange Islands stands apart from a lot of the other seasons by not really being set in a region. It’s set in an area called The Orange Islands. It provides a great change of scenery and storyline with Ash not training for a Pokemon League but instead being on a serious mission for Professor Oak with Misty to deliver a mysterious Poke Ball to him.

    Unlike most of the other seasons, the Orange Islands arc stands completely on its own, thus is a lot easier to rewatch as opposed to the Johto and Sinnoh arcs which span several seasons.

    Meet Up At The Pokmon House

    Meet Up at the Pokémon House? , more commonly known as Pokénchi or Pokémon House , is the successor to Pokémon GETTV, which premiered on October 4, 2015. It is hosted by Shko Nakagawa, Otani Rinka, Hyadain, and Abareru-kun. Similar to its predecessors, it is a variety show featuring reruns of previous anime episodes and special live-action segments. It ran during Pokémon: Sun & Moon and Pokémon: The New Series.

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    Pokemon Watch Order: All Movies:

  • The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back :
  • Pokemon the Movie 2000 :
  • Spell of the Unown :
  • 4Ever: Celebi: Voice of the Forest :
  • Pokemon Heroes: Latios and Latias :
  • Jirachi: Wish Maker :
  • Pokemon the Movie: Destiny Deoxys :
  • Lucario and the Mystery of Mew :
  • Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea :
  • The Rise of Darkrai :
  • Giratina and the Sky Warrior :
  • Arceus and the Jewel of Life :
  • Zoroark: Master of Illusions :
  • Pokemon the Movie: White-Victini and Zekrom :
  • Pokemon the Movie: Black-Victini and Reshiram :
  • Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice :
  • Genesect and the Legend Awakened :
  • Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction :
  • Hoopa and the Clash of Ages :
  • Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel :
  • Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! :
  • Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us :
  • Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution :
  • Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle :
  • Hence here are the 24 movies released by 2020. These movies take place in different regions, and thus, they pop up in between the anime seasons in Pokemon Watch Order.

  • Pokemon Generation : 18 Episodes
  • Twilight Wings : 8 Episodes
  • Pokemon Evolutions
  • Pikachu Shorts : 27 Episodes
  • Mewtwo Return : 1 hour 14 minutes
  • Pokemon Chronicles : 22 Episodes
  • Pokemon Sunday
  • The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon : 1 hour
  • Pokemon Origins : 4 Episodes
  • XY Specials : 4 Episodes
  • Apart from the movies, the Pikachu ONAs also pop in between anime seasons in the Pokemon Watch Order. However, the fans mostly ignore this as it contains just festival-based special episodes.

    Pokemon All Anime Series Movies Ovas Onas And Special Episodes

    Pokemon all Seasons name list || in hindi || New update 2020

    Since the animes debut in 1997, it has released 24 anime seasons, 24 movies, 3 ONAs, 7 Special Episodes, and 1 Live-Action Movie. However, one doesnt need to watch the anime chronologically to understand the storyline thoroughly. More or less, each anime season has its storyline, which doesnt involve much information from the previous ones. Moreover, the anime season explains its connections to the previous ones in one of its episodes. In contrast, the movies dont define themselves, and thus one shall know about the anime season in which the film takes place. Thus, you should know about all the content the franchise has released before getting into the Pokemon Watch Order.

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    Pokemon Season : The Johto Journeys

    The first seasons set in a new region normally feature the best episodes. The writers seem more energized with the new setting and soft reboot and almost everything that happens this early on in a region is major plot development, something fans of the show desperately want to see. The Johto Journeys has all of this in addition to the classic episode, Charizard’s Burning Ambition which sees the departure of Charizard which boosts the season as a whole to greater heights and a higher ranking.

    What Kind Of Tv Shows Are There For Pokemon

    The anime series is accompanied by spin-off programming including Pokémon Chronicles, a series of side stories and the live-action variety and Pokémon-related news shows such as Pocket Monsters Encore, Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station, PokémonSunday, Pokémon Smash!, Pokémon GetTV, and Meet Up at the Pokémon House?

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    Pokmon Firered And Leafgreen

    These versions are the enhanced versions of the very first games that came out.


    There is a contextual help menu and a new character in the region that the player can access.

    Developer: Game Freak

    Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

    Release: January 29, 2004 , September 7, 2004 , September 23, 2004 , October 1, 2004

    Platforms: Game Boy Advance


    The main screen for this game is the overworld where the player navigates the main character.

    Why players should play this game

    Some great features of this game include:

    • The game comes with an introduction feature to teach the player how to play.
    • There is a new southern region called the Sevii Islands.

    Pokmon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire

    Pokemon Seasons 1 to 12 Box Set * 72

    These games are the enhanced versions of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.


    The player will enjoy exploring a region thats rich in Pokémon species and incredible people.

    Developer: Game Freak

    Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

    Release: November 21, 2014 , November 28, 2014

    Platforms: Nintendo 3DS


    These versions have a dramatic storyline that unfolds as the games progress with the Hoenn Region as the main setting.

    Why players should play this game

    Some great features of this game include:

    • The Pokémon-Amie feature allows players to interact more with their Pokémon.
    • There are Secret Bases that players can customize however they wish.

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    Where Can I Watch Pokemon Episodes

    There is an app named showbox. Through this app u can watch the whole Pokemon series. Click the tab near trending . Then click on TV shows. Then either search Pokemon or swipe down you will find Pokemon. It should look like this- Click on Pokemon. U are good to go. This app has all seasons of Pokemon.

    How To Watch The Pokemon Series Easy Watch Order Guide

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    Pokémon, a world brimming with new adventures, creatures, and characters, was one of the most memorable parts of our childhood.

    It had characters we could relate to, characters we wanted to be like, and the best comedic villain trio, i.e., Team Rocket.

    At some point in our lives, though, most of us stopped watching Pokémon and moved on to other series that seemed more interesting.

    Nonetheless, we sometimes feel like taking a trip down memory lane, and when we do that, a big hurdle seems to block the way.

    A hurdle of more than 1000 episodes long, that is. However, Pokémon never really stopped even after we stopped watching it.

    Do you disagree? Do you have other theories? Well, great.Have more epic discussions with us and our community in the Official Epic Dope Discord Server! Let’s goooooo!

    Official Epic Dope Discord Server

    What started in 1997 with the Indigo League now has 24 seasons with 1161 episodes released over 20 movies, and Ash is still a 10-year-old!

    Despite that, Pokémon always has something new to offer and still is very entertaining.


    • Canon: 1-7, 10-18, 20-31, 34-36, 40-43, 45, 47-48, 50, 52-53, 55-56, 58, 60-61, 63, 68, 71-82
    • Filler: 8-9, 19, 32-33, 37-39, 44, 46, 49, 51, 54, 57, 59, 62, 64-67, 69-70
  • Season 2: Adventures on the Orange Islands
  • Episodes: 83-118
  • Canon: 83, 90-92, 94, 98-99, 101-102, 104, 106-115, 117
  • Filler: 84-89, 93, 95-97, 100, 103, 105, 116, 118
  • Season 3: The Johto Journeys
  • Episodes: 119-159
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