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Pokemon Card Binders For Sale

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What Is The Best Pokemon Binder


The best Pokemon card binder is the TopDeck Pocket Binder Pro. It holds an incredible amount of cards , offers a high quality zipper seal to keep your cards safe, is made out of high quality material, and has side loading pockets.

We consider it the best because it mashes together everything that makes a good card binder. Quality, protection, and storage capacity.

Okuna Outpost Zippered Tcg Trading Card Game Binder

The basic red binder from Okuna Outpost comes with 20 sheets that hold 9 cards per sheet. The supplied pages are single card only for a total base capacity of 180 cards. The binder itself is a bit on the smaller side at 13.8 x 10.3.

It features a wraparound zipper to keep cards securely in the binder. It also has a thick exterior to help protect cards from damage during transit. This would be a great option for someone who is just getting into more serious collecting or organizing.

Best Pokemon Card Binders In 2021

Serious Pokemon card collectors always store their cards in binders. This is mainly because of the protection level that Pokemon card binders provide compared to other storage methods. Unlike TCG players, Pokemon card collectors need to keep their cards in pristine condition.

Please note that the binders in this guide work for any standard size TCG. If youre a Magic: The Gathering fan though, dont forget to check out our best MTG deck boxes so youre able to carry your entire deck with you without the risk of damaging your cards.

Since the condition of a Pokemon card affects its value, getting the right binder is a must. And thats why weve created this guide, to help you pick binders thatll keep your collection safe and wont fall apart after a couple of months.

Before you store any new card in a binder, always remember to check the cards authenticity with our guide to spotting fake Pokemon cards. That way, you wont waste valuable storage space on fake cards that arent worth anything.

Most of the binders on this list are made by Ultra Pro, which is not a surprise, since they make some of the best professional-grade card binders. Asides from a few exceptions -which are included in this list, Ultra Pro is the golden standard.

While some people prefer Monster Binders, we find them generally subpar when compared to the binders that Ultra Pro makes. Another company thats worth mentioning when it comes to high-quality Pokemon card binders is Vault X.

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Organizing Pokemon Cards Using Binders For Competitive Extended Players

If you are a competitive extended Pokémon card player, your collection of Pokémon cards has more than likely grown to a size where some form of organization is starting to become mandatory.

Similar to players that only play Pokémons standard format, I recommend extended players to get 4-row binders to help store and organize their collection of Pokemon cards and a small 4×4 binder to take on the go.

The main difference for extended players is that I recommend you get a 4-row binder for each energy/color type of Pokémon card and store them separately.

Energy Type
White Normal, Dragon, Flying

This means you would need a minimum of 11 binders to be able to organize your cards this way.

Now, Im not suggesting that you go out and buy 11, 4-row binders right this minute unless your collection is already at a point where it needs that many.

Instead, this should just be seen as a potential end goal for how to organize your Pokémon cards. 4-row binders can be a little expensive and so its perfectly ok to go out and buy them, as and when you need them.

If you are holding onto extended cards its normally because they see play in the extended format or you believe they may later down the line due to a shift in the meta or new cards being added.

Unlike standard players, I wouldnt recommend extended players to organize their color-separated binders by rarity, but instead, organize them by set and evolution chains.

Top Loading Or Side Loading Card Storage

Pokemon Card Binder for sale

There are essentially two types of pages that can be used in a binder. Top loading or side loading. This essentially means how the cards are loaded into the pockets.

With a top loading pocket, this means that the cards will all be inserted from the top of the pocket and slid down.

With a side loading pocket, your cards will be loaded from either the left side or the right side depending on their orientation on the page.

So, which one is best? Its really personal preference. If you have a good card binder with a zipper, then both types of pages will do you justice. If you have a binder that is only held shut by a strap and is not fully sealed, then it would probably be best to go with side loading pages to help prevent card spills.

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Available Now New Packs Coming Soon

Its been one of the toughest items to get during the recent massive resurgence in popularity of Pokémon TCG, but the Pokemon 25th Anniversary First Partner Trading Card Binder is in stock at retail price right now at one retailer and could come back at a few others. To help you track down this hard to find item, heres where to buy the Pokemon TCG 25th Anniversary First Partner Trading Card Binder.

Spellbook Cards Holder D& d Rpg & Reference Card Holder

This spell cardholder is a little bit different but just as effective. It features a unique faux leather design and classic fantasy styling. The pages provided hold 60 cards but are not able to be added to as is.

The binder holds standard poker size cards, which means it is compatible with D& D spell cards, Pokemon, Yugioh!, and Magic the Gathering. The leather strap secures the binder closed, and the cards sideload but in landscape orientation. This is a unique option but not practical for bulk storage and transportation.

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Should You Sleeve Cards In A Binder

When placing cards in a binder you should sleeve them. Some card binders are built to store cards without sleeves, but the majority of premium binders provide enough space to place single-sleeved or double-sleeved cards within binder pockets. Sleeveless cards may move or fall out of binder pockets.

In order to keep your collection of Pokemon cards safe in your binders, I highly recommend that you at least single-sleeve your cards. The sleeve can be a standard size or a smaller, inner size sleeve, either should work well to keep your cards from accidentally falling out of your binders and getting damaged.

Avoid using penny sleeves as the majority of the time they will be too big to fit in most binders card pockets comfortably.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner, player or collector, however you choose to organize your Pokemon cards in binders can be a great form of self expression that is often over looked. One of the best things about collectible trading card games is that how we choose to interact with them isnt dictated to us, instead, we decide whats best for us and our collection.

Even if this guide only acts as a starting point for many of you to go out there and come up with your own systems for organizing your Pokemon binders, I hope it at least made the process a little less daunting for you.

Trading Card Protective Sleeves

pokemon card game trade binder for sale uk tcg

Protect and display your prized trading cards with the range of trading card protector sleeves available from Mighty Collectibles. Our Pro-Fit card sleeves are the perfect way to keep your prized cards in prime condition. Simply slip your card into a sleeve and youre ready to compete with it, add it to a deck, or collect and display it safely.

Whether Pokémon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh or the Dragon Ball Super TCG is your game, our trading card protectors and trading card sleeves in Australia are perfect for you. Shop online with Mighty Collectibles now to preserve, protect, and display your cards with pride!

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Best Pokemon Card Binder Brands

TopDeck is US based and provide high quality products for card collectors. Their innovative designs have connected with trading card gamers though extensive promotion via both digital and analog platforms.

They serve a wide variety of genres including sports, gaming, lifestyle, and popular arts and culture.

Their #1 mission is to provide the best value and quality along with cutting edge technology to target the top of the market.

Vault X Binder 9 Pocket Trading Card Album

The Vault X Binder features 9 transparent pocket pages and comes with 20 pages holding a total of 360. The pages are made from archival-safe, acid-free, non-PVC material.

Each page features additional padding that helps keep the cards extra protected from scrapes and dings during transport. The binder is side-loaded to help keep cards locked in place. The elastic band helps hold the binder closed to prevent accidental spills.

The binder is 9.8 x 12 and the card sleeves measure in at 2.7×3.8, making it compatible with Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, YuGiOh!, Star Wars X-Wing, Force Of Will, along with many more. The binder is compatible with all standard card protector sleeves, including Vault X Card Sleeves.

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Card Capacity And Number Of Pockets

One of the main traits you need to look out for when purchasing a Pokemon card binder is the amount of cards it can hold, as well as the number of pockets per page.

The most classic look for a binder is the 9 pocket page. It has 3 rows of 3 and looks clean. Does it have any advantages over a smaller 4 pocket page? Yes and no. Typically, the more pockets each page can hold will allow you to hold more cards overall.

One advantage that a binder with less pockets per page is that they are much smaller and more portable. They make awesome binders to store your doubles, or cards that you plan to trade.

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Ultra Pro Pokmon Binders

If youre looking for Ultra Pro Pokémon Binders, you can get what youre searching for from Mighty Collectibles. When it comes to trading card protectors, Ultra Pro Pokémon Binders are some of the very best.

Show off your love for the Pokémon TCG with a Pokémon-inspired design. Your binder will hold hundreds of cards with multiple pockets and pages to safely store and display them.

Shop online for trading card protector sleeves now and contact Mighty Collectibles with any enquiries you may have.

Get the most recent updates about new arrivals and exclusive deals!

Organizing Pokemon Cards Using Binders For Competitive Standard Players

I recommend getting a 4 row Pokémon card binder for competitive standard Pokémon players.

These binders are incredibly helpful to players to tell at a quick glance if they have a full playset of a card or how many you need to complete the set. It can really take out some of the guesswork if you are the type of player that likes to regularly build or rebuild decks.

In terms of organization styles for your 4-row binders, I recommend having your double prize cards at the front of your binder or simply organizing the binder from most rare cards to least, front to back.

While not always the case, more often than not, the general rule is:

The rarer a Pokémon card is in a standard set, the more likely it is to be the core of a deck in the meta.

Meaning, organizing these cards at the front of your binder is a fast way to know if you have the essential cards needed to build a certain deck in the current meta.

Starting from the back of your binder, I recommend storing special energy cards and lower rarity cards that see play in almost every standard Pokémon deck. Its good to keep track of how many playsets of these cards you have if you are looking to build multiple decks at the same time.

I wouldnt recommend trying to further organize these cards by type, but you may want to organize Pokémon by evolution chains after you have all of your rares at the front of your binder.

Other than that, any additional organization to your 4-row Pokémon binder has diminishing returns.

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Are Binders Bad For Pokemon Cards

Binders are not neccessarily bad for Pokemon cards. However, low quality binders with low quality pages can be bad for your Pokemon cards.

A low quality binder can actually harm your cards when turning pages. Low quality card pages will actually bend near the card which puts your card at risk for being bent.

Also, a 3-Ring binder that is in the design of a circle increase the chances of damaging your cards. We prefer D-Rings since they do not cause your card pages to fan out or fold after turning.

Uhippo Trading Card Album Book

Promo and POP Pokemon Cards for sale SALE BINDER

Cost-effective and simple are the best descriptors for this binder from Uhippo. The binder features 4 pockets per page and 30 pages. The company claims it can hold 240 cards, this assumes front and back storage.

This binder is a great option for younger collectors or maybe those who are just starting out their CCG journey. The cover is waterproof and scratch-resistant. The binder measures 7.4×5.7 and features vibrant front and rear art.

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Anoobatrading Card Binder With Sleeves

The second zipper-sealed binder on the list is from Anooba. The premium PU leather is water-resistant to protect your cards from moisture like rain and spills. Upgraded triple rings on the inside provide a sturdy support spine for the binder.

The 40 storage pages are 9-pocket and double-sided for an overall capacity of 720 cards.The overall binder dimensions are 15.35×13.9.

Football Cards Binder Holds Up To 720 Cards With 40 Sleeves

This Famard card binder features an American Football on the front but doesnt let that stop you from storing your prized Magic the Gathering, Yugioh!, or Pokemon cards safely inside. It features 40 pages of 9 pocket, top load holding sleeves.

This binder is a three-ring design, so you can swap out entire pages with minimal effort if need be. This is also the first binder on the list to feature a full wraparound zipper to prevent loose cards from escaping.

The soft leather cover is comfortable to hold and protects from moisture and shock. The binder itself measures 13.1x 10.6. Other designs are available from Farmard for purchase separately.

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New Pokemon Trading Cards

You can find the latest Pokemon trading cards for sale right here. Venture through the maze of the Cerulean Cave to see which Pokemon you can catch and then snap up their trading card via our online store. To complement your prized catch, we stock a range of Trading Card Game Accessories including Tournament Card Sleeves in many different sizes and colours – keeping your collection in top quality condition. Choose from a range of protective sleeve/bag solutions for your Pokemon buddies including Ultra Pro Binders, Ultra Pro Card Sleeves, Soft Card Sleeves and a UV One- Touch Magnetic Holder. With a range of styles available, you can be certain your cards will be well protected and looked after.

We currently have the rare MEWTWO GX in stock with a 10 PSA grading from the Sun and Moon SHINING LEGENDS collection. Featuring sharp corners, full gloss and in absolute mint condition, you gotta catch it while stock lasts. In the near future, well also be offering a PSA Card submission service. Stay tuned for more details. Enjoy the many worlds the Pokemon series is renowned for such as scenic rides, beautiful tropical islands, expansive oceans, lush forests and new cities. Its alive with possibilities.

We welcome any feedback, comments or questions that you have. Be sure to check in regularly and buy the latest Pokemon trading cards available online.

Organizing Pokemon Cards Using Binders For Beginners

Pokemon TCG: Bundle of 4 Mini Album Binders for Pokemon ...

Binders are a fantastic way to get started collecting Pokémon cards as a beginner.

I recommend if youre just getting started to get a hold of a small 4×4 binder.

Chances are when youre just starting out, you wont have a large amount of Pokemon cards to organize, and having something small to take with you to local events is handy.

When organizing your Pokémon cards, keep your highest rarity cards that you are interested in trading away at the front of your binder, and keep the cards you want to hold on to at the back.

Pro Tip: Place the cards you want to keep upsidedown in your trade binder. Its a simple way of telling people that look through your binder that you arent interested in trading those specific cards away.

Chances are, if youre a beginner, you may already have a deck or two built for casual or competitive play. Just leave those cards as they are together in a deck box and keep the rest in your trade binder, with the exception of basic energy cards.

When you are just starting out, you typically wont have a good sense of what cards do and dont hold value when I started playing TCGs, I often left cards at home that people wanted to trade for missing out on cards I wanted in return.

Basic energies can be left out of your binder for the most part its pretty rare that you will meet someone looking to trade for energy even if theyre foils.

My general rule when buying binders to organize Pokemon cards is go big or go small Goldilocks isnt welcome here.

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