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Pokemon Gen 8 Starter Evolutions

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Pokmon Scarlet And Violet: Sprigatitos Final Evolution Should Remain A Quadrupedal

Possible Starter Evolutions for Generation 8 Starters in Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

Pokémon come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. However, far too many starter evolutions eventually gravitate towards a humanoid body type, which is already a concern for many early adopters of Sprigatito.

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Before Gen 6, one starter per mainline game was quadrupedal and stayed that way throughout its evolutionary line. However, beginning with Pokémon X and Y, every final evolution became bipedal. Fennekin and Litten are the unfortunate faces of this trend, as even though those Pokémon start on four legs, their final evolutions, Delphox and Incineroar, stand up straight on two. Countless players are comparing Sprigatito to Litten since they are both kitten-like starter Pokémon and because they are afraid Sprigatito will take after Litten and eventually sport a bipedal evolution.

Many Pokémon players want Sprigatito to stay a four-legged cat, and its hard to disagree with them given the recent lack of body variety in starters. A quadrupedal final form for Sprigatito would insert some much-needed diversity in the starter roster.

Which Starter Pokemon Should You Choose In Sword & Shield

There’s something important to note and define right off the bat here – you really shouldn’t sweat your choice of starter Pokemon too much. If you’re a more casual player, any of the three is good enough to help carry you through your adventures through Galar Region’s gym challenge. All have good moves, and all will make a great starting anchor for any Pokemon team. If you’re looking to approach Sword & Shield from a more competitive angle, we likewise would advise not fretting, but for very different reasons – none of the three starters are particularly stand-out in their stats, and therefore are unlikely to become player-vs-player competitive staples.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it appears that it’s not possible for a shiny Pokemon to spawn as part of the starter set – if you want a shiny version of one of the starters, the only way is likely going to be through the Pokemon daycare and breeding mechanic.

Whatever starter Pokemon you don’t pick will go two ways – the one your Pokemon is strong against will go to your direct rival and best friend, while the other will be kept by Champion Leon. There won’t be a chance to catch another starter breed in the main story, but you can obtain them through trading and the like. With all that noted, you no doubt want to make an informed decision – so here’s all the information you need on the starters and their evolutions:

Predictions For What Pokmon Fans Thought Gen 8 Starters Would Look Like

When Pokémon Sword and Shield first teased the new Generation 8 starters, Pokémon fans were in a frenzy. Many talented artists took it upon themselves to make their own predictions on what the final evolution lines would look like for Sobble, Scorbunny, and Grookey. And we’ve gathered some of the best ones here!

Whether it’s reinterpreting their versions of the Gen 8 starters or creating their own evolutions, these amazing artists on the Internet will blow your mind with their creative designs. They’ll have you wishing these were the real deal.

Vote up the fake Gen 8 starters that you think are better than the official designs!

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Pokmon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys

In , much like , is offered the choice of one of the three starter Pokémon , or to borrow so that he may run an errand for . Gold chooses Totodile, which Elm allows him to keep after the errand is completed. Also, like in the games, , who is based on , steals a Chikorita from Elm’s lab while Gold is away on his errand.

New Gen 9 Pokmon: Lechonk

Gen 8 Starter Evolutions by Lanmana on DeviantArt

Lechonks name really says it all. This new Pokémon will bring some much-needed chonky energy to Scarlet and Violet. And we already admire its commitment to getting a delicious treat.

According to its official description, this Pokémon is a gourmand with an excellent nose. And that means it can always sniff out only the most fragrant wild grasses and the richest Berries to eat. Its not a favorite of bug Pokémon though, as its eating habits give it a specific smell of herbs those Pokémon dislike. That certainly gives us food for thought.

While Lechonk is timid and fainthearted, dont let that fool you. The Pokémon may panic if attacked, but it is made of mostly muscle. All that walking around in search of food keeps Lechonk in shape.

Lechonk is a part of the Hog category of Pokémon and is a Normal-type. Its height is 18 and it usually weighs about 22.5 lbs. Theres no word yet on any evolutions for Lechonk. But honestly, we dont need any new Scarlet and Violet evolutions for this Pokémon. It is perfect as is.

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Pokmon Sword And Shield Starter Pokmon Sobble: Evolutions Base Stats And Movesets

Sobble is the Water-type starter for Sword and Shield, and is the seventh Pokémon in the Pokémon Sword and Shield Regional Pokédex.

Sobble evolves into Drizzile at Level 16 and, finally, Inteleon at Level 35.

Each one knows the ability Torrent, which will make their water-type moves stronger, the lower their HP falls.

Sobble has the highest Special Attack base stat out of all the starter Pokémon and this continues as it evolves. When you reach its final evolution, Inteleon, it will also have the highest Speed base stat.

This makes up for Inteleon’s relatively low HP and Defence base stat, allowing it to deal some very powerful moves. Inteleon may not be able to stay in the Pokémon battle for very long, but, while its there, it can certainly cause a lot of damage.

Below you’ll find the base stats for Sobble and it’s evolutions.

Thank you to AnonBB21 from reddit for the help with this information.

Sobble, Drizzile and Inteleon’s Base Stats:


Gen 5 Starters Snivy Tepig Oshawott

The Gen 5 Starters are Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott. 156 new Pokemon were added in generation 5, bringing the total up to 649.

Snivy is a Grass type starter, Tepig is a Fire type starter, and Oshawott is a Water type starter that was introduced in the Black and White games.

Snivy evolves into Servine, who is a small Grass type that focuses on special defense over physical offense. Tepig evolves into Pignite, who is a large Fire type that focuses on physical offense over special defense. Oshawott evolves into Samurott, which is a large Water type that focuses on special defense over physical offense.


Games: Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, White 2Region: Unova Region

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Pokmon Sword And Shield: Grookey Evolution Line Origins

The Grookey line is likely inspired by various primates and by British rock band drummers, Lockstin & Gnoggin argues. Macaques, a kind of monkey, are known to drum on objects like dead logs, and some primates use sticks and other items as tools, which explains the origin of the “drumstick-wielding primate” theme. Grookey’s raccoon-like “mask,” snout, and off-colored hands and tail point mainly to the squirrel monkey as inspiration. Thwackey – which might rank among Pokémon Grass starters’ best middle evolutions – has Grookey’s squirrel monkey-like appearance and drum theme, but its topknot/Mohawk-like hairstyle and tougher attitude suggest a connection with the war drums once used to relay commands to battling warriors.

Rillaboom takes the previous two designs to the next logical step, turning the drummer money into a drummer ape. As its name implies, Rillaboom is based on a gorilla. The “boom” in its name is likely a reference to both the sound of the large, Taiko-like drum it carries and the sound of a gorilla beating its chest. Rillaboom could also be a reference to a viral 2007 commercial from British candy company Cadbury , which featured a gorilla playing drums to Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight.”

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Further Additions In Sword And Shield Updates


Version 1.1.0

  • A new area to explore, the based on the Isle of Man.
  • 22 new moves, some available exclusively as , bringing the total to 818.
  • Two new Abilities, and , bringing the total to 260.
  • Seven new Gigantamax forms, bringing the total to 32.
  • , which allows the player to add or remove the to Pokémon they own.
  • A former who was previously a Gym Leader.
  • The introduction of the regional form for .
  • The return of:
  • , which can be used to make .
  • 13 previously unavailable and unusable .
  • , allowing the player’s lead Pokémon to follow them around the Isle of Armor after completing a certain objective.
    • To have that are not developed by .
    • To have the of its generation be released in the same calendar year as the release of the succeeding .
    • To keep ranked battles exclusive to the flagship games.
    • In which does not appear since his debut.
  • Generation VIII is the only generation in which:
  • The does not appear in the title screen.
  • The ‘s does not introduce the world of Pokémon to the , a role instead fulfilled by .
  • There is more than one .
  • A remake of a spin-off game, namely , was released.
  • Pokémon that are , cannot breed, and are not were introduced.
  • None of its newly introduced Pokémon appear in the before the generation’s start.
  • Generation VIII is the only generation to not introduce:
  • A new at the time of its debut.
  • An member.
  • Generation VIII has both the longest and shortest gaps between core series games in the same generation.
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    Pokmon Scarlet And Violet Starters Should Keep The Unofficial Inter

    At first glance, the starters of each mainline Pokémon game share little in common save their elementals. What connects the rabbit-like Pokémon Scorbunny to the salamander-like Charmander aside from their affinity for fire? According to a popular fan theory, though, each elemental line of starters is based on a different, franchise-wide theme, which raises the questions regarding whether Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly will abandon that unofficial trend.

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    When you look at each starter Pokémon on their own, you notice their surface-level inspirations, but several fans believe the connections go much deeper. Some have even made a strong argument that the Grass, Fire, and Water-type starters draw from extinct creatures, Chinese Zodiac animals, and weapons, respectively. For instance, Decidueye is commonly believed to be based on the extinct Stilt Owl, while Chesnaught is more obviously inspired by the glyptodon. Blaziken and Emboar, meanwhile, are clearly based on a fiery rooster and pig, both of which are Chinese Zodiac animals. Water-type connections are historically a bit more tenuous, but its hard not to see that while Greninja and Inteleon are fantastic frogs and chameleons, they also resemble shurikens and sniper rifles, respectively.

    Pokmon Sword And Shield: Scorbunny Evolution Line Origins

    Continuing the Fire-type starter Pokémon Zodiac trend, Scorbunny’s line is based on soccer-playing rabbits. Or, rather, football-playing rabbits, given the Galar region’s English influence. The combination of the two inspirations is a logical one, since rabbits’ powerful jumping legs could theoretically translate into football prowess if anthropomorphized.

    Scorbunny resembles a young child, eager to run around and play football with its friends, Lockstin & Gnoggin argues. Raboot, then, has the more serious attitude of a teenager aiming to go pro, complete with fur that resembles more advanced athletic gear: shoes, a sweatsuit, a headband, and a mouth-covering snood . Cinderace is the final step in the Scorbunny line’s football career. It resembles a professional player, with a more developed physique, plus shorts, tights, and a showy attitude.

    The Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass reveal gave fans a look at Scorbunny’s Gigantamax form. In this state, it grows longer, drooping ears and stands atop a gigantic ball of flames the Pokémon Company calls a “Pyro Ball.” Its ears could be a reference to athletes’ tradition of draping their countries’ flags over their shoulders after a win, but the fireball is clearly an evolution of the Scorbunny line’s soccer influence, showing the massive power of Scorbunny’s transformation via a huge, flaming soccer ball.

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    Gen 4 Starters Turtwig Chimchar Piplup

    The Gen 4 starters are Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. 107 new Pokemon were added in generation 4, bringing the total up to 493. Turtwig is a Grass type, Chimchar is a Fire type, and Piplup is a Water type. They were all introduced in the Diamond and Pearl games.

    One of the most popular starters is Turtwig. He evolves into Torterra, who is a large Grass type that has high defense and attack. Chimchar evolves into Infernape, which is a Fire type that has high speed and higher stats overall than the other starters. Piplup evolves into Empoleon, which is a Water type that focuses on defense over offense.


    Games: Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Brilliant Diamond, Shining PearlRegion: Sinnoh Region

    Pokmon Sword And Shield: Sobble Evolution Line Origins

    Final stage evolution starters on gen 8 : SwShLeaks

    Sword and Shield’s Water-type starter Pokémon line is inspired by chameleons and spies. Like Scorbunny’s “rabbit legs and soccer” combo, the Sobble line’s two main concepts go well together: Spies are known for stealth and subterfuge, and chameleons are known as color-changing camouflagers . The shy Sobble is able to hide by become almost invisible when wet, establishing the chameleon connection, and the whole line’s head crests resemble that of both certain chameleon species and basilisk lizards.

    Like Raboot, Drizzle channels teen angst. As Lockstin & Gnoggin points out, its purple, drooping head crest may be a reference to emo subculture, commonly associated with introverted teens. Inteleon grows out of its shyness and becomes a suave spy, shooting water out of its fingers like a gun. This is most likely a reference to England’s most famous fictional secret agent, James “007” Bond.

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    None of these starter origins can be confirmed as definite without Game Freak’s word, but Pokémon Sword and Shield’s starters show their influences more clearly than many previous Pokémon design origins, so the origins pointed out in Lockstin & Gnoggin’s analysis seem fairly likely. More complex origins can usually be found in the designs of new legendary and mythical Pokémon, which the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass is bringing to the games soon.

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    Rillaboom Grooky’s Starter Evolution

    After a brief stop-off at the middle step of Thwackey, the Grooky Pokemon evolutionary line ends with Rillaboom – appropriately, this little chimp turns into a hulking gorilla. He retains his useful stick, but now uses it with a huge drum to pound out a beat. Rillaboom is a tanky Pokemon in terms of stats – it has a high attack and HP, and a very serviceable defense stat. It retains the abilities, typing and therefore strengths and weaknesses that Grooky has.

    Rillaboom’s signature move is ‘Drum Beating’ – a powerful 10PP move with 100% accuracy. Drum Beating dishes out damage, but also lowers the target’s speed stat after it hits them, helping to make up for Rillaboom’s speed, which is the lowest of the three starters.

    Gen 8 Starter Evolutions

    This years Pokemon Day revealed the new generation 8 Pokemon game title: Pokemon Sword and Shield. Few details were announced, leaving Pokemon fans to speculate and piece together clues for more information until more is revealed.

    While the starter Pokemon were revealed, their evolved forms were not. This has resulted in Pokemon fans searching for leaks, rumors and even fan art as to what the evolved forms of Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble could look like.

    There are a few designs circulating around the Pokemon Community, so of course not all of them can be real. Here are the most realistic designs for each Pokemon Sword and Shield starter.

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    ‘pokmon Sword And Shield’ Gen 8 Starter Evolutions: Clues And Theories That Fit Sports And Entertainment Themes

    The starter Pokémon for Sword and Shield were revealed alongside the Gen 8 announcement, trainers will spend the next few months figuring out whether they will select Grookey, Scorbunny or Sobble as their partner for the Galar region when Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield release this Fall.

    But many players will wait until the starter Pokémon’s evolutions are revealed to make their decision.

    The Pokémon’s looks, typing, and aesthetics are important. Since the reveal, the community has had their thinking caps on trying to figure out what the Grass Monkey, Fire Bunny, and Water Lizard will become and what their connective theme – if any – is.

    We’ve thought about it too, and have our own speculation about the Starter Pokémon and what they may evolve into. We recognized that f there is a theme between the starters, The Pokémon Company will go either the sports or entertainment route.

    With that in mind, here’s what we’ve come up with.


    Grookey,described as mischievous, is clearly a monkey but some tidbits shown during the Sword and Shield trailer give some hints to what the rest of Grookey’s gimmick is. We see the Grass-type bang a rock with a stick in its hair before running off.

    Immediately, we thought about how a baseball or cricket player hits the base before taking their at-bat. Cricket originated in the U.K., which the Galar region is based on, so it seems to fit the sports theme.



    Gen : Snivy / Tepig / Oshawott

    Pokemon Generation 8 Starter Discussion | Types, Stats and Evolutions | Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Generation Vs starters are more balanced for early-game progression, with the Striaton City gym battle adjusting to your choice.

    Youll always face the gym leader your starting Pokémon has a weakness against, making Tepig the easiest choice for progressing through the Nacrene and Castelia City gyms. For the greatest challenge, pick Oshawott as your starter Pokémon.

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