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Pokemon Go Level Xp Requirements

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Pokmon Go Level 47 Tasks And Rewards


In order to reach Level 47 in Pokémon GO, you will have to complete 30 Raids with unique species, win a Tier 3 raid using only 1500 CP Pokémon, spend Stardust to power up Pokémon and earn 20 Platinum medals.

Pokémon GO Level 47 Tasks and Rewards

Level-up Tasks
  • new pose

Win 30 raids using a team of all unique Pokémon species

The easiest way to complete this task is to raid Tier 1 and Tier 3 raids with different teams of Pokémon. Although Tier 5 raids should also be included in your progression, they are not-soloable and often require a specific set of Pokémon that you probably used in earlier raiding tiers.

Win a three-star raid using only Pokémon with 1500 CP or less

This can be quite challenging, but try to reuse the Pokémon you maxed out for The Great League and that are super effective against the specific Tier 3 raid boss youre targeting. You can use our Pokemon GO Raid Guides to see which Pokémon are good against that boss and then pick similarly typed Pokémon that are under 1500 CP.

Power up 3Pokémon to their max CP

Not much to say here you need to power-up 3 Pokémon to their Max CP. In order to conserve Stardust, we suggest you focus on Lucky Pokémon if possible.

Earn 20 Platinum Medals

Similar to the Earn 10 Platinum medals requirement on Level 45, focus on regular gameplay and you will eventually reach this goal.

New Level Cap On ‘pokemon Go’

Nevertheless, gaining the crazy amount of XP is definitely still the most time-consuming, so you’ll want to keep adding friends and ranking up your current friendships to gain as much XP as you can, as per Polygon.

But how much XP do you exactly need to gain? Plus, what are the tasks you need to complete?

Here are the level requirements from levels 41 to 50:

New World: Player Defeats 20 Levels Higher Opponents In Pvp Prove That Skill Matters

The PvP in New World has a reputation that a higher level automatically leads to victory. But a player at level 40 proves that you can win against the really big even as a small player. Because he beat a player at level 60 and posted a video of it.

What can you see in the video? The player Kryptik fought at level 40 against an enemy player at level 60 and won. He used the weapons rapier and musket, which were not even leveled to the maximum level. His counterpart fought with a heavy war hammer and hatchet.

What is particularly exciting about the fight is that the player had previously announced the victory on Reddit. There it was said in a thread that as a player below level 40 it was impossible to defeat enemies at the max level.

Kryptik denied this, claiming that he could deal with a level 60 player.

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Pokemon Go Level 50 Tasks

XP needed: 30 million

  • Make 999 Excellent throws
  • Catch a Legendary Pokemon in your next five Legendary Pokemon encounters
  • Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader three times using only Pokemon with 2,500 CP or less
  • Reach Rank 10 in the Go Battle League

Rewards: 50 Ultra Balls, 50 Max Potions, 1 Elite Charged TM, 2 XL Candy, 5 Incense, 5 Lucky Eggs, 5 Super Incubators, 5 Lure Models, 1x Level 50 jacket

One of the resident guide writers around these parts, give me a game and I will write every “how to” I possibly can or die trying. When I’m not knee-deep in a game to write guides on, you’ll find me hurtling round the track in F1, flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what I’m doing in Football Manager, or clicking on heads in Valorant.

Quickest Ways To Level Up In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Trainer Level Up XP Requirements, Unlocks ...

The most essential thing to do when leveling up Pokemon is to stock up on Lucky Eggs. These items double the amount of XP gained for 30 minutes and will save loads of time. Players get a Lucky Egg every time a Pokemon evolves, but they can also purchase more at the shop.

Considering how much XP it costs to level up these Pokemon, spending a little on Lucky Eggs might end up being worth it. They can be bought in packs of 8 for 500 Pokecoins, or megapacks of 25 for 1,250 Pokecoins

Keeping streaks alive is a great way to farm XP continuously. For instance, there is an XP gain for every daily Gym spin. On the seventh day this streak is kept alive, the player will get 4,000 XP for free.

A small amount of XP can be gained by catching Pokemon, but this can be exploited. This is a solid, reliable way to get XP. Every time a Pokemon is caught, the player gets 100 XP. If it is an Excellent Catch, another 100 XP is added.

With a Lucky Egg activated, 400 XP total can be gained from making one successful catch. Therefore, if a player can rack up several catches during the 30 minutes that the Lucky Egg is active, they can rack up a decent amount of XP. The best time to do this is during Community Days, where certain Pokemon will be abundant and bonuses will be active, one of which could be double XP.

Evolving Pokemon also yields 500 XP. One popular strategy is to load up on easily evolved Pokemon, like the Flying-type Pidgey, and evolve them with a Lucky Egg active.

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For Spinning Pokstops And Gyms:

  • Spin a PokéStop: 50 XP
  • Spin 10th PokéStop in a row: 100 XP
  • Spin a PokéStop for the first time: 250 XP
  • Spin 10th PokéStop for the first time in a row: 500 XP
  • Spin a rival Gym : 25 XP
  • Spin a rival Gym : 50 XP
  • Spin a rival Gym : 75 XP
  • Spin a rival Gym : 100 XP
  • Spin a friendly Gym : 31 XP
  • Spin a friendly Gym : 63 XP
  • Spin a friendly Gym : 94 XP
  • Spin a friendly Gym : 125 XP
  • Daily Spin Streak : 500 XP
  • Daily Spin Streak : 2000 XP

Special Combo With Rapier And Trap Is Celebrated

How did he win? Kryptik uses his evasive roles very cleverly in the fight to avoid the heavy attacks of the hammer.

He also uses a strong combo of the riposte from the rapier followed by the trap from the rifle. Then he switches back to the rapier and the backstab as long as the enemy is stunned.

However, the attacker is a bit clumsy and predictable in the fight. However, this does not detract from the performance of Kryptik.

How do the players react? Kryptik is celebrated for its struggle on Reddit and under the YouTube video. Especially for the combo with rapier and the trap, as well as the generally predictive gameplay:

  • The user redditingatwork praises: Respect for your knowledge. I could not do it. You would rip my back, haha!
  • Nippys4 particularly emphasizes the combo: That was a masterpiece. Especially the combination of stun, the trap and the 180-degree backstab was damn strong.
  • On YouTube, user jmafia comments: Posting this video as an answer to the stupid, cynical comment must have felt so good!

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Pokmon Go Level 48 Tasks And Rewards

In order to reach Level 48 in Pokémon GO, you will have to maximize your walking activity for 8 weeks, interact with your Buddy and collect 300 hearts.

Pokémon GO Level 47 Tasks and Rewards

Level-up Tasks

For everything on Buddy Pokémon, read our Pokémon GO Buddy Guide: Everything you need to know.

Receive 20 Souvenirs from your Buddy

You need to have an Ultra Buddy in order to get Souvenirs from your Buddy. As Souvenir drops are random, this can take a while.

Earn 300 hearts with your Buddy

You can earn up to 10 Hearts a day to increase your Buddy friendship level. If your Buddys mood is Excited you can earn up to 20 Affection Hearts. You can complete this challenge in 30 days if you complete your daily tasks every day. Once again, refer to our Buddy Guide for a complete overview of activities you can to get Buddy Hearts.

Walk 200 km with your Buddy

For this challenge, and for walk 25 km in a week 8 times, we strongly suggest you enable Adventure Sync and allow Pokémon GO to track your location in the background. Otherwise it will take you weeks to get this done.

Walk 25 km in a week 8 times

See above. Enable Adventure Sync and start walking.

How To Get Xp Fast In Pokmon Go

How To Level Up FAST In Pokemon GO! (2021) | Ultimate XP Guide For F2P Players! (Level 1 – 50 F2P)

Though technically not the ‘fastest’ method, the ‘best’ method is by levelling a Friend to Best Friend status, netting you a whopping 100,000 XP.

This takes some time – 90 days in total – but since all it takes is exchanging Gifts back and forth daily, it’s by far and away the most lucrative XP source in the game.

Remember you can use a Lucky Egg to double this to 200,000 XP, and if you time it right, you can easily queue up multiple Best Friends to open their gifts in a single Lucky Egg use.

Beyond that, the fastest method is completing a Tier 5 raid, which will earn you 10,000 XP. With Raid Hours, you can chain multiple Tier 5 Raids in a single session, earning many times that, especially with a Lucky Egg.

The problem with this method is you need other players to help you out. If you can, it’s worth joining a local Pokémon Go – one which regularly schedules Raid attendance around Raid Hours and other events – so you have other Trainers to help you complete Raids easily.

Otherwise, a very effective means of gaining XP is evolving Pokémon one after another while a Lucky Egg multiplier is active, something which can performed solo and at your own convenience.

Evolving a creature gives you 500 XP, and if you have have enough creatures and Candy available to evolve them for a full 30 minutes, can net you around 60,000 XP with the use of a Lucky Egg.

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Pokemon Go: Level 41 To 50 Xp Requirements Rewards And Tasks

Trainers, As a part of recent Pokemon GO Beyond, A rebalanced levelling system that includes a level cap increase to 50 is now live in Pokemon GO.

As previously announced, The New Level 50 cap is was being tested in Australia and lots of Australian Players have reported the progression and the tasks required for level up on Reddit and Twitter.

We have collated the currently available information into this post and will soon update the post once new level up information is available.

How To Level Up From 40 To 50

Levels 41-50 are a bit trickier than 1-40 because players must complete tasks in addition to a mountain of XP per level. Below is a breakdown of each level and what trainers will have to do in order to level up.

  • Catch 200 Pokémon in a single day
  • Earn 5 gold medals

Tips: The hardest task here is the 200 Pokémon caught in a single day. Not only do you need over 200 Pokéballs to be able to catch said Pokémon, but the number itself is quite large for one day. Make use of one of the monthly Community Days and go to an area where a lot of Pokémon are spawning, and as long as you have the Pokéballs for it, catching 200 in one day shouldnt be that much of an issue. Make sure you have your incense ready to go before Community Day starts to attract even more Pokémon.

Level 42

  • Evolve Eevee into each of its unique evolutions
  • Use items to evolve Pokémon 15 times
  • Make 3 excellent throws
  • Use 200 berries to help catch Pokémon

Tips: Nothing too crazy here. This one might take you a bit of time since evolving Eevees usually involves walking around with them as your buddy. Heres a handy guide on how to get each Eeveelution.

Level 43

  • Use 200 super effective Charged Attacks
  • Catch 5 Legendary Pokémon
  • Earn 5 Platinum medals

Level 44

  • Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Great League
  • Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Ultra League
  • Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Master League
  • Battle in the Battle League 20 times
  • Defeat a Team Rocket Leader 50 times
  • Earn 10 Platinum Medals

Level 46

Level 47

Level 48

Level 49

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How Does Loot Actually Work In New World A Developer Explains It Very Precisely

The streamer DrLupo had the chance to speak to a developer from New World and to have the loot system explained to him. It explains exactly how you get items and why the loot sometimes fluctuates so.

How does loot work? When it comes to looting, New World relies on a special system. Because every armor slot and every weapon slot remembers how good your previous loot was and on this basis, you have a chance of better equipment.

The developer explains the system using the following example:

  • If you have an opponent at level 62 who drops a sword with an armor value of 510, then the weapon slot knows from now on that your maximum armor value there is level 510. For other slots, however, there is a different maximum set-up value, depending on the drops.
  • However, you do not have to put on or wear the weapon or armor for this. The system remembers the value anyway.
  • From now on you have a small chance of finding an item with a higher armor value. Whenever you get a weaker item than level 510, your chances of getting an item with a higher armor value increase.
  • However, there is a cap with the monsters. Level 61 opponents can drop equipment up to equipment value X, and level 62 opponents up to Y value.
  • Named opponents always have a higher chance of stronger equipment.

What does that mean in concrete terms? You can purposefully level your armament value over time and at some point have a guaranteed chance of better equipment. However, the system also has a disadvantage.

Pokmon Go Level 41 Tasks And Rewards

Pokemon Go: How To Level Up To Level 50 Guide

In order to reach Level 41 in Pokémon GO, you will have to power up Legendary Pokémon, win 30 Raids and catching more than 200 Pokémon in a single day.

Pokémon GO Level 41 Tasks and Rewards

Level-up Tasks
  • Power up a Legendary Pokémon 20 times
  • Win 30 Raids
  • Catch 200 Pokémon in a single day
  • Earn 5 Gold Medals
  • 1 XL Candy

Power up a Legendary Pokémon 20 times

The easiest way to complete this task is to search for Legendary Pokémon in your storage that have the lowest level. Power them up with as few candy as possible and move onto the next lower-level Legendary.

Try to prevent yourself from powering up the same Legendary otherwise, the Candy cost will increase steeply. Another good suggestion is to use Rare Candy and power up an existing Legendary.

Win 30 Raids

Winning 30 Raids can take Free-to-Play players a solid month, since you only get 1 Free Daily Pass, but there are ways you can speed this up.

You can spend real money and get Premium Raid passes. Were sure youll have no issues finishing this task, especially during Raid Hour events.

If you dont want to spend money on the game, dont forget to utilize your local Gyms to try and earn yourself 50 Coins per day.

Earning 50 PokéCoins through daily Gym defense can reduce the time taken to complete this task down to just 15 days without spending a single penny on the game.

Catch 200 Pokémon in a single day

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How Do I Get To Pokmon Go Level 50

Level 50. The final level. For now You will have to be a real Pokémon master to complete all the tasks required. You will need 30 million XP to reach the max level.

  • Make 999 excellent throws
  • Catch a legendary Pokémon in your next five legendary Pokémon encounters
  • Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader three times using only Pokemon with 2,500 CP or less
  • Achieve rank ten in the Go Battle League

Once youve finally completed those tasks, the game will reward you with the following goodies.

  • 50 Ultra Balls

Pokmon Go Level 42 Tasks And Rewards

In order to reach Level 42 in Pokémon GO, you will have to evolve at least 7 Eevee, evolve Pokémon using items, get Excellent throws and use berries to help catch more Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Level 42 Tasks and Rewards

Level-up Tasks
Evolve an Eevee next to a Pokestop that has an active Mossy Lure on it. Rea

Hopefully, that clears things up nicely but dont get caught out by changing your current buddy before evolving it. The Eevee that you have walked 10km with MUST BE your buddy when you hit evolve otherwise you will end up with another Vaporeaon, Jolteon or Flareon and left feeling deflated.

Use items to evolve Pokémon 15 times

You can obtain evolution items from your 7-Day PokéStop spin, Go Battle league battles and rarely from regular PokéStop spins. The list of items you can use is as follows:

Make 3 Excellent Throws

Find Pokémon with larger catching circles like Wailmer, Ponyta, Slowbro and Legendary Pokémon to make this easier. Its not easy at all to consistently land Excellent throws, but these dont have to be done in a row.

Use 200 Berries to help catch Pokémon

A pretty straightforward task. Community Days will be your best bet to complete this one as well. Throw a Pinap berry or Razz berry at every Pokémon before catching it. Spin Stops and Gyms, open Gifts and complete Raids to get more berries as you progress through the task.

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