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Is Altaria Good Pokemon Go

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What Is The Best Moveset For Altaria

How Good is Altaria and Garchomp Community Day for Pokémon GO Battle League!?

Altarias best moveset retains two of its best moves, however, its Community Day move, Moonblast, now definitely comes into the mix.

Alongside Moonblast, the other charge move you should rock with Altaria is going to be Sky Attack, gaining STAB damage from its typing.

Finally, in terms of fast moves, Dragon Breath is absolutely the best choice for Altaria.

Overall Best Moveset:

Pokémon GO May 11, 2021

Mega Altaria Best Movesets In Pokemon Go

  • Fast Move: Dragon Breath
  • Charge Moves: Sky Attack and Moonblast

When it comes to the best moveset for Mega Altaria, youll want Dragon Breath as your fast move. Sky Attack remains the best charge move, with Moonblast as a second Fairy-type choice over Dazzling Gleam.

Moonblast is an exclusive move that you can get by evolving Swablu into Altaria during the May Community Day. With Mega Altaria being part Fairy-type, Moonblast will benefit from STAB, meaning its a solid charge move.

Best Moveset For Altaria In Pokmon Go

Mega Altaria and Moonblast are on the way.

Mega Altaria is coming to Pokémon Go, which means that players are going to be seeing more of the regular Dragon/Flying-type as people start training their Altaria up more frequently.

There is going to be a few differences between using regular and Mega Altaria, but once you nail a good build, you can use it to great effect in a few scenarios.

Starting with base Altaria, when competing in PvP battles you should always have Dragon Breath on your build. It is one of the strongest Fast Moves in Pokémon Go and will let you deal some great damage and charge up at the same time.

Sky Attack is probably your best bet for a hard-hitting finisher, which is complimented by the option of Dragon Pulse or Dazzling Gleam depending on what your team needs most from the bulkier Dragon-type.

Dragon Pulse is probably your best bet if you have another option to deal Dark-types, but Dazzling Gleam is also strong enough to prove useful if you need another answer to Pokémon like Umbreon. You will probably just fall back on the Dragon Breath/Sky Attack rotation in most scenarios, however, with that third spot being used as filler.

It is important to keep in mind that Altaria will gain access to the Charge Move Moonblast during the May 15 Swablu Community Day, which will likely end up being its staple third move.

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Is Altaria Good In Pokmon Go

A Pokémon from the clouds.

Image via Niantic

There are several ways a Pokémon can be considered good in Pokémon Go. They might be a solid defensive Pokémon but have low CP value, making them an ideal choice for the Great League, but youd never use them in the Master League. The same goes for PvE raids, a Pokémon could have a high CP and be great with raids, but there are better choices for you to pick in PvP battles. It all varies. For Altaria, while theyre not an incredibly strong Pokémon, theyre outstanding in the Great and Ultra Leagues, especially with the best moveset.

Altaria is a Dragon and Flying-type Pokémon. It is weak to Dragon, Fairy, Ice, and Rock-type moves, but it is resistant to Ground, Grass, Fire, Fighting, Bug, and Water-type attacks. With it being fragile to Ice-type attacks, you want a Pokémon that can counter this, such as a Fighting, Fire, Rock, or Steel-type Pokémon or one that can use these attacks.

When you use Altaria in PvP, it has a maximum CP of 2,004 with an attack of 123, a defense of 170, and a stamina of 154. If youre using it in PvE, it has an attack of 141, a defense of 201, and a stamina of 181. We highly recommend using Altaria for a PvP format, specifically in the Great or Ultra League competitions.

Best Pokmon For Pokmon Go Pvp

Pokémon Go

There are three main leagues for GO Battle League : Great League, Ultra League, and Master League. The former limits Pokémon CP at 1,500, Ultra League caps CP at 2,500 and Master League is a free-for all. Each also sometimes offers a Premier Cup the same limits apply, but no legendary Pokémon can be used.

Season 6 changed the entire structure of GBL, but the basics remain the same, so if you havent played since then well get to the changes later. As of Season 7, Niantic has also removed the walking requirement that used to be necessary in order to unlock new battles, which had been temporarily paused during the pandemic. This has remained the case for Season 8.

The tactics for each league are roughly the same, pick a Pokémon to send out first your opener, a defensive Pokémon to take hits your safe switch, and a Pokémon to wrap things up your closer.

Generally, you should make sure that no two Pokémon have similar weaknesses so you arent swept by one Pokémon you dont resist, but that rule can be bent and broken on occasion. To start with though, make sure your safe switch has a resistance to attacks that your opener is weak to. Flying-type Pokémon are often used as a safe switch due to their resistances, and it is always recommended to have a flyer on your team.

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Top Mega Altaria Counters

Pokebattler, which calculates all possible combinations of Pokémon and moves, lists the top 10 Mega Altaria counters as such:

  • Shadow Metagross
  • Mega Gengar
  • Metagross
  • Mega Beedrill *
  • Shadow Mamoswine
  • Shadow Gardevoir
  • Shadow Mewtwo
  • Mega Abomasnow *
  • Dialga
  • Mamoswine

*Only one Pokémon can be Mega Evolved at a time, so your best bet is to go with the overall top choice if you are going to choose to utilize a Mega: Mega Gengar.

It is recommended to power up your counters as much as possible, but creating that amount of strong Shadow or Mega Pokémon with their moves unlocked is a tall order for even the most practiced players. Here are ten additional non-Shadow and non-Mega counters that can help take down Mega Altaria with efficiency.

  • Galarian Darmanitan
  • Genesect
  • Burn Drive Genesect
  • Excadrill
  • Roserade
  • Jirachi
  • Mewtwo
  • Gardevoir
  • Glaceon

Using The Pokemon Rankings

In the top-level rankings, you’ll see a score for each Pokemon. This score is an overall performance number from 0 to 100, where 100 is the best Pokemon in that league and category. It is derived from simulating every possible matchup, with each Pokemon’s most used moveset . Use this score to compare overall performance between Pokemon for example, the difference between the #1 and #50 Pokemon may not be the same as the difference between the #50 and #100 Pokemon. This score also allows you to see the parity in different leagues and categories.

Trainer Battles feature a wide variety of scenarios, especially involving shields. In order to give a fuller picture, our overall rankings are derived from additional sets of rankings, where battles are simulated with different roles in mind. You can explore rankings for each of the following categories:

Different Pokemon may succeed in different scenarios, so use these categories to help determine when a particular Pokemon would be the most valuable.

Within each ranking, you’ll see four separate detail sections:

  • Fast Moves – Which Fast Moves the Pokemon uses most in the league and category.
  • Charged Moves – Which Charged Moves the Pokemon uses most in the league and category.
  • Key Wins – Which battles the Pokemon performs best in, weighed by the opponent’s overall score.
  • Key Counters – Which significant opponents perform best against the Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go Altaria: Best Moveset For Pvp

Altaria is a common pick in the Pokemon GO Great League

Altaria has been a prominent pick in the Pokemon GO Battle League for quite some time, and the community day gave more players the chance to obtain one.

One of the best parts of Altaria is the moveset options that the pokemon has, and its typing. Altaria is a dual-type Dragon and Flying Pokemon that can tear apart teams that don’t have the correct counters prepared. In lower ranks, it can be a complete game changer.

When choosing a Fast Attack on Altaria, Dragon Breath is by far the best option. On many Dragon-types the same attack is used for its speed, damage, and the energy per second it can gain. Compared to attacks like Peck, Dragon Breath is an easy choice.

For the Charge Attack, players in Pokemon GO should prioritize Sky Attack. The move has the fastest charge time compared to other options for Altaria and it still packs a formidable punch against most opponents. The Flying-type attack is also good for countering picks like Togekiss if the situation arises.

If players can get a second Charge Attack, Moonblast is a fantastic new option that is Fairy-type. However, it’s a community day move, and if players don’t evolve Swablu during the event they will need to use an Elite TM. Without one, Dragon Pulse is another option.

Altaria Pvp Spotlight: Great League


Altaria has been an absolute meta destroyer for a while now and has dominated the overall ladder with it standing tall at the very top as the highest-ranked Pokémon in the game for the Great League.

Its incredible bulk, damage, moves, and typing make Altaria such an influential pick for any Great League team. Its dual typing of Dragon and Flying give it the opportunity to crush many top tier picks such as Alolan Marowak, Tropius, Venusaur, and even many trainers worst nightmareDeoxys .

Stat Distribution

Firstly lets breakdown this supreme fluff cloud and discuss its stats.

  • Attack: 141
  • Defense: 201

Referring to Altarias stats alone, we can see that it was almost as if Niantic designed this Pokémon for the Great League and the Great League only. It usually requires a dedicated counter to take Altaria down.

The most deadly counter to Altaria is Ice type as it has a double weakness to it. However, there are not many viable Ice type Pokémon for the Great League, Alolan Ninetales and Alolan Sandslash are among the 2 best Ice types in the meta.

Rock, Fairy, and Dragon type Pokémon also counter Altaria. Wigglytuff, Granbull, and Clefable are among other top tier counters that will put up a fight against Altaria in battle due to them having access to Charm and Fairy type Charge Moves.

Keep in mind that Dragon type counters will be a double-edged sword as Dragon Breath and Dragon Pulse will kill Dragons but they will also kill you.

Moveset Analysis

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Pve Offensive Moves Explanation

  • Dragon Breath is the superior fast move of choice for PvE offense.
  • Peck isn’t particularly strong, but can be chosen for a Flying-type role if stronger Pokemon aren’t available.
  • Sky Attack synergizes well for a Flying-type role, and is also the strongest charge move in neutral fights.
  • Dragon Pulse makes Altaria a budget Dragon-type attacker if the player lacks stronger Pokemon.
  • Dazzling Gleam outperforms Moonblast, but both lack STAB.

Are There Any Positives To Playing Mega Altaria

Mega Altaria is far from perfect bulky Fairies and Mega Venusaur check its sets. But I say this Mega has more positives than negative.

Altaria From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Altaria is a dual-type Dragon / Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Swablu starting at level 35.

Altaria just isnt very good. It needs an evolution. It could be a perfect Dragon/Electric, since it has the cloud thing going on. If you tell me where I can find a completed save for japanese Pokemon Colosseum, Ill be your little monkey slave.

Plus its shiny looks pretty good, a golden goose vibe to it. Would be nice though if about 80% of the mons werent seen as useless for battle in GO. In the originals a lot of them were saved by their abilities, movesets, stats, and turn based stuff.

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Is Altaria A Good Pokemon In Emerald

Altaria has better special defenses and due to it also having the dragon type it can live one or maybe two electric type attacks. It can also learn dragon dance. Which gymleader Wynona uses in combination with earthquake sometimes to demolish teams. So altaria can be used as a gimmick for setting up to sweep.

Pokemon Go Great League Best Team: The Top Choices For Pvp Under 1500 Cp

Pokemon GO: Easy Guide to the Best Moveset of Altaria ...

Creating the best Pokemon Go Great League team for a new season is a challenge for trainers, testing their abilities with the 1,500 CP limit as they battle against players around the world. From August 30 to September 13, the Great League will be held allowing for trainers to create teams of three from Pokemon that have 1500 CP or less. Many trainers believe the Great League in Pokemon Go is the most fun league as it allows for some unique variety of Pokemon to choose from and doesnt include many of the most powerful Pokemon in the game.

With more than six generations of Pokemon to choose from, there are plenty of options to take into battle in the Great League. However, there are a few options that are simply the best to use. Whether the Pokemons typing gives it an advantage, or the move pool it has, these Pokemon are some of the best in the Great League that every trainer should consider using.

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How Many Players Does It Take To Beat Mega Altaria In Pokmon Go

Even with the best counters and top level Trainers, it takes at least three to beat Mega Altaria. This is almost certain to change when Mega Metagross is introduced, but until then, you’ll want to aim for more players. That having been said, the faster you beat a Mega Raid, the more Mega Energy you’re rewarded with and, considering how common Swablu was before it got its own Community Day, that should be your goal.

Weather conditions that can impact this Raid include:

  • Cloudy weather will boost Mega Altaria’s Fairy type move, as well as both your Poison and Fairy type counters.
  • Wind will boost its Dragon and Flying type attacks.
  • Snow will boost your Ice and Steel type counters.

What Are The Best Counters For Mega Altaria In Pokmon Go

As a Dragon and Fairy type, Mega Altaria is weak to Poison, Steel, Ice, and Fairy type attacks. It can deal Dragon, Fairy, and Flying type damage. Although Mega Gengar, Mega Beedrill, and Mega Abomasnow are all in our top ten for counters, with Metagross being as common as it is and having a Shadow variant, most Trainers will be relying heavily on Metagross for this Mega Raid. If you happen to have the extra Mega Energy or already have one of these Megas ready, it will still perform well, but at least until Mega Metagross or another Mega Steel type joins the fray, you don’t need to focus too much on Mega Evolved counters.

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May’s Community Day Move: Moonblast

If you’re able to evolve Swablu into Altaria during May’s Community Day or up to two hours after the event ends, it will know the powerful Fairy-type Charged Attack Moonblast. Altaria normally cannot learn this attack in Pokemon Go, making this your only chance to get it.

Moonblast is a good move for Altaria to know as previously mentioned, Niantic is introducing Mega Altaria to the game immediately following the Community Day, and this form is part-Fairy, meaning it gets an attack bonus when it uses Fairy-type attacks such as Moonblast. To Mega Evolve your own Altaria, however, you’ll need to first stock up on Altaria Mega Energy, and this is primarily earned by defeating the Pokemon in Mega Raids.

Moonblast Vs Dragon Pulse


Dragon Pulse gains STAB? But what if I told you Moonblast is still better?

In a mirror match-up between a Dragon Pulse and a Moonblast Altaria, you can clearly see that Moonblast, despite lacking STAB on Altaria, deals more damage!

Add the fact that Moonblast has a chance to debuff the opponents ATK stat.

It is clear that Moonblast is a superior second charged move when compared to Dazzling Gleam or Dragon Pulse. Therefore, Altaria does receive a better second charged move in its Community Day than what it already had. In other words, Altaria is going to get better.

But how better? Lets find out!

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Pokmon Go Battle League Season 8

Pokémon GO Battle League Season 8 kicks off on May 31 with a bunch of new cups and exciting rewards. Remember when Season 6 nerfed a bunch of moves? Well, Season 8 has buffed a few mostly Poison-type moves in order to rebalance the meta. Warning: Season 8 doesnt look great for Fairy-types.

Here are the full dates and rewards for GO Battle League Season 8:

  • The Great League will run from Monday, May 31 at 13:00 PDT to Monday, June 14 at 13:00 PDT
  • The Ultra League and its Premier Cup will run from Monday, June 14 at 13:00 PDT to Monday, June 28 at 13:00 PDT
  • The Master League, Master League Classic, and the Element Cup will run from Monday, June 28 at 13:00 PDT to Monday, July 12 at 13:00 PDT . During this time, battling will reward twice as much Stardust
  • Only Pokémon that can evolve and that are the first in their Evolutionary line will be eligible for this cup. True to its name, only Fire, Water, and Grass-type Pokémon are allowed. Pokémon of multiple types are allowed so long as one of their types is Fire, Water, or Grass. The CP limit will be 500
  • The Great League and Great League Remix will run from Monday, July 12 at 13:00 PDT to Monday, July 26 at 13:00 PDT
  • The Ultra League and Ultra League Remix will run from Monday, July 26 at 13:00 PDT to Monday, August 9 at 13:00 PDT
  • The Great League, Ultra League, and Master League will run from Monday, August 23 at 13:00 PDT to Monday, August 30 at 13:00 PDT
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