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Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Iphone

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Help Adventure Sync Isn’t Working

Pokémon GO Adventure Sync not Working | Fixed on iPhone & Android 2021

If you’re having trouble getting Adventure Sync to work, the first thing to check is your location permissions. In any device’s settings are location permissions. Location permissions are the ways in which apps can use your device’s GPS and location data, even if the app isn’t running. These need to be set to always allow Pokémon Go access.

To Fix The Operating System Of Your Device Follow The Steps Listed Below

1: First, download Tenorshare ReiBoot on your system and install it.

2: Please connect your device to the computer and run the program. Select the Repair Android System option.

3: Tap on the Repair Now tab.

4: Put in your device information and then press the Next option.

5: Once you have downloaded the firmware, select the Repair Now tab.

6: Now, your device will start to repair. Once your device is repaired, the program will notify you.

Now, you would not be facing any sync problems like Pokemon Go Adventure sync not working on your Android device.

Adventure Sync Isnt Tracking The Fitness Progress

The following are the solutions to try is Adventure Sync is not tracking your fitness progress

  • Make sure that the device has the necessary sensors to track distance and steps.
  • Ensure that the location permissions are set to always allow Pokémon Go to access the location services even if the app is closed. To do that, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Pokémon Go and turn on Always under Location Permissions.
  • Open the Apple Health app to make sure that the device is working properly and that it is recording your fitness. To check, open Apple Health, tap on Sources and make sure that Pokémon Go is listed as a connected source.

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How Can I Turn On Adventure Sync

Maybe this question fits better into , but it will probably help more people in this area:

I have iOS 13 and the newest version of Pokemon Go installed and when I try to turn on Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go’s settings, following popup window appears:

The screenshot is in German, but it says following:

Missing Adventure Sync permissions

Pokémon GO needs your location in order to find nearby Pokémon and PokéStops. Please adapt your settings and activate location services.

  • Open Health App.
  • Select “Turn on every category”.
  • In the iOS settings I granted Pokémon GO any permission I am able to.However, in the Health App I can’t find any entry for Pokémon GO at all …

    What do I have to do to turn on Adventure Sync successfully on iOS 13+?

    I have iOS 13 but I did set this up before I updated my phone so I’m not sure if I was just grandfathered in. Try the following in the Health app:

  • Hit the icon in the top right corner to go to your account.
  • Under the privacy section hit apps.
  • You should see Pokemon GO there.
  • Then just allow access to everything as suggested in the instructions from Pokemon GO.


    Per the conversation in the comments, follow the directions in this Reddit thread to fix this issue in iOS13 if the above did not work:

  • Turn off automatic app download under General in the watch app .
  • Reinstall Pokemon GO.
  • If neither of the above worked, then I suggest submitting a support ticket to Niantic

    Only A Portion Of My Distance Walked Is Credited By Adventure Sync

    Pokemon Go Adventure Sync On Iphone 11 tweakfam.net
    • First, please note that there is a delay of several hours for Pokémon Go to sync with Apple Health tracked steps. So, Adventure Sync may not show the most up-to-date information. Restarting the app may help.
    • If your device is on battery-saving mode, the sensors required for Adventure Sync to work may be disabled, which can affect how it works. Disabling battery-saving mode is one way to solve this issue. Note however that Pokémon Gos Battery Saver Mode will not affect Adventure Sync.
    • Any fitness data that you enter manually will not count towards Adventure Sync.

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    Solution : Switch Off The Battery Saver Mode On Your Device

    • Open the devices notifications and then select Turn off Battery Saver.
    • Reconfirm your action by going to the menu Power Saver. If your phone supports, then exempt the Pokemon Go game and health apps like Apple Health and Google Fit from optimization.
    • Remember that the Adventure Sync feature does not get affected by the battery saver mode.

    Change The Devices Location To High Accuracy

    If the location mode on your device is set to low accuracy, Pokémon Go and by extension, adventure sync may not work properly. Heres how to change it to High Accuracy

    • Step 1: Close Pokémon Go if it is open
    • Step 2: Open the Settings and then touch and hold on to Location.
    • Step 3: Tap on Mode and then select High Accuracy.

    Then open Pokémon Go to see if Adventure Sync is working.

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    How Does Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Work

    As highlighted earlier, the Pokémon Go adventure sync allows users to record their steps as they walk and earn rewards. This is done using GPS technology from fitness apps and integrating the data with the game.

    When the adventure sync feature is turned on, it takes data from fitness applications such as Apple Health, Google Fit, etc. Collecting the data ensures that the users are provided with rewards.

    In addition to this, this feature works even when the game isnt active on your smartphone. That means you can go for a jog or walk and still get rewarded. Rewards include Buddy Candy, egg hatching, etc.

    Modify Location To High Accuracy To Fix Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working

    How to enable adventure sync on Pokémon go iOS 14

    When you use low accuracy mode for the devices location, then it could result in the Adventure Go sync issue as applications like Pokemon Go use your location details. Thus, it is best to ensure that your location is highly accurate for fixing the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working issue.

    • Visit Settings on your Android device. Then, tap on Security & Lock Screen.
    • Next, click on Location and switch on the option of Google Location Accuracy.

    This will help to resolve this frustrating issue.

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    What Is Pokmon Go Adventure Sync Rewards

    Adventure Sync is a feature that you can enable in the settings inside Pokémon Go. It will then use the devices GPS and data from connected fitness apps to help you keep track of the activity you engage in when Pokémon Go is not running in the foreground.

    Once it is enabled, you can get certain rewards the next time you log in to Pokémon Go based on the distance you have moved. It is important to note here that it will only factor movement as long as you are not moving too fast .

    What Is Pokemon Go Adventure Sync And How Does It Working

    Adventure Sync is a feature in Pokemon Go. By enabling it, you can track steps as you walk and earn rewards. Launched in late 2018, this in-app feature is available for free.

    Adventure Sync uses the GPS on your device and data from fitness apps, including Google Fit and Apple Health. Based on this data, the tool gives you in-game credit for the distance you walked, while the game app is not open on your device.

    In reward, you will get any Buddy Candy, get your eggs hatched, or even earn rewards for meeting fitness goals. In March 2020, Niantic announced a new update to Adventure Sync that will roll out soon. This update will add social features to Pokemon Go and improve the process of tracking indoor activities.

    There are many benefits of using Adventure Sync. Before adding this feature, users have to open their Pokemon Go app to track their location and steps. But, after this feature, the app automatically counts all activities as long as the Adventure Sync is enabled and the player has their device on them.

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    Ways To Fix Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working

    Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games worldwide. It has grown to even more popularity thanks to advanced features, and one of these is Adventure Sync. This tool awards you for walking and staying fit. Sounds great, no?

    But, there are some moments, when due to various reasons, Adventure Sync stops working. We have noticed many players bombarding the gameâs Reddit community with Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working issues.

    In this post, we will take a look at several proven Adventure Sync Pokemon Go not working issues. You will also learn about the benefits of this feature and the common causes behind the problems with it.

    Letâs dive in to know:

    Why Is Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working

    " Pokemon Go"  Adventure Sync Guide

    There are lots of reasons why you face the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working issue on your smartphone, including:

    • The application Pokemon Go is not updated.
    • You have enabled the Battery Saver feature on your Android device.
    • You have not switched on the high-accuracy mode for the location services.
    • Pokemon Go does not enjoy the needed app permissions.

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    Switch Off Battery Saver Mode To Fix Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working

    Today, smartphones feature a battery saver mode for increasing the devices battery timing by restricting the background functions of services, applications, and sensors. However, if the Pokemon Go and Google Fit are not exempted from this mode, it could result in issues like Pokemon Go Adventure sync not working.

    In that situation, it is best to exempt both of these applications from the battery saver mode. For this, you have to turn off this mode properly, as recommended below.

    In case you have enabled the battery saver on your Android device, then it could interfere with Pokemon Go. If so, you have to disable this feature for fixing the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working issue. To perform this action, go through the following steps:

    • Visit Settings and select Battery.
    • From there, select Battery Saver and then click on the Turn Off Now tab.

    Now, check if the sync feature is working fine on your Android smartphone.

    Also, here are the top Pokemon Go fake GPS for Android & iOS for your reference.

    Why Adventure Sync Not Working Problem Occurs

    Despite being the remarkable feature of Pokemon Go, most players have reported that this feature does not function properly for their user account. On reading Pokemon GO forums, you will find that that in many cases, Pokemon Go Adventure Sync did not update the tracking details for a week, and thus, it did not reward any credits.

    If you are coming across the Adventure Sync not working issue, then here are some tips for making this feature function again.

    Also, here are the most popular Snake Pokemon characters for your reference.

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    Modify Permissions For Google Fit And Pokemon Go

    If Pokemon Go and related health applications like Apple Health or Google Fit do not enjoy access to the needed permissions, they would not be able to get your actual physical step information as that it referred to as private. So, providing the necessary permissions to the applications might fix the sync issue.

    For Android devices:

    Users have to make sure that both applications enjoy all the allotted permissions. To change permissions on Android devices, go through the instructions given below.

    • Open Settings and then, tap on Apps & Notifications
    • From there, select Pokemon Go and then click on Permissions.
    • Now, make sure all the switches are set to the On position.

    You have to do the same for Google Fit too.

    For iOS devices:

    • Open Apple Health and choose .
    • From there, select Pokemon Go and then choose Turn on every category.
    • After that, visit the home tab on your phone and select the Privacy section from Account Settings.
    • Next, choose Apps and then select Pokemon Go.
    • Now, give access to every option. Move back to the Privacy tab and select Motion & Fitness.
    • Visit Fitness Tracking and switch it ON.
    • Now, visit the Privacy section and tap on the Location Services tab.
    • Select Pokemon Go and change the permission to Always for location.
    • Once selected, the Change to Always Allow option, iOS may send additional prompts for reminding the phone users that the application can access their location.

    How To Fix The Pokemon Go Sync Issue

    How to Fix Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not Working on iPhone & Android – 2021

    If the Pokemon Go Adventure sync not working issue shows up even after trying all the above solutions, then there may be a problem with the operating system of your device. The best way to fix the issue is to use Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android. This program enables users to resolve the core operating system of the device. After the operating system is fixed, the sync feature will work great with applications like Google Fit on your Android device.

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    How To Enable Pokemon Go Adventure Sync

    Now, you are familiar with the credits that you can receive through the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync feature. It is time for you to start collecting these exciting rewards. For this, have a look at the steps listed below for enabling this feature on your smartphone.

    Players who have updated Pokemon Go recently then will receive a pop-up notification automatically to turn on this sync feature.

    However, if you do not receive any notification, then go through the instructions listed below for switching on this feature through the Settings menu.

    #1: Open Pokemon GO on your mobile device.

    #2: Click on the icon PokeBall for launching the primary menu. Then, choose Settings to get to the settings tab.

    #3: Now, select the Adventure Sync option for enabling it. Also, you may need to provide extra permissions so that the game can collect data easily from different fitness tracking apps.

    By the way, click here for the full Tenorshare iAnyGo reviews. And learn more about how to make a Pokemon Go Great Throw with ease.

    How Does Pokmon Go Adventure Sync Work

    Pokémon Gos Adventure Sync connects to Apple Health on iOS devices and Google Fit on Android devices. When the apps are enabled, they act a pedometer that tracks the number of steps that you take over a specified period of time and the distance covered.

    The data from these fitness apps are then synced with Pokémon Go and the next time you log in to Pokémon Go, you get rewards based on the distance traveled.

    First, you will need to turn Adventure Sync on from Pokémon settings is on. Once it is turned on, you will be prompted to grant the Pokemon Go permissions to access your Google Fit or Apple Health data.

    Follow the steps below to enable Adventure Sync:

    Step 1: Tap the Poké Ball to open the Main Menu.

    Step 2: Tap the Settings button you see on the top right corner and then tap on Adventure Sync.

    Heres how to sync Apple Health with Adventure Sync:

    Step 1: Go to settings and tap on the Health.

    Step 2: Tap Data Access & Devices under Data.

    Step 3: Make sure you have allowed Pokémon Go to write and read data.

    Heres how to sync Google Fit with Adventure Sync:

    Step 1: Open the Google Fit App.

    Step 2: Tap on the Settings menu.

    Step 3: Choose Manage Connected Applications and make sure that Pokémon Go is the connected App.

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    Repair Ios Or Android System When Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working

    The adventure sync not working on Android or iOS might be due to the devie system malfunction. In this case, you can repair the device system to solve this issue. There are several Android or iOS System repair tools that have been recommended by users or bloggers. UltFone Android System Repair is one of the recommended tools to repair Android, and its iOS System Repair recently has a major update to support iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. It can reinstall iOS without erasing data.

    Change Permissions For The Health App And Pokemon Go

    How to Fix Pokemon GO Adventure Sync not Working

    Your fitness app and the Pokemon Go app could not access your walking steps if these do not have the necessary permissions. So, giving the required permission may fix the Pokemon Go steps not updating issue.

    For Android users, if Google Fit not working with Pokemon Go can be resolve by following these steps. Note that instructions may vary a little bit depending on the manufacturer of your device and your Android version.

    Step 1: Open quick settings by and long-press the Location tab.

    Step 2: Now, toggle the switch to on.

    Step 3: Again, open quick settings and click on the Gear icon.

    Step 4: In Settings, tap on Apps and search for Pokemon Go.

    Step 5: Tap on Pokemon Go and toggle on for all permissions, especially Storage permission.

    Step 6: Open Apps once again and tap on Fit.

    Step 7: Ensure that you toggle on all permissions, mainly the Storage permission.

    You have to repeat exactly same steps to make the Google app and Google Play Services allow all required permissions.

    And, if you have the Adventure Sync not working iPhone issue, you can follow this process to allow all permissions to the apps:

    Step 1: Go to Health app and tap Sources.

    Step 2: Select Pokemon Go app and tap on Turn on Every Category.

    Step 3: Open the home screen and go to account setting.

    Step 4: In the privacy section, tap on Apps.

    Step 5: Tap on the game app and allow access to everything.

    Step 6: Again, go to the privacy section and Motion & Fitness.

    Step 7: Turn on Open Fitness Tracking.

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