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Rainbow Energy Pokemon Card Value

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Not Worth Much: Lt Surge’s Pikachu

Rainbow Energy Pokemon Card, A Very Unusual Card From Team Rocket Extension

Lt. Surge is a fearsome enemy just from his appearance alone. One of his most recognizable Pokémon is his Pikachu. The Gym Heroes set was awesome in that each Gym Leader showcased what made their creature so special. With distinct poses and a tailored move set, they are nice pieces of memorabilia.

Both the Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge cards are not expensive–on the left, $5.62 compared to on the right, $7.77.

What Is Our Pokemon Card Values Chart

Our pokemon card value finder is the largest TCG lookup database that is updated on an hourly basis. Our online price guide tool helps users easily search and instantly find the price of any Pokemon cards. You can search by individual card, by Pokemon name, or browse our Pokemon card set list available for all TCG sets.

People of all ages love Pokemon! We know first hand, as we are major poke-fans ourselves. We grew up collecting Pokemon cards and playing the original games on the gameboy when they first came out. Heck, we remember trading our holographic Charizard card for a copy of Pokemon red for the original gameboy. We love Pokemon and the TCG so much that we dedicated our time to creating this website for other people who love it as much as we do.

Beginning your search is simple. You just type the name of the Pokemon you want to lookup, the Pokemon TCG set name, or the name of the rare Pokemon cards you want to see list information on. We will return you the results that we have in our database and you can easily jump to the next Pokemon, card, and set in line. We believe that browsing cards and finding prices should be simple and easy to do.

Pokemon Tcg Fusion Strike

It’s always a buzz to pull a Secret Rare, but even moreso with Mew’s appearance.

By Jo Craig

The Pokemon TCG is gearing up to debut the release of its final expansion for 2021, Fusion Strike, and up ahead, we take a look at every Secret Rare card in the set and talk about the current market price of each.

The upcoming set will include over 260 cards featuring 20 V cards and eight VMAX cards. Additionally, there will be over 20 new Fusion Strike cards as well as the return of the Single Strike and Rapid Strike cards. Lastly, the set will also include 20 Trainer cards and two, Special Energy cards.

Pokémon Café ReMix | Trailer

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Are 1st Edition Pokemon Cards Worth Anything

In the present day, the first edition card is still extremely valuable and was the tenth card in the set. There are currently 80 PSA 10 graded copies of the Mewtwo card, and theyll easily sell within the five-figure range. The most powerful of the original Pokémon, only the cards saw above tend to be as valuable.

Valuable: Pikachu 1999 Poketour Promo

Rainbow Energy Sun &  Moon Card Price How much it

This Pikachu comes from the 1999 Australia Poketour and is another hard one to find. It’s hard is the original printing of Pikachu with the addition of the “Poketour 1999” stamp in gold foiling.

This one isn’t as high as some of the others on the list, but you’re still looking at a couple hundred dollars on the marketplace.

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How Much Are Rainbow Rare Cards Worth

This depends on the card that you have pulled.

If you have played the Pokemon trading card game, then you will know that some cards have more value than others. This is dependent on two factors:

  • The rarity of the card
  • The playability of the card

Now, we all know that rainbow rare cards are rare. This will instantly make them more expensive than their standard rare counterparts. It is the playability that will determine the real value of a rainbow rare card.

If a card is currently featured in top decks, then it is going to have value to it. Once a Pokemon set has been rotated out of standard, then the value of that card is going to plummet. It will still have a bit of value as some people do collect the cards instead of playing them, but it will never be the same price as when it could be used in tournament-legal decks.

Cards that were never played in proper tournament decks never see the price change all that much. The value is still high, but it would be a fraction of the price of an actual tournament card.

Of course, there are some cards that will always have value, even when they are rotated out of the game. This is because they look good, and they often feature Pokemon that people want. Think about all of the sets that Charizard has appeared in.

The rarest Charizard rainbow rare is the Charizard VMAX card that was only found in the limited release Champions Path set. This card can hit upwards of $500.

Not Worth Much: Pikachu Latios Trainer Kit

There is nothing visually compelling about this card. It doesn’t even have descriptions for either of the moves. It just exists, and that’s really all we can say about it.

The lowest you can obtain this card is $2. Unlike other cards, there are really no price inconsistencies. What you see is what you get.

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Pokmon Sun & Moon Team Up Full Art/pikachu & Zekrom Gx Secret #184

The Team Up set was released and introduced the new Tag Team mechanic to the card game that would use the combined powers of multiple Pokémon on one card. Here you can see Pikachu with friends in high places, teaming with the legendary Pokémon Zekrom. The card was designed by 5ban Graphics with Pikachu confidently standing next to his partner Zekrom. This is the same artwork as the Full Art card released in the same set but adds a rainbow filter. Pikachu & Zekrom carry a bulkier 240 HP than we were used to when Pikachu would have his own card. This duo carries a Full Blitz attack that damages you for 150 and adds more electric energy cards to load yourself up with more firepower. Combo that attack with their GX move Tag Bolt, and youre really dishing out punishment with 200 damage and 170 to a benched Pokémon. This card gives you a chance to show what Pikachu is capable of in battle and is beautiful to collect with its rainbow shine. Pikachu & Zekrom wont let you overlook adding them to your collection.

Average APR for PSA 8: $39Average APR for PSA 9: $62Average APR for PSA 10: $293

Want to start your Pikachu Master Set? Follow this link to the PSA Set Registry.

Where Do You Get Rainbow Rare Pokemon Cards

Rainbow Energy Pokemon Card, A Very Unusual Card From Team Rocket Extension Overly Excited Overview

Every set since the Sun & Moon expansions have contained a few rainbow rares. So, if you are looking at a set that was released since February 2017 in the United States, then you have the potential to pull a rainbow rare from the set!

Of course, pulling rainbow rare pokemon cards from a set is incredibly difficult. This means that cracking open booster packs probably isnt going to be the route that you want to be going down if you have a very specific card in mind that you want to pull.

Thankfully, there are plenty of places that you can purchase rainbow rare Pokemon cards as singles i.e. you buy only the card that you want. Some of these singles are not going to be cheap , but it is going to be a lot cheaper than pulling cards from a booster pack.

However, some would argue that you do lose the thrill of the chase like this.

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Charmander 1999 Pokmon Base Set 1st Edition 46/102 Psa 10

The Charmander Pokémon Base Set 1st Edition is the most expensive Pokémon card on this list that isnt a Charizard, even if it is very closely related to Charizard. This Charmander is found in the same rare Pokémon card Base Set that the Charizard Base Set 1st Edition 4/102 is a part of. The artwork on the card is once again by Mitsuhiro Arita and shows Charmander looking back at a fire he just inadvertently set with his tail. One of the 749 PSA 10 Charmander 1st Edition Base Set cards sold for $4,500 on StockX.

Not Worth Much: Pikachu Furious Fists

It’s always great to frolic in the flowers, and Pikachu seems to be enjoying itself. You’ll note, however, that Pikachu is pacifistic, resorting to a bland Thunder Shock if any conflict arises. Not very furious at all.

This card is sometimes sold for as low as $0.50. That is absolutely nothing compared to our other Pikachus.

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Backless Blastoise 1998 Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Holo 009/165r Cgc 85

The Backless Blastoise may appear to look a lot like the Blastoise from the original Base Set, and that is because it is a Wizards of the Coast prototype from when they were tasked with producing the first-ever English language Pokémon set. This card was printed in 1998, one year before the Base Set hit the United States, and was printed without any artwork or logo on the back of the card, hence the name, Backless Blastoise. The card was never meant for the public, but no one could predict in 1998 that Pokémon would take off in the way that it has. In January 2021 this rare Pokémon card sold for $360,000 making it the third most expensive Pokémon card ever.

Are 1st Edition Pokmon Cards Worth Anything

Rainbow Energy HeartGold &  SoulSilver Card Price How much ...

In the present day, the first edition card is still extremely valuable and was the tenth card in the set. There are currently 80 PSA 10 graded copies of the Mewtwo card, and theyll easily sell within the five-figure range. The most powerful of the original Pokémon, only the cards saw above tend to be as valuable.

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What Are The Basic Pokemon Energy Cards

Basic Energy cards are the nine Energy cards that share their printed type with a Pokémon. They are the only cards that players are permitted to have more than four copies of in their decks ” rel=”nofollow”> Arceus, which has its own Special Rule). Under normal circumstances, basic Energy cards provide one of their printed type of Energy. Any type of Energy can be used for Colorless Energy there are no basic Energy cards that provide only one Colorless Energy. The types of basic energy cards are reported below.

The Complete list of Pokemon Special Energy Cards.

Special Energy cards provide more than one Energy of a specific type and/or have an additional effect besides providing Energy. Some may heal the Pokémon they are attached to, add damage to their attacks, or may even provide several different types of Energy at once. Unlike basic Energy cards, no more than four can be included in a deck.The complete list of Special Energy Cards is reported below. You can also have an overview here.

Not Worth Much: Pikachu Hidden Fates

The low price of the Pikachu from the Hidden Fates set is a bit ironic given how hot this set was upon its first release and how astronomically expensive some of the cards from the set are. Hidden Fates was intended to be a “mini” set of sorts. It included many reprints of cards from prior sets with a Shiny counterpart of the Pokémon included in the art. There were a few new cards included too, but they were less of a selling point.

However, the basic non-Shiny Pikachu from the set isn’t worth much, with the non-holo version going for $.08 and a foil version going for about half a buck.

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Cost By Pokemon Card Type

There are several types of Pokemon cards and different Pokemon. While the Pokemon does have a factor in price, its the type of card that makes it valuable.

Were no Pokemon card expert, but here is how we filtered our extracted data:

$3238.61 $231.33

To no surprise, at the bottom, you had common Pokemon cards that had the lowest average sold at $3.47.

The highest priced common Pokemon card was a “POKEMON CHARMANDER 50/82 TEAM ROCKET SQUIRTLE PIKACHU COMMON CARD NM/MINT LOT sold for $23.46

2nd lowest was uncommon Pokemon cards with an average cost of $15.86

At the top, we got Secret rare Pokemon cards with an average cost of $231.30.

The lowest secret rare Pokemon card was sold at $6.58 which was Pokemon Card Champions Path Drednaw V 069/073 Secret Rare Holo Full Art NM/M

The highest secret rare Pokemon card was sold at $1,120.92 which was PSA 10 Pokemon Champions Path Secret Rare Shiny Charizard V Card 79/73 079/073

Coming in 2nd and 3rd are shadowless / 1st edition Pokémon cards with an average of $135.05 and Pokémon legend cards with an average of $130.79

1st edition cards had both the lowest and highest item sold which was the 1st Ed English Venonat 63/64 Jungle Set Nintendo WOTC Card Pokemon 1999 sold at $0.01 and a 1st Edition Dark Charizard Holo Team Rocket Pokemon Card #4/82 – PSA 10 sold at $2,084.14

The highest Pokemon legend card was a 2004 EX Hidden Legends Kyogre ex GEM MINT PSA 10 Holo Card Ultra Rare for $782.03

Not Worth Much: Pikachu Xy Evolutions

Japanese Team Rocket set Rainbow Energy card / Rare Pokémon cards / Japanese Pokémon cards

A few years back, Pokémon decided to release a throwback set where they updated the stats of their first couple of sets. There were a few new cards too, particularly Mega Evolutions, and they had retro printings produced for them as well.

Pikachu received a reprint of the original Pikachu Pokémon card, but it wasn’t worth much and hasn’t risen much since then. You can still pick this one up now for about $.20.

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Valuable: Pikachu 2005 San Diego Comic Con

This is a sadly pathetic card. If you compare it to the base EX Emerald card, it is virtually the same. The only difference is the inclusion of the San Diego Comic Con logo. The real difference? An increase of one thousand dollars or more.

For example, if we take a look at this listing for the Comic Con version it is $16,999.99. Other listings are priced at $4,599.95 and $3,750.00 respectively. The EX Emerald card is $30. In retrospect, the sheer amount it has come to cost couldn’t have been predicted, but it sure looks fishy now.

Pokemon Card Sold By Country

With no surprise, 62.19% of Pokemon cards were sold from the United States and Japan coming in second with 19.62%. Canada came in third with 7.71% of total cards sold.

$44,579.17 $68.27

For the bigger countries like Japan, the United States, Canada and Australiait kind of got interesting.

The United States sold the most at $44,579.17 but only had an average of $66.46. This is less than the total average sold.

Japan and Australia had higher averages at $93.73 and $89.17 respectively.

Canadas average was on the lower side at $55.53. Canadians seem to be selling their cards but arent selling valuable pokemon cards.

It was also interesting to see that Canada and Australia had around the same number of items sold, but Australia had a 60% higher average than Canada.

This could mean that Australians have more valuable Pokémon cards than Canadians.

Same with Japan and the United States.

Japan had a 27% higher average cost than the United States but only had 19.62% of items sold compared to the United States which had 62% of the items sold.

We also looked at One37pm and found that the most valuable collector Pokemon cards are printed in Japanese .

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Valuable: Pikachu Vmax Rainbow

A more recent example, Pikachu VMAX Rainbow has ascended the ranks to stardom. This smirking, tubby wall of flesh is quite a strong card on its own, but it’s the shimmering secret quality that’s got everyone going bananas.

The decided median for this special card is around $270.99. Since it is so new, it is likely going to fluctuate compared to the other cards on this list.

Rainbow Energy 80/82 Team Rocket 1st Edition Rare Pokemon Card Near Mint Tcg

Double Rainbow Energy Crystal Guardians Card Price How ...

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