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What Pokemon Has The Highest Special Attack

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Boosted Attacks Vary Based On Attack Type


Boosted Attacks are powered up attacks that occur on every third Normal Attack for most Pokemon. The type of damage that boosted attacks deal varies depending on the Pokemon’s attack type, similarly to their Moves. Physical Attackers deal Attack damage with their Boosted Attacks, while Special Attackers will deal Special Attack damage with their Boosted Attacks.

Arceus’s Base Special Attack Stat Is 120

This legendary Pokémon was introduced in Diamond & Pearl, and while it’s technically Normal-type, it will change to Fighting-type if holding the requisite Plate or Z-Crystal item. With a maximum special attack stat cap of 372 and access to a plethora of special type moves, Arceus can be turned into quite the formidable Fighting-type Pokémon

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It can learn special type moves of several different Pokémon types, including Ice, Dark, Ghost, Grass, Electric, Water, and Fighting. Using Arceus might feel like cheating since it’s a legendary, but Arceus’s utility in a Pokémon battle cant be overstated.

The Difference Between Physical And Special Attack In Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite characters are either Attackers or Special Attackers. There is no way to change that. They will always have a higher stat in one of those categories than the other.

Every Pokemon uses its Attack stat during its Basic Attacks. These are always going to be regular Attacks. However, Pokemon who have a higher Special Attack will use that stat on the third strike.

Are ranged Pokémon using only special attack stat and melee physical? #PokemonUNITE


The attacks that are learned throughout a game of Pokemon Unite also use these stats. A Pokemon’s unique moves will use Attack or Special Attack to calculate damage depending on that Pokemon’s classification.

Knowing this comes in handy when selecting held items for your favorite Pokemon. You’ll want to make sure Attack and Special Attack items are dished out to those who can truly benefit from them.

Here are the Pokemon currently in Pokemon Unite classified as Attackers:

  • Absol

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Deoxys Attack Forme: 180

Deoxys is quite surprisingly the Pokémon with the highest base stat for special attacks. In its attack form, it is unbeatable in terms of numbers, since the Pokémon is quite literally designed to do just that.

In the same way, its defense mode is so great, Deoxys was perfectly equipped to go on the attack. It was also a good Pokémon to have as part of a well-balanced team, in order to cover the many bases needed for a gym!

Shadow Rider Calyrex: 150

The top 10 best Ice type Pokémon: Your foes shall shiver ...

Introduced in the Crown Tundra DLC in Sword & Shield, Shadow Rider Calyrex is the best new Legendary to come out. With its huge Speed stat, it can utilize its even better Special Attack. This makes Shadow Rider Calyrex one of the best sweepers in the entire game.

Shadow Rider Calyrex has incredibly powerful STAB moves, especially with its signature move Astral Barrage. Its power can be boosted even further with Nasty Plot, to create one of the most devastating Pokémon ever. Its Psychic and Ghost Typing means it only has two weaknesses as well those being Dark and Ghost.

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Attack Type Is Fixed According To Each Pokemon

Pokemon like Pikachu deal Special damage with their moves.

There are two types of attack stats in Pokemon Unite: Physical and Special Attack. The battle stat a Pokemon uses is unique to that Pokemon and can’t be changed.

Choose The Right Items For Proper Stat Boost

Charizard uses physical attack, while Venusaur uses special attack. If you were to equip a special attack boosting item on Charizard, its effect would go to waste. On Venusaur, however, it would improve the damage done by its moves. The key is to choose the right items for your Pokemon to ensure they’re actually getting a benefit from them!

Learn All About Pokmon Unite Special Attacks Which Critters Use Them And What Items Boost Their Power

Pokémon Unite has a lot of intricacies and features that can be tough to get your head around, especially if youre new to MOBAs. One of these is attack types. Every character is classified as either a special attack Pokémon, or a physical attack Pokémon but what does this mean? And what exactly is special attack?

In this Pokémon Unite special attack guide, we will break down what exactly special attack is, which Pokémon use it, and what items you should equip to make the most of this powerful stat. So, if youre looking to master these special creatures and become the best of the best, look no further.

If you find this useful, we also have a great guide on Pokémon Unite held items, so you can get a more general understanding of how items can affect your game, and a list of Pokémon Unite medals that will fill you in on what each of them means. We also have a heap of build guides, including Pokémon Unite Mamoswine, Pokémon Unite Sylveon, Pokémon Unite Charizard, and more.

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Physical Vs Special Attacks: Standard Attacks

Theres one side note here – any time you perform a Standard attack by pressing A, your Pokemon will perform a Physical attack. Its kind of like telling your Pokemon to use Tackle, a Physical move, over and over again.

There are two Pokemon who have special circumstances: Charizard and Lucario. While these Pokemon do have Physical attacks as Standard attacks, they also have third-hit Special attacks

In case you didnt know, every third time your Pokemon performs a Standard attack, it will pack an extra punch. So for Charizard and Lucario, these third attacks start dishing out Special attack damage.

This makes it a bit tricky when it comes to building up their items, but you can play around with items to see what you like the most. Most people build these two Pokemon with a focus on Critical Hit stats and Physical damage, but theres nothing stopping you from building up that third hit damage.

Mega Mewtwo X’s Base Special Attack Stat Is 154


Mewtwo is one of the original legendary Pokémon in the franchise but it wasn’t originally known for being a Fighting-type. Starting with generation VI, Pokémon X & Y, Mewtwo gained the ability to mega evolve. Using Mewtwonite X to mega evolve Mewtwo gives it a Fighting sub-type, meaning its impressive special attack stat can be taken advantage of for special Fighting-type moves. The base special attack stat for Mega Mewtwo X caps at 447 and it has access to several fantastic special moves. Notable special moves that can be learned include the Psychic-types Psystrike and Psychic, the Fighting-types Aura Sphere and Focus Blast, the Grass-type Energy Ball, and Ice-type Ice Beam.

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What Items Increase Pokmon Unite Special Attack

There are loads of items in Pokémon Unite, but you can only choose three handheld and one battle item per match, so you need to make this choice wisely. If youre picking out a special attack Pokémon, these are some great choices for boosting those stats and increasing your damage. Of course, picking these items for a physical attack Pokémon will essentially just be a waste of a slot, so keep that in mind.

Special attack boost items can also affect certain self-targeting moves. For example, if you have wise glasses equipped when using Eldegoss synthesis, you will recover more HP at low health. If you want to test how an item affects your stats in Pokémon Unite, you can try the move both with and without the item equipped in practice mode, while using the dummy. This is a useful technique that can help you cater your items to your preferred playstyle.

Here are the items that will increase your Pokémon Unite special attack.

Normal: Drampa & Porygon

The Normal-type has some interesting faces among its best special attackers. Drampa and Porygon-Z tie for first place at 135, alongside Mega Pidgeot. Theyre followed by Meloetta and Arceus .

The dual-typed members of this bunch dont even come close to reaching the heights of their other types , but theyre fortunate enough to get some love here.

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Basic Attacks Are Always Physical

Although the effects of items will vary depending on a Pokemon’s attack type, basic attacks are the same across the board: they are generally all physical. This means an item like the Muscle Band would raise their damage, even on a special attack user.

Enhanced Basic Attacks

Normal attacks are generally all physical, but the third “powered-up” hit will change its type depending on the Pokemon. This means that although special attackers’ regular basic attacks are physical, their final enhanced attack is special.

Which Is The Best Pokemon For Special Attack


The 15 Pokémon With The Highest Possible Special Attack Stat. 1 15 Mega Charizard Y. Once the coveted glory of playground card trades, Charizard has been a fan favorite ever since the original Generation I games, 2 14 Mega Diancie. 3 13 Mega Latios. 4 12 Mega Ampharos. 5 11 Mega Gardevoir.

My strongest pokemon , Dragonite was the toughest pokemon to raise . Dragonite was a beast and single handedly finished Brunos three fighters with Aerial Ace and finished Lances Dragonite with Outrage.

Mega Rayquaza is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game. In addition to having one of the highest Attack stats, it also has the potential for the same amount in Special Attack. To Mega Evolve Rayquaza, it must first learn the move Dragon Ascent.

The 15 Pokémon with the Highest Possible HP Stat

  • 8 Alomomola.
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    When To Boost Attack And Special Attack

    Taking your Pokemon’s attack type into consideration when giving them items is very important to ensure optimal performance. For instance, if you give a Special Attacker Pokemon such as Pikachu the Wise Glasses item, it will boost Pikachu’s Special Attack stat, which will make its Moves more powerful.

    On the other hand, if you give an Attacker Pokemon such as Garchomp the same Wise Glasses, it’s pretty much a waste of an item slot as Garchomp’s attacks and Moves can’t make use of the Special Attack stat.

    Emboar’s Base Special Attack Stat Is 100

    Emboar is a Pokémon Black & White starter who suffers from low defense, special defense, and speed stats, meaning it won’t last long on the field. But its special attack stat is still decent for a partial Fighting-type, with a maximum cap of 328. It can learn a handful of special moves, including Focus Blast, which has 120 base power but 70 accuracy. Emboar is one of the few non-legendary Pokémon with a competitive special attack stat, but it’ll need a trick to survive long on the field. The low speed and defense stats for this Pokémon make it vulnerable to first-turn knockouts.

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    The Pokemon With The Highest Special Attack Of Every Type Ranked

    Special Attack works in conjuction with Attack as one of the Pokemon stats concerned with offense. After the physical-special split in Generation IV, every type can be special depending on the move, so Pokemon can take advantage of that however they please.

    Regardless, split or no split, some types are better on the special side than others. This list will look at each types best special attackers and pit them against each other, hoping to look into which types work best in that department.

    Note: This list will be ranked without taking Mega Evolutions into account, though they will be discussed with every entry. Arceus holding a type plate is ineligible.

    Keldeo’s Base Special Attack Stat Is 129

    Top 50 Pokemon with highest Special Attack (4th Gen)

    Keldeo is a legendary Pokémon introduced in generation V, Pokémon Black & White. It’s a Water/Fighting-type Pokémon whose special attack stat dwarfs its physical attack stat, meaning Keldeo should be used as a special attacker only. Its special attack stat caps out at an impressive 392. Its naturally learned moveset is inundated with physical attack moves with only a few special attacks, including the exclusive Secret Sword. It can also learn a plethora of special moves via Technical Records. Focus Blast and Aura Sphere are notable special Fighting-type moves, while it can also learn the special Water-type moves Scald and Surf.

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    Pokmon With The Highest Base Attack

    When looking to build your Pokémon team, people often look for a great base attack score. These are the highest possible.

    Pokémon is one of the few video game franchises that remains just as popular, if not more so than it was when it debuted over 20 years ago. The release of a new Pokémon video game is always a huge event, with promises of new Pokémon, new stories, and new Pokémon forms and mechanics to keep the gameplay fresh.

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    One of the most compelling aspects of Pokémon games is its battling system, which continues to be an addictive and fun addition to the games. However, its important to remember that, when building Pokémon teams, one is careful to pick the Pokémon that suits their needs. One of the most common things people look for when building their Pokémon teams is a high attack stat.

    With the release of the Crown Tundra DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield, players find themselves once again shuffling their party. One of the first things many trainers look for when seeking out new Pokémon is base attack stat. It’s often difficult determining the best base attack option for the team when the in-game Pokédex alone.

    The inclusion of both mega and ultra evolutions forever changed the game on who had the best base attack. Several legendary types with mega forms catapulted to the top of the list, such as Mega Rayquaza. Such changes made the capture and collection of these Pokémon even more valuable.

    What Is The Difference Between Physical And Special Attacks In Pokemon

    2 Answers. A special move is a move like Flamethrower, where the user does not make contact with the target. A physical move is a move like Hammer Arm, where the user does make contact with the target. Special Attack boosts the power of Special Moves, whereas Physical Attack boosts the power of Physical Moves.

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    Physical Vs Special Attacks: How To Test Them Yourself

    In case you want to see how Pokemon players are learning which Pokemon dish out which type of damage, you can check out the practice tool with each Pokemon.

    When you do this, youll need to equip different Held Items that boost Attack Damage and Special Attack damage separately. Youll also want to enter the practice tool first with no Held Items so you can get an idea of what the base damage for the Pokemon is.

    Then, you can quickly compare the numbers. Pokemon UNITE makes this pretty easy — the targets in the practice tool have an HP bar thats numbered.

    Now you know everything there is to know about the Pokemon UNITE Physical vs Special attacks, check out some more Pokemon UNITE guides below:

    Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Stats And Moves

    Pokemon Sword &  Shield: 10 Best Fighting

    Gardevoir’s moves and abilities bring a new style of attacker to Pokemon Unite – check their full stats here.

    Pokemon Unite splits its characters into two main types: physical attackers and special attackers. However, it doesnt make it clear what the difference between them is or which attacks deal damage based on your Attack stat or Special Attack stat. Below, well explain the difference between Physical and Special Attack in Pokemon Unite.

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    Deoxys Speed Forme: 180

    The third Deoxys form to appear in this list, as well as the fastest Pokémon in the video game series, Deoxys Speed is an incredibly rapid Pokémon. While Deoxys itself is already fast, the speed forme makes it thirty points higher.

    While this Pokémon is very fast, it isnt a particularly viable sweeper as its attack and special attack arent exceptionally high. Further, a normal Deoxys or Deoxys Attack is already fast enough to outspeed most Pokémon, so Deoxys Speed Forme is largely considered to be overkill in the speed department.

    Pokemon With Best Special Attack Stat

    Every single Pokemon has its personal set of distinctive stats, and, as of the time of writing, there are a complete of 893 Pokemon formally obtainable for catching and coaching. Their stats are distributed amongst six key classes: Assault, Protection, HP, Particular Protection, Velocity, and Particular Assault.

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    Because the identify of the stat may counsel, Particular Assault dictates how a lot injury a Pokemon inflicts when utilizing a particular transfer. In most conditions, particular assaults contain dealing injury from a distance, with out making bodily contact with the opposite Pokemon. These strikes will be extremely highly effective, significantly when utilized by a Pokemon with a excessive Particular Assault.

    With regards to constructing a powerful staff of attacking Pokemon, gamers actually are spoiled for selection as of late. Theres by no means been a wider collection of competitively viable Pokemon obtainable to them, a lot of which excel within the Particular Assault class. Excluding Mega Evolutions and Extremely and Gigantamax varieties, these upcoming Pokemon are the easiest particular attackers in Recreation Freaks franchise. This makes them a few of the most fascinating choices for these seeking to exploit their opponents defensive frailties in battle, and they need to be among the many first to be thought of for any staff. That are the finest Particular Assault Pokemon ever?

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