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Pokemon Go Best Dragon Type

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Groudon: Dragon Tail & Earthquake


Another legendary that is not as powerful as it should be, Groudon has a max CP of 4,115 but fails to have any outstanding attacks.

Similar to Flygon, Groudon’s Earthquake can do a relatively good amount of damage when it is built up by Dragon Tail, but for a legendary, it is rather disappointing. The only reason Groudon has a better moveset than Flygon is its Max CP and its pretty good attack of 270. Other than that, not much going for it.

Best Dark Type: Hydreigon

  • Weaknesses: Fairy, Bug, Ice, Fighting, Dragon
  • Resistances: Ghost, Water, Grass, Electric, Dark, Fire, Psychic
  • Moveset: Bite, Dark Pulse

While Hydreigon faces a lot of competition as a Dragon-type attacker, it is one of the best Dark types in game. falling behind only the Mythical Darkrai, this pseudo legendary beast poses a major threat to its opponents. The only thing that holds back Hydreigon from being better than Darkrai is lack of a good moveset let alone a signature move. However, it still beats Tyranitar as a Dark-type attacker, while also having lesser weaknesses.

While Hydreigon cannot be the best Attacker, it still acts as a Great dark-type generalist. and Dark Pulse hit hard with STAB, and its bulk allows it to stay in the game longer than others. The pseudo legendary Attack stat means Hydreigon is somewhat useless in the Great League. It, however, is a great choice for the Ultra as well as the Master League, where the likes of Metagross, Mewtwo or Espeon are common. For PvE, Hydregion might not perform well as a Dragon-type attacker, but can be a solid pick for a dark-type. It also has a more than decent bulk, allowing it to be a great Defender as well.

How To Defeat Dragon

In Pokemon GO, Dragon-type Pokemon are particularly weak against three other types. Fairy, Ice, and fellow Dragon-type Pocket Monsters have an advantage over these creatures in the mobile game.

A trainer must not forget that Dragon-types have resistances against Electric, Fire, Grass, and Water-type attacks used against them in battle. That’s why it isn’t recommended to send out Pokemon assigned one of these types when fighting a Dragon-type foe.

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What Are The Grand Underground Statues

There are several statues that correspond to different Pokémon types that can be discovered by digging in the Grand Underground. For each one you place within your Secret Base, you gain an increased chance of coming across a that matches that statueâs type. For instance, placing a Charizard statue boosts the likelihood of finding a fire-type Pokémon in the Grand Underground. Use this to your advantage when hunting for specific Pokémon. There are over 480 different statues to acquire, so you better get to digging!

Pokmon: 10 Best Dragon

Pokemon GO: The Best Dragon Pokemon for PVP

Pokémon fans have long considered Dragon-types among the strongest in the entire Pokédex, and these ten Dragons lived up to expectations in the anime.

Dragon-type Pokémon have always been considered as the strongest of all types, mostly because of what a dragon is and can do. When it was introduced in Generation I, only one Dragon-type evolution line was available: Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite. This evolutionary line only having weaknesses to Dragon- and Ice-type moves made the type all the more formidable and intimidating.

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It wasn’t until Generation III that the Dragon-type roster was considerably bolstered and since then, more and more powerful and interesting Dragon Pokémon have been introduced. They have also been well-represented in the anime, with their power and might on display for all to see.

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Pokmon Bdsp Underground Statues

When your base is built, other players can come to visit, and you can also decorate it. But instead of furniture like the previous versions, Pokémon BDSP statues are your new choice of decor and theyre much handier than the furniture.

The statues you place in your secret base affect the Pokémon you encounter in the hideaways, so if youre looking for Pokémon of a certain type, be sure to place as many of the appropriate statues as you can for example, if youre want to catch some water-types, aim to place water-type statues like Squirtle, Wartortle, and Totodile. You can place 18 statues at a time, and only one boost can be in effect. The type with the highest value will always take priority when it comes to boosts, so be mindful of what you place in the base to maximise the benefit.

There are three types of statues, with varying levels of effectiveness.

Type of statue

Pokemon Go: Top 5 Strongest Dragon

Often considered some of Pokemon GO’sstrongest, Dragon-type Pokemon are incredibly popular and are a great asset to trainer battle parties.

As with any elemental type however, dragon-types have certain Pokemon that stand above the rank-and-file and truly dominate their category. Although the list can change for a variety of reasons depending on what metrics are used, there is a debatable top list of Dragon-type Pokemon for dealing significant damage to their target.

For the sake of this list, the metric measured for these top Dragon-types in Pokemon GO will be measured by their damage per second dealt with by the ideal set of moves they possess.

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Dragon Type Pokemon Go:

There are in total 18 different types of pokemon considering the fact that each has particular strengths and weaknesses. Among all the pokemon collection, dragon types are highly demanded and well recognized. Dragon type pokemon go are considered perfect attackers as they take down the enemy players. They are known as superior, stronger yet still weak to Ice and Fairy.

You have a variety of options when choosing a specific dragon type. Each dragon varies differently and what makes them unique in their own way is plenty of their distinctive moves. Sadly, when they enter the battle, they can only have access to one fast move and one charge move. However, it is extremely difficult to consider one the best and strongest of all but lets have a look at the below-mentioned list and you yourself break down the most powerful dragon type from the options.

Dragonite: Dragon Tail & Draco Meteor


It would be an abomination if Dragonite wasn’t listed as one of the Pokémon with the best dragon-type moveset in Pokémon Go. With this combination, it is shocking that it isn’t the most powerful too.

Dragon Tail can do 16.4 DPS, which sets Dragonite up for the most powerful dragon-type main attack in the game. Draco Meteor does an astounding 50 DPs, which can severely damage any opponent a player might be facing.

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Garchomp: Dragon Tail & Outrage

The combination of Dragon Tail and Outrage makes Garchomp a force to be reckoned with. Doing 16.4 DPS, Dragon Tail is perhaps the most powerful dragon-type quick attack in Pokémon Go.

With that in mind and the addition of an extra 33.8 DPS from Outrage, Garchomp can turn the tides of battle and put its trainer in the best stead in raids and PVPs alike.

The Top 10 Best Dragon Type Pokmon: Myths Brought To Life

Weve reached the end of the Pokédex. Theres just one more type to scrutinize, and its the powerful Dragon type. Fairy types brought Dragons down a peg, but these mythical monsters still pack a punch and wont go down easily. As youd expect from semi-legendary beasts, theyve all got wide-ranging move pools and bulky stats to keep them going. But not all Dragons are worth training. Weve pulled together the top 10 best Dragon type Pokémon worthy of your time, with no Mega Evolutions or Legendaries included.

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Best: The Applin Line

With each new generation, of course, comes a crop of new Pokémon. Some of which we fall in love with at first glance , while others convince us that Game Freak has truly lost their touch when it comes to designs.

With the Galar region being based on the U.K., it was inevitable that some sort of tea-related Pokémon was going to materialize, hence the Sinistea line. The simple brilliance of the Applin line also deserves a shout-out here. This unassuming little worm-mon has two entirely different forms, both of which are some of the most unique, creative and teeny Dragon-types the series has ever seen. From a gameplay standpoint, theyre not the most effective and need a fair amount of support to get the best from, but youve got to appreciate how very different they are from every other Dragon. Maybe Game Freak still has it after all?

Pokemon Go: Where To Find Dragon Type Pokemon

What Is The Best Dragon Pokemon Part 2


Dragons are arguably the most elusive type in the smash hit mobile game Pokemon Go. While a ton of Dragon type Pokemon have been released throughout the series, there are actually only three in the original generation. Those Pokemon are Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite, all of which are within the same evolutionary chain. Its important to note that other types of Pokemon can learn dragon based moves, but they are still not classified as this type.

So, with only three dragons in Pokemon GO, one has to wonder where you can even find them. Surprisingly, weve actually been fairly consistent when it comes to locating the first form of this Pokemon, Dratini. It turns out that this Dragon type likes to hang out in parks or other local landmarks. Another way to obtain Dratini is actually by hatching a 10km egg, and this may be your best chance. Given that you can obtain these eggs at PokeStops, consider hanging out in an area where you can easily hit multiple ones. This will not only up your chances at obtaining a 10km egg, but possibly lure in a Dratini, as well.

Other locations to possibly catch Dragon types are in major cities with a high concentration of PokeStops. In areas such as New York Citys Times Square, there is a large use of Lure Modules, which cause Pokemon to flock to that area. This will not only increase your chances at running into one of these three rare Pokemon, but possibly pick up some other elusive pocket monsters, as well!

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Best Aggron Moveset In Pokmon Go

Because Aggron is a dual-type Pokémon, there are twice as many moves it can learn. You can choose between Rock and Steel-type moves to teach it. Choosing the right pair of moves is a complicated task which we have simplified for you.

Here are the three best moves you can pick from to maximize your Aggrons potential:

Pokmon Bdsp Underground Map

The Grand underground is larger than the original Underground in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and is separated into six different areas. Each area can be accessed through various points in Sinnoh using the Explorer Kit. Here are each of the maps, their locations, and what sub areas they contain.

Found in Celestic Town, this map contains:

  • Dazzling cave
  • Big Bluff cavern

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Pokemon Go: What Are Dragon

In Pokemon GO, Dragon-types are some of the most challenging opponents to face in battle. It can be difficult for players to pinpoint what Dragon-types’ weaknesses are in the mobile game.

Knowing which of the 18 types of Pokemon these creatures are weak against will help trainers to come out victorious against them in a fight.

This article explores what Dragon-types are weak against in Pokemon GO and the best counters to use when battling them.

Excited about the upcoming #PokemonGOCommunityDay featuring Gible? Heres some information on what you can expect during the event.

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Pokmon Bdsp Underground Digging

Top 5 Dragon Types For Great League In Pokemon GO

Digging makes its return to Pokémon BDSP, and is pretty much unchanged. Simply use your radar while wandering around the Grand Underground, to highlight spots that can be dug up. This will start a minigame.

The minigame tells you the number of items hiding in the square on the screen. Then its up to you to hunt for the goodies with your Explorer Kits trusty pickaxe and sledgehammer! The sledgehammer removes larger sections of rock quicker, but causes the walls to collapse faster, whereas the pickaxe chips away small pieces, while dealing very little damage to the walls.

Theres a crack at the top of the screen that acts as a meter. When the crack reaches all the way to the left side, the walls will collapse, and youll be able to claim what rewards youve dug up. Check the lists below to see whats up for grabs.

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Th Best Alolan Exeggutor

Defense: 158Stamina: 190

Alolan Exeggutor is similar to its non-Alolan counterpart only with slightly lower attack and a secondary typing of dragon instead of psychic. It retains much of what made the original Exeggutor such a potent force to be reckoned with when Pokemon Go first launched, namely its high attack stat. Its defense and stamina of 158 and 190 respectively is decent but its really helped by the fact that Alolan Exeggutor double resists electric, grass, and water type moves.

But what makes Alolan Exeggutor so great is that its one of the easiest dragon Pokemon in the game to catch and power up. While it was way more common when it was first released in late May, its also currently available as a tier two Raid Boss. This gives players ample opportunity to find a high IV Alolan Exeggutor and power it up with the candy from catching it, its original form, and its pre-evolution.

However theres a lot that isnt in Alolan Exeggutors favor. First of all its a much better grass type attacker than a dragon one. While it has access to the powerful grass type Charge Move of Solar Beam, the weak Dragon Pulse is its only dragon type Charge Move. While the original Exeggutor could work as either a grass or psychic type attacker, its Alolan form is only viable as a grass type one.

Plus it has the debilitating ice type weakness shared by Dragonite and Salamence, but its weak to five other types while the other two Pokemon are only weak to three other ones.

The Best Moveset For Each Type

For Pokemon GO players who want to maximize their damage in every Battle Raid or gym takeover, TMs are an incredibly valuable resource. The items allow players to reroll for a different fast or charge attack and can make a mediocre pokemon much, much more reliable in a fight. Unfortunately for the less hardcore players, sometimes it’s hard to tell which moves are right for a given situation. This Pokemon GO moveset guide should help with that.

Each -type has its own set of moves and some are better than others. For the most part, each type has one or two top tier moves that players will want to use TMs to secure before taking those pokemon into battle. Having a perfect IV top tier pokemon is great, but using TMs to get the correct moveset in place is what really seals the deal when it comes to reaching maximum DPS.

For a crash course, we’ve outlined the best fast and charge moves for each -type below. Take a look and then compare the movesets listed here with what your top tier pokemon currently have equipped. If you have the TMs in inventory to start rolling for some upgrades, use this info and get to work…

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Rayquaza: Dragon Tail & Outrage

Unsurprisingly, the Pokémon with the best dragon-type moveset is a legendary, Rayquaza. However, it is rather shocking to see that Draco Meteor is not at the top.

Nevertheless, Rayquaza is the second-best attacking Pokémon in Pokémon Go, second only to Mewtwo. With the best quick attack, a Max CP of 3, 835, and an attack of a whopping 284, Rayquaza is hard to beat, even without the addition of an extra 33.8 DPS from Outrage. With the same-type attack bonus and the lack of energy that it takes to use its main attack, Rayquaza is badass.

Haxorus: Dragon Tail & Dragon Claw

Pokémon Go: 15 Best Dragon

Haxorus, the final evolution of Axew, is a strong Pokémon in the main series and in Pokémon Go. Champion Iris’s signature Pokémon, this pure dragon-type appropriately has a mono-type moveset for dealing maximum mayhem.

Dragon Tail is slower than other quick moves, but it makes up for that with raw DPS. However, since energy generation is low, a low-cost Charged Attack is necessary. Dragon Claw fills that roll perfectly, and the combo allows for a Pokémon that provides good sustained damage in a fight.

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Rayquaza Is Just As Capable Of Saving The World As Destroying It

Rayquaza is among the most powerful and generally popular Legendary Pokémon in the entire series. Its design is more serpentine than Salamence’s four-legged dragon aesthetic, but it’s still powerful all the same.

In the anime, Rayquaza earns its reputation as an all-powerful Legendary by successfully breaking up a destructive battle between Kyogre and Groudon. It’s also seen fighting Deoxys in Destiny Deoxys and in the Sun & Moon anime, where their battle inadvertently sends a meteor towards Alola and prompts Ultra Beast Kartana to spring into action and save the day.

Hydreigon Is An Intimidating Three

Ash faced the terrifying three-headed Dragon-type Hydreigon when he battled Cameron in the Unova Pokémon League. Cameron’s Hydreigon demonstrated its overwhelming power by defeating Ash’s Boldore and Oshawott fairly easily before eventually falling to his Pignite.

Hydreigon’s dual Dark/Dragon typing gives it an unfortunate five weaknesses, but its 600 total base stats are spread evenly and its impressive move-pool makes it a powerful ally both in the games and in the anime.

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