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Pokemon Go Steps Not Counting

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Uninstall And Reinstall The Pokemon Go App

Orzero step counter for Pokemon Go, Will it work ?

Most probably, your Adventure Sync will work after applying the solutions mentioned. If not, then uninstall the Pokemon Go app, restart your device and then reinstall the Pokemon app to solve the problem.

Even if uninstalling and reinstalling the Pokemon Go app has not helped you, then you can opt to run the game in the background with Pokeball plus connected, which will log your physical activity.

Force Close And Restart Your App When You Finish Traveling

Sometimes Pokemon Go just stops connecting to the network if you minimize the app or multitask while using it. Some Redditors have reported that when it comes to egg hatching, this has sometimes caused a big issue with recording the distance traveled. In order to avoid this problem, try force closing the app after youve finished using it, or just when youre about to start using the app again. Some players have reported that force closing the app sometimes minimizes or fixes the problem.

In addition to the techniques above, were listing a few other unverified glitches that might affect distance tracking.

Some Pokemon Go trainers have noticed that egg hatching distance breaks after they add a Pokemon to a gym or battle a gym. Its unclear if this is a persistent problem for all trainers or if its only limited to a small number. Some players have suggested the workaround of opening your journal after adding a Pokemon to a gym or battling a gym, in order to force a distance update.

Other trainers believe that your phones model might impact how well it tracks the distance youve traveled. This theory is also not verified, but you can join the Reddit discussion here to share your experiences.

How To Fix Pokemon Adventure Sync Issues

Before trying the solutions listed, please read through the following:

  • Make sure Adventure Sync is on and connected in Pokemon settings.
  • Restart your device and launch the concerned health app . Then check if it is recording your steps. And then open Adventure Sync to check if it is working fine.
  • Check if your device is compatible with the Adventure Sync and the apps required by it. For example, HTC One M8 is incompatible with Google Fit and thus cannot be used with Adventure Sync.
  • Keep in mind that there can be a delay of up to several hours for the Adventure Sync to sync your steps with your devices health app .
  • Do note that data manually entered in your health apps like Google Fit and Apple Health will not count in the Adventure Sync app. Remember that data entered, through 3rd party apps, is considered as manual unless it is using Google Fit API or Apple Health API.
  • Check if the apps required by Adventure Sync is keeping track of your physical activity.
  • Make sure that the Pokemon Go app is fully closed because if it is running even in the background with a Go+, then Niantic will use their distance tracking and thus Adventure Sync will not work.
  • Check if your device has the required sensors to track your distance and steps.
  • Do note that Adventure Sync has a speed cap of 10.5 km/h and any distance covered by a speed greater than this speed, will not be recorded in Adventure Sync.
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    Verify Adventure Sync Is Activated

    It is essential to check whether the adventure sync is activated or not. Sometimes an update can disable this feature accidentally. You can open the setting menu and click on the Adventure Sync box to check it is activated. During the Pokemon Go updates, Adventure Sync gets knockback to off regularly.

    Fix Pikmin Bloom Background Location Tracking Is Disabled Error Message

    Steps Counter Compatible with Pokemon Go,Poke Ball Plus ...

    The complete error message that players are getting when they first install the app is, Background location tracking is disabled on device, so you wont be able to use features that require it to be on. If you encountered this error, the fix is quite straightforward, you need to allow the app to access the location. Go to the settings of your respective phone > select Pikmin Bloom app > change the settings to always allow access.

    Once you enable the option the message will be gone as you would grant permission to the app to track your location and perform the various tasks of the game. You cannot play the game without enabling these location tracking to always be on.

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    Make Sure That Pokmon Go & Google Fit Have The Permissions

    When it comes to apps such as Pokémon Go & Google Fit, these apps rely on the sensors of your smartphone, and they also require certain permissions for their work. So, if Google Fit or Pokémon Go is not working properly, you can check the apps permissions to ensure that they are enabled.

    Just go to your smartphone settings, Tap the search bar on the top, type App permissions, and in this section, you will find the list of apps installed on your smartphone. Find the Pokémon Go and ensure that it has access to storage. Similarly, Go to the Permission section of Google Fit, and ensure that it has access to location, storage, and other required permissions.

    What Is Pokmon Go Adventure Sync Feature And How Does It Work

    Last year, Niantic added a new feature on its Pokémon GO app version 1.93.1. This new feature is called Adventure Sync. Adventure Sync is an optional mode which allow users to track and record their steps and earn rewards without actually opening the app. Users can also opt for a push notification to be notified if their Pokémon Buddy has found Buddy Candy, or an Egg has hatched.

    Adventure Sync also records weekly fitness report for tracking progress, and earning rewards for reaching weekly milestone. Note that this new feature is only available for Trainer Levels 5 and above.

    The Adventure Sync feature works with built-in Apple Health app for iOS, and Google Fit for Android. Basically, these two apps will turn your mobile device to a pedometer which will integrate the data to the Pokémon GO app for the total steps, and distance taken.

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    Make Sure That Pokmon Go Is Connected With Google Fit

    Now there are chances that Pokémon Go is not connected with Google Fit, and you can check it from the settings of your smartphone. Heres how you can check it.

    • Go to the apps menu, find the settings app, and tap it.
    • Now find the Google section and tap it.
    • Tap Google Fit and then navigate to Connected Apps and devices, tap it.
    • Now scroll the list and ensure that Pokémon Go is listed in this app. If the app isnt listed, then repeat the process of connecting the app.

    Thats it.

    Pokemon Go Says No Internet Connection

    How to beat Deoxys! (Attack Forme) | Pokemon GO Counter Guide | Top Counters | Pokemon GO Tutorial

    If you get the “no internet connection” message across the top of your phone, that’s the fault of your phone or network, not Pokemon Go itself. Check the obvious things – that your phone isn’t in flight mode, that data is turned on, and that you haven’t run out of data.

    Pokemon Go doesn’t use a lot of data, but for those with a limited data package, you could easily run out after a lot of playing.

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    Turn On Health In Privacy Settings

    One possible reason for Health app not tracking steps in iOS 14.1 on iPhone could be the mistake settings in Privacy. Follow the steps below to double confirm you’ve turned on Health in Privacy settings.

    • Go to Settings app on iPhone and navigate to Privacy and then Motion & Fitness.

    • In Motion & Fitness, please turn on Health in order to show the data n Health app dashboard.

    After this setting, you can walk a bit and check out whether your Health app is counting your steps and display them on the dashboard. If the Apple health app not working count steps, read on to try other solutions.

    Check If The Power Saving Mode Is Enabled On Your Smartphones

    Power Saving Mode is a very useful mode that is designed to save the battery of your smartphone. It successfully does so, but the problem is that it also restricts the many processes in the background to save the battery. If power saving mode is enabled in your smartphone, then it could be the reason why Google Fit is not tracking steps Pokémon Go. So, the simple solution to solve this problem is to turn off the power saving mode, and it should solve the problem.

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    I Keep Seeing The Spinning Pokemon Ball

    If you keep seeing a spinning symbol in the top left of your screen, that means that your phone is trying to connect to the Pokemon Go servers. The demand on the servers due to the game’s popularity can be really high following updates, and server connection issues account for most of the problems with Pokemon Go, although has now mostly been resolved.

    You can either wait – sometimes it will only be a few seconds – and then start playing again. Or you might find the app becomes unresponsive and it crashes, as above in point 1, so restart the app again.

    How To Fix Not Counting Steps In Pikmin Bloom On Ios

    Phone Swing Pedometer Automatic Motion Brush Shaker Device ...

    Instead of Google Fit, iOS devices use the Apple Health app to track steps. Just like on Android, this can cause a slight delay between the Apple Health app registering its steps with the game. To speed this process up, players can restart both apps, and then their phone. If this works, players can finally start their journey and level up to unlock new features like expeditions in Pikmin Bloom.

    If this doesn’t work, and players notice the Apple Health app is counting steps, but not Pikmin Bloom, they should then make sure their location, tracking, and battery settings are allowing the AR title to access their information.

    Hopefully, future AR Mobile games like the upcoming Space Invaders won’t have issues like these. For now, in Pikmin Bloom, Make sure battery saver mode is turned off, and then check the following settings.

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    Why Isn’t Pokemon Go Counting My Steps


    Pokemon Go Adventure Sync isn’t tracking fitness progress:Ensure the smartphone has the required sensors to track your distance and steps. Open the Apple Health App or Google Fit to learn whether the device is properly recording your fitness progress. Ensure that Pokmon Go is connected with Apple Health or Google Fit.

    Also, does Pokemon Go count your steps when not open? Pokemon Go will now track steps even when app is closed. Trainers, rejoice. A new update is coming soon to Pokemon Go that will allow you to track steps even when the app is not open. This feature is easily one of the most requested by members of the Pokemon Go community.

    Beside above, how do I get Pokemon go to count my steps?

    Specifically, Adventure Sync will record your walking distance in the background, even if you’re doing other things with your phone. Up to now, the only way for the app to track your steps, which was a crucial part of advancing gameplay, was with your phone awake and the app open .

    Why is my Pokemon go not registering walking?

    It’s because the game pings the location every few minutes which will then register the distance between pings. This would eventually result to the game not picking up the right km distance when the player isn’t walking in a completely straight line. Heads up, the distance tracker isn’t like a pedometer.

    Log Out And Log Back In

    Have you tried logging out and then logging back in your Pokemon Go app? Sometimes, such tricks do wonders to fix app-related issues.

  • Sign out of your Pokemon Go app.
  • Sign out to the health app youre using along with your Pokemon Go app.
  • In a while, log back into both applications.
  • This would probably fix the problem. If Adventure Sync is still now working, continue reading.

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    Disable Battery Saver In Pokemons Go Settings

    Is Adventure Sync not working on Android? If so, then enabled Battery Saver could be the reason behind it. Adventure Sync is not going to work on Android devices if Battery Saver is enabled. Therefore, disable or turn off Battery Saver in Pokemons Go Settings.

  • 1. Open the Pokemon Go app on your phone.
  • 2. Tap the Main menu.
  • 3. Navigate to Settings.
  • 4. Here, turn off the Battery Saver option.

    picture source: windowsreport

  • Pokemon Go Will Now Track Steps Even When App Is Closed

    Pokemon Go HACK! – Get Unlimited Steps With This Invention!!

    Trainers, rejoice. A new update is coming soon to Pokemon Go that will allow you to track steps even when the app is not open. This feature is easily one of the most requested by members of the Pokemon Go community. Even those that play Pokemon Go on occasion will find a lot to like in this update.

    How does it work?

    Adventure Sync, as it is called, will work with the iOS HealthKit and Android Google Fit apps to track your daily activity. Each week, the apps will sync, providing players information on their weekly steps and calories burned. Once the data is sent over to Pokemon Go, players will have their steps applied to their gameplay. This will allow players to evolve eggs faster, many of which required 10 kilometers of walking with the application open. The game will also provide rewards based on a players activity the previous week.

    Adventure Sync is especially good news for runners, many of which did not have their steps tracked in Pokemon Go originally. For some reason, the game refused to count steps that occurred above a certain speed. As a result, runners would come back from 5-mile runs with just a few hundred steps registered. Adventure Sync will theoretically allow all steps to count, regardless of the activity type.

    An entire platform

    Pokemon Go launched well over two years ago and is on its fourth generation of Pokemon, yet its community stays strong. Will Adventure Sync improve the amount you play Pokemon Go?

    • Posted in

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    Try Walking In A Different Direction Or In A Zig

    Pokemon Go periodically fixes its run/walk distance tracker, but then the tracker seems to break all over again. One trainer on Reddit pointed this out after the last update, with distance tracking now only being accurate a little over 50 percent of the time. So its possible the tracking feature may work better for a while after this latest update too, only to worsen over time.

    Part of the problem is that if you walk in a circle or backtrack over where you walked during the first half of your travels, Pokemon Go may only record half of your distance. So try to not backtrack your steps. Or, if you have to do this, then pause for a while when you reach your halfway point. Maybe take a 30-minute or hour break for a snack or a visit with a friend. This wont fix the problem all the time, but it can help.

    Some trainers also recommend walking in a zig-zag pattern rather than straight back-and-forth, as that is more likely to be registered by your Pokemon Go app. Give this a try when youre walking your Pokemon and let us know if you get a more accurate distance traveled result on your app.

    How To Enable Adventure Sync

    To use Adventure Sync, you should turn on the permission for the location access on your mobile phone. You will also need to connect the app to Apple Health , or Google Fit .

  • Open the Pokémon GO app.
  • Tap the Main Menu icon.
  • Tap the Settings option.
  • Tap the circle next to Adventure Sync option. Now, this will ask you to grant Pokémon GO app to access your Apple Health of Google Fit data. Just go ahead and confirm.
  • To disable the Adventure Sync feature, just follow the steps above, and tap on the circle next to the Adventure Sync to remove the check mark.

    Enable Adventure Sync On iPhone

    • Open the Pokémon GO app and click on Settings
    • Locate Adventure Sync and Turn it On. Also toggle all the Categories to turn it ON and Click Allow.

    Also, To Enable Adventure Sync on iPhone you need to make sure that the Pokemon GO is given permissions in the Sources of the HEALTH app.

    Now, make sure Fitness Tracking is enabled in your devices setting. To do that

    • Navigate to Settings and Click on Privacy
    • Locate Motion and Fitness and check if the Fitness Tracking is ON.

    Enable Adventure Sync On Android

    It is the same process on Android, except it all takes place inside the Pokémon GO app itself. Of course, make sure to first download the Google Fit app, and setup your account.

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    My Pokemon Eggs Are Not Hatching

    To hatch a Pokemon egg you have to put them into an incubator and walk. When you’ve covered the distance needed, that egg will hatch, giving you a new Pokemon. Originally you had to have the app open for this to happen, but in 2018, Pokemon Go introduced Adventure Sync, which could get the information from your phone, rather than from tracking distance covered in the app itself.

    Enabling Andventure Sync means the distance you travel with your phone is still registered in the game, so that distance is registered even when you’re not playing the game. You can find Adventure Sync in the settings and it’s definitely worth turning on.

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