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Pokemon Mansion Fire Red Walkthrough

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Power Plant: Home Of Zapdos

Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough Part 37: The Pokemon Mansion

Pokémon found: Voltorb, Magneton, Electabuzz , Magnemite, Pikachu

Go up, past the grass and through that gap in the fence. Surf into the water and follow the stream right and down. Go up on the land and head down. Battle the Pokémaniac, then go left and enter the building above.

Go upwards. Pick up the Max Potion just inside the next room, and turn left past that wall. Head right when you come to the top. Turn down. Go right through that narrow door, all the way right past those barrels, pick up TM17 , and go on left. At the end, you’ll find an Elixir.

Go back out of the room and head down. When you can go right or further down, go down. Turn right at the bottom and attempt to pick up the item – but it isn’t an item! It’s a level 34 Electrode!

Beat it and then go back to the intersection and take the right way this time. Turn down when you can do that, and pick up TM25 on the right. Go back up, head right and turn up at the end. Go up when you get on the corridor to the left, and take both the left and right paths there the “item” at the end of the left one is an Electrode, but the right one is a Thunderstone. Exit the room and head left. Follow the only path until you come to a room where you can turn left or down. In the room below, there’s a hidden Max Elixir in the upper right corner. Then go into the left room. Go up out of that room, left, and down. Approach the spiky yellow bird, Zapdos, and save your game.

Battle – Wild Zapdos

Level 50

Celadon City: The City Of Rainbow Dreams

Ah, what a lovely city. Home of the world-famous Celadon Department Store, the Kanto Game Corner, the Softboiled Move Tutor, the Celadon Mansion, Eevee and Erika’s Gym, Celadon City is without a doubt the biggest city in Kanto, at least in terms of things that will be of any use to you.

As usual, start by healing your Pokémon. In the Pokémon Center, there’s an old man who claims that the Poké Flute awakens Pokémon with a sound that only they can hear, despite the fact that when you get the Poké Flute, you’ll be able to hear it clearly. Then go outside. Take that tiny path to the right of the Pokémon Center until you come to a gap in the trees. Go up there and head left. Go on through that back entrance to Celadon Mansion. Go up all the staircases and go into that funny room on top of the building. The Pokéball on top of that small table contains Eevee, and you can steal it. Yay.

Go back outside and head further left. There’s an Ether there that you’ll want to pick up. Then go back into the main city. Enter Celadon Mansion from the other side, talk to the woman and she will give you some Tea to give to the Saffron City Guards . You can go upstairs and meet with the Game Freak staff on the third floor if you want, but there’s nothing else in there that matters.

Enter Celadon Department Store, that big building on the left. I’ll just give you a quick list of everything you can buy:

2nd floor: Trainer’s Market

  • Soda Pop: 300P
  • Lemonade: 350P

Head left to Route 16…

How Do You Get Through The Pokemon Mansion In Fire Red

The sole purpose of the Pokémon Mansion is to hide the key you need to get into the Cinnabar Island Gym. The quickest way to get it is to run straight into the mansion and take the first stairway up. Then, move to the northwest corner and take the stairs up to the third floor. Examine the statue you see to the right.

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Pokmon Let’s Go: Cinnabar Island

Cinnabar Island is a tiny plot of land that is packed full of things to do, with the Pokémon Lab, Pokémon Mansion, the Gym and of course the usual generally interesting characters to talk to, too.

Before diving into the mini-dungeon that is the Pokémon Mansion and your search for Blaine, it’s worth quickly running through the other things you can do in town. The most obvious is a visit to the Lab, the building in the bottom left of the small island.

Inside the lab there are some intersting people to talk to, but most interesting is the Experimental Room, at the right right end of the corridor.

In there, talk to the man in the top right of the room to have any fossils you own, such as the Dome or Helix Fossil you got way back in Mt. Moon, or the Old Amber you received on your return to the Pewter City Museum, revived into a living Pokémon!

Otherwise, there’s another Alolan Pokémon trader in town – the Punk Guy in Pokémon Center will trade his Alolan Meowth for your regular one.

Available Pokémon

On the left of Pokémon Mansion
TM02 Taunt From the sleepy Scientist in the Research Room of the Pokémon Lab

Head over to the Pokémon Gym when you’re done exploring town – but when you get there you’ll notice something’s up. Blaine, the Fire-type specialist Gym Leader, is missing. Apparently he’s a fan of quiz shows though, and he’s left a clue for you on the door. You’ll need to find him in the Pokémon Mansion, the large building in the top left corner of town.

Three Island: Kin Island Of Family Bonding

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Walkthrough: Part 33 ...

The biker gang is here. One is circling a woman and the other is just cycling back and forth. Head up to the town itself, heal your Pokémon if needed and then head upwards left of the Pokémon Center. You’ll see the bikers harassing two little guys. Take a step forward, and you’ll get to do some ground-sweeping.

Battle – Biker Goon

Pokémon: Koffing lv. 37, Grimer lv. 37

Battle – Biker Goon

Battle – Cue Ball Paxton

Pokémon: Weezing lv. 39, Muk lv. 39

Then the Bikers will leave. One of the guys left will give you a Full Restore. The other one will tell you that Lostelle, the girl you’re looking for, went towards Bond Bridge.

Go on upwards all the way to the top right corner of the town. Cut that tree and follow the secret path down until you find a Zinc. Go back and head leftwards.

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Ss Anne: The Luxury Ship

OK, lots to do here. First, walk all the way to the left and go into all the cabins from left to right. Battle the trainers, pick up the items, etc. The cabin straight below the entrance on the right has a woman inside who’ll heal your Pokémon. Go down and down the stairs there. That trash can below the stairs once you’re down contains a Hyper Potion. Battle everybody in the cabins here too. Then go back up the stairs and up.

Then go all the way left again, and turn down. The kitchen is there. In the bottom left corner there’s a Great Ball, and in the trash cans on the right are Berries. Go out of the kitchen and go up the stairs above. Battle everybody on that floor too, but DO NOT go up on the right side. When you’re done, go back left and up the stairs in the bottom left corner. Go left through that corridor and you’re out on the deck. Battle everybody there as well.

Now, once you’re done there, go and heal your Pokémon. In case you don’t remember, that’s out of the deck, along the corridor down a staircase, up and then down another staircase, and right to the second-last cabin on that side. Then go back left, up the stairs, down, right, save your game and walk up…

Battle – Rival

Pokémon: Pidgeotto lv. 19, Raticate lv. 16, Kadabra lv. 18, Ivysaur/Wartortle/Charmeleon lv. 20

Hmm… actually, he wasn’t that hard. His Pokémon have only grown by two levels, but yours should have grown much more than that. Hmph.

Route : Lavender Town

Pokémon found: Meowth, Pidgey, Growlithe , Vulpix , Ekans , Sandshrew

There’s a Lass facing away from you to the left battle her. Then battle the Gamer who’s facing down just to the left. Head upwards from there and battle the Super Nerd. Go left and find the first 2-on-2 of FR/LG! Whee!

After beating the twins, head on left and battle those four . Go down and battle the Biker, head left and battle the other Biker. Go up and battle that Super Nerd, and battle the Gamer to the right. Then enter the underground path and go through it.

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Route 2: Nugget Bridge

Pokémon found: Abra, Oddish , Bellsprout , Caterpie, Kakuna, Pidgey, Weedle, Metapod

It’s the music from the intro! Yayyyy! I bet you’re thinking “OMG WTF ROUTE 24?!?!”, and yes, this game is weird. But Route 24 isn’t really inside the storyline either, which is why it’s not Route 5. I love Nugget Bridge, battling all the trainers and getting a Nugget, and the new look is great, looking more like a bridge. Go Nugget Bridge.

Anyway, you just battle the trainers, and because I feel like it, I’ll list them…

Battle – Bug Catcher Cale

Pokémon: Caterpie lv. 10, Weedle lv. 10, Metapod lv. 10, Kakuna lv. 10

It’s times like these when you knock your head against the wall and think What’s wrong with this guy?? He could have two Butterfree and two Beedrill by now, but it is clearly a Bug Catcher’s destiny to be a piece of cake. And that’s exactly what he is.

Battle – Lass Ali

Pokémon: Pidgey lv. 12, Oddish lv. 12, Bellsprout lv. 12

She’s also a piece of cake. Just use super effective attacks.

Battle – Youngster Timmy

Pokémon: Sandshrew lv. 14, Ekans lv. 14

A bit better than the previous two, but again, just use the types to your advantage…

Battle – Lass Reli

Pokémon: Nidoran male lv. 16, Nidoran female lv. 16

Not hard to beat either, but at least she’s halfway decent.

Battle – Camper Ethan

Pokémon: Mankey lv. 18

OK, this one can be a bit more challenging, and might actually faint one or two of your Pokémon, but shouldn’t give you any problems.

Battle – Team Rocket Grunt

How The Trophy Garden Works

pokemon fire red walkthrough ep.20 pokemon mansion

The Trophy Garden will initially look like a normal grassy area filled with wild Pokemon. Here are the Pokemon that you can encounter here:

Electric 16

The purpose of the Trophy Garden, however, is truly revealed once you have gotten the National Pokedex upgrade. This is obtained by registering every Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex as “seen”and then visiting Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town.

From then on, you can talk to Mr. Backlot in his office in the mansion to get him to tell a story about an encounter with a particular Pokemon. This Pokemon will now be a possible encounter in the Trophy Garden!

  • This Pokemon is randomized and will change every 24 hours.
  • Only the last two Pokemon featured in Mr. Backlot’s stories will be available in the Trophy Garden – if you missed one, you’ll have to wait for Mr. Backlot to tell a story about that Pokemon again.
  • It is possible to save before talking to Mr. Backlot and reload if he doesn’t select a Pokemon that you want.

The table below details every possible Pokemon that can appear in the Trophy Garden after one of Mr. Backlot’s stories. They are all encountered at levels 16 – 18 and will be available alongside the normally available Pokemon – there is only a five percent chance that a particular encounter will be the Pokemon from the story.


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Route 1: Silence Bridge

Pokémon found: Pidgey, Venonat, Gloom , Weepinbell , Oddish , Bellsprout

Ironically enough, this is called “Silence Bridge”, but yet has powerful music that I like. It consists basically of piers with lots of dead ends and Fishermen.

Head downwards and go into the gatehouse. If you go up the stairs in the bottom right corner of it, you’ll find a girl who will give you TM27, Return, because her Pokémon died. 🙁 Exit the gatehouse and just head through the route, battling the Fishermen along the way. When you come to a place where there’s an island of grass, there’s an invisible Hyper Potion in the exact middle of it. The two people facing the sea a short distance below are a Young Couple who will battle you, and when you come down from there, you’ll discover a Snorlax blocking the way. This is the same Snorlax as the one who was blocking your way out of Route 11. Save your game then press A, and it will give you the option of using the Poké Flute. Say yes.

Battle – Wild Snorlax

Level 30

This is tough. Snorlax can use Rest, and is holding a Chesto Berry. It is horribly annoying to catch, and might just wipe out your team because you lose so many turns trying to chuck Great Balls at it. Catch it if you can, though. Otherwise, you do get a second chance at a Snorlax after you’ve gotten yourself some Ultra Balls and a few levels for your Pokémon, so don’t worry.

What Is The 8th Gym In Pokemon Fire Red

The eight badge in Fire Red and Leaf Greenis the Earth Badge.. Also question is, how do you unlock the Viridian City Gym in fire red? When you have the tea from the lady in Celadon Mansion,go to the Silph Co. building in Saffron City and defeatGiovanni. You’ll get the Master Ball from the Silph Co.president. Defeat the remaining gym leaders until you have 7badges.

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Walkthrough: Pokemon Fire Red Version Bahasa Indonesia Lengkap


  • Kamu akan memulai permainan di kamarmu, dekati komputer yang berada di pojok kamar dan ambil potion yang ada pada komputer. Pergi ke arah utara untuk bertemu dengan Prof. Oak. Dia akan mengajakmu ke Labnya dan memberikan salah satu pokemon dari 3 pilihan . Ketika kamu jalan keluar, Rivalmu akan mengajakmu untuk battle. Lanjutkan perjalananmu menuju route 1 .

Route 1

  • Ajak bicara orang yang ada di route ini untuk mendapatkan Potion. Lanjutkan perjalanan menuju Viridian City.

Viridian City

  • Masuk ke mart untuk mengambil Oaks Parcel. lalu kembali ke Pallet Town

Pallet Town

  • Masuk ke Lab. Prof. Oak dan berikan parcel tadi kepada Prof.Oak, sebagai imbalannya kamu akan di beri Pokeball dan Pokedex. Pergi ke rumah di atas Lab dan bicara pada orang didalamnya untuk mendapatkan Town Map. lanjutkan perjalanan ke viridian city, jangan lupa bertanya kepada orang tua yang ada dijalan menuju Route 2, dia akan mengajarkan cara menangkap pokemon dan memberimu Teachy TV. Lanjutkan perjalananm menuju Pewter City > Pewter City)

Pewter City

  • Pergi ke gym dan kalahkan Leader Brock untuk mendapatkan Boulderbadge, TM39 Rock Tomb dan TM Case. Saat kamu meninggalkan Pewter City menuju Route 3 kamu akan bertemu dengan murid Prof. Oaks, dia akan memberikan Running Shoes . Lanjutkan Perjalanan menuju Mt. Moon

Mt. Moon Cerulean City Route 24 Route 25 Cerulean City Vermilion City Route 2 Route 11 Lavendar Town Celadon City

Rock Tunnel: Detour To Lavender Town

Pokemon Fire Red Omega Walkthrough Part 19

Pokémon found: Onix, Mankey, Zubat, Machop, Geodude

Start off by using Flash. While it’s technically possible to go through it without Flash, I don’t recommend that you try. Walk all the way to the right. There’s an item there you should pick up. Unfortunately, I found the item while I wasn’t at the computer and forgot what it was, despite all my efforts to remember. Go back left and down that path where the Pokémaniac is .

Continue down and right, then up when you come to a wall. Go down that staircase. Head down from there and left. Battle the Pokémaniac. Head on all the way to the left and pick up the Revive that’s there. Go back right and turn upwards to battle the Picnicker. Turn right once you’re past her, go up when you reach the wall, battle the Pokémaniac , turn right, go up when you reach the wall, battle both the Hiker straight above and the one slightly to the left, and then go to the top left corner of that room and up the stairs there.

Go down and battle the Hiker to the right. Go down from there and battle the Hiker below to the left. Head straight right after that, and get the Escape Rope that’s there. Then go up, battle the next Hiker, and go down the stairs. Head left, ignore the top path and go down. Go left and battle the Picnicker. If you go down and left, there’s a little boy there who’s actually a move tutor and will teach your Pokémon Rock Slide. Whee.

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