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Pokemon Toys Z Ring

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Pokmon Sun And Moons High

Pokemon Sun and Moon Toys Rotom Pokedex Z-Ring Unboxing Opening

Wear the Z-Ring while you use it in-game

Among Pokémon Sun and Moons new features, introduced in the games latest trailer earlier today, are Z-Moves, a new type of attack that players can activate with the accompanying Z-Ring accessory and another key item. Real trainers will be able to wear the special bracelet as they play the Nintendo 3DS games this fall, thanks to a toy version that hits retail in time for their Nov. 18 launch.

Theres no price or exact release date yet for the Z-Ring toy, which is based on what trainers wear in-game in order to unlock a Pokémons special Z-Move. It connects with Sun and Moon to light up and vibrate whenever these moves are used in-game. The dynamic plastic bracelet think the Yo-Kai Watch accessory, in terms of size adds another way to bring the Pokémon experience closer to reality.

A Pokémon carrying a Z-Crystal item that matches the one found in a trainers bracelet can then perform the special Z-Move attacks. These Crystals are based on Pokémon types and are discovered throughout the Alola Region.

Trainers then perform a special routine to bond with their Pokémon, who can then unleash the attack. Moves are accompanied with special effects, like a surging lightning bolt for the electric-type Gigavolt Havoc, giant flowers for grass-type Pokémons Bloom Doom, a frightening fireball for Inferno Overdrive and a whirlpool alongside Hydro Vortex.

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We all know that subtlety isn’t always important with toys and add-ons, a point that The Pokémon Company is more than keen to make with the Z-Ring toys for Pokémon Sun and Moon. They’re a neat idea, as the bracelet and connected crystal interact with Z-Moves in the game, lighting up at the right moment.

They’ve looked rather chunky on pre-order pages, and now there are some images of the packaging . You can see the bracelet with included crystals and Pikachu toy, and extra 3-packs of more crystals – nope, definitely not subtle.

If you’re not sure that it’ll be impressive in action, this promo shot from a pre-order page – that we missed before – may change your mind. This young chap can barely handle the awesomeness of it.

It seems like a smart move from The Pokémon Company, tapping into an idea that Level-5 turned into gold with Yo-kai Watch in Japan, particularly. If you want to pre-order one of these Z-Rings, you can still do so, too.

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So, what do you think, a crude over-sized plastic toy or a fun and charming accessory? A bit of both? Sound off in the comments.

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Z

by David Fisher

Pokemon Sun and Moon is upon us! Today, Pokemon fans big and small are flooding into video game stores all over the world to pick up their copies of the latest Pokemon game.

Now, if you’re a long time Pokemon fan, chances are that as a kid you announced your attacks while playing the game or tried to pose like Ash Ketchum at least once. While back then your choices were limited to toy PokeBalls, The Pokemon Company has released a brand new toy to go alongside the Pokemon Sun and Moon titles: the Z-Ring.

The Pokemon Z-Ring toy is a bracelet accessory that has the ability to pair up with the Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon Sun and Moon to add an extra level of immersion to the game. It is based off of the Z-Ring found in game, and reacts to the activation of Z-Crystals during gameplay.

The Z-Ring toy comes with several items: the Z-Ring bracelet, three Z-Crystals , as well as a Pikachu figure. Each item has the level of quality that one would expect from the Japanese manufacturer, Tomy. The Pikachu figure in particular is rather adorable, and I can safely say without a doubt that it will be joining my old Charizard figure on my desk.

The example above is the Firium Z-Crystal. Role Play mode is activating by flicking the switch to Option 2, and pressing on the button or inserting one of the various Z-Crystals available for purchase. When activated, the Z-Ring plays various sounds, glows, and vibrates.

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It Has Some Cool Tech

Remember when I talked about ordering a Z-Ring for Pokemon Sun and Moon? Well I wasnt joking it arrived over the weekend and Ive been putting it through its paces!

Alongside of some really janky instructions , the basic $30 kit comes with the ring shell, three Z-Crystals , and a small Pikachu toy. It essentially replicates the actual Z-Ring in-game, which is granted to your character for story purposes, and allows you to use once per match Z-Moves if you equip your Pokemon with the appropriate Z-Crystal.

But beyond that, it has a way to interact directly with the game using some clever technology sound cues. Yep, by utilizing a Z-Move in Sun or Moon, the toy will pick up on it, and will light up and make noises appropriately. Itll not only make sounds, but vibrate as well in time with the games Z-Move. Its neat, but doesnt amount to much if youre using more useful items like Amulet Coins or Soothe Bells and cant actually perform Z-Moves consistently. You also have the limitation of not playing with headphones, since the toy cant possibly pick up the sound. It has options for role playing and a 3DS mode that uses the aforementioned sound-scanning tech.

The ring itself is also a little cheap looking and could stand to be a little looser , but I dig the design that allows you to house additional crystals on the side . Pikachu also does nothing in particular and just looks cute on your desk.

Itsa thing you can buy, even if I wouldnt recommend it.

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Pokemon Pokemon Z

Z-Ring Set

The Pokémon Z-Ring Set was released on November 18, 2016 in the United States and Australia, and on November 23, 2016 in Europe. It includes a Pokémon Z-Ring and three Pokémon Z-Crystals , as well as batteries for the Z-Ring. It also comes with a Pikachu figure, which may be the or battle pose Pikachu.


Three Pokémon Z-Crystal sets were released on November 18, 2016 in the United States and Australia, and on November 23, 2016 in Europe, each including three Z-Crystals.

  • Ghostium Z, Buginium Z, and Darkinium Z set
  • Steelium Z, Rockium Z, and Poisonium Z set
  • Normalium Z, Fightinium Z, and Electrium Z set

Two more Pokémon Z-Crystal sets were released in 2017, each including 3 Z-Crystals.

  • Fairium Z, Flyinium Z, and Icium Z
  • Dragonium Z, Psychium Z, and Groundium Z
Pokémon toys

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Feel The Power Of Pokemon With The Official Z

You might have seen in the latest Pokemon Sun & Moon trailer that Pokemon will be able to use a new type of move called Z Moves. Theres one of these powerful moves for each type, and your Pokemon can use one once per battle. Your in-game trainer channels the power of Z-Crystals in their Z-Ring to do a funky dance which empowers your Pokemon, allowing them to unleash one of these moves. From November 18th youll be able to purchase a toy replica of this Z-Ring device that can be linked with the game for a more immersive experience.

Different Z-Crystal toys are available for each type and inserted into the Z-Ring toy. When the Z-Ring is linked with your 3DS and has the right Z-Crystal loaded into it, the toy will react in different ways to mimic whats happening in the game. So if youre using the Electric type Z-Move in the game and have a linked Z-Ring toy containing an Electric Z-Crystal, the toy will light up, vibrate, and make noises just like your trainers in the game. Its nothing revolutionary but itll be a bit of fun every now and then. I expect someone will use one during the Pokemon VGC finals to get the crowd hyped. Id like to think itd be me, but my track record hasnt been that great.

These guys looks like they mean business, I would give them your lunch money if I were you

The product description for the Z-Ring can be read below. Pokemon Sun & Moon and the Z-Ring toy launch on November 18th 2016. Well add these dates into our calendar.

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