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Best Pokemon To Use Against Lapras

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Learn Which Pokmon The Team Go Rocket Leaders May Use In Battle And How Best To Counter Them

Updated Lapras VMAX DECK from Battle Styles WINS AGAINST ALL TOP DECKS!? (Pokemon TCG)

Battling a Team GO Rocket Leader is a lot more challenging thantaking on a Team GO Rocket Grunt. But with some key knowledge and shrewdstrategy, you can send Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo packing. When you do, you’ll beable to catch Sierra’s Shadow Nidoran, Cliff’s Shadow Grimer, or Arlo’s Shadow Gligar.

Before diving into strategies for each individual Team GORocket Leader, here are a few general tips that can help you across the board. Oneimportant difference between Trainer Battles and battling Team GO Rocket Leadersis their use of Protect Shields. Team GO Rocket Leaders have two ProtectShields that they will use against your first two Charged Attacks. Because ofthis, it’s best to begin the battle with a Pokémon that has a Charged Attackthat powers up quickly, so you can fire off your first two Charged Attacks as soonas possible. When using your subsequent Charged Attacks, be thoughtful about timingand utilize their power when it will be most effective.

It’s also worth noting that the Team GO Rocket Leaders’Pokémon can have any Fast Attack or Charged Attack currently available to thatPokémon. You won’t know which Fast Attack or Charged Attack their Pokémon will haveuntil you’re battling them, so try to familiarize yourself with each Pokémon’savailable attacks and pick your own Pokémon team accordingly.

Carracostas Best Learned Moves

As a Water/Rock dual-type Pokemon, Carracosta picks up a wide range of offensive maneuvers that can be devastating when used correctly. Hydro Pump is Carracostas strongest Water-type move, but Aqua Tail and Brine are also solid options. Shell Smash and Rain Dance should also be utilized by Trainers.

Weakness Policy Moveset & Best Build

Def 236 / Sp.Atk 252 / Spd 20
Final Stat Values HP 205 / Def 130 / Sp.Atk 150 / Sp.Def 115 / Spd 83

About Lapras’s Moves

Freeze-Dry and Sparkling Aria serve as Lapras’ main STAB-Moves. It’s interesting to note that the combination of these two moves offer perfect neutral coverage because of Freeze-Dry’s unique effect.

When Gigantamaxed, Freeze-Dry becomes G-Max Resonance, a damage dealing move which also has the added effects of Aurora Veil. This is another reason why Lapras can be so hard to take down.

Sheer Cold and Thunder round out Lapras’ moveset by offering stronger damaging moves. Sheer Cold can be unreliable, but will OHKO any opponent if it hits. Thunder, on the other hand, has great synergy with Max Geyser since Thunder will be 100% accurate in the rain.

About Lapras’s EV Spread

We’re maxing out our Sp.Atk to maximize the damage that Lapras will deal out, while also making sure to balance out its bulk by investing in Defense.

About Lapras’s Ability

Shell Armor protects Lapras from critical hits. This gives the opponents an even more difficult time to take Lapras out without overcoming its defenses.

About Lapras’s Held Item

Weakness Policy gives Lapras the offensive stat boosts it needs to deal more damage.

Other Viable Moves


About Lapras’s Moves

About Lapras’s EV Spread

About Lapras’s Held Item

Other Viable Moves

Attack first, even against opponents with maxed out Speed.

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Wall Builder For An Offense Team

Example Offensive Team


Zacians unprecedented levels of Physical Offense allows this team to shred through opponents easily, but its teammates can handle those who may try to stand in its way.

Lapras can use Freeze-Dry deal with Pokemon who commonly outspeed Zacian such as Landorus , and Kyogre. Its Water-type moves also help it against Fire-types such as Ho-Oh.

Most importantly, Lapras can take care of Quagsire who often ignores Zacians boosts thanks to Unaware.

Zapdos works as a great teammate who can also spread paralysis to the enemy team to cripple their offenses. It can also be effective against other common threats or walls in the metagame such as Rillaboom and Ferrothorn.

What Beats Lapras In Pokemon Go


| Jul 27, 2020

What beats Lapras in Pokemon GO? With this Pokemon situated comfortably on Team GO Rocket Executive Leader Sierra’s team, trainers are rapidly searching for the best counters and strategies.

Lapras is a water and ice-type Pokemon originating from the Kanto region as part of the original 151 in Generation I. Its PokeDex number is #131. In Pokemon GO, it has a CP ceiling of 2641, an attack stat of 165, defense of 174, and stamina of 277. It was once considered one of the strongest Pokemon in the game when it was first released. Now, despite its nerf, it still holds a place as a decent Great and Ultra GO Battle League contender.

Lapras is best known as a transportation Pokemon that ferries trainers overseas from one place to another.

Trainers, yâall did it! Team GO Rocket appears to be retreating after failing to capture Victini! What an exciting adventure! We knew we could count on all of you! #PokemonGOFest2020 may be over, but thereâs never a time limit to our celebration of the Pokémon GO community!

â Pokémon GO

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How To Beat Lapras In Pokemon Go


  • Machamp
  • Jolteon
  • Arcanine
  • Exeggutor The best Pokemon vs Lapras from an Offensive perspective. However, it has a defensive weakness due to Ice moves from Lapras. Exeggutor is still the best Pokemon to use against a Lapras with water/dragon move sets.


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‘pokmon Go’ Lapras Raid Day: Start Time Shiny Lapras And Best Counters

Pokémon Go players are in the midst of the mobile game’s annual Raid Week, which brings some of the more powerful and rare Pokémon to Raids.

This is a great opportunity to catch the likes of Metagross and Tyranitar without having to collect enough candy to evolve their pre-evolved forms. However, one of the biggest draws of Pokémon Go ‘s Raid Week this year is the Lapras Raid Day.

For a few hours this weekend, Pokémon Go trainers will have the opportunity to battle and catch as many Lapras as they can find in Raids. This make it easy to catch one of these rare creatures, and its Shiny form will also be available.

If you’re looking to make the most out of Lapras Raid Day, here’s all the essential information you’ll need including the start time and the best Pokémon to go into battle with.


Lapras Raid Day starts Saturday, May 25 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time. If you’re in the Americas, Greenland, Europe, the Middle East, Africa or India.

If you’re playing Pokémon Go in the Asia-Pacific countries, the Lapras Raid Day starts Sunday, May 26 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time .


During the three-hour event window, Pokémon Go trainers will see every Gym occupied by Lapras. This gives trainers the maximum amount of opportunities to fight and catch them.

Shiny Lapras changes from its light blue coloring to a deep purple.


Here are the best Pokémon to go up against Lapras:

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Kingdras Best Learned Moves

Like all of the best Water-type Pokemon, Kingdra eventually picks up Hydro Pump, gaining the attack at Level 51 in Pokemon Sword & Shield. As a Dragon-type, Kingdra also gets access to a rare move pool, including the powerful Dragon Pulse attack and the status move Dragon Dance that increases the Pokemons Speed and Attack.

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Outlast It With Tanky Pokemon

How To Use Lapras! VGC Competitive Lapras & Gmax Lapras Moveset Guide for Pokemon Sword & Shield

Tanky Pokemon are a great choice here, but you do have to be careful of the OHKO move Sheer Cold. Use the fact that OHKO moves can’t be used during Dynamax to your advantage. Also note that if you yourself are Dynamaxed, Sheer Cold won’t have any effect!

Fight Back With Snorlax

Lapras has a great movepool, but its Sp. Atk isn’t particularly high. This means that a Pokemon with no weaknesses to it and high Sp. Def can easily withstand it. Snorlax is the perfect candidate here, especially if it has the ability Thick Fat, which gives it resistance to Ice moves.

Ferrothorn Is Also Possbile

Ferrothorn’s resistance to water moves means it doesn’t have to worry, even against Max Geyser in the rain. Also, it can deal super-effective damage to Lapras, and even avoid activating Weakness Policy by using Leech Seed and waiting it out.

All of the information above, including EV distribution, counters, and moves, has been provided to us by the Japanese Pro Player Yuki.

Source: Yuki’s Hidden Power !!

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Pokmon Go: How To Beat Sierra

Sierra is one of the three admins of Team Go Rocket in Pokémon Go. Heres a look at what Pokémon she has on her team, and how to beat them.

Team GO Rocket, the villainous team of thugs and thieves, continues to wreak havoc in Pokémon Go. Though their grunts, stealing from Pokéstops across the world, are commonly seen by players, the evil organizations leaders are harder to come across. Much like the mainline games, Team GO Rocket has a group of admin higher-ups orchestrating their goons schemes. One of the 3 admins of Team GO Rocket is Sierra, who has a strong team of Pokémon at her disposal.

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The regular Team Rocket grunts arent very strong, but Sierra and her companions can definitely pack a punch. The biggest advantage players have against them is knowing what Pokémon they have on their team. Even though they vary, there is still a setlist of Pokémon they have a chance to bring. Heres a look at which Pokémon Sierra might have on her team, and how to defeat them.

Pokmon Go Sierra August 2020 Counters Lapras Weakness And How To Beat

The Shadow line-up for Team Go Rocket will change in September. Click here to discover the counters for Sierra next month.

Original story:

Pokémon Go has entered a new month and theres a lot for fans to anticipate. Right now theres Dragon Week with its own tasks and rewards, and soon there will be Enigma Week and then Unova Week. But, away from these upcoming seven day events, here youll discover how to beat Sierra during August 2020 in Pokémon Go by knowing appropriate counters and Lapras weakness.

The aforementioned upcoming weeks for Pokémon Go were earned by the community during Go Fest. This festivity provided players with the opportunity to grab a bunch of creatures shiny and otherwise in a day that was subject to habitat rotation, but in case you encountered any problems there will be a global makeup event soon.

However, before this global makeup event comes about, here youll discover how to beat Sierra in August 2020 by exploiting Lapras weakness with suitable counters.

  • POKÉMON GO:How to get and evolve shiny Deino during Dragon Week

Spark vs. Sierra As Day 2 of #PokemonGOFest2020 begins, so does the battle between the #TeamInstinct leader Spark and #TeamGORocket Leader Sierra! Last time they battled, Spark earned the victory, but Sierra said shed gone easy on him. How will this match play out?

Pokémon GO

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What Is Shadow Lapras Weak Against

Lapras will be Sierras first wall of defence in Pokémon Go provided you encounter her via balloon. It has a weakness to Electric, Fighting, Grass, and Rock-type attacks, meaning counters for Lapras include Lucario and Regice. Other possible Pokémon counters include Melmetal, Dialga, Giratina, and Poliwrath.

How To Beat Sierra In Pokmon Go

The best Pokémon to use in a gym battle against Lapras ...

To beat Sierra in Pokémon Go you must overcome a line-up of three.

Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

Sierras line-up in Pokémon Go for July 2020 includes Lapras or Beldum, but you also have to beat the likes of Exeguttor and Houndoom.

Below youll find her line-up:

Line-up one:

  • Alakazam

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Sierra Pokemon Go Counters

With the Season of Mischief having just started, Trainers can still take down the same 7 different mon from last month when facing off against Sierra.

At the start of every match, Sierra will always send out Sneasel, followed by 6 other rotating Pokemon. While Sierras lineup changes over time, in September, the 7 mon Trainers have the opportunity to face off against are:

  • Sneasel

Which Pokmon Is Best To Take Out Lapras

In order to defeat Lapras, we will need a type advantage.

Type super effective against Lapras

Note: Steel and Fire are effective against Ice type but Water type resists Steel and Fire. So we will leave those out.

Expected Lapras move set

  • The combination of Frost Breath and Blizzard is considered to be the best move set for a Lapras that is used for attacking.
Fast Attack
  • The combination of Ice Shard and Blizzard is considered the best move set for a Lapras to defend gyms.
Fast Attack
1. Arcanine

Since the best move set on a Lapras are all Ice type, Arcanines Fire type can reduce the damage of these attacks. Both Arcanine and Charizard is the highest CP Fire type Pokémon but Charizard is a dual Fire and Flying type. Lapras Ice attacks is super effective against Flying type, that is why Arcanine is the best Fire type Pokémon against Lapras.

Best move set for Arcanine to defeat Lapras

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Outspeed And One Shot It

Regardless of its build, an effective way of dealing with Lapras is to just outspeed it and take it out in one shot. Dracozolt’s Hustle attack boost, combined with a stab Bolt Beak is enough to take out Lapras, even while it’s Gigantamaxed. Combine this with Max Airstream for the speed boost and you could even have a full sweep on your hands.

However, Dracozolt is weak to ice moves, so if you are somehow unable to take it out quickly, you might be in trouble.

Wailords Best Learned Moves

Pokemon Go – Best Pokemon Lineup Against Pokemon Go Team Rocket Leader Sierra (Lapras) with 100% Win

Wailord learns Hydro Pump and Water Sprout at levels 49 and 54, respectively. It also has some variety available to it through the Normal-type Body Slam, the Steel-type Heavy Slam, and the Flying-type Bounce. Heavy Slam should be a trainers go-to move against much smaller opponents as its power increases depending on the weight difference between Wailord and its target. Wailord weighs 877.4 lbs, so it should do well against most Pokemon. Just dont use it against Snorlax.

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Team Go Rocket Leader Arlo

Arlo’s Potential Pokémon

  • Can also be used against Arlo’s Gligar.

  • Zacian

  • How to Defeat Arlo

    Arlo’s team features both Lapras and Snorlax, two Pokémonthat are difficult to face even without the incredibly high CP Team GO RocketLeaders’ Pokémon tend to have. Shadow Gardevoir is a gauntlet in its own right,and when you consider that Arlo’s Pokémon don’t have a lot of type overlap, defeatinghim gets that much more challenging. But don’t despair: with the right strategy,you’ll have Arlo bemoaning his undue defeat.

    Because of their type combinations, Froslass and Empoleonare good choices to begin the battle with. The Ice- and Ghost-type Froslass isgenerally a strong addition to your team, but when battling Arlo, it’s helpfulto teach your Froslass an Ice-type Fast Attack. Similarly, your Empoleon shouldalso know a Water-type Fast Attack. In both cases, you’ll want your Pokémon to havetwo Charged Attacksone for each of its types. If Arlo’s second Pokémon isCradily, you’ll be in good shape if you stick with Froslass and Empoleon. Ifit’s Lapras, switch in your Fighting-type Pokémon with matching Fighting-typeFast and Charged Attacks. If Arlo goes with Mawile, call out your Fire-typePokémon and utilize its Fire-type attacks.

    The Team GO Rocket Leaders change their Pokémon every fewmonths, so check back regularly for new recommendations and strategies.

    Good luck battling, Trainers!

    Lapras Weakness & Counters In Pokmon Go

    Lapras is a water-type Pokémon, so your instinct might be to always use electric Pokémon against it. While some of the Pokémon on this list are indeed electric, there are others that you might be surprised are very effective against Lapras! Below are facts about Lapras and the ten best Pokémon counters to use against this seafaring Pokémon.

    Before you continue, we’d like to note a few essential things.

    • Not all of these are listed because they are Lapras’s weaknesses, but because they are very resistant to its attacks.
    • Second, some of the Pokémon listed might have a weakness to Lapras. Still, if you have the right moveset, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. For this reason, we have listed the best attacks to assign to each Pokémon.
    • Lastly, each Pokémon’s effectiveness against Lapras relies somewhat on your technique as a player, so we’ve listed them alphabetically rather than by effectiveness. Use the best Pokémon you have available that fits your playstyle!
    • Boost: Rain and Snow Weather
    • Weaknesses: Electric, Fighting, Grass, Rock
    • Resistances: Ice, Water

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    How To Play Against Lapras

    Hit It Hard And Fast

    Lapras has a mere 60 base Speed stat, meaning most attackers should be able to go first. However, since it lacks a 4x weakness you might have trouble taking it out in one shot. Aim for a quick 2-turn KO.

    Careful With Water Types

    Almost all Lapras you see running around will invariably have Freeze-Dry. For this reason, we recommend being very careful with the water types on your team. Quagsire, Gastrodon, Seismitoad, and Gyarados in particular have to watch out, as Freeze-Dry will deal 4x damage to them.

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