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Transfer Pokemon Go To Let’s Go

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How The Go Park Play Yard Works


If you transfer 25 of the same Pokemon into the Go Park from Pokemon Go, you’ll be able to enter the Play Yard for that specific Pokemon and unlock a secret mini-game that’ll earn you candy for that critter. From what we’ve seen so far, they’re all rather adorable, but it might take a while for you to unlock them all – especially as you can’t count any of the Pokemon you’ve caught in Pokemon Let’s Go towards that 25 total. It’s Pokemon Go transfers only.

Also, all 25 Pokemon have to be physically in the Go Park at the same time to access the mini-game. They don’t all have to be in the same Park though.

You have 20 Go Parks to choose from, each holding up to 50 Pokemon, meaning you can have up to 1000 Pokemon stored there at any one time. That basically equates to 40 mini-games active at once. Enjoy transferring, trainers!

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Step : Open Pokmon: Lets Go On Your Switch

First, make sure the Nintendo account youre using on your Switch and in Pokémon Go is the same.

Within Lets Go, hit the X button to open up the main menu. Then press the Y button to select Options > Pokémon Go Settings > Yes to begin the sync with your Pokémon Go account.

If the game prompts you to pair with your Pokémon Go trainers name, youve successfully connected the accounts. Youll see a confirmation screen next.

Why Should I Bother Catching More Than One Of Each Pokmon

In previous games, unless you wanted to hunt down a specific nature or gender for breeding, there wasnt much need to catch more than one of each Pokémon. It was simpler just to battle the wild Pokémon until they fainted instead of trying your luck with Poké Balls. Since you dont have the option to fight wild Pokémon, it might seem redundant to catch yet another Pidgey, especially when for the most part, you can navigate around them.

But there are perks to catching extra Pokémon. For one, if youve battled all the trainers in an area , catching Pokémon is a good way to grind for experience, which is spread evenly across your party. As always has been the case, the higher level of Pokémon you catch, the more experience your party gets.

Catching more Pokémon in an area also increases the likelihood of rare Pokemon popping up. After catching 12 Zubat and Golbat in the Rock Tunnel, for instance, you might see a wee Charmander or formidable Kangaskhan walking around. Additionally, catching repeats of the same Pokémon in a row increases the chances of shinies and Pokémon with better stats.

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Step : Bringing That Pokmon To The Switch

Speak to the Go Park attendant in side of the Go Park building in Fuchsia City and select Bring Pokémon from his menu.

Then select one of the Go Parks, which will determine where your Pokémon is sent. Choose Start Communication. Then hit Yes. Your phone will again search for your Pokémon Go account, and once it finds it, the transfer process will begin.

If the transfer went through, you should see a confirmation message on both the Switch and your phone.

Your chosen Pokémon will now be chilling in your selected Go Park.

Pair Pokmon Go To Pokmon Let’s Go

Transfer from Pokemon Go to Pokemon: Let

If you have not yet paired Pokémon GO to Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee, open the menu in Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee, then press Y to go to the Options menu . Then choose Open Pokémon GO Settings.Read the information on the screen, then if you want to pair your game,choose Yes.

On your smartphone, open Pokémon GO and tap the Poké Ball icon at the bottom of the screen,then tap Settings in the upper-right, then scroll down and tapNintendo Switch, then tap “Connect toNintendo Switch”. Wait a moment, and there will be a message in Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee that your account has been found. Choose Yes to pair your game with it.

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How To Connect Pokemon Go To Switch Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Open both Pokemon Go on your mobile device and your version of Pokemon Lets Go on your Switch.

Step 2: In Pokemon Go, open Settings and tap Nintendo Switch then Connect to Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Go is now ready to pair with Lets Go.

Step 3: In Pokemon Lets Go, open the Options menu and select Open Pokemon Go Settings

Step 4: Select Yes on the two following prompts and Lets Go will be ready to pair with Pokemon Go.

Once the games are connected, in the Available Devices section in Pokemon Go, your Switch should appear as an option to send Pokemon to.

How To Send Pokemon From Pokemon Go To The Go Park

Pokemon Lets Go has an area known as the Go Park Complex, this is where you send Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Lets Go. When transferring a Pokemon there, you get rewards and the Pokemon will stay there from then on, there is no way to send it back to Pokemon Go.

Step 1: In Pokemon Lets Go, go to Fuschia City and speak to the attendant at the GO Park Complex and select Bring Pokémon.

Step 2: In Pokemon Go, go to the Pokemon menu and tap the Nintendo Switch in the top right.

Step 3: Select the Pokemon you want to send over to Pokemon Lets Go.

Step 4: Tap the Send to Nintendo Switch button and the Pokemon will be transferred to the Go Park Complex.

Pokemon sent to the Go Park Complex will reward you with candy and bonus XP in Pokemon Go as well as a Mystery Box upon transferring Pokemon for the first time.

You can also send Pokemon from multiple Pokemon Go accounts so you can let your friends send you Pokemon from their accounts as well.

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You Wont Just Be Handed Your Pokemon

Oh no, theyve not made it as simple of handing over the Pokemon youve already captured in Pokemon Go, instead youll need to head into the park to catch them again!

Bear in mind with some Pokemon being pretty high in rarity and level from your Go account that youre going to need to wear them down and use the right Pokeballs for a successful catch. Mewtwo for example is likely to need an Ultra Ball at the very least.

Catch your Pokemon and theyll be all yours and added to your Pokedex!

We hope our Pokemon Go transfer to Lets Go guide has helped, if youre unsure of anything let us know.

Can Only Send Presents To Pokemon Go

How to Transfer Pokemon: Pokemon Go to Pokemon Lets GO

Although you cannot send Pokemon to Pokemon GO, you can send a Present which contain items that will be useful in Pokemon GO.

First Present Is Mystery Box To Capture Meltan

The first time you connect & transfer from Pokemon GO to Let’s Go, you’ll receive the Mystery Box. This item can be used in Pokemon GO to lure the mythical Pokemon Meltan!

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How To Transfer Pokmon From Pokmon Go To Pokmon: Lets Go

To transfer Pokémon youll need to connect your Pokémon GO account to your Pokémon: Lets Go account. This can be done one of two ways. First, you can connect by opening Pokémon GO on your mobile device and running through the following steps:

  • Touch the Poké Ball icon, then select Settings.
  • In Settings, select the Nintendo Switch option.
  • From there, select Connect to Nintendo Switch.

Meanwhile, you can connect the two in Pokémon: Lets Go using similar steps.

  • In Pokémon: Lets Go, tap X to open the Pause Menu.
  • Next, tap Y to open the Settings Menu.
  • In Settings, select the Pokémon GO option.
  • Confirm Yes to pair with Pokémon GO.
  • Verify your account information, then select Yes to confirm.

With your Pokémon GO and Pokémon: Lets Go accounts successfully connected, you can then begin to transfer your Pokémon in the GO Park. To do this, youll need to open up your Pokémon GO app and complete the steps listed below:

  • Touch the Poké Ball Icon, then select Pokémon.
  • Select the Nintendo Switch icon located in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Choose which Pokémon you wish to transfer by touching the Pokémon and holding down to select.
  • Confirm Yes when asked, Do you want to send these Pokémon?
  • Select OK to confirm and youll receive a notification that the Pokémon has been sent.

To receive Pokémon in Pokémon: Lets Go, enter the GO Park and complete the following tasks:

Pokmon Go To Home Limitations Gigantamax Melmetal And Mystery Box Rewards And Other Things To Know About Transferring From Go To Home

There are a few other things to bear in mind when transferring Pokémon from Go to Home.

  • The first time you do so, you’ll recieve a Gigantamax Melmetal as a reward! You can claim it via the Mystery Gift function on the mobile version of Home only.
  • You’ll also be able to open a Mystery Box in Pokémon Go, causing Meltan to appear for a set period of time. More on that in our Melmetal and Mystery Boxes guide!
  • Not all Pokémon can be transferred from Go to Home. Specifically, you can’t transfer Spinda, Kyurem Black/White, any Shadow or Mega Evolved Pokémon, or any of the special event Pokémon that have an altered appearance, like Armoured Mewtwo, Party Hat Pikachu or the Flower Crown Eeveelutions.
  • Pokémon with different forms in Go will default to a specific form in Home . Specifically this will alter forms to:
    • Castform Sunny/Rainy/Snowy – Castform Normal
    • Meloetta Pirouette – Meloetta Aria
    • Genesect Burn/Chill/Douse/Shock – Genesect Normal
  • Certain Pokémon require you to have caught them or registered them in your Pokédex first, in order for you to transfer them from Home to Sword and Shield. In brief, these are all of the legendaries/mythicals catachable in Sword and Shield via Dynamax Adventures, plus Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Victini and Genesect. You can view the full list in the Home mobile app by going to Help – Other – Pokémon you can send to other games.

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Can I Transfer Any Pokmon

Nope! As of this moment, you can only transfer Pokémon from the Kanto region, as well as Meltan, and Melmetal. However, Game Freak made it clear that if Pokémon: Let’s Go is sufficiently popular, that we could see other regions make the cut later on, paving the way for the rest of the Pokémon to join the game.

How To Connect Pokmon Go To Pokmon Let’s Go On Nintendo Switch

How to Transfer Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Let

First, there are a few initial requirements:

  • Both the Nintendo Switch with Let’s Go and the phone with the Pokémon Go account need to be in close proximity with WiFi and Bluetooth enabled.
  • You need to have reached Go Park in Fuchsia City, which is about three quarters of the way through Let’s Go’s story, to transfer creatures from Go to Let’s Go.

With the above requirements met, you can start connecting your phone with Pokémon Go to Nintendo Switch.

You can do this by pressing pause on Let’s Go, then Options , then select ‘Open Pokémon Go Settings’. Agree to pair the game with a Go account. It’ll then start searching.

Now, with Pokémon Go on your phone, head to Settings, then ‘Nintendo Switch’ near the bottom. On the next screen, select ‘Connect to Nintendo Switch’. Provided Let’s Go is searching as shown earlier, it should then appear, and can be paired.

With that done, you can begin transferring Pokémon from Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let’s Go.

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How To Transfer Pokemon From Pokemon Go To Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee

To transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee, first open Pokemon Go on your phone. Tap the Pokeball in the middle bottom of the screen. In the menu select Pokemon . Find the Nintendo Switch icon in the upper left corner, and tap it. Find the Pokemon you want to transfer, and long press on it to select it. When the game asks you to confirm you want to transfer the Pokemon, select Yes, then hit OK to confirm again. The game will give you a message that the Pokemon has been sent, and youll earn one Candy for every transferred Pokemon.

However, before any of this, the first order of business is to play through Lets Go until you reach Fuchsia City. Once there, youll get access to GO Parks, in the north of Fuchsia City. Pokemon Lets Go has a total of twenty GO Parks, and each can hold up to fifty Pokemon, totaling at a thousand Pokemon that you can transfer from Pokemon Go to Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee.

Now, we have to note that there are some terms and conditions here. For one, once you transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Lets Go, you cant transfer it back. Also, there are some Pokemon that you cant transfer from Go to Lets Go, and even some that you cant transfer from Lets Go to Pokemon Go. But, thats a matter for another guide. Also, keep in mind that the stats of the Pokemon you transfer will get rerolled.

What Do I Do With All My Extra Pokmon

If for whatever reason you dont want a dozen or so Zubat hanging out in your Pokémon box, you can always transfer them to Professor Oak for candies. Unlike how they work Pokémon Go, the candies you receive arent used to evolve your Pokémon . But like the mobile game, candies can be used to buff up your Pokémons stats.

To send over Pokémon to Professor Oak, navigate over to your Box by hitting the Y button while on the party screen. From there, you can sort the Pokémon. Select the desired Pokémon. A little menu will pop up with the choice to send to professor near the bottom. Select that.

The screen will turn green, and you can select which Pokémon you want to send over make sure you dont accidentally send over your favorite and mark them beforehand. Once you select all of the Pokémon you want to ship over to Professor Oaks lab, hit Y and then theyre off to a nice, relaxing life!

Professor Oak says something about how hes glad youre helping his research, and sends you candy as a reward. Success!

Depending on which Pokémon you send over, youll get different types of candy, which you can feed to your team to boost different stats. There are also boosted versions of these candies that can only be used on a certain level of Pokémon. The six types of candy are below:

  • Quick increases Speed

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Sync Your Pokemon Go Account With Your Switch

First things first, let’s make sure both your accounts are synced together for transferring action. To do this, on your Switch head to the Settings Menu within Pokemon Let’s Go, and click the very top option – ‘Open Pokemon Go settings’. It’ll give you a little warning about data use, and then ask if you want to pair your game with a Pokemon GO account. Hit Yes.

Then, grab your phone and open up Pokemon Go. Hit the Pokeball, navigate to Settings, and then scroll all the way down to where it says ‘Nintendo Switch’. Inside this sub-menu, go for the ‘Connect to Nintendo Switch’ option, which will then search for your Switch using Bluetooth connection .

On your Switch, you’ll get a prompt saying that your Pokemon Go account has been found, and it’ll ask you whether you want to pair your game. Opt for yes, and after a short communication between the pair of devices, you’ll be all paired up and raring to transfer.

It’s worth remembering that you can do this with any Pokemon Go account – it doesn’t just have to be yours – so if your friend has something you really want for your Pokemon Let’s Go Pokedex, or has some spare Pokemon they can transfer to help unlock the mini-game , it’s possible.

How To Find The Night Folk In Red Dead Redemption 2

EASY GUIDE: How to TRANSFER from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee!

If you wish to encounter the terrifying Night Folk in Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ve come to the right place….

If you dedicated a lot of time to expanding your PokéDex in Pokémon GO, you may be wondering how to transfer those Pokémon over to Pokémon: Lets Go, Eevee and Pikachu! To transfer Pokémon, youll need to familiarize yourself with the GO Park feature. In Pokémon: Lets Go, there are a total of 20 GO Parks.

Each GO Park has the ability to hold a total of 50 Pokémon, meaning you can transfer up to 1,000 Pokémon into the game. Of course, there are a few restrictions on what can and cannot be transferred. You can find the GO Park Complex where the Safari Zone used to be in the original Pokémon titles for Game Boy.

For those who havent played the game, the Safari Zone was located in the northern area of Fuchsia City. Now that you know where to find the GO Park, lets take a closer look at how to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Pokémon: Lets Go, Eevee and Pikachu!

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