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Pokemon Series List In Order

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Pokemon Sun & Moon And Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Pokemon All Seasons Name List | [Season 1 – 23]

While Matsumiya’s tweet ended at X & Y, there was a ton of evidence within the Sun & Moon games of where they stood in the Pokemon timeline. Since Mega Evolution still exists, it is not far-fetched to believe they take place in the same universe as the Generation VI games. These games also have a ton of characters from previous games. Red and Blue are two of them, and they have aged a lot since their Kanto adventure.

There are much deeper cuts into the timeline though. There is a popular theory for the character Anabel. She actually appears in the Battle Frontier in Emerald. Within Sun and Moon though, it is said she was discovered unconscious on a beach with memory loss. Due to this, many fans believe she accidentally traveled to the Mega timeline from the original one.

The multiverse theory is even stronger in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, where Giovanni assembles a team of villainous team leaders, who have come from other universes where the player character did not stop them from succeeding with their evil plans.

Pokemon Season : Advanced

While The Johto Journeys benefitted from the new creativity a new region brings, Pokemon Advanced also benefitted and then some.

The sixth season of the Pokemon anime saw a total refresh of the visual style of the show. The character designs were now much more modern and the animation smoother. The writing also seemed to have more energy, making this season one of the highest yet.

How Do I Start Watching Pokemon

The easiest place to start is right at the beginning with Indigo League. This is the start of the show, and introduces you to the original 150 Pokemon also found in the original game and in Pokemon Go. You should watch that entire series and the first film. Then if you want to continue after that you can.

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Pokemon Tv Shows In Order

So, as a kid I watched Pokémon.But as you grow older you lose track, move on to other shows, you know

Well, as I got older nostalgia got a hold of me and I went back to rewatch some old Pokémon episodesAnd I discovered that not only had Kids WB not shown me the episodes in order, there were more episodes than I thought.

After some digging I discovered ANOTHER problem.

Which Pokémon TV series comes after the other was not very clear. In fact its STILL not very clear. Why? Because the episodes on TV were not always shown in order, the networks swapped episodes from different seasons around on TV, and some episodes were never shown. So this means that the episodes you remember on TV arent what youll see on the DVDs or on Netflix.

So I thought Id clear up the order in which the legacy Pokémon TV shows went

Pokemon Season : Advanced Challenge

Pokémon Anime [TV Series] [Collection] : PlexPosters

Continuing their journey in the Hoenn region, Ash, May, Max, and Brock had a few adventures in Advanced Challenge but none of which really stood out as that memorable. None, except for the classic two-parter that saw the return of Misty and Togepi The Princess and the Togepi and A Togepi Mirage.While these two episodes were truly epic, they still couldn’t boost the season higher than number 10.

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Generation 4 Pokmon Games

Generation 4 moved us into the era of the Nintendo DS a home for Pokémon games for several years until the 3DS and the current Switch console came along. The games you can play to catch all the gen 4 Pokémon are as follows and remakes of Diamond and Pearl are meant to be coming to the Switch later in 2021.

  • Pokémon Diamond
  • Pokémon Platinum
  • Pokémon HeartGold
  • Pokémon SoulSilver

How Much Time Will It Take To Watch Pokemon

When you consider all of the seasons episodes to date, as well as the movies, ONAs, and specials, youre looking at roughly 496 hours and 44 minutes of content, or 22 days of nonstop binge-watching.

Let me show you the runtime of each installment

  • TV series 26795 minutes
  • Movies 2113 minutes
  • Note: The runtimes are approximately calculated.

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    Chronological Order To Watch Pokemon Tv Shows And Movies: The Best Order To Watch

    Pokemon is an adventure and fantasy comedy Japanese anime series which is an abbreviated form of Pocket Monsters. It was first aired on 1st April 1997 and still running with a total of 1,156 episodes.

    It is one of the most popular shows among children and teenagers. It was broadcasted on channels like Cartoon Network, Disney XD, and YTV and is available on Netflix. The story revolves around the protagonist, Ash Ketchum, and his journey along with his friends to become a top-class Pokemon Trainer.

    Following is the chronological order to watch the entire franchise along with its runtime.

    Pokemon Dubbed Or Subbed

    Every Pokemon Anime Series Ranked from Worst to Best

    While Ive always maintained that there isnt anything wrong with watching dubbed anime, those watching the series will want to be aware that the dubbed version got a fair bit of censoring. This means episodes will be changed or removed altogether. It is best to watch the Japanese version if available.

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    Where To Watch Pokemon With Subtitles Or Dubbed

    Unfortunately, to watch Pokemon officially online, only a few streaming platforms have this classic anime.

    Here is the list with the preferred subtitles or the dubbed versions

    • Netflix US English subtitles and dubbed
    • Pokemon TV English subtitles
    • Hulu English and Spanish subtitles
    • Amazon Prime English subtitles and dubbed

    Pokmon Red And Green Japan

    This version of the game was the very first installment of the series and its still a favorite for many expert gamers. This certainly is another reason to include it on top of our list.


    The goal of this game is to become the champion of the league and to capture all Pokémon for the completion of the Pokédex.

    Developer: Game Freak

    The player explores the environment looking for wild Pokémon and finding the gems.

    Why players should play this game

    Some great features of this game include:

    • The player can choose from 3 starter Pokémon Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander.
    • After completing the Pokédex, the player gets an actual Diploma.

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    Pokmon The Series: Xy

    Main article:Pokémon the Series: XY

    Arriving in the Kalos region, Ash meets Lumiose City‘s Gym Leader, Clemont , and his sister, Bonnie. Together, they arrive at Santalune City, where they encouter Serena, a friend of Ash’s from before he was a Trainer. Ash loses his gym match against Viola, sister of Alexa, whom Ash met during his adventures in the Unova Region. With some training and support, Ash manages to defeat Viola and goes with Serena , Clemont, and Bonnie through the region. On their way to Cyllage City, they come to the Battle Chateau, where they find Viola battling Grant, the Gym Leader, whom Ash manages to defeat later on. Soon after, the heroes meet the Champion and famous actress, Diantha, who possesses the power of Mega Evolution and Korrina, the Gym Leader, who manages to obtain a Key Stone for her Lucario. However, Lucario goes berserk, so the heroes follow Korrina, whose grandfather, Gurkinn, sends her to speak to Mabel. After resolving the situation, the heroes go to a Summer Camp, where they meet Tierno, Trevor, and Shauna, their new rivals. After passing the camp, the heroes arrive at the Tower of Mastery at Shalour City. In an intense battle, Ash and Pikachu defeat Korrina and her Mega Lucario, earning their third badge.

    Pokmon Black And White 2

    #pokemon movie all list hashtag trên BinBin: 78 hình nh ...

    Following on from the success of 2010s Black and White, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company released their direct sequels, which also marked the first-ever sequels in the series!

    Set two years after the events of Pokémon Black and White, the sequels take place in new locations on the western side of the Unova region.

    The games include 300 new Pokémon, which are available from the start, and introduces a new game mechanic called PokeStar Studios side game, which allows players to participate in the filming of a movie, featuring multiple characters and Pokémon.

    Upon release, Pokémon Black and White 2 was met with generally favorable reviews and managed to reach combined sales of more than 7.8 million copies worldwide by the beginning of 2013, just before the next title in the series.

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    Pokmon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

    These games are the enhanced versions of Pokémon Sun and Moon but with a new storyline.


    The setting of these versions is the Alola Region too. But they have an alternate storyline along with the introduction of new characters and gameplay features.

    Developer: Game Freak

    Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

    Release: November 17, 2017

    Platforms: Nintendo 3DS


    The main emphasis of these versions is the legendary Pokémon known as Necrozma. The setting includes new locations and structures.

    Why players should play this game

    Some great features of this game include:

    • There is a new mini-game called Marine Surf.
    • There is a new online mode available known as the Battle Agency.

    + Complete Pokemon Watch Order

    One of the most unforgettable aspects of our youth was Pokémon, a world full of fresh creatures, characters, and adventures. In it were characters we could identify with, people we aspired to become, and Team Rocket, the greatest comedic evil trio ever.

    The majority of us, however, quit watching Pokémon and went on to other interesting shows. In any case, we are occasionally forced to reminisce, and while doing that, a major roadblock seems to stand in our way.

    One which is as long as 1000 episodes. Even when we stopped watching it, Pokémon never truly stopped. Despite this, Pokémon is still a lot of fun to watch and constantly has something fresh to offer.

    What began in 1997 with the first episode called Indigo League now has 23 seasons, 20 films, and 1110 episodes. This has always posed a question to some fans who dont know just what Season or Episodes to watch first and which one to move to. But your questions just got answered, as here is a list of the seasons in the series, as they precede each other upon release

    Listed below is the sequential order of the seasons in the Pokémon series:

  • Season1: Indigo League
  • Season 2: Adventures on the Orange Islands
  • Seasons 3-5: Johto League
  • Seasons 6-8: Advanced Generation
  • Season 9: Battle Frontier
  • Seasons 10-13: Diamond and Pearl
  • Seasons 14-16: Black & White
  • Seasons 17-19: X & Y
  • Seasons 20-22: Sun & Moon
  • Season 23: Pokémon Journeys: The Series
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    Pokmon Black And White

    These versions are the first installments in the Pokémon series fifth generation RPGs.


    Some key features of these versions include rotation battles, a seasonal cycle, triple battles, and more.

    Developer: Game Freak

    Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

    Release: September 18, 2010 , March 4, 2011 , March 6, 2011 , March 10, 2011

    Platforms: Nintendo DS


    The basis of the Unova Region is New York City that has a more modern feel to it.

    Why players should play this game

    Some great features of this game include:

    • Improved graphics compared to the previous versions of the games.
    • Speech balloons appear over the heads of the characters.

    How To Watch Pokmon Movies And Series In Chronological Order

    main series Pokemon tier list

    Although the Pokémon series and movies are not the roots of this franchise, its certainly a good way to get to know this great world and to become a fan of it all.

    The best way to follow the Pokémon story is to watch the movies and series in the order they were released. That being said, well split them up a bit so youll know how to follow each stage.

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    The Third Pokmon Tv Series Isthe Johto Journeys

    There are 41 episodes in the Johto Journeys!Honestly I think this is when Pokémon TV shows begin their quality decline. The Johto Journeys episodes were even more cursory than the Indigo Leagues or the Adventures on the Orange Islands. There werent really any funny story episodes like the St Anne episode in the Indigo League or the creepy Indigo League episode where Ash battles the little doll Sabrina.

    What Order Should You Play The Pokmon Games

    The best order in which to play the mainline Pokemon RPG games is the order in which they were released. This way, youll be gradually introduced to new regions and more cute critters as you go, rather than being absolutely overwhelmed at the start of your journey.

    Weve omitted spinoff titles like Pokemon Snap on this list, because really you can dip into those whenever you want, and youll have a nice time without having to worry about the timeline.

    If its the main saga of Pokémon that you want to play through, though, below youll find the best order in which to do it!

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    Pokemon Season : Indigo League

    The best Pokemon season was the first one which has since been rebranded as Indigo League after the Kanto region’s Pokemon League.

    This season of the anime is pure classic anime. It’s fun, features so many memorable supporting characters that fans still celebrate to this day despite most of them only appearing in a single episode. It’s also the only season of the anime to feature the entirety of Ash’s journey to a Pokemon League within one season and without question, features the best theme song out of any season.

    If you could watch only one season of the Pokemon anime, you should watch this one. If you could watch them all, you should watch this one again, and again… and again. It’s that good and that’s why it’s the very best.

    What Is The First Pokemon Game

    Pokemon Series Reaches Sales Milestone of 200 Million ...

    Pokémon, electronic game series from Nintendo that debuted in Japan in February 1996 as Pokémon Green and Pokémon Red. The franchise later became wildly popular in the United States and around the world.

    If you still have questions like the ones below, please contact us for answers:

    best pokemon games in order reddit

    best pokémon games to play in order

    Games Pokémon

    how to play all the pokémon games in order

    Rate Pokémon games

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    List Of Original Series Episodes

    This is a list of episodes of the original series, which first aired between April 1, 1997 and November 14, 2002 in Japan and between September 7, 1998 and October 25, 2003 in the United States. These episodes follow Ash Ketchum in his Pokémon journey across the Kanto and Johto regions, as well as his brief trip through the Orange Archipelago. Accompanying him on his journey are Misty, whose bike Pikachu destroyed by accident Brock, Pewter City‘s Gym Leader who wishes to become a great Pokémon Breeder and Tracey Sketchit, a Pokémon watcher who joins Ash for the duration of his Orange Islands journey.

    Pokmon Firered And Leafgreen

    These versions are the enhanced versions of the very first games that came out.


    There is a contextual help menu and a new character in the region that the player can access.

    Developer: Game Freak

    Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

    Release: January 29, 2004 , September 7, 2004 , September 23, 2004 , October 1, 2004

    Platforms: Game Boy Advance


    The main screen for this game is the overworld where the player navigates the main character.

    Why players should play this game

    Some great features of this game include:

    • The game comes with an introduction feature to teach the player how to play.
    • There is a new southern region called the Sevii Islands.

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    A Complete List Of Pokemon Movies In Chronological Order

    Only a true Pokémon fan can know the gravity of getting an entire collection of movies in chronological order. In case you are thinking of gifting your friend a collection of Pokémon movies, here’s a list in the right order.

    Only a true Pokémon fan can know the gravity of getting an entire collection of movies in chronological order. In case you are thinking of gifting your friend a collection of Pokémon movies, heres a list in the right order.

    Pokémon is a famous Japanese anime character that is based on a video game series. From what started as a series in Japan, this popular yellow character took the world by storm. It gained immense popularity among young children and early teenagers.

    Over the years, these Pokémon characters have been adapted in video games, cartoon series, and in animated films too. The fad of these characters does not stop here, but extends to merchandises too. So, if you have been a die-hard fan of these characters, heres a list of its movies in chronological order.

    Pokmon: Lets Go Pikachu And Lets Go Eevee

    Top 5 BEST Pokemon Episodes OF ALL TIME
    • Generation: First generation
    • Platform: Nintendo Switch
    • Release Date: November 16, 2018

    The Nintendo Switch was a game-changer for Nintendo both in terms of games and consoles. The Switch quickly became one of the most selling consoles in the world, introducing many gamers to the Nintendo universe for the first time.

    With masses dipping their toes into what Nintendo had to offer for the first time, it wouldnt be right to kickstart them from the seventh generation of Pokémon games.

    Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu! and Lets Go, Eevee! are essentially remakes of Pokémon Yellow. Despite a similar storyline, the game took inspiration from PokémonGo and designed most of the core mechanics around the popular spin-off.

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