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What Does Pikachu Sound Like

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  • Pikachu Can Be Used As A Starter In Pokmon Go

    Although in the original Pokémon games only Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle could be used as starters, in the new smash hit Pokémon Go there is a way to beat the system and get Pikachu from the get go. It speaks volumes for Pikachus legacy and popularity that so many people were unaccepting of their original starter options that they discovered this cheat, and from there it spread online like wild fire and became of the most exciting discoveries of the game.

    To get Pikachu as your starter in Pokémon Go all that is required of you is repeatedly running away from the options presented to you at the beginning of the game. Once you have neglected your three starting options long enough a total of four times to be precise Pikachu will spawn in front of you and from there hes yours for the taking, and youre ready to go off on your Pokémon adventure as the envy of the entire Pokémon training world.

    Pikachu Can Wear Hats In Pokmon Go

    There is no question that in their natural state, Pikachu are adorable. With so many appealing qualities, is there really any way to make Pikachu any cuter? It turns out the mobile app Pokémon Go has the answer.

    In Pokémon Go, it is possible for players to catch and collect special Pikachu. What makes them so special? At certain times throughout the year, it is possible to encounter and catch special event-exclusive Pikachu wearing accessories exclusive to these events.

    These include Pikachu wearing Santa hats, witch hats, and most recently sunflower hats with sunglasses. Even if the player evolves these event Pikachu, they will still retain the fashion items that define their uniqueness.

    Leave it to Pikachu to find new ways to get even more adorable.

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    Pikachu Absorbed The Blue Orb

    In the episodes Gaining Groudon and Scuffle of Legends, Ash and co. are caught in the middle of a war between Teams Aqua and Magma as they fight for control over Groudon and Kyogre.

    Both teams are in possession of the Red and Blue Orbs, which can control the them. Suffice to say things quickly spiral out of control. At some point during the confrontation, Pikachu absorbs the Blue Orb into himself.

    As a result, he develops a connection to Groudon, allowing him to control and fight alongside him against Kyogre.

    Furthermore, this also increases his own power way above its normal level. The fact that Pikachu was able to handle that type of power without any later side effects remains one of his biggest accomplishments to date.

    Pikachu Was Almost Beaten Up By Conker

    Ash + Pikachu Pokemon Soundboard  101 Soundboards

    Over the years, Nintendo has developed a rivalry with PlayStation. When it comes to the diversity of their games, PlayStation often surpasses Nintendo. Especially when it comes to their games that appeal to mature audiences.

    During the early days of their rivalry, Nintendo sought to develop more mature games for the Nintendo 64. One such example is Conkers Bad Fur Day, which is one the most violent games the company has ever produced. Originally, the game almost featured a cameo of Pikachu. It was supposed to appear behind a desk, with only its tail being visible.

    Sounds like a fun little cameo by everyones favorite little electric mouse, right? Unfortunately, if Pikachu had remained, it would have been severely beaten by a mob boss.

    Thankfully, Nintendo decided to have Pikachus cameo removed from the game.

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    Pikachu Has An Obsession With Ketchup

    You can tell just how important Pokémon is to the world by the level of nonsense trivia that accompanies it. For example, why would a game that requires you to catch, train, and battle with various pocket monsters require a working knowledge of what condiment is their favorite? Well, you wouldnt, but nonetheless its a known fact that Pikachu is obsessed with ketchup. Not only has it been shown in the animated series at various times, but there are entire threads in online message boards and whole memes dedicated to Pikachu and his love for ketchup.

    Perhaps his ketchup love comes from his love of all red foods as the only foods that hes ever shown eating aside from ketchup are apples and red berries. Or perhaps ketchup reminds him of Ashs last name, which is Ketchum. Or maybe Pikachus creators just thought that it would be funny to see a little yellow lightning rat get overly excited by every five year olds favorite hot dog topping. Whichever way you look at it, its just nice that we get to know something about Pikachus private life off the battlefield.

    Ashs Pikachu Was Cloned

    In the anime, Ash and his friends have had some amazing adventures. However, while they have had their share of fun moments, they have also had sad ones too.

    One of the most heartbreaking moments occurs in Pokémon: The First Movie. After confronting Mewtwo for the first time, Ash and many other trainers are forced to watch as Mewtwo captures their Pokémon and creates clones of them.

    The subject of cloning is already a sensitive topic, but what happens next is much worse. After Pikachu and the other Pokémon are cloned, the originals and clones are forced to fight one another, without any real purpose.

    Pikachus clone trying to force a reaction out of the original, only to break down in tears as he refuses to do so, is the most heartbreaking moment in the franchise.

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    Pikachu Recharges With Electricity When It Sleeps

    Most people even the most casual of Pokémon fans know that Pikachus primary power is electricity. The red circles on Pikachu cheeks while being incredibly cute are primarily used as pouches for storing electricity, at which point electric shocks can be sent out to damage opposing Pokémon. Pikachu can also use their shocking powers to zap a foreign object that they come across as a means to inspect it. But thats for battle so what about Pikachus energy powers in his off-time?

    According to Pokémon canon, Pikachu can use electric shocks to recharge their fellow Pikachu if they are in need. They also are known for charging up their electricity storage when they sleep, which is something that every smartphone user wishes could happen with their phone as easily as it happens with Pikachu. Upon waking up, Pikachu are often seen discharging excess electricity, just like yawns, while they stumble around and get ready for the day.

    Magnets Can Be Harmful To Pikachu

    Do I sound like pikachu

    While Pikachu is known for generating copious amounts of electricity, there is a great risk that comes with this ability.

    In the episode Hoenn Alone, during an encounter with Team Rocket, Pikachu is captured and gets stuck to an electromagnet. Although Ash manages to get Pikachu back, by the end of the episode he falls seriously ill.

    His condition is further explained in the following episode Get The Show On The Road.

    It turns out that electromagnets can disrupt a Pikachus ability to store and regulate electricity.

    Coming into contact with one can cause them to build up excess energy, which can also affect their visual and auditory functions. In the worst case scenario, the excess energy can cause them to overload and explode.

    Thankfully, this condition can be cured by draining the excess energy from a Pikachus body.

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    Ashs Pikachu Was Named Jean

    Pokemon is a worldwide phenomenon that originated in Japan, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its Western influences. Just the idea of a small yellow rat that can store and dispense lightning is a crazy one, and its something that somehow caught on and made us all feel more cultured for understanding. When making the jump from Japan to everywhere else, Pikachus name wasnt changed to Greg the Rat or anything ridiculous like that, it was just left the way it was and we all understood it Pikachu was Pikachu. But was he really?

    As it turns out, when Pikachu was first introduced his name was actually Jean Luc Pikachu. First mentioned by Ash but then quickly abandoned in any other iteration of the Pokémon franchise, Jean Luc Pikachu appeases fans that thought the ultra-Japanese Pokémon needed to be more French, or perhaps they’re setting up a Star Trek, but it really appeases no one else. Its a confusing bit of Pokémon trivia that is never given much thought, but its one that we should all bring up on occasion just to keep things interesting.

    Topeka Kansas Was Renamed Topikachu

    Topkea, Kansas either really loves Pokémon, or it just wanted to take advantage of its unique name and capitalize on the Pokémon craze back in 1998. Thats why Mayor Joan Wagnon decided to rename the city ToPikachu for a day, most likely confusing all of its residents except the few that were excited for Pokémons brand new debut in the United States.

    And while were unsure what this actually accomplished in terms of Topeka tourism or worldwide recognition, many fans of Pokémon still think of ToPikachu when they hear Topeka. And although the capital of Kansas never ended up being a haven for Pokémon fans more than any other city in the world, apparently Topeka got a kick out of changing their name and decided to do it again in 2010. This time, they changed their name to Google, Kansas for a whole month in a bid to get Google to install their fiber-optic internet in the town.

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    He Wasn’t The First Choice For Pokmon’s Mascot

    When one thinks of Pokémon, the first thing that comes to mind is Pikachu. When Pokémon Red and Green were released in Japan, the franchise did not have an official mascot yet.

    This changed in 1998, when Pokémon Yellow was released. From there, it was only a matter of time before Pikachus popularity reached international fame. Eventually, the decision was made to make him the franchises official mascot.

    Interestingly, Pikachu was not the original first choice to be the franchises mascot. This honor was originally handed down to the Pokémon Clefairy.

    However, once the anime series came around, it was decided that Pikachu was a more ideal choice for the role. Not only did his body color make it easier for children to see, but his overall color was much more appealing for a mascot than Clefairys.

    He Always Has Something To Say

    Notification tone for POKÉMON Pikachu WHATSAPP FREE Sounds ...

    Pokémon may only say their name all the time, but some Pokémon can be quite the chatterbox. Pikachu, since he’s still out of his Pokéball, loves to say what’s on his mind while greeting people. The hardest thing to believe is that Pikachu’s dialog is NOT re-used, despite a lot of his animation being so.

    Pikachu’s voice actor, Ikue Otani, has been recording new lines for the last 20 years. She’s also helped in how Pikachu should sound and act if he’s ever out of character. Talk about dedication to your work.

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    His Old Obsession With Ketchup Ending

    In one episode of the TV series, Pikachu became obsessed with ketchup, almost like he was a kid trying to get some candy. He always had a bottle with him, up until it was cut in half by a Scyther. Okay, A lot of fans do love to bring this up, but why did Pikachu all a sudden stop this unhealthy obsession?

    Did Ash send him to Pokémon Rehab cause it was affecting Pikachu’s performance in battle? Did the sight of seeing his beloved ketchup killed scar him for life and he swore off the stuff?

    Pikachu Shares Physical Features With Other Electric Pokmon

    When Pikachu was first introduced alongside the other first-generation Pokémon, the only other member in its lineage at the time was Raichu. This changed with the arrival of the second generation, which brought along Pikachus pre-evolution form Pichu.

    Even after its evolutionary line was complete, several other Pokémon were later introduced that share similar traits and abilities with Pikachu and his other forms.

    With every passing generation, several electrical rodent type Pokémon have joined the franchise.

    This includes Plusle and Minun, Pachirisu, Emolga, Dedenne, and finally Togedemaru. One thing that all these Pokémon have in common are long ears, jagged tails, beady eyes, and especially their electrical cheek pouches.

    With so many similarities between them, it is possible that they all might have some connection to Pikachus family tree.

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    Pokmon: 21 Crazy Details About Pikachus Body

    Pikachu is the most famous Pokémon ever – and the franchise’s mascot. What secrets lie in that cute, yellow form…

    Over the years, a variety of popular Pokémon have been introduced to the franchise. With so many Pokémon coming in all shapes and sizes, it is almost impossible to say which one is the best. However, when it comes to overall cuteness and marketing, no other Pokémon does it better than Pikachu.

    As one of the most popular and well-known Pokémon in the franchise, Pikachu has made his mark in the world as an international celebrity.

    Since he was first introduced in Pokémon Red and Green , Pikachu has made great strides as the face of the Pokémon franchise. His influence and image have spread across movies, television, video games, as well as the trading card game. Pikachu has even made appearances in other franchise, such as Super Smash Bros.

    After so many years in the spotlight, it is only natural that Pikachu would evolve and adapt to the times to maintain his fame. Nowadays, there are plenty of interesting secrets hidden within Pikachus body. With these secrets comes some of the most interesting factors that make Pikachu such an amazing mascot. In other cases, it is possible that these secrets hidden within his body may be slightly disturbing or eerie to some fans.

    From the original inspirations behind his creation to modern day actions and depictions in games and the anime, Pikachu is without a doubt the most interesting little creature in the world.

    Random: Detective Pikachu’s German Voice Is Creeping People Out And For Good Reason

    Who’s That Pokémon? Is Zapdos
    • 14

    If you’ve finally managed to contain your excitement after seeing the Pokémon Detective Pikachu movie trailer reveal the other day, then we’re very sorry to thrust it back into your eyeballs for another experience you won’t forget in a hurry. Today, friends, we’re going to meet the German version of Detective Pikachu, and then probably put him right back where we found him.

    You may remember a scene where Pikachu, with his new-found friend Tim, talk to some people in the middle of a busy street . While Tim can hear Pikachu’s ‘human’ voice, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, the other characters in the film hear Pikachu anime voice actress Ikue Otani’s iconic “Pika Pika” sounds instead.

    This is all well and good, but as pointed out by Twitter user Nirbion on Twitter, the German version seems disturbingly off.

    Ikue Otani’s famous “Pika Pika” was kept in every #DetectivePikachu trailer, right?… Right? Nirbion

    If you’ve recovered from the horror, we feel the need to inform you that this isn’t edited in any way. You can see the full German trailer for yourself here, uploaded to YouTube by the official Warner Bros. DE account with the strange voice fully intact.

    So why is German Pikachu so different to the others? And what on Earth happened to the poor thing to make his voice sound like that in the first place? Perhaps we’ll never find out.

    Are you excited for the new Pokémon film? Will you be giving it a watch when it hits cinemas in May next year? Tell us below in the comments.

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    No One Can Agree If Ash’s Pikachu Is A Boy Or Girl

    Despite the previously mentioned gender differences between Pikachu, the one thing that not even the biggest Pikachu expert knows is whether or not the worlds most famous Pikachu Ashs Pikachu is actually a boy or a girl. Speculation on this front has run wild since the characters introduction, but the fact remains that Pikachus creators have intentionally kept the answer vague so that Pikachu could appeal to people of both genders.

    While you may assume that you could just look at Pikachus tail for its gender reveal, Ashs Pikachu was introduced in the anime before gender differences were established throughout the franchise. One argument for Pikachu being a female is that in an episode of Pokemon Black and White a female Pokémon used attract on Pikachu, but nothing happened. However, another argument is made for Pikachu being a male in that characters often refer to it as a he. All we know for sure is that everyone has an opinion on Pikachus gender, and no one has been proven 100% correct.

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