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What Moves Put Pokemon To Sleep

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Trainers Should Stop Using: Thunder

Pokemon moves that inflicts sleep | Bulbapedia |

Thunder is one of the original greatest Electric type moves. It calls down a bolt of lightning from the sky to strike the target for massive damage. Whenever it appears in the anime, Thunder is one of the most dramatic and damaging moves.

The problem is that there is one electric move that is inarguably better in almost any situation– and that is Thunderbolt.

Thunder has a 30 percent chance to miss its target, while Thunderbolt has 100% accuracy. You can use Rain Dance to make Thunder 100% accurate but you will waste a turn setting it up.

Sure Thunderbolt has a little less power than Thunder, but youll make up for that with accuracy.

Sleep In Generation 2 Pokemon Games

The maximum duration of Sleep was reduced to 5 turns as to slightly decrease its power and usage, plus pokemon that awaken from their slumber will be able to move on the same turn, preventing the aggressive sleep-cycling that was abused in the Generation 1 games. It is also worth noting that wild pokemon cannot flee while they are asleep, making Sleep-inducing moves excellent for aiding in the capture of the roaming legendaries Raikou, Entei, and Suicune.

Other Recommended Party Pokemon When Catching The Pokemon

After getting used to catching Pokemons, or when you want to catch the desired individual it is recommended to use the following Pokemon:

However if you are just starting, you may skip this part.

Ralts · Kirlia · Gardevoir

The Ralts evolutionary line has the ability Synchronize When a Pokemon with Synchronize is leading the party, any encountered Pokemon has a 50% chance of having the nature as the Pokemon with this ability.

This is highly recommended when looking for a Specific Nature for a particular Pokemon.


If you make Ninjasks maximum HP 1 point less than the Wild Pokemons , this makes it easier to catch the Pokemon with the desired HP Individual Values when the move Final Gambit is used.

Since Final Gambit deals a fixed amount of Damage depending on the remaining HP of the Pokemon that used it, when the Pokemon does not faint, this indicates that the Pokemon has the desired Individual Values .

However, the drawback is that since Final Gambit is a Fighting-Type Move, it does not affect Ghost-Types. To alleviate this, you need to use Foresight first.

Additionally, since the opponent that received damage from Final Gambit does not factor in type weakness this makes it suitable for catching Normal-Types as well.


The Following are the recommended moves when using Sableye to catch Pokemon:

  • Same HP
  • Speed IVs should be
  • Ability: Prankster

With this set-up you can obtain the desired Maximum HP IV and Maximum Speed IV using Pain Split.

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Should Be Banned: Chatter

Chatter is the signature move of the musical note Pokémon Chatot, which was introduced in Generation 4. Ordinarily, Chatter is a normal move that can inflict damage and has a chance to confuse the target.

However, there is a special field functionality to Chatter. Players can use the Nintendo handhelds recording functionality to record a special cry for Chatter that will play in battle.

The louder the recording, the higher the chance to confuse the target Pokémon– even up to 100%.

We would all like to assume that all gamers are pure, kind hearted souls, but history teaches us that any room for creativity will invite players to use lewd images or profanity.

In some Generations, Chatter can no longer record player made sounds, or the recording was always distorted.

Should Be Banned: Dark Void

DONT Sleep on Snorlax in Ultra League for GO Battle ...

Dark Void is the signature move of the mythical dark Pokémon Darkrai. It is an ominous effect befitting the pitch black lunar Pokémon.

Dark Void doesnt inflict damage but it can put all adjacent enemy Pokémon to sleep.

This lets Darkari take advantage of its signature ability too, Bad Dreams. While Darkrai is on the field, any sleeping enemy Pokémon will suffer bad dreams and take damage equal to 1/8 of their health.

These powers make Darkrai a fearsome opponent, as it is able to quickly make its targets fall asleep and damage them while they are unable to react.

Perhaps because of this, Dark Void was nerfed in Generation 7. Its accuracy was reduced from 80% to 50%.

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Players Should Stop Using: Transform

Ditto is a weird Pokémon. Many gimmick Pokémon have come and gone, but Ditto still feels like one of the most unique and interesting.

It can only learn the move Transform. However, this amazing ability lets Ditto take on the species, type, stats, moves, status changes, and abilities of any target Pokémon– yes, any.

Especially in the earlier Generation games, transforming a Ditto into an opponents super powerful Pokémon was very exciting. For one battle you could have that Dragonite, Alakazam, or Golem of your very own.

However, there are drawbacks to a transformed Ditto. It will only have up to 5 PP for all of the moves that it copies.

Also, Dittos own stats are so poor that it might not get the chance to transform. At the end of the day, a copy is just a copy.

Be Careful With Yourmaster Ball

Master Balls will capture any Pokémon without fail, but they’realso the rarest of all Poké Balls. They aren’t quite uniqueyou can get an additional Master Ball by registering for the Pokémon Global Link before January 29, 2018,or by getting incredibly lucky at certain lotteriesbut you should be carefulnot to use them carelessly.

We especially suggest you refrain from using them onSolgaleo or Lunala. These Pokémon are a little easier to capture than mostother Legendary Pokémon, and the story won’t progress until you make the catch.Even Necrozma is accessible easily enough that it might be better to save yourMaster Ball for more evasive foes like Mewtwo, Giratina, or Xerneas.

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Phantom Thief Pokmon 7

In Breaking Into The Enemy’s Lair!, Hiori had his Tangrowth put several Galactic Grunts to sleep with Sleep Powder in order to sneak into Team Galactic‘s hideout.

In Stopping Darkrai!!, a Darkrai put multiple people and Pokémon to sleep with Dark Void, until it itself was put to sleep by Hiori’s Mime Jr.‘s mimicked Dark Void.

Trainers Should Stop Using: Splash

Can I Beat Pokemon WHITE Using ONLY SLEEP RELATED MOVES? (Pokemon Challenges)

The most pathetic Pokémon in the game also has the most pathetic move. When Magikarp was introduced in Generation 1, it was the only Pokémon that learned Splash at the very first level.

Other water Pokémon knew Splash as their first move, but Magikarp learned almost no other moves until it evolved in Gyarados.

So what does Splash do? Nothing. Splash has no effect what so ever. It doesnt inflict any damage, it doesnt inflict any status effect, and it doesnt affect the user or the targets stats.

There’s basically no reason why Splash should exist.

Are there any other Pokémon moves that you think should be banned or that trainers should stop using? Let us know in the comments!

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Pokmon Mystery Dungeon Series

In the Mystery Dungeon series, there are many versions of Sleeping. The first is Asleep, where the Pokémon cannot act for 3 to 6 turns . The next is Napping, which is just like Asleep, but once you awaken, all other status effects are healed. The next is Nightmare, where you cannot attack for 4 to 7 turns, and once you awake, it takes 8 HP. The next is Yawning, where it causes Asleep in three turns. The final is Sleepless, which prevents any of the former from occurring.

Pokemon That Can Learn Sleep Powder

* Can be searched with Pokemon name.

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What To Do After Beating The Game
Ranked Battle Tier List

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Pokemon Who Can Learn Sleep Powder

This is an article for the move Sleep Powder and the Pokemon who can learn it and its location in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra DLC. Read on to see the Power, Accuracy, PP, and Effect, and see how to use it competitively.

List of Contents

The user scatters a big cloud of sleep-inducing dust around the target.
Max Move

Sleep Powder Competitive Analysis

Ranked: Top 30 Heaviest Pokémon Ever Measured From All ...

Sleep Powder has seen play in almost all previous generations. Puting your target to sleep is a strong effect that is still viable in today’s meta. Support Pokemon like Lilligant and Eldegoss are usually the ones that run this.

While Sleep is a strong effect, it still has it’s counters. For example, it does not affect Grass-types, Pokemon with Overcoat and Safety Goggles. And while it’s not as common as it once was, Sleep Talk and Snore completely negates the purpose of sleep.

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Ten Tips For Catching Legendary Pokmon

Encountering rare and powerful Legendary Pokémon is one ofthe most exciting parts of any Pokémon adventureand there are more LegendaryPokémon available in Pokémon Ultra Sunand Pokémon Ultra Moon than in anyother Pokémon video game! Catching them all will be quite a thrillingchallenge, so take some time to prepare.

Here are some important factors that come into play whencapturing Pokémon: the species of the Pokémon you’re trying to capture, howmuch of the Pokémon’s health is remaining, any status condition the Pokémon maybe afflicted with, and the type of Poké Ball you’re using.

We’ll show you some of the best ways to gain advantages fromeach of these factors. Plus, thinking tactically when catching Pokémon can bemore fun than just attacking and lobbing a pile of Ultra Balls. Most of thesetips apply to any Pokémon you try to capture, so keep them in mind throughoutthe game.

Head To The Ultrawormhole

It’s pretty tricky to capture a Pokémon you haven’t found,so the first step is tracking down the Legendary Pokémon. You’ll need tocomplete most of your adventure before you can encounter these incredible beings.The Legendary Pokémon native to Alola can be found all over the islands, sosearch everywhere! Pay close attention to the ruins found on each island.

The Legendary Pokémon that aren’t native to the Alola regioncan only be found through the Ultra Wormhole. You’ll gain the ability to travelinto the Ultra Wormhole with Solgaleo or Lunala using the Ultra Warp Ridefeature, which is unlocked once you’ve progressed far enough in your adventure.

Your quest will start at the Altar of the Sunne or the Altar of theMoone , whereyou’ll find a shining fissure. You can then choose to enter the Ultra Wormhole,where you’ll have to help guide Solgaleo or Lunala. As you travel, you’ll discoverwarp holes that lead to different worlds. You’ll be able to discover Pokémonthat aren’t found in the Alola region by entering these warp holes, includingLegendary Pokémon and Ultra Beasts!

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Catching A Ralts Kirlia Or Gallade

Ralts can be caught in the Dappled Grove, North Lake Miloch, Rolling Fields, South Lake Miloch, Watchtower Ruins, and West Lake Axewell zones of the Wild Area in foggy weather. It can also be spotted in overcast weather in Rolling Fields, but at a significantly lower spawn rate.

Gallade can be caught in the Wild Area if you have all the gym badges on the island in the Bridge Field area.

Neither Ralts nor Kirlia can learn False Swipe, so you will need to find a male mon to evolve into a Gallade. Use a Dawn Stone on a male Kirlia to grab a Gallade. These can be found in the Lake of Outrage.


Trainers Should Stop Using: Helping Hand


Weve all been there. We all have run into a Pokémon in battle that we had no Pokémon to counter with.

You can only carry six Pokémon in a party and sometimes you have nothing thats super effective against one specific opponent. Helping Hand seems like a move for those moments– at least in double battles.

If youve got a Pokémon with no good attacks against your opponent, and one Pokémon with a decent attack, Helping Hand will increase your ally Pokémon power by 50%.

The truly outstanding thing about Helping Hand is its great priority. It is almost always the first move used in any turn of battle.

However, the bitter truth is that there are much better synergy combinations between Pokémon out there. Specialization and preplanning are the name of the game in competitive battles.

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Should Be Banned: Hidden Power

Hidden Power is an apt name for this mysterious move. When it was first introduced in Generation 2, it was the signature move of Unown.

Unown are a polymorphous species of Pokémon that look like unique letters or symbols. However, various other Pokémon can learn Hidden Power by leveling up or via TM.

Hidden Power can have varying attack types. The type of the attack is calculated based on the users individual values or IVs.

In various Generations, IVs will also play into the attack points of Hidden Power. Since Generation 6, Hidden Power always has 60 attack points.

It is possible to manipulate some IVs to influence the type of Hidden Power that a Pokémon will use.

Train Pokmon For Thejob

Given that there are so many Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, you might find itworthwhile to train a Pokémon or two that specialize in helping you captureother Pokémon. Perhaps the best Pokémon for this role is Smeargle , which can learn any four moves you desire with Sketch.

Here are some moves to consider:

  • Nature’s Madness or Super Fang to weaken foes

  • False Swipe or Hold Back to whittle down theirremaining HP

  • A move that can cause foes to fall asleep,preferably Spore

  • Soak to allow your Pokémon to use Spore onGrass-type Pokémon and to use False Swipe, Hold Back, and Super Fang onGhost-type Pokémon

  • Foresight and Odor Sleuth also enable yourPokémon to hit Ghost-type Pokémon with False Swipe, Hold Back, and Super Fang

  • Heal Block and Taunt can stop foes from usingmoves that restore their HP

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Trainers Should Stop Using: Ohko Moves

Every trainer has dreamed of pulling one of these off. One Hit Knock Out moves are moves that are guaranteed to knock out the target Pokémon in one hit.

There are only four such moves in the game– Horn Drill, Guillotine, Fissure, and Sheer Cold.

However, theres one major problem with them: their accuracy is abysmal.

OHKO moves have a base accuracy of 30%. They are also incapable of hitting a target that is higher level than the user.

On the flip side, the lower the targets level is compared to the user, the higher the accuracy of an OHKO move. However, this is only by 1% each level.

So why would you even bother with a OHKO move if you are at a higher level than the target?

Bust Out The Goodstuff

Top 10 Status Moves

It can be tough to know when to try your rarer Poké Balls, butif you won’t use them against Legendary Pokémon, what are you saving them for?Some of the rarest Poké Balls can give you the greatest edge against LegendaryPokémon.

Fast Balls will be effective against the many speedy LegendaryPokémon. It isn’t just Tapu Koko and Mewtwo’s blistering Speed that thesefantastic Poké Balls will be especially effective againstCobalion, Entei,Landorus, Latios, and many others are also prime targets.

The largest Legendary Pokémon are perfect targets for HeavyBalls. Dialga, Giratina, Groudon, Heatran, and Regigigas are the mostvulnerable to Heavy Balls, but you’ll still get better performance from HeavyBalls than Ultra Balls against more than a dozen of the other Legendary Pokémon.

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The Pokemon Should Be Affected With Some Kind Of A Status Condition

When these conditions have been met it becomes easier to catch the Pokemon.

  • As the remaining HP of the Target Pokemon decreases, the capture rate will increase.
  • You should remember that despite afflicting the Target Pokemon with a Status Condition, it is recommended that you should use a move that causes Sleep and Frozen as these status conditions have the highest Capture Rate.

To summarize, a Target Pokemon with a remaining HP of 1, or that which is Frozen or Asleep will have the highest Capture Rate as opposed to those which have a remaining HP of 2, or that which is Paralyzed respectively.

Get Your Pokmon Insync

You can only capture one of each Legendary Pokémon, so wesuggest taking extra care to make sure it will suit your intended strategies. Fortunately,you won’t need to worry about the Abilities of Legendary Pokémon, and you’ll beable to improve their potential later with some Hyper Training. The one thingthat can’t be changed later is your Pokémon’s Nature.

There’s no way to guarantee the Nature of the LegendaryPokémon you encounter, but having a Pokémon with the Synchronize Ability in the first slot of your party will tilt theodds in your favor. This Pokémon should have both the Synchronize Ability andthe same Nature you’d like the Legendary Pokémon to have . If you can’tcatch a Pokémon with the Nature you want, try hatching Pokémon with Synchronizeuntil you get exactly what you’re looking for.

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Trainers Should Stop Using: Explosion

We all remember the first time we faced an Electrode or Graveler that used Explosion. It seemed like the world was ending on our little portable screens.

Explosion had the highest attack points of any Pokémon move when it was first introduced in Generation 1. The attack of Explosion is a whopping 250 points.

Using the move also cuts the targets defense in half, which effectively makes Explosions attack 500 points.

Theres just a small problem: Explosion destroys everything in play, including the user.

Sure, you can plan on a Pokémon to use Explosion when it is about to be knocked out. However, losing a Pokémon in battle because Explosion is its only powerful move seems like a waste.

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