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What Time Do Pokemon Go Raids End

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Should You Dodge During A Raid Battle What’s The Best Strategy

Instant Level 50 Douse Drive Genesect & Raids in Pokemon GO

In a perfect battle you want to fire off as many charge moves from each Pokémon as you can before they faint and leave the battle.

If you have tons of people playing at once or you’re worried about running out of time, don’t bother dodging just charge and fire those big moves!

If you have fewer people or are worried about running out of Pokémon, dodge the charge moves whenever you can but don’t stop firing!

What Time Does Pokmon Go Fest 2021 Start

Pokémon Go Fest 2021 will start at 10:00 local time and end at 18:00 on July 17th. These hours are the same for July 18th, too.

Saturday is arguably the most chaotic as it will involve 75 species with four themed and rotating habitat hours. There will also be a Collection Challenge to panic over, along with a Global Challenge Arena for trainers to work together in exchange for unspecified rewards.

As for Sunday, every Legendary creature discovered so far will be appearing in five-star raids.

What Is Raid Hour In Pokemon Go

Prepare your raiding gear.

When you initially get into Pokémon Go, youll find yourself roaming around the wild to collect your first set of Pokémon. Alongside increasing your trainer level, youll also learn the basics of the game.

As you progress further in the game, more features will unlock, including Gyms and Raids. These two are the two prime game modes where youll be battling out with your Pokémon by your side.

Before a Raid officially kicks off, you should notice an egg in front of a Gym near you. Once the egg hatches, the Gym will turn into a Raid, and a timer will kick off, indicating how long youll have to beat the Raid. A Raid Pass will be required to participate, and you also need to be present around the Gym that the raid was supposed to take place in. Niantic introduced Remote Raid Passes during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, allowing players to participate in Raids from the comfort of their home.

Raid Hours are global events that take an hour, increasing the spawn rate of a Pokémon or a group of Pokémon in Raids that kick off with the event. Raid Hours also spice up the regular Raids with new Rare, Legendary, or Mythical Pokémon as Raid Bosses. They can also have exclusive moves that can catch you off-guard, so prepare for trouble and expect it to get doubled.

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How Do I Do Pokmon Go Ex Raids

EX raids are a special type of raid only available to those who have received an invite. To participate in an EX raid, youll need an aptly-titled EX raid pass, which you can get as a random reward for completing a large number of raids.

EX raids differ from usual raids in that youll face a much more powerful Pokémon, and will need to bring a heck of a lot of friends along to the fight. As a reward, youll get the chance to add one of the rarest Pokémon to your collection.

Heres a list of Pokémon that have appeared in an EX raid so far:

  • Mewtwo

To increase your chances of getting an EX raid pass, you can follow these steps:

  • Participate in raids often
  • Tackle raids in gyms that are eligible for EX raids
  • Get a gold gym badge at an EX raid gym

Once you have an EX raid pass, an EX raid will be scheduled at a nearby eligible gym. You can then invite your friends in Pokémon Go to join you from the EX raid pass screen. Only ultra and best friends can join you on an EX raid.

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Lava Raids

pokemon go raids end times cycles and more

Lava raid hours will take place between 11:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. During the Lava raid hours Moltres, Entei, Heatran, Reshiram, Groudon, Regirock, TF-Landorus, Terrakion, and Yveltal will be appearing in Legendary raids. The Shiny variation of Moltres, Entei, Regirock, Groudon, Heatran, and Terrakion will have increased rates to be encountered.

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Can You Get Or Keep More Than One Free Raid Pass

Sadly, no. You can only have one Free Raid Pass at a time and you keep it until you use it.

If you use your Free Raid Pass the same day you get it, you have to wait until the next day to use it. If you have a Free Raid Pass from a a previous day that you haven’t used yet, you can use it and then spin and get another one for that day, and use it as well, but then you’d still have to wait until the next day for another one.

You can, however, buy as many Premium Raid Passes as you want.

Uxie Mesprit And Azelf Pokmon Go Raid Battle Tips

Appearing in Raids: September 14, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to October 1, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. local time

Last Appeared in Raids: July 18, 2021

Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf are three LegendaryPsychic-type Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region. Learnwhich Pokémon will be most effective in Raid Battles against the trio, how tocatch them after winning a Raid Battle, and how best to use the Knowledge Pokémon,Emotion Pokémon, and Willpower Pokémon after you’ve caught them.

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How To Join A Pokemon Go Raid Battle

Okay, so you want to raid. Here’s how the system works:

  • The first thing you’ll need to look out for is an in-game notification telling you that a raid battle is gearing up to begin nearby. The game is pretty good about using your location and only alerting you to raids that you’re within a short walk’s distance from – so be sure to keep an eye out for this notification. You can also see upcoming raids in the ‘nearby’ menu panel.
  • Once the notification pops, track down the gym where the raid is taking place. Regular gym battles will be suspended at this location, and you’ll know that’s the case because the usual Pokemon Gym leader atop the gym will be replaced with an enormous egg to represent the raid Pokemon.
  • Attached to the egg will be a countdown: this is the time until the egg hatches and you can begin your assault on the raid Pokemon inside.
  • Once the egg hatches the gym becomes a raid proper. Once this happens, you have only one hour to defeat the enormous raid boss Pokemon. If you fail to defeat it inside an hour, the raid will end and the Pokemon will disappear.
  • In order to join the raid you’ll need to spend a Raid Pass – more on Raid Passes can be found in detail below.
  • You can battle with up to 20 players in any given group, but you can go in with anything up to that, including solo if it’s a weaker-rank raid and you’re feeling confident. You can heal up and attack again as much as you like inside the 1 hour limit.

No More Four And Two Star Raids In Pokmon Go


Prior to Mega Raids being released, Pokémon Go had two other Raid types: Four Star Raids and Two Star Raids. Four Star Raids were combined with Three Star Raids, while Two Star Raids were combined with One Star Raids. The difficulty remained at Three and One Star levels, while increasing the rewards, making all of these battles more accessible.

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Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Frost Raids

Frost raid hours will take place between 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. During the Frost raid hours Articuno, Suicune, Lugia, Regice, Kyogre, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Palkia, and Kyurem will be appearing in Legendary raids. The Shiny variation of Articuno, Suicune, Lugia, Regice, and Kyogre will have increased rates to be encountered. Uxie, Mesprit, and Azlef will be spawning in their respective regions so make sure you have international friends if you want to raid all three.

How Many Players Does It Take To Beat Virizion In Pokmon Go

With the top counters, two high level Trainers can take out Virizion alone, but most of the top counters take double or even quad damage from Stone Edge, so moveset is very important when deciding how many players you’ll need. If you are lower level or uncertain of the moveset, aim for four Trainers and you should be fine. Weather Conditions that could impact this Raid include:

  • Partly Cloudy Weather will boost Virizion’s Stone Edge, as well as its Normal move Quick Attack.
  • Windy Weather will boost your Flying and Psychic type counters, as well as Virizion’s Zen Headbutt.
  • Cloudy Weather will boost Virizion’s Fighting type attack, as well as Poison and Fairy type counters.
  • Sunny/Clear Weather will boost your Fire type counters, as well as Virizion’s Grass type move.

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Pokemon Go Raid Bosses

Listed below are the current Raid bosses in Pokemon GO, according to the Silph Research Group.

Impossible You need a bigger group!
Hardcore Experts only!
Hard Achievable with any combo of the top 3 counters powered up to level 35.*
Medium Achievable with any combo of the top 6 counters powered up to level 30.*
Easy Achievable with any combo of the top 12 counters powered up to level 25.*
Very Easy Achievable with any combo of the top 24 counters powered up to level 20.*
Split Up Very easy with half this number of trainers! Group should split up for max rewards.
* No Weather or Friendship boosts required. See for top Raid Boss counter lists. Estimator utilized to rate difficulty.
Shiny variant can be obtained as a Raid boss reward encounter
NOT YET CONFIRMED Confirmation pending. We’ve not yet confirmed this boss in our controlled study, but believe it may still be appearing! Typically clarified within a few hours.

Mega Raids

Joining A Raid Battle

What Time Could Pokemon Go Legendary Raids Stop at Night ...
  • Enter the Gym – Tap a Gym while a raid is in progress. To join remotely, you can also go to the Nearby screen and tap View under the raid you want to join.
  • Join the Battle – Choose how youd like to join: Tap Battle to be automatically matched with other players. Tap Join Privately to enter an existing group. Youll be asked to provide a group code.
  • Use Raid Pass – Youll exchange your Pass for entry into the raid.
  • Pick your Pokémon – Just like in a Gym Battle, youll choose 6 Pokémon to battle in the raid. If you want your friends to join your group, share the group code displayed on the top right.
  • Begin Battle
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    What Are Raid Battles Like How Do You Fight

    Raid Battles are mechanically the same as any Gym battle:

  • Tap to use your Pokémon’s Fast Attack.
  • Touch and hold to use your Pokémon’s Charge Attack once the bar is full.
  • Swipe left or right to dodge Boss attacks.
  • Right now Raid Battles are glitchy, so it’s not uncommon for you to fire a Charge Attack, see your charge bar empty, see it refill, then see it empty again.

    Likewise, it’s not uncommon for you to dodge, take damage anyway, then see the damage disappear.

    Pokémon Go’s servers simply aren’t keeping up with all the action right now so things look weird but hopefully that’ll be fixed soon.

    What Is A Raid Battle In Pokemon Go

    The more seasoned video game fans among you might have heard the term ‘raid battle’ before outside of Pokemon Go – the term is typically used around other massive online games such as World of Warcraft to refer to a large-scale boss that multiple players will tackle together. It’s very challenging but also very rewarding content, and the type of thing that many players will do over and over again, completing the raid many times in order to grind for the raid’s special rewards.

    In Pokemon Go, raid battles let you tackle super high-level Pokemon – Pokemon with a CP into the five figure range or quite possibly even higher. This will take multiple players multiple Pokemon even for easier encounters, though raids come in a variety of formats.

    Each Pokemon Go raid is rated between one and five – one are the easiest and will feature weaker Pokemon, albeit super powered-up versions of them, such as a mega-CP Magikarp. Most of the raids you’ll see will hover around the 2-4 range, which could range from everything from a beastly Pidgey to a Dragonite. We haven’t seen a five-star raid yet, but we strongly suspect this high rank will suggest legendary Pokemoun encounters.

    The raid rating represents not just the Pokemon you’ll face but also the difficulty. The lower the raid ranking the more easily you should be able to tackle the encounter with less Pokemon and less players hitting it at once.

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    How To Do A Pokemon Go Raid

    Pokemon Go raids are found exclusively at gyms, which are the much taller Pokestops you’ll see in towns and cities. No matter which team has control of a gym, anyone can partake in a raid when it appears, indicated by a coloured egg on top. This will be accompanied by a timer, counting down from one hour, so Pokemon Go communities have enough preparation time to get players together to take it down.

    Tapping on the egg icon in the corner, while looking at the gym, will reveal how difficult it is. The amount of monster faces above the egg represents the level of the gym, as does the colour. Level one raids will always be pink, level three raids are yellow, while level five raids are purple with white stripes.

    To do the Pokemon Go raid, you simply have to be at the respective gym within the 45 minutes after the egg hatches. As long as you have a Raid Pass – which is given out for free once per day at your first Gym PokeStop spin of the day – you can have a shot at taking down the raid boss. If you want to do more than one raid per day, you can pick up Premium Raid Passes from the in-game store for 100 coins apiece.

    The Season Of Mischief Story Continues


    Continue to follow the Season of Mischief storyline focused on the Mythical Pokémon Hoopa!

    If you complete this Seasons Special Research story, youll gain access to a special event at the end of the Season that might have something to do with Hoopa!

    A new part of the Season-long Special Research will unlock during each part of the Pokémon GO Halloween Mischief event. With more Psychic-, Ghost-, and Dark-type Pokémon appearing in the wildalong with new ones being discovered for the first time ever in Pokémon GOthis is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Mischief Pokémon!

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    What Time Do Pokmon Go Raids Take Place

    Pokémon Go Raids will take place randomly so can be hard to predict.

    However, Pokémon Go raid eggs will only spawn between 5:30am and 7:45pm local time, so raid bosses will only be available is 6:30am to 9:30pm, once an egg has hatched.

    This is largely to avoid trainers from playing at night, when it can be more dangerous for people to be out and about.

    Whats more, every Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm local time is known as Raid Hour, which is when many gyms will spawn Level Five raids with whichever legendary Pokemon is in the Eggs in that rotation.

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    How To Catch Shiny Lugia Can Lugia Be Shiny In September 2021

    Yes, Lugia can be shiny in September 2021 meaning players will likely want to join these raids whether theyve caught them before or not. As far as how to catch Shiny Lugia in Pokémon GO, the only way is to win as many raids as you can. There will be two raid hours on Wednesday, September 1st and the 8th from 6pm to 7pm so that is a great chance to get a bunch of battles in and roll the dice. The odds are typically around one in twenty for a Legendary raid, but those are unofficial. The more you win, the higher the chance to catch Shiny Lugia so make your team and good luck.

    Shiny Lugia image by Ken Sugimori.

    And thats our Lugia raid guide for Pokémon GO in September 2021. Hopefully you can now use the best Lugia counters since you know how to beat Lugia once again.


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    Special And Timed Research

    A Special Research storyWhat Lies beneath the Mask?will be available!

    Ghost-type Pokémon are appearing more often than usual, and Professor Willow has tasked you with learning more about them. Notably, Yamask has started appearing in the wild, prompting his interest in learning more about Ghost-type Pokémon related to masks. What can we learn about these Pokémonand what can we learn about ourselves in the process?

    Timed Research will be available with tasks focused on participating in the Halloween Cup in the GO Battle League.

    Raid Invitations And Remote Raids In Pokmon Go

    pokemon go raid battles possible start end times revealed

    As the global pandemic slowed Pokémon Go play and Raids in particular during the early part of 2020, Niantic began to implement new features to make Raids more accessible. Now Trainers can purchase Remote Raid Passes, which allow them to take part in Raids that arent within range for a normal Raid Pass. These Remote Raid Passes will let you join in any Raid you can see on the screen. Additionally, Remote Raid Passes allow you to join into any Raid a Friend invites you to. Raid Invitations were added shortly after Remote Raid Passes, allowing Trainers to invite up to five of their Friends to join in a Raid from anywhere in the world.

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