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Where To Find Eevee In Pokemon X

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Pokemon Go Guide: Where To Find Eevee

How & Where to catch/get – Eevee in Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon Go has some very interesting spawn mechanics hidden within the game. Pokemon seem to almost appear at random, but if you know some tricks you can usually skew your chances of finding rare Pokemon. It doesnt even have to be rare Pokemon though, with some of the more common varieties being very important to the metagame. Many of these appear all the time for some users, while others are starving for them. Eevee is one of these Pokemon, so were gonna show you where to find Eevee in Pokemon Go.

For many of you this guide will be useless, as Eevee is a common spawn for a lot of people. For those who are unlucky enough to be in an area where they dont appear that frequently, hopefully what little info we have about Eevee spawns will help you. You, of course, want to capture as many of them as possible, in order to evolve Eevee into Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon. See this guide for how to make sure you get the Eeveelution that you want.

Now, where to find Eevee in Pokemon Go. Unfortunately there isnt many hard set rules for this. Eevee is a normal type Pokemon, so they will spawn almost anywhere, with no restrictions like fire and electric types which usually appear near fire stations and power plants respectively.


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What Does Buddy Adventure Allow You To Do In Pokmon Go

Once you reach Trainer level 2, Buddy Adventure introduces a series of new activities and benefits:

  • You can play with and feed berries to your Buddy in AR mode
  • Your Buddy will follow you on the map screen
  • Increasing your Buddy level unlocks a range of perks, including additional aid during the catch phase, a CP boost, and finding items
  • Up to three players can share the same AR space with their Pokémon to take a picture

As before, walking a set distance will earn you Candy, and this still works outside of the Buddy system meaning you dont have to have them on the map in Adventure mode for this to work, in case you forget to fed them regularly.

You can also swap between multiple Buddies per day, allowing you to earn the above perks across multiple Pokémon.

Q: Is There A New Eevee Evolution With Every New Generation Of Pokmon

Unfortunately, there is not a new Eevee evolution with every new generation. In fact, it has been quite some time since we got a new Eevee evolution. Nonetheless, there is much debate regarding the best Eevee evolution. Every person has their own opinion when it comes to their favorite Pokémon game. Thus, their favorite Eevee evolution varies as well. There are currently a total of eight Eevee evolutions. The most recent of these being the Fairy type evolution Sylveon. Sylveon was introduced in 2013s Pokémon X & Y. Two generations have passed without a new Eevee evolution. This is the longest known time between new Eevee evolutions.

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Q: Why Is Eevee A Game Mascot

Eevee is one of the most unconventional game mascots of all time. Game mascots have been known to be legendary Pokémon or starter Pokémon throughout the years. However, when the Pokémon company released spin-off games for the switch title Pokémon Lets Go Eevee and Lets Go Pikachu, Eevee was used as a game mascot alongside Pikachu. Considering these games are based on generation one, the decision made conceptual sense. In addition, Pikachu and Eevee are two of the most marketable Pokémon due to their popularity and cute design. For a non-mainline game, the Lets Go iteration sold extremely well. Thus Eevee can be considered a successful game mascot.

If Your Rival Evolves Eevee Into Jolteon:

How &  Where to catch/get
  • Jolteon
  • Ninetales
  • Magneton

Regardless of which Eeveelution your rival chooses, they will have an incredibly powerful team. Given that your rival in Pokemon Yellow chose Eevee as their starter, it could be the case that both of the new versions will follow suit. Perhaps your rival in Pokemon Lets Go Eevee will choose Pikachu, and your rival in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu will choose Eevee. This would make perfect sense, given that your rival could either base their team around their Eeveelution, or around yours.

If this is the case, choosing Lets Go Eevee could give you a way of deciding your rivals team, whereas choosing Lets Go Pikachuwill cause your rival to base their team on whatever final form of Eevee they get. This is just speculative, but Pokemon Yellow is the closest thing weve ever seen to the Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu vs Eevee games.

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How To Catch Shiny Eevee In Pokemon Go

The upcoming Community Day in Pokemon Go will feature Eevee. The event is scheduled from August 14, 2021, to August 15, 2021, from 11:00 AM to 05:00 AM local time. Naturally, the Pokemon will appear more in the wild, increasing the chance of players encountering a shiny Eevee as well. Additionally, the event will also provide quite a few bonuses to players, including a 3-hour incense which helps to attract the Pokemon, a 1/4 egg hatch distance and 3-hour lures to be used at the PokeStops as well.

The Pokemon website says on a blog post related to the upcoming Community Day that During this event, Eevee will be appearing more frequently in the wild, and you might find a Shiny one if youre lucky! Additionally, if a player evolves Eevee from August 13, 2021, to August 16, 2021, the evolutionary form will know a special attack. While catching the Pokemon by using a PokeBall, feed the Eevee with Pinap Berries to increase the chances of owning it.

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Where To Find Eevee In Pokemon Sun And Moon

When I start finding Stones that Eevee can use, I will add those to the guide to help people find them as well.

Water Stone Found this pretty quickly after getting Eevee. It is on Akala Island, Route 8 near the Forest Trial. Before entering the forest there is some water to the left. Enter the water and the stone is under the water near the guys training Karate.

Fire Stone -This one is also on Akala Island, after the grass Trial. You can find it in Digletts cave next to the stair case leading up. Use the rock smash ability to get back there for the item.

Stone Store This is a Stone Store on Akala Island as well. You can find it in Koni Koni city as you start to finish the island, it is the place with the Fossil inside as well.

Moss Stone You can find this in the Jungle where you take the trial. Thanks to Jay Carr for the info in the comments.

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How To Get Eevee In Pokmon Brilliant Diamond/shining Pearl

By Natalie Schmidt

With eight evolutions, Eevees a particularly special Pokémon. Heres how you can get one and all its evolutions in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl.

With such a large world to explore, tracking down your favorite Pokémon can get pretty difficult. So, if youre looking for the adorable Eevee, here are all the ways you can find one!

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl | Legendary Pokémon Trailer

How To Get The Friendship Checker App

How to Catch Eevee – Pokemon X and Y

Players can also unlock the Friendship Checker app and check on their Pokémon relationships whenever theyd like. To unlock the Friendship Checker app, head to Eterna City, enter the Pokémon Center, and talk to the NPC in the middle of the room. Now you can check your relationships by opening the app on your Pokétch. You can tell a Pokémon has maxed out on friendship if there are two massive hearts next to it.

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How Do You Get To Cyllage City In Pokemon Y

For now, you should go to the Cyllage City Gym. To reach it, go up the hill on the east side of town and go south. Before you go in, to the left of the Gym entrance, go down the ramp to get an X Defense, then go down the other ramp and ride back up to the gym entrance. Then go into the Cyllage City Gym.

How To Check Pokmon Friendship In Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

To check your friendship levels with your Pokémon, youll need to head to Hearthome City, enter the Pokémon Trainer Fanclub building, and talk to the woman in the upper left corner of the room. She will take a look at your Pokémon and tell you how they feel. Eventually, youll unlock the Friendship Checker app which has the ability to check your Pokémons happiness levels without her help.

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How Do Eevee Evolutions Work

Unlike most Pokémon, Eevee doesnt evolve at a certain level. For Eevee to go through one of its many evolutions, certain conditions have to be met or trainers have to use on of the various evolution stones that can be found throughout the game. Eevee is a normal type Pokemon, but its evolutions have different types based on what it involves to. Well get to the which is which in the list, but the types include: electric, water, fire, psychic, dark, fairy, grass, and ice.

There are still plenty of types that Eevee doesnt evolve into, so theres still plenty of chances for Nintendo to add new evolution types down the line.

Squirtle In Pokemon Lets Go: Squirtle Location For Gift & Wild Encounters

Análisis de Pokémon Let

The final of the three starters from the classic games is Squirtle, and Squirtle is the last to show up on Pokemon Lets Go in either form. You wont be able to nab Squirtle until one further city in the game, and it wont appear in the wild until much later. Heres how it works:

  • To get a Squirtle without catching, youll need to reach Vermillion City. Youll see a Squirtle causing Officer Jenny trouble in Cerulean City, and when you reach Vermillion youll see Jenny again and this time shes caught the cheeky little Pokemon. Shes willing to give it to you to keep it on the straight and narrow, but shell need proof you know what youre doing having caught 60 Pokemon should do it.
  • If you want a wild Squirtle encounter, you will sadly need to wait until some of the later routes in the game out on the islands, where youll use Sea Skim to get out onto the water. Look for wild Squirtle on Route 24, Route 25 and the Seafoam Islands area of Kanto. Youll reach these areas a little later, but the same rules apply its a super rare encounter not mentioned in the Pokedex, and youll need to use catch combos and lures to raise your chances of bumping into a Squirtle.

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Battling Trainers And Gym Leaders Is Mostly The Same As Past Pokmon Games

Like in past Pokémon games, players will need to overcome other trainers and gym leaders to progress through the game. Players can take up to six pokémon into battle and take turns choosing their attacks. Pokémon have different elemental weaknesses based on their type and each gym leader focuses on a specific type of Pokémon. There are eight gym leaders in the Kanto region and beating them all will allow the player to challenge the Elite Four, the strongest trainers in the game.

How Do You Evolve Glaceon

In order to evolve Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon youll have to get specific items: either the Glacial Lure Module for Glaceon or the Mossy Lure Module for Leafeon, both of which can be purchased in the in-game shop for 200 coins each. Once you have the correct Lure Module, simply apply it to a PokéStop.

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Q: Which Famous Trainers Use Eevee Evolutions

Several well-known trainers throughout the anime and games have used either an Eevee or one of its evolutions. Considering the fact that the best Eevee evolutions are quite powerful in their own right this does make a ton of sense. As one of the most popular Eevee evolutions, Umbreon has been on several top trainers teams. Both in the game and anime, Gary Oak uses an Umbreon. Gladeon also uses an Umbreon in the anime. Espeon is another Eevee evolution who has had some time in the limelight. One of the toughest battles in Pokémon history consists of fighting Red in Pokémon Gold & Silver. Red has a level 73 Espeon on his fearsome team.

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Breeding Eevees And Their Evolutions

Pokemon X and Y- How to find Eevee
  • neocrs 2142
  • How does the breeding system work? I know you leave the Pokemon on Day Care, but for how long?
  • Should I use my stones on my Eevees as soon as they hatch or should I give them some levels first? Why?
  • What Eevee evolutions are available, hassle-free .
    • thesunnydelighttt
    • neocrs 2142
    • Skindredz
    • guestguest782637816374017
    • epiktetos
    • ZombieTheKiller

    quote AriettaShould I use my stones on my Eevees as soon as they hatch or should I give them some levels first? Why?

    • habib

    quote AriettaThank you for your help. So far I have obtained all the stone evolutions and Sylveon, making it 3 more Eevolutions to go.I bred all my Eevees from scratch, so I can tell for sure that Eevees can learn Baby-Doll Eyes at level 9 btw.The question I have now is regarding Espeon and Umbreon. Is it just enough to train them at day and night? If so, when would they evolve? I have been reading and there’s different information regarding this. Some say I need to “make them happy”, first, and they say Pokemon-aime doesn’t count .What’s the “official” way to get Espeon and Umbreon?

    • guestcalster37
    • gamin_geru
    • guestKtoalekto
    • guestDerptor

    quote KtoalektoHey. Can I breed eeveelutions at all? All I get from breeding two vaporeons are eevees!

    • guestMitty Louis
    • guestChazz
    • May 9, 16 at 7:44am
    • IamthebestNever

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    Guide To Finding Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon X & Y

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    Keep All Your Shinies

    There are lots of Eevee evolutions to collect, and if youre a crazy collector youll also want to have both male and female versions.

    After using the Eevee name trick, you cant always choose which evolution you get. So make sure to collect plenty of shinies so you can have another shot if you get any doubles.

    Also, who knows what Eevee evolutions there will be in the future? Keep plenty of shinies in your Pokémon storage to future-proof your collection.

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    How To Evolve Eevee In Pokmon Sword And Shield

    Evolving Eevee in Pokémon Sword and Shield is relatively easy. There are eight Eeveelutions, but each one has a different way of evolving:

    Level up Eevee until it’s at least level 15 and then use an Ice Stone.
    Espeon Raise Eevee’s friendship level by playing with it and feeding it. The next time Eevee levels up during the day it’ll evolve.
    Umbreon Raise Eevee’s friendship level by playing with it and feeding it. The next time Eevee levels up at night it’ll evolve.
    Sylveon Teach Eevee a Fairy-type move and then raise it’s friendship level by playing with it and feeding it. Once friendship is high enough, it’ll evolve.

    Pokmon Sword And Shield: How To Catch And Evolve Eevee

    How to Catch Eevee

    Eevee is one of the most popular Pokémon throughout the series, and there’s always a bit of mystery surrounding how to acquire its many different evolutions. There are eight different Eeveelutions in Pokémon Sword and Shield which can be caught or evolved in different ways. Here is how to catch Eevee followed by how to evolve Eevee in Pokémon Sword and Shield, which is one of the best Nintendo Switch games available, to fill out your collection.

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    Where To Find Eevee In Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

  • To get an Eevee, youll first need to beat all gym leaders and the Elite Four.
  • Now you need to see every Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex. You can do this in your own playthrough. If youre having trouble getting Palkia or Dialga from the other game, go to Celestic town and talk with Cynthias Grandmother and shell add the entry in your dex.
  • Then, travel to Sandgem Town and talk with Professor Rowan.
  • Now, head to Hearthome City.
  • Walk into Bebes house next door to the Pokémon Center and talk to her.
  • Shell give you an Eevee, but youll need more to get all the Eeveelutions.
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