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Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Codes Exp

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Pokemon Platinum Cheats: Action Replay Codes For Nds

Pokemon Platinum – How To Earn More EXP In Battles | Action Replay Codes

You are about to discover the most popular Pokemon Platinum cheats. But before we proceed, lets talk about first the things needed to activate these cheats successfully.

First off, Pokemon Platinum is a Nintendo DS game and to use cheats you need a DS emulator that supports action replay codes. Whichever device youre going to use to play theres an emulator available for you.

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Recommended Nintendo DS EmulatorsIf youre playing Pokemon Platinum on PC, there are several good DS Emulators for PC available and the one I can recommend is DeSmuME. On the other hand, for mobile devices running Android, I highly recommend using DraStic DS Emulator. While for MAC users, theres only one and the best emulator for you called OpenEmu.

Above mentioned DS emulators work best with action replay codes without leaving the capability to offer the best DS gaming experience to gamers.

Pokemon Platinum Action Replay

15 Jan 2012 … Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Codes DS US-EU · 001-Bulbasaur · 002-Ivysaur · 003-Veinesaur · 004-Charmandar · 005-Charmelon · 006-;…

NDS Action Replay Pokemon Platinum DATEL, console NDS, distributore Datel, genere Action Replay, 7194801656863.

18 Sep 2009 … 1. Press select to run into wild- Hippopotas 94000130 fffb0000 D5000000 000001c1 B2101d40 00000000 C0000000 0000000b D7000000;…

Codes and Cheats Action Replay Pokemon Platinum. 995x All Items 94000130 fbff0000. B2101D40 00000000. E0000644 00000294. 03E30044 03E30045

15 May 2009 … Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Official Code List … Joker Values; Shiny Encounter Code; Wild Pokemon, Level and Nature;…

11 Jan 2019 … Complete Pokedex 94000130 FFFB0000 62101D40 00000000 B2101D40 00000000 00001654;…

So I am playing pokemon platinum. I want to use a code for codes exp multiplier so I have to grind less. I have try everything and every site on;…

28 Jun 2010 … Imagem de: Pokémon Platinum Cheats … grama para não ter nenhum encontro de Pokemon selvagem Hold L while walking at;…

Code – Master Balls no PC. by Unregistered Jan 07, 2011. por o seguinte codigo no gameshark e codebreaker(Tem que;…

This page contains Pokemon Platinum cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 160 cheats in our list, which includes 67 cheats codes, 4 passwords,;…

16 Nov 2020 … Action replay code pokemon platinum exp code FOR ANY ADDITIONAL CODES, PLEASE POST THEM ON THIS FORUM FOR APPROVAL 1;…

How To Improve Pokemon Level In Light Platinum

I have Blastoise, and few more I want to improve their level

This is the level up cheat code for Pokemon Light Platinum:

Enabler Code: BB0C2FFA D24902D2

Level 99: FCEFE173 1DCCEB51

Level 100: 56307399 25DF4466

Important: You have to copy and paste Enabler Code first and then choose only 1 code on the following level changer’s for the level up to work.

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  • Action Replay Code Pokemon Platinum Exp Code

    You May Download Freeware Here: POKEMON PLATINUM CHEATS ...

    FOR ANY ADDITIONAL CODES, PLEASE POST THEM ON THIS FORUM FOR APPROVAL 1 Max Trading Items Max Cash Max BP 2 In Battle Codes Restore Health in Battle 1 Hit Kills in Battle Easy Captures Capture Trainer Pokemon 3 Item Codes All Items Have x All Special Poke Balls Have x All . Jun 16, ;· Pokemon Platinum Cheats via Action Replay Codes. Please keep in mind: Before activating any of these cheats, it pays to remember these few tips and test1.rut overuse the cheats, what I mean for overusing is activating too many cheats at once, failing to turn off cheats after use, and improper ways of adding you believe youre ready to use the cheats, feel free to . Jan 14, ;· Pokemon Platinum Cheat Codes Action Replay. January 14, January 11, by Begin Game With Running Shoes. D40 BD40 D Max IV. F50 F F66 F F7C F F92 F FA8 F FBE F.

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    Pokemon Platinum Gameshark Codes And Pokemon Platinum Master Code:

    You have to enable a GameShark master code before you activate any other cheat. Pokemon Platinum also requires a master code, the action replay master code for Pokemon Platinum is CPUE-D074D1B3.

    Pokemon platinum item chat essentially, rare candies are just medicinal items. But why would you need Pokemon Platinum cheats to get rare candies? How do these candies help you in your Pokemon journey?These candies are great because they help your Pokemon get promoted by one level. Every candy is worth a single level up. Sounds good? So, how do you find these candies? You can use this code to get hold of one rare candy using this code:

    • 94000130 FCFF0000
    • 90000000 00000000
    • 00000001 DC000000

    You can also get a rare candy as part of a complete stash of 995 medicines using the following code :

    • 94000130 FCFF0000
    • B2101D40 00000000
    • E0000B60 000000A0

    Pokemon platinum money codeThe following cheat codes can be used with action replay to acquire 999999 money. Remember to tap L & R button simultaneously to activate the cheat code.

    • 94000130 FCFF0000
    • 00000090 000F423F
    • D2000000 00000000

    For more cheat codes and hacks continue to support our page. In the future, we will look at some useful Pokemon Light Platinum DS Cheats, Pokemon Bloody Platinum Cheats, and even some Pokemon Cheats for FireRed.

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    Uk Action Replay Codes For Pokemon Platinum

    Max Cash 94000130 fcff0000

    Max Coins 94000130 fcff0000


    Have 900 Or 90 Of Items Codes;

    Have 900x All Special Poke Balls 94000130 fcbf0000

    Have 900x All Medicine 94000130 fcbf0000

    Have 900x All Berries 94000130 fcbf0000

    Have 90x All TMs & HMs 94000130 fcbf0000

    Have 900x all;Battle Items 94000130 fcbf0000

    All Poketech Apps 94000130 fcbf0000

    Every Pokeball 100% Catch Rate5224a75c 4a7e497d

    all Pokemon can learn;any TM02075908 00d400d4

    d7000000 0002388cd2000000 00000000Use your Poke calculator to modify your players apperance and hold R while going into a house

    Weather-Modifierd7000000 000012fad2000000 00000000Type a number in the calculator, Press R, then go into bag and back out. Weather should change.

    Change Money to Secret ID 94000130 fcff0000

    Walls Do Not Crumble When Mining 94000130 fdff0000

    Restore Health In Battle 94000130 fff70000

    1 Hit KO in Battle 94000130 fffb0000


    Quick EXP Gain 94000130 feff0000IF LEVEL 40+ USE SUPER EXP GAIN!

    Super EXP Gain 94000130 feff0000

    Arceus 94000130 fcff0000

    Manaphy 94000130 fcff0000

    Darkai 94000130 fcff0000

    Shaymin 94000130 fcff0000

    Secret Key 94000130 fcff0000


    HOLD SELECT to encounter the following Pokemon


    speed 9 94000130 fefb0000

    Walk Through Walls 1205fd52 00002805DO NOT USE DURING WIFI! DO NOT SAVE IN THE MIDDLE OF A WALL!

    Complete Pokedex 94000130 fcbf0000

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    My Pikachu Keeps Getting Killed By A Blastoise How Do I Get More Exp

    I keep only getting normal exp from Pokemon even with the lucky egg and I can’t level up my Pikachu. My Pikachu is a level 23 and the Blastoise is a level 32

    VisiHow QnA. This section is not written yet. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer.

    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or section below.

    Pokemon Platinum Mega Exp Gain

    Pokemon Platinum (US Version) Action Replay Codes Part 2 (Items, EXP Codes, Run Through Wall…)

    heres a link for all the Pokemon platinum codes

    mega exp gain is somewhere in the middle of the page

    hope this helps :]

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    Us Action Replay Codes For Pokemon Platinum

    Max Cash 94000130 fcff0000

    Restore Health In Battle 94000130 fff70000

    1 Hit KO in Battle 94000130 fffb0000

    Have 900x All Special Poke Balls94000130 fcbf0000Press UP+L+R to Activate

    Have 900x All MedicinePress UP+L+R to Activate

    Have 900x All BerriesPress UP+L+R to Activate

    Have 99x All TMs & HMs94000130 fcbf0000Press UP+L+R to Activate


    Quick EXP Gain 94000130 feff0000IF LEVEL 40+ USE SUPER EXP GAIN!

    Super EXP Gain 94000130 feff0000

    The Quick Instant Cheat Is Not Working In My Vba Why

    The problem, it’s not working and tells me how to do it. I have tried: I have searched a master code and removed and put it again. I think it was caused by: I don’t know

    Not all emulators let you use more than one line of code. Check to see if your Master Code is being accepted before you add additional codes as cheats.

    More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: I need a newer working walk through walls cheat for light platinum

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    Help Us Improve This List

    You can help us improve our listing of Pokemon Platinum Action replay codes for Nintendo DS. Post your cheat codes in the comment section below, and we will add them in the list when confirmed working, credits will be given to the sharer.

    Cheat code:

    • Get one Silver Point from the Battle Frontier to unlock the Pokemon Bust 1
    • Get five Silver Points from the Battle Frontier to unlock the Pokemon Bust 2
    • Buy Racks to unlock the Music Box
    • Buy the Music Box to unlock the Tea Set
    • Walk over 300,000 steps to unlock the Chandelier
    • Plant over 50 Berries to unlock the Wall Clock
    • Hatch over 30 Eggs to unlock the Great Painting
    • Defeat over 50 Trainers to unlock the Guest Set
    • Defeat the Elite Four over ten times to unlock the Piano

    Light Platinum Cheat To Raise Pokemon Quickly

    Pokemon Platinum Action Replay code

    The same above to raise a Pokemon quickly

    I have located a cheat that will allow you to be able to level up your Pokemon instantly to the level of X64. This will set your Pokemon to quickly level up to the level of 64 instantly in the game. Below is the cheat code you will need to enter in order to perform this action on your game:

    Here is the code

    0224127C 309C1C28

    D0000000 00000000

    Enter these codes into your game shark in order to be able to have the Pokemon leveled up instantly to 64

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    Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Codes Exp Guides

    First press F2, a window will appear, press Add new, and then a small window will appear, the small window has two blank boxes, copy the cheat code you want to use, then paste in the large blank box, and then put Action Repldy DS’s option is selected, and the small blank box can be ignored, but for the sake of aspect, you can type some words in it, such as a comment, indicating what kind of cheat is this, easy to modify, paste it, press OK, It will return to the previous window, and then a small grid will appear behind the gold finger you just hit. The left mouse button clicks, a “” appears, OK, press OK to return to the game, for example, the gold with the most money Finger, prompt to press , so in the game, press the SELECT + key , the golden finger takes effect

    The most money

    94000130 FFBB0000

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