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All Shiny Eevee Evolutions Pokemon Go

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How To Evolve Eevee In Pokmon Go


One of your challenges playing Pokémon Go might be how to create an Eeveelution variant. I will show you how to do that in this section.

Evolving Eevee into Vaporeon

As discussed before, Vaporeon is a water type, which makes it stronger than ground and rock types. This Eeveelution sits at #134 in the Pokedex. For some Pokémon Go players, catching this variant in the wild can be extremely challenging. But why do that when you can evolve your Eevee using 25 candies? Such candies can also fetch you a Flareon or Jolteon.

But if you are particular about catching a Vaporeon, then guarantee your choice variant by either renaming it with the name cheat Rainer before commencing your adventure. After the evolution, rename it to Vaporeon. Pokémon Go makes it attractive for players to rename their variants several times.

Evolving Eevee into Jolteon

Jolteon comes at number #135. Its evolution process is no different from that of Vaporeon. Own a Jolteon variant with 25 Eevee candies. But that is not the only way. You can evolve your Eevee into this Eeveelution by renaming it Sparky, which is if you dont have to spend fruitless hours in the wild hunting for this lightning type. Kindly note that the name cheat is effective only once for each evolution.

Evolving Eevee into Flareon

Evolving Eevee into Espeon

Evolving Eevee into Umbreon

Evolving Eevee into Leafeon

Evolving Eevee into Glaceon

Are There Shiny Eevee And Eeveelutions Can You Control Those

Like almost all other Shinies, you can only catch or hatch Eevee its Shiny form. If you want any of the Eeveelutions to be Shiny, you’ll need to evolve them the same way you evolve any Eevee. The nickname trick will work if you haven’t used it already. Otherwise, you’ll need to evolve them just like any other Eevee. The same goes for the flower crown costumed Eevee.

Go Beyond Level 40 With Eeveelutions

With the recently announced increase in the level cap, reaching the top levels in Pokémon Go now requires completing Special Level-Up Research. For level 42, Trainers need to evolve one of each of Eevee’s unique evolutions. This task isn’t retroactive either, so you will need to evolve all seven again, even if you have them already. Fortunately, most veteran trainers have tons of Eevee Candy, so even the random chance of Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon shouldn’t been too hard on your existing stash of candies.

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How To Get Sylveon During Community Day

Sylveon is arguably going to be the most popular Eevee evolution this Community Day.

While its power and performance in the meta is one reason, Sylveon has also been made a lot easier to get over the course of the weekend.

Rather than earning the usual 70 hearts with Eevee as a buddy in order to get Sylveon, theyll only need 10% of that, with 7 hearts being enough for Sylveon.

For those who have yet to do it, Kira is the name for Sylveons naming trick.

Keep Reading To Know About Where To Find Shiny Eevee And How To Catch Shiny Eevee In Pokemon Go And Shiny Eevee Evolution Guide Ahead Of Eevee Community Day

How to get all gen 1 &  2 Shiny Eevee Evolution ...


Eevee is a normal type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, which has the ability to adapt its body composition to its surroundings. The Pokemon has a height of 1’00” and weighs 14.3 lbs. Surprisingly, it is one of the Pokemons with the most evolutionary forms in the game and can evolve into eight other Pokemons. During the upcoming Pokemon Community Day, Eevee will be the feature Pokemon and that means players will have more chances of encountering the Shiny Eevee as well. Keep reading to know about where to find Shiny Eevee and how to catch shiny Eevee in Pokemon Go.

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How To Catch Shiny Eevee In Pokemon Go

The upcoming Community Day in Pokemon Go will feature Eevee. The event is scheduled from August 14, 2021, to August 15, 2021, from 11:00 AM to 05:00 AM local time. Naturally, the Pokemon will appear more in the wild, increasing the chance of players encountering a shiny Eevee as well. Additionally, the event will also provide quite a few bonuses to players, including a 3-hour incense which helps to attract the Pokemon, a 1/4 egg hatch distance and 3-hour lures to be used at the PokeStops as well.

The Pokemon website says on a blog post related to the upcoming Community Day that During this event, Eevee will be appearing more frequently in the wild, and you might find a Shiny one if youre lucky! Additionally, if a player evolves Eevee from August 13, 2021, to August 16, 2021, the evolutionary form will know a special attack. While catching the Pokemon by using a PokeBall, feed the Eevee with Pinap Berries to increase the chances of owning it.

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Pokmon Eeveelutions: Sylveons Shiny

Eevee will evolve into Sylveon when it knows a Fairy-type move and has high Affection or Friendship. Unlike other Eeveelutions, this Gen 6 Pokémons Shiny is easily distinguished from its regular version. Essentially, the two just swap colorations. In areas of its head, eyes, tail, feet, and bows that are typically pink, Shiny Sylveon is blue where the original is blue, the Shiny version is pink. One of the best parts of catching an Eevee in Pokémon is deciding which Eeveelution it should evolve into, and that is especially true if it is a Shiny.

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To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon:

  • Make sure you have the 25 Eevee Candy you need for the evolution.
  • Buy a Mossy Lure Module from the PokéShop for 200 PokéCoins
  • Use the Mossy Lure Module on a PokéStop.
  • Spin the PokéStop.
  • While you are still in range of the PokéStop*, choose the Eevee you want to evolve.
  • Hit the Evolve button.
  • Note: It would seem as though you need to be within the normal range of the PokéStop in order to evolve Leafeon or Glaceon not the extended radius. Always be sure to check that the icon in the evolve button is the right Pokémon and not a question mark.

    Shiny Eeveelutions Pokemon Go 213513


    Shiny Pokemon GO Eevee, evolutions, and the rarest Shiny Pokemon Chris Burns , 1058am CDT Today were taking a quick run down the Shiny Pokemon GO list to find the relative How to catch shiny Eevee in Pokemon Go? Pokemon GO players around the world spent the last two days collecting thousands of Eevees during the Community Day weekend eventDuring that time, many players likely picked up a handful of shiny

    Evolving All Shiny Eeveelutions With Last Resort In Pokemon Go 18 Youtube

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    The Latest Eevee Evolution: Sylveon

    Sylveon, one of the best Fairy-type Pokémon from Generation VI, is the latest Eevee evolution to make its debut in Pokémon Go. Acquiring one takes relatively more work than the other Eevee evolutions, but its all worth it since Sylveon has impressive base stats and combat stats.

    To evolve Eevee into Sylveon, youll need to earn 70 hearts with Eevee as your Buddy. Earning that many hearts might take you around a week since the maximum number of hearts you can earn per day is normally 12. However, if you keep your Buddys mood at Excited, you can earn up to 20 hearts a day, and you can get a Sylveon in as early as four days. Some of the ways you can do so are by walking with Eevee as your Buddy, giving it treats, taking a snapshot of it, going to battles with it, and visiting new places together. Remember as well to interact with it as frequently as possible since doing so increases its mood.

    Once youve acquired enough hearts, you can then evolve Eevee into Sylveon for 25 Candy.

    Just like with the other Eevee evolutions, check that the silhouette on the Evolve button is the correct one before tapping on it.

    Pokmon Go: How To Get All Shiny Eevee Evolutions

    Overall Pokémon Go can be a complex system, but nothing in the Pokémon Go world is more complicated than the Eevee method. It is so desirable because it can evolve into an increasing number of second-stage evolutions, often known as Eevee-lutions. In this article, we will take a look at Eevee evolutions in Pokémon Go and how to get them.

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    How To Evolve Eevee Into Flareon In Pokemon Go

    Flareon is the 136th Pokemon in the Pokedex, and the third of the original Eevee evolutions. As its name and appearance suggest, Flareon is the fire evolution, so it’s good to have on hand when battling grass and bug type Pokemon.

    To get as many Eevee candies as possible, add an Eevee or an Eevee-lution as your buddy and turn on Adventure Sync. This will let you earn candies simply by carrying your smartphone around, even with the Pokemon Go app closed.

    Like Vaporeon and Jolteon, Flareon can also be caught in the wild on super rare occasions, and can also be evolved from an Eevee, with a one-in-three chance, by using 25 Eevee candies. Its evolution can be locked-in by renaming the Eevee “Pyro” before evolving.

    Alternative Methods For Getting Each Eevee Evolution

    Pokemon Go Community Day August Shiny Eevee Confirmed ...

    The alternative methods for obtaining more than one particular Eevee evolution arent as straightforward as the naming trick and require more work. These usually involve spending more treats and PokéCoins or more walking or both. In addition, the evolution method varies depending on the generation that the Eevee evolutions belong to.

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    Pokmon Eeveelutions: Leafeons Shiny

    Of all the Eeveelutions, the Grass-type Leafeon has the most minor changes between its regular version and its Shiny. This Gen 4 Pokémon evolves from Eevee either when near a Moss Rock or when exposed to a Leaf Stone. Leafeons cream-colored fur and brown feet, eyes, and ears are all darker if it is Shiny. Additionally, the green accents of Leafeons usual coloring are less vibrant in comparison to the Shiny version.

    How To Evolve Eevee Into Vaporeon Jolteon And Flareon

    Well get the bad news out of the way first for these three originals, after youve used the nickname trick, were afraid there isnt really much more you can do to guarantee them.

    In order to get any more, youll have to revert to random evolutions by gathering Eevees and candies and keeping your fingers crossed that when it evolves youll get what youre looking for.

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    Trick To Get More Shiny Eevee Evolutions Effortlessly

    One way to catch many of the rare Shiny Eevee evolutions without having to spend your Eevee candies is to spoof Pokémon Go with reliable location spoofer. Fucosoft Location Changer is a highly reliable location spoofer for iOS and you can use it to change the location of your iPhone to anywhere in the world. This is the best way to catch even the rarest Pokémon, particularly if they are not in your area. It is an easy and more energy efficient way to catch Eevee evolutions in Pokémon Go.

    Follow the steps below to spoof Pokémon Go with Fucosoft iOS Location Changer:

    Step 1: Download, install and launch the iPhone Location Spoofer on your computer, then tap on Get Started.

    Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer using USB cable. Unlock the device and wait for the program to detect it.

    Step 3: Choose the Teleport Mode and enter the GPS coordinate that you wish to teleport in the search box and then tap on Move to change iPhone location.

    How Do I Find A Shiny Eevee

    All Shiny Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon Go

    Community Day events have a heightened Shiny rate for the featured Pokémon, so if youre playing, you should be able to find several Shiny Eevee. If you dont have time to play all day, you can find a Shiny Eevee by popping an Incense, and tapping each Eevee that pops up. The Shiny rate on Community Days is approximately 1 in 25, according to The Silph Roads research, so you should find a Shiny Eevee quickly.

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    How To Get Leafeon & Glaceon In Pokemon Go

    For the Gen IV mon, Leafeon and Glaceon, youll need to either buy or earn a Glacial Lure Module and a Mossy Lure Module. They can both be bought in the in-game Shop for 200 PokeCoins, but can very rarely be earned via tasks.

    Once youve got one in hand, follow these steps:

    • Go to a nearby PokeStop and place the Lure down on it: Glacial for Glaceon, and Mossy for Leafeon. They each last for 30 minutes.
    • Then, you can simply click on the usual Evolve button on Eevees page and itll transform into whichever one youve picked.

    Where To Find Shiny Eevee

    During the upcoming Community Day for Eevee, players shall encounter more of Eevee, which in turn will increase a players chance to spot a shiny Eevee. Completing the field research tasks provided on the community day will also provide players with a chance to meet the Pokemon, and it might turn out to be a shiny one. Additionally, the event will provide players with incense, lure and egg bonuses, which will make it easy for a player to find a shiny Eevee.

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    Evolve Eevee Into Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Espeon Umbreon Leafeon Glaceon And Sylveon

    One of the many things that Pokémon GO players will be doing during Eevee Community Day is trying to evolve Eevee into all of its evolutions. There likely will be research tasks focused on this, but youll also want to do it because each of the 8 Eeveelutions as many players call them will have their exclusive move if evolved over the weekend. But if you want to get the right Eeveelution then you need to know how to get it. Heres how to evolve Eevee into all evolutions in Pokémon GO.

    How Do I Evolve Eevee With A Nickname

    Pokémon GO Community Day: How To Get Yourself Every Shiny ...

    Eevee has eight different forms of evolution, which include Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon. After acquiring 25 candy, you can evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon at random.

    But how do you take the random element out of it and, instead, force Eevee to take each of the individual forms? Well, its a simple process of changing Eevees name before you evolve them.

    Its worth noting that this method only allows you to get each different evolution Eevee a single time. Once youve performed it on your account, you will no longer be able to get that particular form of Eevee using this method on that account.

    Here are the different names youll need to use to get each different Pokémon Go Eevee evolution:

    • Vaporeon: Rainer
    • Glaceon: Rea
    • Sylveon: Kira

    Make sure the silhouette of the evolution you want shows up on the evolve button, otherwise the nickname trick wont work.

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    All Pokmon Eeveelutions Compared To Their Shiny Forms

    The Pokémon Eevee is very popular, largely due to its many Eeveelutions. Here’s every Shiny Eeveelution compared to their normal counterpart.

    Eevee has long been considered a secondary mascot of the Pokémon franchise. As a Generation 1 Pokémon, there have been many years for Eevee to gain a large following and, of course, it is adorable. However, it is Eevees evolutions, which fans often refer to as Eeveelutions, that make it a standout amongst the many other Pokémon in the franchise.

    Eevee has 8 different evolution forms, and each of the Eeveelutions is a different type with a unique design. In fact, it is possible to have an entire team of just Eeveelutions that would be strong against teams made of several different species of Pokémon. Shiny Pokémon are different in color than are typical for their species and they are incredibly rare, so making a team of these can be difficult.

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    However, even though players of Pokémon games rarely know what to expect when hunting for monsters, it is especially exciting to catch a Shiny Pokémon because of its rarity and more unique designs. An unevolved Eevees Shiny form, for example, has white fur instead of brown. Likewise, the Pokémon Eeveelutions each have Shiny versions.

    Shiny Eevee Into Sylveon Pokemon Go 226347

    How to Evolve Eevee into Sylveon in Pokemon GO // How good is it // Sylveon Name Trick Eevee is a Normaltype Pokémon from the first generation Its resistant to Ghosttype Pokémon, from which it receives only 39% of damage, and its at its strongest when it uses Quick Attack and Last Resort as its moves Eevee can evolve into so many other creatures, that the Shiny possibilities are all but endless It is truly wonderful In Pokemon GO, there / 7 minutes of reading Sylveon is obtainable as an evolution of Eevee in Pokémon Go You can get Sylveon via regular evolution , via trade, or via the name trick (just once

    Pokemon Go Eevee Shiny Evolution How To Get Shiny Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Umbreon Daily Star

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    How Do You Get All The Shiny Eevee Evolutions

    Niantic Labs have brought an army of Eevees with them to celebrate the Community Day event this weekend.

    Pokemon Go players will be able to catch Eevees throughout the day in the hope of snagging a shiny Pokemon evolution.

    However, Niantic has made it difficult for fans to get hold of all the shiny versions of Eevees evolution.

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