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Bug Type Weakness Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Strength And Weakness Chart




















So next time if you are struggling to battle in a gym or finding hard to beat a raid Boss, this Chart will help you to to select the best Pokemon for battle. By understanding this chart, you can cleverly pick your team and implement a proper strategy to increase your chances of winning.

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Pokemon Go Psychic Dark & Ghost Incense Event Start Times And Schedule For September 2021

The following is the schedule detailing which Pokemon types will be appearing across each of the event hours:

  • Psychic 11 am 12 pm
  • Dark/Ghost 12 pm 1 pm
  • Psychic 1 pm 2 pm
  • Dark/Ghost 2 pm 3 pm
  • Psychic 3 pm 4 pm
  • Dark/Ghost 4 pm 5 pm

Attention, Trainers! The three Safari Zone events originally planned for 2020 have now been rescheduled. #PokemonGOSafariZone

Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go Vespiquen Weakness

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Vespiquen, also known as the Beehive Pokemon, is a powerful Generation IV Pokemon that evolves from Combee. Like many other Pokemon it, too, is featured in Pokemon Go. Since it is a Bug / Flying-type, it has many resistances, but also several weaknesses, that make battling it that much harder, or easier, depending on the attack type used against it. You will, of course, want to exploit its vulnerabilities and use attacks that will do the most damage against it. But what are these? Well, in this Pokemon Go Vespiquen Weakness guide, we will go over the moves that it is most susceptible to.

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Technical And Hidden Machines & Technical Record

Technical Machines and Hidden Machines , commonly abbreviated as TMs and HMs, can be used to teach moves to Pokémon, including some moves that they would otherwise not learn by increasing in level. TMs are commonly found in the field, in shops, and as rewards for defeating a Gym Leader. HMs are often vital to game progression as they have important effects outside of battle, allowing the player to traverse certain obstacles. For example, Pokémon who learn the HM move Surf can transport the protagonist over water, which is necessary to reach island locations. When a Pokémon learns an HM move, the move cannot be deleted or replaced unless the player uses the services of an NPC known as the Move Deleter.

Prior to Generation V, TMs could only be used once. However, from Generation V onwards, TMs could be used infinitely. HMs could be used indefinitely even before Generation V when TMs can be used more than once. In Generation VII, HMs were removed and the usage of HMs outside of battle were replaced by other means such as the Poke Rider, which summons a Pokemon to do things that formerly HMs did such as surf across water.

Generation VIII also introduced the introduction of TRs, or Technical Records, which work similarly to the TMs, but they can only be used once. Once a TR is used, it will break.

Pinsir Type Weakness In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Type Chart

So, what is Pinsir most weak to? Well we know that our best choices for damage as Rock, Fire and Flying-type Pokemon, but when you consider what Pinsir can attack with, Rock isnt such a good matchup anymore. Your best bet will be Flying-Type Pokemon, as theyll resist almost every attack Pinsir has and deal super effective damage.

Fire-types do claim second place for themselves by resisting Bug-type attacks, but they still take full damage from Fighting-type attacks, which Pinsir has plenty of which means they compare unfavourably against Flying-types for this fight.

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List Of Pokemon Go Multipliers

The multipliers for Pokemon Go are as follows:

  • Super effective against two types: 2.56x
  • Super effective attacks: 1.6x
  • Not very effective attacks: 0.625x
  • Not very effective against two types: 0.391x

Heres a visualization chart of the type matchup for all of these:

Another difference between Pokemon Go and other games is multiple typings affect damage even further. If a species is weak to two of an opponents types then the multiplier effect would be halved again, as seen by the 0.391 multipliers.

The same applies to a Pokemon being effective against both species types. An example of this is an electric-type versus Gyarados as it is dual water and flying-type two types which are weak against electric.

Taking the time to learn which Pokemon are strong and weak against other types can often give you the edge needed to swing even the toughest fights in your favor. On top of this, familiarizing yourself with Pokemon Gos types will help you in Raid Battles, while also speeding up the process of acquiring those all-important PokeCoins.

Pokemon Go: Best Electric

Legendaries and Megas reign supreme over the Electric-type category, with only Shadow Electivire managing to eke in. Still, with only one weakness and some amazing super effective damage against Flying- and Water-types, Electric-types can cover a lot of ground.

Among these Electric-types, Shadow Raikou is, without challenge, the best. Its max Attack is a bit lower than Zapdos’, but it doesn’t even matter with the amount of extra damage its moveset can do. Wild Charge outclasses Thunderbolt completely, and Raikou has more max Defense, meaning it’ll stick around a bit longer. Sure, Zapdos resists Electric’s only weakness in Ground, but it trades that out for weaknesses to Ice- and Rock-type moves.

On the topic of Zapdos even though it’s a bit behind Shadow Raikou, Zapdos’ Shadow variant is by no means way worse. It comes in a close second or third situationally, with less DPS than Sh. Raikou and Sh. Electivire, but more TDO than the latter. As we said, Zapdos negates Electric’s weakness to Ground, but it has a weakness to Rock and Ice instead, which can be good or bad, depending on what the situation is. Unfortunately, both Shadow Raikou and Shadow Zapdos are extremely hard to get your hands on, so if you don’t have them, you might have to settle for another Pokemon from this ranking.

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Gligar Counters And Weaknesses In Pokmon Go

Gligar is one of those Pokémon thats pretty easy to trace the design process of. You take one look at this thing and youre like yep, thats a flying scorpion. Scorpions are already rather intimidating creatures, so making one that flies is pretty much guaranteed nightmare fuel, though thankfully, Gligar is cute, so thats tempered a bit. Of course, its a lot less cute when its flying at your face with its tail sticking out, so lets make sure were prepared for that. Here are Gligars counters and weaknesses in Pokémon GO.

Gligar is a mildly paradoxical Ground/Flying type, which means its resistances break down like this:

  • Weak against: Water
  • Resistant to: Electric, Fighting, Poison, Bug
  • Double-Resistant to: Ground

In spite of how its presented in the mainline games and its PokéDex lore, Gligar doesnt have any Poison type moves in its Pokémon GO kit. These are the moves it has instead:

Quick Moves

  • Swampert
  • Alola Sandslash

When it comes to dealing with either Ground or Flying types, the name of the game is Ice, and seeing as how Gligar is both a Ground and Flying type, that goes double. Pretty much any sufficiently strong Ice type will make quick work of a Gligar. The usual suspects will work fine here: Glaceon, Galarian Darmanitan, Weavile, and of course, our good friend Mamoswine. Ice types arent weak against anything in Gligars kit either, so itll be a pretty one-sided conflict.

Sick Of Not Seeing Super


At this point, there are so many different types and type combinations in the world of Pokémon Go, even an established Pokémon professor might have to check their notes from time to time. So, if you want to be the best there ever was, youll need to know your counters to Camerupt, and how to answer to an Aerodactyle, before you learn the hard way.

Fortunately, weve got the tool for any budding Pokémon master with our Pokémon Go type chart. With this, you can hit enemies for six with super-effective moves, you can also plan around your preferred team for switching in to soak up any resisted attacks. Its especially useful for any nostalgia fuelled Pokémon Go players, who might have missed out on the introduction of new typings.

Once you know your way around our Pokémon Go type chart, why not take a browse of our Pokémon GO legendary guide to see what big-hitters might suit your newly strategised team. On the subject of typings, you should also swing by our Pokémon Go Eevee evolution list, and check out how to get your hands on the full roster of adorable Eevee alternatives.

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Best Bug Type Pokmon In Pokmon Go

We’re taking a look at the best Bug Pokémon currently available in Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go is gaining popularity again, and it’s causing everyone to start investigating what type of Pokémon they should catch, train, and use in raids/battles. In this guide, we’re looking at Bug Pokémon! We’re going to give you some quick stats about the type and the Pokémon to make sure you know what to look for and how to win.

Pokmon Strength And Weakness Chart

The chart below will let you know which attacks to use and which to avoid based on Pokémon type.

For instance, a bug-type Pokémons bug attacks are super effective against grass-, dark-, and psychic-type Pokémon. However, bug-types take increased damage from any fire-, flying-, or rock-type moves.

Keep this chart handy whenever youre facing off against any trainers and especially during your Gym Challenges, as each of those trainers specializes in specific Pokémon.

As an example, the first major trainer you fight in Pokémon Sword and Shield is Milo, who specializes in grass-type Pokémon. Looking at the chart below, youll want to make sure that you have some Pokémon that can do bug-, fire-, flying-, ice-, or poison-type attacks in your roster. You may also want to take any ground-, rock-, or water-types out of that match sorry Sobble starters!

Knowing type match ups will be helpful in just about any battle, especially when youre trying to catch Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon.

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Pokemon Go Type Chart: Know All About Pokemon Weakness And Strengths

Since the inception of all core Pokémon games, people have been using type charts to determine which creatures are strong against other types.

What is this? A type chart for my favorite fighting game? You might be wondering if youre not familiar with these handy little sheets that can tell us what kinds of Pokemon we should take on next based on their Movesets and attacks alone.

Pokémon Go is one of the most popular games recently, with over 50 million copies sold since its release. Like other Pokémon titles before it, this augmented reality phenomenon features many different types with strengths and weaknesses, just like any other monster-catching experience would require you to exploit them strategically so they cant take down your team.

If youre looking to take down the competition, then Pokémon types will determine whether one of your opponents Pokemon is strong or weak. If they have a super-effective variety against yours and vice versa like water vs grass, for example then those weaknesses could become an opportunity instead!

Players who are new to the series might find it overwhelming, but those with experience will be able to get a handle on things quickly. The Type chart is similar enough that veterans can use it as an extra reference point or primer for newcomers looking at types and weaknesses in battle strategy.

Not sure what Pokémon type you need to catch? Let us break it down for you with the help of this article.

Pokemon Bdsp Type Effectiveness Chart

Pokemon Go Type Chart in 2020

Considering the huge variety of Pokemon available in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, knowing the right combinations to counter your opponents is extremely necessary. This is where Type Effectiveness comes in and below we have all the details to help your figure out Type Effectiveness in Pokemon BDSP.

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Battle Tower And Galarian Star Tournament

First introduced in Pokémon Crystal, the Battle Tower is a game feature accessible outside of the main storyline where the player faces several Trainers in succession with a limited set of their Pokémon and receive prizes in the form of otherwise rare items. The Japanese version of Crystal which had a mobile phone adapter allowed for players to challenge other players to Battle Tower fights. The next Battle Towers appear in Ruby and Sapphire, which is similar to the Crystal Battle Tower, and in Diamond and Pearl, which has a boss character and a point system similar to the Battle Frontiers.

Pokemon Go: Best Poison

Poison is a bit of a strange case. In the main series, it makes its paycheck with the use of the poisoned status condition and other stat- and condition-affecting trickery. But, since that stuff doesn’t really exist in Pokemon GO, Poison is reduced to the same strategy as every other type: don’t go up against your weakness, and maximize your damage output. Unfortunately, Poison has never been great at sheer damage output, so that didn’t translate to it being one of the better types in GO. With that said, it can be useful against Grass- and Fairy-types, when necessary.

The actual best Poison-type is without question Mega Gengar, but since it lacks a Poison-type fast move, we’re going to exclude it here. But, even with another type fast move, it’ll outpace the rest of the best Poison-type attackers. Mega Venusaur suffers the same problem. It’s probably the second-place contestant against Mega Gengar, and even beats it in TDO, but it has no Poison-type fast move.

As for the best Pokemon with two Poison-type moves, your best bet is Mega Beedrill with Poison Jab + Sludge Bomb. Against Grass-types, though, its fast Bug-type move, Bug Bite, will do a bit better than Poison Jab. As of now, Mega Beedrill remains a fantastic Poison-type attacker but goes down quickly, so try to hit hard with its massive max Attack before it’s taken down. As we mentioned in the Bug-type section, it’s also fantastic how cheap it is to evolve a Weedle up to Beedrill, for what that’s worth.

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Is There A Ground And Fighting Type Pokemon

4.7/5GroundtypestypesGround type PokémonRock types

Defensively, it resists Dark, Bug and Rock types, but is weak to the Flying and Psychic types plus the Fairy type as of Generation VI. They typically have low defenses so a Super Effective attack can be dangerous, especially since Fighting is not that effective against it.

Beside above, what is considered a fighting Pokemon? Fighting type Pokémon are strong against Normal weaker to Flying, Poison, Psychic, Bug, Ghost, Fairy resistant to Rock, Bug, Dark and vulnerable to Flying, Psychic, Fairy in a gym battle.

what is ground type Pokemon weak against?

Onix Steel Fire Electric Poison

What Pokemon are ground?

The Pokemon listed below have a 4X Weakness.These Pokemon are:


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Does Ice Resist Dragon


In the games, Dragon types are only weak against Ice and Dragon type moves. They are also highly resistant to Fire, Electric, Grass and Water type moves, with all four being featured as the starting Pokémons types in the first Generation. This means that whilst Dragons are powerful, they are not unstoppable.

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Black Tower And White Treehollow

Also introduced in the games are the Black Tower in Black 2‘s Black City and the White Treehollow in White 2‘s White Forest. In these facilities, the player must battle a series of Trainers without using items, and only relying on Doctor or Nurse Trainers to restore their team’s health. At the end, the player challenges the leader and later is awarded a rare Pokémon for succeeding.

Why Cant You Throw A Pokeball At Eternatus

You cannot fail to catch Eternatus. As soon as youre able to try and catch it after you deplete all of its health, you can throw any type of Poké Ball and it will automatically catch it. You dont need to worry about this part. Simply put: Its impossible to beat the game without getting Eternatus on your team.

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Pokmon Type Effectiveness And Weakness Chart

Our type chart presents the 18 Pokémon types in attack and defence scenarios. To use it, simply find your Pokémons type to see what its attacks are strong and weak against, and what it is resistant and vulnerable to when defending. This chart is designed for use with Pokémon GO, but the general strength/weakness information holds true for most every Pokémon game.

  • Types bolded in square brackets are subject to a further cut in effectiveness in the mainline games these are outright immunities
  • If a type is not listed, damage is neutral
  • The strength of an attack is increased if the attack type is strong against both types of a dual type Pokémon
  • Type resistance and vulnerability effectively cancel each other out on dual type Pokémon

Bug, Dark, , Fighting

Poison, Steel

Note that attack and defence type relationships are not identical e.g. types may be resistant to types when defending that they are not super effective against when attacking.

Remember, things get even more interesting when Pokémon of dual types crop up and you have to factor in additional strengths and weaknesses.

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