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Can You Delete Eggs In Pokemon Go

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Does Shaking Your Phone Count Steps In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Hacks That Actually Work!

Trick #1 Make sure Adventure Sync is turned on in Settings. Make yourself comfortable by sitting or laying down. Start shaking your phone UP and DOWN. The Adventure Sync will start to count the shaking as steps. Sometimes it takes some time until the app starts to catch up. The app doesnt have to be open.

Use An Ios Location Spoofer

An iOS location spoofer is one of the best ways to learn how to hack eggs in Pokemon Go without walking. If you own an iOS device, then I would recommend using Dr.Fone â Virtual Location , which provides excellent location spoofing solutions. With just one click, you can mock your location to anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, you can also simulate your movement between different spots.

  • There is a dedicated feature to simulate our walking movement from one spot to another or between multiple spots using it.
  • You can enter the number of times you wish to move to and from the specific locations on Dr.Fone â Virtual Location .
  • There is also an option to select your speed â which can make you mock movements like walking, cycling, or driving.
  • You can change your locations and movements as many times as you want without the need to jailbreak your device.

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

To learn how to hatch Pokemon Go eggs without walking using Dr.Fone â Virtual Location , the following steps can be taken.

Step 1: Connect your device and launch the app

Firstly, just connect your iPhone to the application and launch the Dr.Fone toolkit > Virtual Location feature.

Just agree to the terms and click on the âGet Startedâ button to launch the interface of Virtual Location.

Step 2: Walk between two stops

Now you can just select the number of times you wish to move and click on the âMarchâ button.

Step 3: Move along multiple spots

Update: Preview Egg Contents In Pokmon Go

As of April 2021, players can now see the possible contents of each Egg they pick up. By tapping on an Egg in your Egg Storage, it will display the possible contents before you place the Egg in an Incubator. This doesn’t change the contents of the Eggs. Just like before, the contents are determined when you pick up an Egg, but now you can see the pool of potential Pokémon from when you picked it up.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Eggs

The only way of getting rid of eggs in Pokémon Go is through placing them inside incubators and hatching them by walking their specified distances. While it may sound a lot of work, if there are way too many Pokémon Eggs that youd like to just delete for new ones, its possible to speed up the process.

How To Tell Which Egg You’re Hatching

Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza Event

The colorful dots tell you what type of egg it is.

When your egg does finally pop, you can easily tell if the egg is a 2 km, 5 km or 10 km egg by looking at the pattern on the Oh! screen:

  • Eggs with green spots are 2 km eggs
  • Eggs with yellow spots are 5 km eggs
  • Eggs with purple spots are 10 km eggs

A quick look at your egg screen will show you the different colored spots and their correlation with their distances.

Editors’ note:This article is continuously being updated to reflect changes in the game.

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How To Get Rid Of Eggs In Pokmon Go

It may be time that you go for that run, after all.

Roaming around the wild isnt the only way of obtaining Pokémon in Pokémon Go. It doesnt always have to be a Poké Ball-throwing contest every time you want to expand your Pokédex. Pokémon Eggs are one of the prime ways of unlocking more Pokémon in the most peaceful way possible.

Regardless of their specified distances, each Pokémon Egg can be unlocked by walking after you place them into an Incubator. Though hatching two-kilometer eggs wont be a problem for most trainers since they already cover that much ground while playing Pokémon Go, cracking the seven and 10-kilometer ones may prove to be tough challenges.

Eggs with higher kilometer thresholds will bear better rewards, but if you only need Eggs to quickly complete Research Tasks, it may be a decent idea to stack your inventory with two-kilometer ones.

Heres everything you need to know about getting rid of Eggs in Pokémon Go to free up space for new ones.

Which Pokmon Are In Strange Eggs

  • NEW: Vullaby
  • Deino
  • Absol

Vullaby, Pawniard and Sandile are making their debuts in Pokémon GO, but the Eggs can also contain Deino, Scraggy, Trubbish, Larvitar and Absol. So, you may be unlucky and not get one of the new Pokémon, but at least Absol can be shiny.

This helpful infographic by Miko shows the perfect IVs for each hatch, as well as the evolutions of the three new Pokémon along with the candy required.

If you havent spotted it already, theres new Special Research for the event called An Inter-egg-sting Development. If you didn’t buy a ticket for GO Fest back in the summer, then it’s your chance to defeat Giovanni and get Shadow MewTwo.

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Exchange The Friend Code Of Other Pokemon Go Users

A while back, Pokemon Go enabled the option to add friends on the app and send them gifts. Presently, we can send gifts to 20 other friends from our account in a day. Therefore, if you have a lot of friends, then you can send them eggs, including the exclusive 7 km egg. There are tons of online sources and forums for people to exchange their friend code for Pokemon Go.

  • Firstly, Launch Pokemon Go on your phone and go to your profile. Adjacent to the âMeâ section, tap on the âFriendsâ section instead.
  • Here, you can see a list of your friends and an option to add more friends on Pokemon Go. To add a friend, you need to enter their code that can be obtained from any dedicated forum or even Reddit.
  • Thatâs it! Once you have added a friend, go to their profile, and choose to trade or send them a gift. For instance, you can send them an exclusive egg and help them hack eggs without walking.
  • Pro-Tip

    If you have a friend who goes for a jog or walks a lot, then you can just open Pokemon Go on their phone and let them cover the distance for you as well!

    Clever Ways On How To Hatch Eggs In Pokemon Go Without Walking

    Can You Hatch Pokemon Go Eggs on a ROOMBA? – Pokemon Go Hacks Debunked!

    Hatching eggs without walking is an ultra-efficient way of playing the game. While the exercise might be excellent for your body, it’s also incredibly time-consuming. If you’re trying to play around your day-to-day work, the necessity to walk to hatch these eggs makes that incredibly difficult.

    Instead, try one of these 9 smart ways to hatch Pokemon Go eggs without any walking!

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    How Do I Get Rid Of Eggs

    I’m already at the limit of 9 and most of them are 5km eggs. Is there any way to get rid of them? I want to make space for 10km eggs because I hope they contain rarer Pokémon.

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to remove eggs as of this moment. Seems like the only way is to hatch them.

    • I hoped I’ve overseen a button on the interface, thanks for telling me. Guess that means it’s time for a walk in the park. 🙂 GigalaJul 8 ’16 at 7:16
    • 3for now i put all the 2km eggs in the infinite incubator and only 5 or 10 km in the ones that cost somethingJul 13 ’16 at 20:52
    • 3If you have a ceiling fan, apparently tying your phone to it makes it “walk” a lot…. NelsonJul 19 ’16 at 8:30
    • As of 2020 April, you have to hatch those eggs to create extra space. Pushing people to walk to empty the slots. And i think they will never allow to delete eggs because it hurts 😀
    • @Dragonrage Not like they read the reports anyways.. InsaneJul 18 ’16 at 22:10
    • That’s not true either @Insane , considering how popular the game is, the amount of reports coming in per day is too much to respond and handle. – Overall, Dragon is still right, Best leave the report feature for bugs and issues, The Devs have other channels for low priority feature requests. NBN-AlexJul 18 ’16 at 22:12
    • 4That doesnt sound like a good idea at all and will most likely only cause niantic more work

    How To Hatch Eggs More Efficiently In Pokemon Go

    At the end of the day, every Pokemon Trainer has only one goal in mind: catching them all. Thats the key tenet of any Pokemon adventure, but with Pokemon Go, its more difficult than ever to actually accomplish that goal.

    Not only are some of the rarest Pokemon currently impossible to catch, but others can only be found in specific regions, so the only way to add them to your collection is to hatch them from an egg. For the most part, this simply requires a great deal of walking, but over the weekend, CNET published some worthwhile tips to help you hatch eggs more efficiently in Pokemon Go.

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    The first step is to acquire eggs and incubators . Everyone starts the game with a single infinite incubator, but players are rewarded with 3-use incubators every five to ten levels. You can also buy a temporary incubator for 150 PokeCoins, if you need more.

    Eggs, on the other hand, can only be picked up from PokeStops. You can hold up to nine eggs in your inventory, and they come in three different varieties: 2 kilometer, 5 kilometer and 10 kilometer. The further distance you have to walk to hatch them, the rarer the Pokemon you receive will be.

    Some players have also had success tying their phones to ceiling fans and record players, but youre going to want to make sure the phone is securely fastened before you turn the fan on high.

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    What Should You Know About Hatching Eggs In Pokemon Go

    Released nearly four years ago on July 6, 2016, Pokemon Go quickly grew into one of the highest-played phone-based games around. With an estimated 500 million active users, spanning every content and country around the world, Pokemon Go is the definitive mobile game for players of all ages!

    As what we mentioned at the beginning, Pokemon Go is designed to catch or train Pokemon while players explore the real world. Usually, there are 2 ways to obtain Pokemon Go eggs within the game.

    You can wander around, looking for them. Unfortunately, that will only lead to disappointment as you’ll see a lot of Rattatas, but you won’t frequently see many of the awesome Pokemon that you probably desire.

    You can obtain Pokemon in order to get eggs. You can find these Pokemon Go eggs at Pokestops. Sometimes, you can also get them by leveling up.

    Regardless of how you obtain the egg, you will need to hatch it! But avid Pokemon Go players know how hard it is to get in all the steps necessary to hatch eggs. There are 4 types of Pokemon Go eggs, and each type requires a different amount of walking to hatch.

    They are:

    • 3 miles or 2 kilometers of walking to catch the most accessible eggs.
    • 3.1 miles or 5 kilometers of walking.
    • 4.3 miles or 7 kilometers of walking.
    • 6.2 miles or 10 kilometers of walking to hatch the most challenging eggs.

    As you can see, even if you walk at a reasonably brisk pace of 4 miles per hour, the most time-consuming egg will still take 90 minutes worth of walking to hatch!

    Use A Roomba While Playing Pokemon Go

    Hatching 8 10k eggs + using Pokemon Go Ar+ mode

    If you have a Roomba or any other robotic cleaner in the house, then you can also take its assistance to hack Pokemon Go eggs. All you got to do is place your phone on the Roomba and let it move around in your house. Since the robotic cleaner would move slowly, it will make Pokemon Go believe that you are walking instead. Just be sure that your phone will stay safe and protected. I would recommend placing it in a waterproof lock to further protect it from any wear and tear.

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    Maximize The Issue Of Gps Drift

    This is the last trick to hatch eggs in Pokemon go without walking. You can stand by the large buildings or areas with poor signal when you hatch Pokemon Go eggs. Follow the steps to do it.

    Here is the simple steps about how to how to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without walking by using a model railroad.

    Step 1: Launch Pokemon Go, and let your phone sleep.

    Step 2: Unlock your phone after a few minutes.

    Step 3: When GPS is regained, you can see your character in Pokemon Go walking.

    Thats it, you can hatch more eggs without moving.

    Pro Tips

    Some users said that you will get a soft ban for taking advantage of GPS drift. Because this is not like faking location in Pokemon Go.

    Final Words

    If you’re looking for how to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without walking, the above ideas are all ways to accomplish that goal. While there is no way to avoid moving your phone, that doesn’t mean that you need to walk while doing so! Any method for moving your phone at roughly the speed of walking will work.

    But compared with other methods which are involved in many big equipments, the best way to catch eggs is using iMyFone AnyTo among all the tricks. Don’t delay – try it free to get your eggs Pokemon Go hatching right away!

    Way : Play Pokemon Go When Riding

    How to hatch pokemon go eggs without walking?’

    This is probably one of the oldest tricks to hatch eggs pokemon go without walking. Just strap the smartphone on your bike and over the required distance to hatch an egg.

    Surely, you have to go out of your house for this, still you wont have to walk for it.

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    Fix Your Phone On A Drone And Play Pokemon Go

    Apart from a location spoofing app, there are a handful of other ways to learn how to hatch eggs without walking in Pokemon Go. Most of the eggs in Pokemon Go would need you to walk 2, 5, or 10 kilometers. The good news is that an average drone can easily cover this distance. Firstly, get a working drone on which you can easily place your phone. It is recommended to get a lock so that your device wonât fall while it is on a drone. Once your phone is successfully attached to a drone, just use it to cover a substantial distance. Make sure that the speed is minimal so that Pokemon Go would believe that you are walking instead.

    Things to Remember

    • While doing so, donât forget about the safety of your phone as it can get stolen by someone if it goes too far.
    • Use a lock and make sure that your phone wonât fall from your drone.
    • Enable the Find my Phone service on your Android or iPhone so that you can locate your phone if it is lost.
    • Move your drone slowly so that Pokemon Go would not detect that you are using a drone or playing the game while driving.

    Pokmon Go Egg Types And Where To Get Them

    Can you delete eggs in Pokemon?

    Eggs come in a variety of different forms, the names corresponding to the distance you must walk to hatch them:

    • 2km
    • 7km
    • 10km –

    2, 5 and 10km eggs have a random chance of dropping when you spin a Pokéstop . 7km eggs are found instead in gifts received from friends. You can carry a maximum of 9 eggs of any variety at one time – new eggs will not be dispensed until you hatch one of your existing eggs .

    Eggs aren’t just about hatching harder to get species – the Pokémon you get from them also have higher than average IVs and you’ll also get a random number of evolution candies .

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    Use Your Pokecoins To Purchase More Incubators

    You might already know that Pokecoins is the official currency of Pokemon Go. Using it, you can buy all kinds of tools, incense, eggs, incubators, and even Pokemons. Though, if you wish to learn how to hack eggs in Pokemon Go without moving, then consider getting some incubators. There are all kinds of incubators available in the game that can help you hatch eggs without walking much.

  • Firstly, make sure that you have enough Pokecoins with you. If not, launch the app and tap on the Pokeball from its home to visit its shop.
  • From here, you can buy as many Pokecoins as you want. For instance, $0.99 would let you purchase 100 Pokecoins.
  • Great! Once you have enough Pokecoins, go to the Shop again and choose to buy eggs and incubators.
  • After getting enough incubators, you can go to your collection and apply more incubators to hatch eggs without walking.
  • How To Get Eggs And Incubators

    First, you need eggs and incubators. Everyone starts off with an infinity incubator, but the rest takes work.

    Additional incubators can be bought from the PokeShop. You also get incubators when you level up or by visiting PokeStops, though they’re somewhat rare.

    The only way to get eggs is by visiting PokeStops. The type of egg you get seems to be random, but there are three types — 2 kilometer, 5 km and 10 km. Those numbers refer to the distance you’ll have to walk while the eggs are in incubators to get them to hatch.

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