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How To Activate Mystery Box Pokemon Go

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How To Recharge And Use The Mystery Box

How to get Mystery Box on Pokemon GO without Nintendo Switch

The Mystery Box has been available for a few years in Pokémon GO, but it has only become more useful and important since its debut. Offering players a chance to catch Meltan, the box has stuck around far longer than most expected. But with new events and other changes it has grown in importance and is easier to use than ever. To help explain everything, heres how to use the Mystery Box in Pokémon GO.

How To Snipe Pokemon Without Getting Banned

iToolab AnyGo is your answer if youre thinking, How to Snipe Pokemon without getting banned? iToolab AnyGo is among the best tools that help you spoof your current location to snipe easily in Pokemon Go. The tool also allows you to change your location on multiple iOS devices. The most important thing about this tool is that you can perform sniping without the fear of getting banned in Pokemon Go. Here are the steps that you need to perform to teleport your current location to another location in the world.

Link Your Account To Pokemon Home

Follow these steps to link your Pokemon Go account to Pokemon Go Home:

  • In Pokemon Go, open Settings.
  • Scroll down until you see Pokemon HOME and tap on it.
  • Under Nintendo Account, tap on Sign in. If you do not have one, you first have to create an account. To do so, you can visit the official Nintendo website.
  • A pop-up message appears asking for permission to sign in. Tap on Continue.
  • Enter the credentials to sign in. In order to integrate with the mainline games, be sure to sign in with the one that you use on your Switch.
  • Now tap on Ok.Your account is linked, and you will be redirected back to Pokemon Go.

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How To Get The Manaphy Egg

Hit pause to pull up the main menu the same one that allows you to access your Pokémon, Pokédex, Bag, and so on.

From there, you might see Mystery Gift as an option in the bottom left of the menu. It looks like a little gift box. If you do, congrats! You have unlocked the Mystery Gift feature. If you dont have it, heres how to get it.

According to a guide from Dexerto, the Mystery Gift feature appears after the Veilstone gym. Our experience seems to match this, since we have a screenshot of the menu just before the third gym that doesnt have it, but heres one with it unlocked.

According to a guide from Eurogamer, theres a way to unlock it before the the third gym though, if its not in your menu. To do it, you need to go to the go to the Jubilife TV Station in Jubilife City.

Take the elevator to the third floor, and talk to the two characters at the bottom of the room. The character on the left will as if you have an opinion about the television programming, to which you need to respond Yes.

Youll keep talking, and theyll have you pick from a list of programming options. Select, EVERYONE HAPPY WI-FI CONNECTION. Once you do that, the Mystery Gift option on your menu should become available.

Now that we have the Mystery Gift option, open the menu, click on Mystery Gift and choose, Get via Internet.

Thatl bring you to a screen with two options: Manaphy Egg Gift and Clothing Gift.

How To Get A Mystery Box In Pokemon Go Easy Guide In 2021

How to Activate Mystery Box Pokemon GO

Whether its a Pokeball or a Mystery Box, Pokemon Go is clearly a game that keeps on giving. This game has become a massive hit and has completely taken the world by storm. But, to get better, you need to play it better. Because thats what we do here at Cowded, we offer ways to make Pokemon Go better. So, whats the secrets to getting a Mystery Box? Well, simply put, you have to play the game!

Pokemon GO is a hit, yet its still easy to miss the features the game has to offer. To start, you can get a Mystery Box through the games Shop tab. If youre not familiar with Mystery Boxes, they can contain the rarest Pokemon or items in the gameand they dont disappear after the first use. You can also get one from a friend, by reaching level 5 in the Road to Level 40 campaign, or through the Daily Bonus event.

Pokemon GO is a hot topic these days. Every day, its getting more popular and going more viral. People are getting rich and enjoying life while playing this game. It is such a blessing. Who can deny that?

If youre still wondering how to get the mystery box in Pokemon GO, youve come to the right place. As we all know, the mystery box allows Meltan to go into the wild for a short period of time, and you can catch him during that time as well.

Thats why we made this guide on how to get the mystery box in Pokemon GO, how to get it easily, what it does in the game and other information related to it. Lets study this guide right away.

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Meltan And Melmetal Pvp Analysis In Pokemon Go

Meltan is a mythical Steel-type Pokemon with a very limited avaibility. It has the honour of being the first Pokemon from the main series to be featured in Pokemon Go, and the first mythic to debut outside of the main series. It is also the only mythical Pokemon that can traded and used as Gym defender. Earlier, the Pokemon Go players could only obtain a Meltan by either linking their account to Pokemon Lets Go Eevee orLets Go Pikachu, or by completing the Special Research quest, Lets go, Meltan. Not only did this quest grant only one Meltan, but was one of the toughest in game. But now, with the integration of Pokemon Home to Pokwmon Go, players can get a Mystery box full of Meltan that can be used a number of times, with a cooldown of just 3 days.

Shiny Meltans And Other Big Rewards Will Be Available In The Uk Starting At 8 Am Gmt Or 8 Am Local Time In Your Area

To open the mystery box in pokémon go just do the following. For example, for the fifth anniversary event in pokémon go, mystery boxes will be available from july 6 to july 15. This will activate the item giving you 60 minutes to catch meltan as they spawn near you just like you were using an incense. That is 10 days, giving players at least. Hello there fellow pokemon trainers!

Continue to and sign in to a chosen nintendo account. Hello there fellow pokemon trainers! In this video i am going to show you how to activate your mystery box in pokemon go and get a meltan. To open the mystery box in pokémon go just do the following. Scroll to the mystery box

Open the mystery box simply tap on the item to select and then one more time to open it. Hello there fellow pokemon trainers! Nov 18, 2020 · the new pokemon go home event, featuring mystery boxes activated by transferring pokemon between go and home, is going live at local times around the world. How do you sign in to pokemon go? By the way this vi.

How many meltan can you get in mystery box? Jul 06, 2021 · the events for a mystery box vary. Open the mystery box simply tap on the item to select and then one more time to open it. Nov 18, 2020 · the new pokemon go home event, featuring mystery boxes activated by transferring pokemon between go and home, is going live at local times around the world. Hello there fellow pokemon trainers!

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The Perfect Gift For Everyone How Do I Get Mystery Box In Pokemon Go

Can you return a How Do I Get Mystery Box In Pokemon Gomystery box hp iphone

Whether you misunderstood Martin or not, Big Ivan pointed to the Oakland No losers with the Lucky Box How Do I Get Mystery Box In Pokemon Go Islands within reach.We can t wait here forever, what mystery box pokemon go hack should we do next mystery box youtube This Martin is fishing lure mystery box canada a bit interesting Shi Quan fidget mystery box australia thought for a moment, then turned and walked out, Let the salvage boat go around the Auckland Islands first, Captain Miao, let s go back to the high seas.In case Tai Yi didn t react for a while, Why are you going back to the high seas This is a site in New Zealand, not a site in Ukraine.Shi Quan pointed to his feet, Just our ship, once it is investigated, I am afraid it can be regarded as a terror.

Hon’ble Mr. Dattaji Meghe

‘pokmon Go’ Shiny Meltan Event: Start Time And How To Get A Mystery Box

How to activate your Mystery Box and get Meltan by using the Pokemon HOME APP

The Shiny Meltan event returns to Pokémon Go, giving players who missed it in February more chances to catch this elusive Mythical Pokémon and gain enough candy to evolve it into the towering Melmetal.

First you need a Mystery Box. This special item will bring hordes of Meltan to trainers for 30 minutes. This is where Shiny Meltan will appear for those lucky trainers. For the next 12 days, Pokémon Go trainers with access to Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee can transfer some Pokémon over to get their hands on one.

Normally the Mystery Box can only be opened once every seven days but for the event – and for the foreseeable future – the item can be opened every three days which offers more chances to catch a Shiny Meltan.

If you’re looking to hunt for the tiny Pokémon, here’s all the information you’ll need including when the Shiny Meltan event starts and how to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon Go to Let’s Go to get your Mystery Box.


Shiny Meltan returns to Pokémon Go starting Wednesday, April 24 at 4 p.m. EDT and ends on Sunday, May 5 at 4 pm. EDT.


The first step to catching a Shiny Meltan in Pokémon Go is to sync your app with your Nintendo Switch. You can follow the steps here.

Once you’re synced, you need to go into the Pokémon Go app and follow these steps:

You only need to transfer one Pokémon to get access to a Mystery Box.


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How To Get Meltan In Pokmon Let’s Go

The two-way reliance between Pokémon Let’s Go on Switch and Pokémon Go continues here, as the only way you can get a Meltan in Let’s Go is to trade it from Pokémon Go!

There’s no way to catch or acquire a Meltan in Let’s Go on Switch, or for that matter a Melmetal, in Pokémon Let’s Go otherwise. So you need to first get it in Pokémon Go, and then trade it over.

Worth noting as well is the fact that, as far as we know, there’s no way to evolve Meltan into Melmetal once you’ve transferred the Meltan to Let’s Go.

As transferring is one-way – as in, you can’t take any Pokémon from Let’s Go over to Go, only from the mobile Go to the Switch’s Let’s Go – that means you need to evolve a Meltan in Pokémon Go first, then transfer it to Let’s Go, in order to get the big boy Melmetal in Let’s Go, too.

What Is Meltan And How Was Meltan First Revealed

The mysterious Meltan appeared in the wild in Pokémon Go at the conclusion of the September Community Day, flooding the map en mass.

Though it seemed like a regular creature – complete with its own animations, and even appearing on the Nearby radar – there were a few key differences:

  • It had no name or CP
  • Catching it would see it transform into Ditto
  • As a result, after catching, there is no record of it in your Pokédex or elsewhere

Head back to our main Pokémon Let’s Go walkthrough and guide hub for all our pages in one place, including detailed, step-by-step help for tough spots like Cerulean Cave, and the Elite Four, plus tough dungeons like Silph Co., Seafoam Islands and Victory Road.Otherwise, take a peek at our Pokémon Let’s Go TM list and all TM locations, Let’s Go’s starter locations and how to get Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, along with how to get Mew in Let’s Go, and how to get Meltan in Let’s Go and Go too.Beyond that we also explain how connect Pokémon Go to Let’s Go on Nintendo Switch and transfer Pokémon, Catching, catch combos, and how to catch Pokémon, a quick collection of our best Pokémon Let’s Go tips and tricks to get you off to a great start, and finally what we know about the Pokémon Pass app distribution event too.

30 minutes after appearing at the end of Community Day, the spawns then slowed right back down to rare or uncommon levels – similar to a regular Ditto’s spawn rate, and then disappeared entirely.

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How To Get A Meltan Mystery Box By Transferring To Pokemon Home In Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO

When they first arrived, Meltan mystery boxes were the sole property of Nintendo Switch owners and their friends, and even after that you needed to put some decent playtime into Pokemon Lets Go Eevee or Pikachu in order to actually access one. I even know people that bought Switches to get them! Mostly the sort of retired, committed Pokemon GO player that clearly is comfortable burning some money, but still. Now, however, Pokemon HOME functionality has come to Pokemon GO, and that means that these things are available to the masses. Lets go

To start: a Meltan mystery box is a special item that you can use to spawn a whole bunch of Meltan around you: those are the weird little hex-nuts-on-silvery-slime creatures that marked the only Pokemon introduced for the first time in Pokemon GO. You get them from transferring

So first you need a Pokemon GO account, which, if youre reading this article, you probably have. You then need to download Pokemon HOME on your mobile device and link it to your Nintendo account. If you dont yet have a Nintendo Account, youll need to create one in order to make this whole thing work. If you do have one, be sure to use the one that you use on your Switch so you can integrate with the mainline games if you fancy.

How To Get Pokemon Go Mystery Box Fifth Anniversary

Mystery box in Pokémon GO: what it is and how to get it

To get a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go during the fifth anniversary celebration, youll need to have a Nintendo Switch and a copy of Pokemon Lets Go Eevee or Pikachu. Why? Because the only real way to obtain the Mysterious Boxes is to transfer any creature from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Lets Go . Before you do that, youre gonna have to connect the phone app with your Switch app. We explain the whole process in detail in our Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee How to Connect & Transfer from Pokemon Go guide.

Once you have all that settled, and before you make the transfer, be sure to stock up on PokeBalls just in case. Then, complete the transfer and youll get a Pokemon Go Mystery Box on your account. As soon as you open it, a wild Meltan should appear next to your avatar. All thats left to do is capture it. As far as we know, that is the only way to get Meltan in Pokemon Go and eventually evolve it into Melmetal.

What makes things a little bit more complicated is that you can only obtain a Mystery Box every three days, and only during certain events. In the case of the fifth anniversary of Pokemon Go, youll be able to get the boxes from July 6 to July 15. So, ideally, thats three opportunities to get your hands on a Meltan. Make the most of it good luck!

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How To Get A Mystery Box In Pokemon Go

  • Connect your Nintendo account to both Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home
  • Transfer at least one Pokemon
  • Open Pokemon Go and tap on the PokeBall at the bottom
  • Tap on Items > Mystery Box

The Mystery Box will lure Shiny Meltan closer to your location. This will last for only one hour. Keep plenty of PokeBalls so that you dont miss this golden opportunity. Use Pinap Berries to maximize the number of Meltan Candies you earn. To charge it again, you will have to wait at least three days. You can continue to recharge your box by transferring another pokemon.

If you dont know how to link Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home, . Next, you need to transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home. You can learn how to do that very easily by .

If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments below.

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