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How To Get Raid Passes Pokemon Go

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How Do I Get Premier Balls

How to get Free Premium Raid Passes in Pokemon Go ?

Premier balls are exclusive to raids, and are the sole type of Poké ball that you can use to try and capture the raid boss if you successfully defeat it. You cant collect premier balls using the ordinary means, and will instead earn a set number depending on the following factors:

  • Defeat the boss: five premier balls
  • Damage: up to four premier balls
  • Gym: up to two if you control gym
  • Team contribution: you gain extra premier balls depending on the damage your team, as a whole, inflicts
  • Friends: Raid with a friend to receive up to four extra premier balls

So, as you can see, its possible to earn a fair number of extra balls by paying attention to the above.

How To Get An Ex Raid Pass

When the location for an EX Raid is determined by Pokémon GOs servers, EX Raid Passes are distributed to a selection of players who have recently defeated the raid boss at that gym.

Niantic acknowledges that the following best practices will increase your chances of receiving an EX Raid Pass:

  • Most obviously, you should focus on completing high-level raids at EX Raid Gyms
  • Players with higher level Gym Badges at EX Raid Gyms are more likely to be invited to EX Raid Battles there
  • Complete multiple battles at the same EX Raid Gym to increase your chances of selection
  • Raid in multiple EX Raid Gyms to increase the probability that a gym you frequent will be selected

Pokemon Go : How To Get Two Free Raid Passes Daily

Pokemon Go was one of the first mobile games that made use of Augmented Reality, it was developed by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company adding it to the list of games under the Pokemon Franchise.

The game pushed players to leave their houses and explore their surroundings all while being able to catch various Pokemons and as well battle for Gyms that have been placed in certain locations.

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What Is A Legendary Raid And How Does It Work

In Pokémon Go, there are five distinct levels of raids. The first tier of raids is the simplest to complete, but the prizes arent as spectacular. The tougher the competition becomes as you go through the levels.

Raids are usually held at your local gym and include a variety of timed activities. A raid may have up to 20 trainers, since raid bosses can be very difficult to defeat. For these events, there are both private and public raid rooms available. You may select your group and how you wish to approach each raid this way.

This tutorial will concentrate on Tier 5 raids, which often include legendary raids.

How Do You Leave A Raid Once Youre Already In The Lobby

Get Your Free Remote Raid Pass Every Monday in Pokemon GO

You can leave the Raid lobby at any time:

  • Tap the Quit button in the top left.
  • Tap the Exit button at the bottom middle .
  • Make sure you exit all the way out until youre standing outside the Gym again. Otherwise you risk joining the same countdown as before and with even less time to prepare.

    When it doubt, switch to a Private Group.

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    Active Pokemon Go Codes & Rewrads 2021

    • C0MPET1T1ON 1 Bottle Cap.

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    How To Redeem Pokemon Go Promo Code

    It is an easy procedure to restore the Pokemon Go Redeem Code. Pokémon Go Promo Code is redeemed in two ways, one via App and one via the official website. Lets know both basic code resettlement ways. First, we start with the Niantic Rewards pages official redemption source.

    • Firstly, open Niantic Rewards Page website on any browser.
    • Login your Pokemon Go account
    • Enter any active promo code in box
    • Now tap to redeem and check your account to collect your reward & enjoy
    How can you redeem codes in Pokémon Go?

    If youre on an Android device, you can redeem promo codes by going through the following steps.

    • Launch Pokémon Go.
    • Click on the Pokeball button at the bottom.
    • Select the Shop icon in the middle and scroll down to the bottom.
    • As you reach the bottom of the patch, youll see the Promos section.
    Pokemon GO Referral Codes In September 2021

    Exploration Bonus Updates Coming To Pokmon Go


    One of the delights of Pokémon GO is finding Pokémon in the real worldwalking around, discovering new places, meeting up with groups of friends to raid or battle together. At their core, all of Niantics games are built around the ideas of exploration, exercise, and playing with friends.

    As we said last month, how we all play changed a lot in the past 15 months. With the onset of the global pandemic, we realized that we had to change the model for all of our games. We could no longer take going outside and meeting people for granted.

    We learned a lot. Thank you for coming along with us as we continue to navigate through this together.

    Today, as some parts of the world are moving toward recovery, were announcing:

    • New exploration bonuses that make it more rewarding to play outside are coming over the next several months, including bonuses for spinning stops, playing at in-person raids, and getting in those steps.
    • Bonuses introduced last year that we plan to remove or change, tested first in the U.S. and New Zealand, followed by other countries and regions based on local conditions.
    • Bonuses introduced last year that we are planning on keeping, including first catch of the day bonuses, GO Battle League and Trainer Battle requirements, and more.

    New exploration bonuses for playing together in the real world

    Starting at the end of July, the following exploration bonuses will roll out to Trainers for testing first in the U.S. and New Zealand. Trainers will:

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    How To Obtain The Raid Pass

    Once youve found a raid that is either about to begin, or is already in progress, youll need to also acquire a raid pass. A raid pass is an item that is required to take part in a raid, and can be obtained in two different ways.

    The first way to obtain a raid pass is to spin the photo disc of a gym. Assuming you dont already have one , youll receive a raid pass from the first spin of the day of a gyms photo disc.

    The second way to obtain a raid pass is to buy one with Poke Coins. A premium raid pass costs 100 Poke Coins, and unlike the regular raid pass, is able to be stacked. This means that you can buy multiple premium raid passes at once, and hold onto all of them until youre ready to use them.

    What Is A Raid Battle In Pokemon Go

    How to get 15 Free Raid Passes In Pokemon Go On Raid Day

    The more seasoned video game fans among you might have heard the term raid battle before outside of Pokemon Go the term is typically used around other massive online games such as World of Warcraft to refer to a large-scale boss that multiple players will tackle together. Its very challenging but also very rewarding content, and the type of thing that many players will do over and over again, completing the raid many times in order to grind for the raids special rewards.

    In Pokemon Go, raid battles let you tackle super high-level Pokemon Pokemon with a CP into the five figure range or quite possibly even higher. This will take multiple players multiple Pokemon even for easier encounters, though raids come in a variety of formats.

    Each Pokemon Go raid is rated between one and five one are the easiest and will feature weaker Pokemon, albeit super powered-up versions of them, such as a mega-CP Magikarp. Most of the raids youll see will hover around the 2-4 range, which could range from everything from a beastly Pidgey to a Dragonite. We havent seen a five-star raid yet, but we strongly suspect this high rank will suggest legendary Pokemoun encounters.

    The raid rating represents not just the Pokemon youll face but also the difficulty. The lower the raid ranking the more easily you should be able to tackle the encounter with less Pokemon and less players hitting it at once.

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    Pokemon Go Raid Level Requirement

    Alas, there is a catch to all this. Players that want to take part in raids will need to be a certain level to get raiding and its a level that means youll have to be a fairly dedicated or longer-time Pokemon Go player to join.

    Right now youll need to be at least Trainer Level 20 in order to take part in raids. This has been lowered twice during beta, players need to be level 35 to participate in Pokemon GO raids, and shortly after the update launched, they needed to be level 25. Level 20, the new requirement, is much more achievable but still might be out of reach of some of the more casual Pokemon Go players.

    If youre below level 20 youll still be able to get to grips with a lot of Pokemon Gos new features including the reworked gyms, gym badges and so on, and these will help you to level up quickly.

    What Are Pokmon Go Raids And How Do They Work

    Raids are multiplayer events in Pokémon Go that challenge you to battle powerful monsters in exchange for exclusive rewards. Each raid has a tier from one to five, with the lowest tiers being easiest and the highest being the most difficult. You can battle easier raids alone, but youll need to work with the community to participate in the tougher raids.

    Heres how to start and complete a raid in steps:

  • To initiate a raid, youll need a raid pass, which you can get from a gym once per day
  • Next, find a gym with an egg above it and wait until the timer counts down
  • Visit the gym when the timer has come to an end and youll be able to face the raid boss
  • The raid boss is a Pokémon with much higher CP than usual, and you have an hour to form a team and beat it
  • You can participate in raids solo or join a group of up to 20 other players
  • You can bring up to six Pokémon into the battle with you, just like in a usual gym battle
  • If you fail the boss fight, you can try again as many times as youd like until the hour is up, and it wont cost you another raid pass
  • If youre successful, youll receive a bunch of rewards and a chance to catch it using premier balls, which are exclusive to raids
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    Pokmon Go: How To Get Free Remote Raid Passes

    There are a handful of ways to get free Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon GO. This guide will show players all the different ways to get them.

    There are a handful of different ways to get free Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon GO for August 2021. Recently, Pokémon GO has seen several changes that have left the community in an uproar. When COVID-19 initially began spreading, Niantic rolled out features like extending the distance from which players can interact with Gyms and PokeStops. Recently, Niantic returned the interaction distance back to normal even though COVID cases are once more surging around the globe. Because of this, many players are boycotting the game or choosing the free-to-play mode. Typically, players can spend their Poke Coins to purchase Remote Raid Passes, but for those not looking to spend the money, there are a handful of ways to get free ones in August 2021.

    Remote Raid Passes were added to the game to allow players to participate in raids during the global pandemic. It was highly frowned upon to allow trainers near each other to potentially spread the virus just to capture a Legendary Pokémon. These Passes let players connect to a 5-star raid battle from anywhere in the world. Here’s how players can get their hands on free Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon GO in August.

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    Go Fest : Raid Day Research And Rewards

    Pokemon GO: How to Get Remote Raid Passes &  What They Do

    By Sam Woods

    Pokemon GO Fest Day One is now in the rearview mirror, with players all over the globe completing Collection Challenges, smashing Ultra Unlocks, encountering Shiny Pokemon and so, so much more.

    However, for many, Day Two of the event promises the most excitement, with every Legendary Pokemon that has ever graced Pokemon GO returning to Five-Star Raids.

    Of course, this isnt likely to be cheap for those looking to take advantage, with the cost of a single Remote Raid Pass setting players back close to a dollar.

    Thankfully, Niantic has promised players eight free Remote Raid Passes which should help reduce the cost Heres how you get them, plus all the details on the Raid Day Research and Rewards.

    Players shouldnt have a tough time receiving their free Remote Raid Passes from Niantic.

    Every step of the following Timed Research will offer players a Remote Raid Pass to continue taking down some of Pokemons most powerful creatures.

    Wow, Trainers! Youve already completed 16 Global Challenges and unlocked the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space event. Beginning on August 6, Pokémon from various places will be appearing! Stay tuned for more details! #PokemonGOFest2021

    Pokémon GO

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    Pokemon Go Promo Codes Today 21 October 2021

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    • MDWC4SNGUFXS2SW9: You can earn 20 Great Balls & 20 Razz Berries by using this code
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    • P2XEAW56TSLUXH3: You can earn Ultra 30 Balls, Revives 30 Max & Berries 30 Max by using this code
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    • HELPPOKEMON: You can earn Poke Coins
    • EMRK2EZWLVSSZDC5: You can earn 8 Poke Balls, 4 Golden Razz Berries & 4 Silver Pinap Berries by using this code
    • DYEZ7HBXCRUZ6EP: You can earn 30 Great Balls & Pinap 30 Berries by using this code

    How Can Trainers Participate In Raids In Pokemon Go

    There are currently four types of Raid passes that any trainer can get. The most basic of these are regular Raid Passes. Premium Battle Passes, EX Raid Passes, and Remote Raid Passes form the other three.

    Here is how to acquire each:

    • Raid Pass: Spin a PokePhoto at any gym
    • Premium Raid Pass: Bought at the shop for 100 Pokecoins
    • Remote Raid Pass: Redeem a bundle every Monday in September
    • EX Raid Pass: Invite after defeating an EX gym

    Each Raid Pass gives the player access to different things, albeit they all essentially lead to some form of Raid. The normal Raid Pass will allow the player to participate in any Raid with a Tier 1-5 boss or Mega boss. These can only be used once a day.

    The Premium Battle Pass works very similarly to the ordinary Raid Pass. It gives access to the same Raid battles. The only difference is that Premium Raid Passes can also be submitted for rewards in the Pokemon GO Battle League.

    Remote Raid Passes also give trainers access to the same Raids that a regular Raid Pass would. With this Raid Pass, though, players can participate from a different location rather than having to walk and interact with the raid itself.

    Finally, EX Raid Passes give access to, naturally, EX Raid Battles. The Raid Bosses that are found at these Raids are usually much stronger than normal, and they require many trainers to take out.

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    How To Get Free Remote Raid Pass

    The easiest way to get Remote Raid Pass is buying them with PokeCoins . You could also expect occasional giveaway from Niantic, which may offer Remote Raid Passes free of charge weekly or daily. However, thats not the common case.

    The best idea to acquire a free Remote Raid Pass at the moment is participating in the . By completing field research tasks, youre able to achieve Research Breakthrough, thus winning the chance to catch Rufflet and getting rewards like double XP a free Remote Raid Pass.

    How Do I Catch Raid Bosses

    How To Use 2 FREE Raid Passes In 1 Day In Pokémon GO! (2017) | F2P Strategy

    Even with the maximum possible number of premier balls at your disposal, youre still not guaranteed to catch the Pokémon especially if its a legendary at tier five. If you want to significantly increase your chances, youre going to need to use a golden razz berry.

    Fortunately, golden razz berries are a reward for defeating raid bosses in the first place, so if you raid often you should have plenty on you to increase the chances of capturing the boss.

    Heres a round-up of other things you can do to increase your chances of catching a difficult raid boss:

    • Throw a curveball by spinning the Poké ball before you throw it
    • Get an excellent throw by landing the Poké ball within the circle when its small
    • Get medals for the type of Pokémon youre aiming to catch

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