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How To Level Up Fast In Pokemon Lets Go

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Tips Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu And Eevee What Is The Best Method To Quickly Gain Experience Points

How to level up SUPER FAST in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee – Easy Level 100!

Are you targeting to level up all your Pokemon to 100 ? Are you looking for the best method and the fastest way to obtain a high quantity of experience points ? Then youre just in time ! You will find here the best way to quickly bring your Pokemon team up to level 100.

This technique is applicable throughout the adventure and will make sense at the end of the game after becoming a Pokemon League master on the Indigo plateau. We will focus on explaining the «;post game;» method , you will see that you can move a team from level 50 to level 100 in less than 3 hours of play.

Get To Grips With The Controls Plus A Handy Workaround

Motion controls can’t be turned off, but there are some workarounds, and some things to bear in mind, than can make your life easier if you’re stuggling.

The way the controls work depends on what mode you’re in. When docked, you use a Joy-Con or the PokéBall Plus in a throwing action to throw the ball. When in handheld, you move the Switch around itself to aim your throw, or you can use the left analog stick to aim at the same time.

To make docked mode throwing a little easier, it’s worth knowing that the ‘Get Ready’ button you press on the catch screen has a function: it ‘sets’ the current position of the Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus your using as ‘centred’, so to speak. So if you press Get Ready, and then move the Joy-Con over to the right and start your throwing action from there, then the game will account for this and the ball will appear from the right hand side.

If it seems like balls are appearing from all over the shop when you’re trying to catch in docked then, it might be that you’re not bearing in mind your position when you ‘set’ yourself by pressing Get Ready!

As for handheld mode, you can workaround motion controls entirely by simply putting the Switch itself down on a flat surface. If you enter the catch screen and don’t move the Switch, then the Pokémon will just move side to side , and you can just aim at it with the left stick. This is worth bearing in mind for accessibility’s sake as much as it is just general convenience!

For Power Leveling Trainer Battles Aren’t All That Useful

So, you know the way you dont have to battle wild Pokemon anymore ? Well, catching them nets experience points for your whole team.

So, instead of having to train one Pokemon at a time by grinding the Vs Seeker and battling Bug Catcher Dougs lovely Weedles, you can actively just go and catch em all and build a powerhouse team while you do so. Speaking of that…

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Get More Xp From Catching Pokemon

Curveballs award extra XP when successfully catching a Pokemon. Successfully performing a “Nice”, “Great”, or “Excellent” Throw will give you extra XP as well!

Look For & Catch New Pokemon

New Pokemon registered to your Pokedex will award you with XP, so keep a look out for Pokemon you haven’t caught yet!

How Does Leveling Up And Evolving Work In Pokmon Go


Pokémon in the game have a variety of viewable stats:

  • Level arc: This is the white arc surrounding a Pokémon’s portrait. The white dot on the arc shows you the level of your Pokémon in contrast to your personal trainer level: Level 1 is at the far left side, while your current trainer level is represented at the far right side. You cannot catch Pokémon at a higher level than you are .
  • CP : This stat is a combined number that reflects your Pokémon’s overall strength.
  • HP : How much damage your Pokémon can take at a gym before fainting.
  • Type: The type of Pokémon.
  • Weight and Height: Purely cosmetic features.
  • Attacks: Your Pokémon’s two attacks one is a basic attack, and one is a special attack that requires a charge-up.

To increase or change these stats, you need two items: Stardust and breed-specific Candy. The latter will also help you evolve your base-level Pokémon into the next step in their evolutionary chain.

In addition, there are three secret stats you can’t level up, called IVs: your stamina, attack, and defense. These were set in stone when your Pokémon came into the world. You can check them by having your Team Leader appraise your Pokémon.

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Change Your Team Consistently

So, obviously this technique works. If youre getting 21.5k experience from a Rhydon every 30 seconds, youre going to see Pokemon reaching level 100 lightning fast. Its important to remember that 100 is actually the highest level, though, so you should probably swap your level 100s out for level 12s as soon as they hit max level.

It seems a bit counter-intuitive if youve played other Pokemon games, as going around a high level area like Cerulean Cave with a team of level 7 Pidgeys would land you a death stare from Nurse Joys Chansey quicker than you could say Gust. There are no trainer battles, though, so throw caution to the wind and go all out with the Pokemon equivalent of the Renford Rejects.

Tips To Level Up Your Pokmon Fast In Pokmon: Lets Go Eevee

Pokémon lovers have migrated to Enjoy to leave their hometown. Today, 20 years later, both new and old fans can enjoy a fantastic new version of the Nintendo Switch. Although the games are almost identical, sometimes there are several Pokémon to capture, making the trade essential for those who want to hit their Pokédex and capture Pikachu capture them! These are practically new editions of Red and Blue, but with many different principles, another selection of Pokémon for each game, and many small changes. If you learn the;Pokemon ROM Hacks, ultimately, you can conquer the Trainers you meet during your adventure simply by being strong and becoming the champion. Here are some tips on how to strengthen your Pokémon at Pokemon: Lets Go Eevee!

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Pokemon Go: How To Gain Xp Fast Guide

Welcome to the Pokemon Go: How To Gain XP Fast Guide. On this page well show you a Experience Points Boost Guide, which explains how to get to higher levels fast in Pokemon Go with the right equipment to gain your max level in the mobile game.

Finding out how to earn more XP lets you rank up faster now that levels 41 to 50 have been added to Pokemon Go. The trick? Turn on a lucky egg for double XP, then play during a double XP event , to get 1.000 XP times 4 is 4.000 XP per Excellent throw. Simply use a Nanab Berry to stop a Pokemon from moving, and practice throwing Excellent curveball throw on every Pokemon to catch them on the first throw, to get a much higher 4680 XP reward.

  • Pokemon Caught: 400 XP

Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu And Eevee How To Quickly Gain Experience :


First thing to do, you have to go to one of the games stores to buy at least 200 Ultra Ball and a maximum of 30 Max Lure. This item are used to increase the rate of appearance of some rare Pokemon species, including increasing the appearance of the «;tiny;» and «;huge;» variants. A large number of Ultra Ball is required, as we will launch them two by two which can quickly reduce your stock.

Once you have the necessary material to apply the technique, go to the Cerulean cave . When you enter the cave, cross the small river with the Secret Technique Sea Skim and take the first ladder you see.

Take the two Joycons of your Nintendo Switch in your hands and make a second character appear which will allow you to throw your Ultra Balls in pairs and thus improve your experience point multiplier in case of synchronizing .

The purpose of the manoeuvre will be to capture Chansey with catch combo in this cave. No other Pokemon, just Chansey. The larger the combo chain, the more the Chansey will show up in the cave. The goal is to capture as many Chansey as possible in «;tiny;» or «;huge;» size with a super throw or an excellent throw and a synchronized throw with both Joycons. You can earn up to 60,000 experience points in a single catch.

As you can see on the screenshot above, you can get a multiplier bonus of X48 with the following criteria :

  • Successful Catch
  • Combo bonus
  • Size bonus

Some guidelines to follow :

  • Never break your Chansey catch chain/combo.
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    Mass Evolve Pokemon To Earn Xp Fast

    Evolving a Pokemon will immediately reward you with 500XP. The easiest Pokemon to evolve are the ones listed above since they only need 12 candies to evolve, and are commonly seen when walking around!

    XP From Evolution Table

    Evolve W/ Lucky Egg During Double XP Event 2000

    Pokemon Need Candies To Evolve

    Candies are needed in order for you to evolve your Pokemon. These can be acquired by transferring Pokemon, and using Pinap Berries when catching Pokemon!

    How To Catch Pokmon In Lets Go

    Lets Go removes both random battles and fights with wild Pokémon. In its place is a catching minigame in which you toss Pokéball at a wild Pokémon. A ring appears around each Pokémon to note where to throw the ball. A second ring progressively shrinks on loop. Your goal is to land your Pokéball in the ring when its just big enough for a Pokéball to fit inside it. The better the timing, the higher the likelihood is that youll secure the wild Pokémon. Youll know you had a good throw based on text on the screen that reads Nice, Great, or Excellent.

    The other thing you have to watch out for is the shrinking rings color, which can either be green, yellow, orange, or red. Green means the Pokémon should be easy to catch, while red is on the other side of the scale. The color can change by feeding berries to the Pokémon to calm it down or by switching to a different Pokéball.

    Theres not much to the actual catching sequence, otherwise. Just make sure you work quickly and keep lobbing those Pokéballs before it flees. If youre having trouble with the motion controls in docked mode, handheld mode largely removes motion controls. However, its easier to make accurate throws in handheld mode, in our experience.

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    How Do Lucky Eggs Work In Pokmon Go

    You get Lucky Eggs as rewards for leveling up, but you can also buy them in the Pokémon Shop, either singularly or at a discount for 8-packs. Once you use a Lucky Eggs, you get double XP for the next 30 minutes. That’s 30 minutes as counted by the Pokémon Go servers, mind you. If you stop playing to do something else, the time still goes down. Here’s the difference a Lucky Egg makes:

    ‘pokmon Let’s Go’ Leveling Guide: How To Gain Experience Fast

    Pokemon Let

    Wild Pokémon battles are non-existent in Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee , but the Nintendo Switch title offers a new way to level up fast, and it involves the catching mechanic.

    Players earn experience for every capture but the amount depends on certain factors, including the catch combo and the species of Pokémon.

    Trainers looking to get their Pokémon up to Level 100 to take down the Master Trainers or other players online will definitely want to try these steps to leveling up as quickly and easily as possible.


    Before you head out to start the grind, you’ll want to defeat the Elite Four and pick up these items at the Cerulean City Poke Mart:

    • Lures/Super Lures/Max Lures
    • Ultra Balls

    The Lures will give you the best chance to encounter the Normal-type Pokémon, Chansey the fastest. Chansey has always been the best source of experience throughout the franchise, and the same is the case in Let’s Go.

    Ultra Balls are the best Poke Ball to use to catch Pokémon .

    After you’ve stocked up on supplies, head to Cerulean Cave and head up the stairs. You’ll want to use the co-op feature in your catch attempts because it gives a bonus multiplier.

    Use a Lure and walk around waiting for a Chansey. The Normal-type Pokémon has always been the best source of experience throughout the franchise, and the same is the case in Let’s Go.

    Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee and available now for Nintendo Switch.

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    Feed Your Pokmon Candies

    Though they don’t affect your Pokémon’s level, Candies are also essential to giving your Pokémon the edge in battle. They give permanent boosts to their stats, making them arguably even more effective than leveling up.

    Types of Candies include the following.


    You can collect Candies by:

    • Catching Pokémon.
    • Sending Pokémon to Professor Oak.
    • Playing and completing games in the Play Yard in the GO Park Complex.
    • Using the Poké Ball Plus Device to take your Pokémon out when walking in real time.

    Experience points are valuable and a necessity if for success in this wildly fun video game! With these tips, you’ll be beefing up your Pokémon in no time, ready to face the Elite Four, and even battle online!

    Battling Strong Wild Area Pokmon

    The Wild Area is a new feature introduced in Sword and Shield. In it, you’ll find a ton of very strong and intimidating Pokémon wandering around the overworld. When battled, these are the toughest wild Pokémon you’ll probably face.

    Some of these Pokémon will grant a ton of EXP when defeated, especially pseudo-legendaries like Tyranitar and Kommo-o. Other strong Pokémon that can be found in the Wild Area will drop lots of EXP as well, like Vanilluxe, Dusknoir, Klinklang, Gardevoir, and Roserade. Seek these out and take them down for a ton of easy EXP.

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    For Energy Leveling Coach Battles Arent All That Helpful Significantly

    So, you know how you dont need to battle wild Pokemon anymore ? Well, catching them nets expertise factors on your complete crew.

    So, as an alternative of getting to coach one Pokemon at a time by grinding the Vs Seeker and battling Bug Catcher Dougs pretty Weedles, youll be able to actively simply go and catch em all and construct a powerhouse crew whilst you accomplish that. Speaking of that

    Get Xp In Pokemon Go By Adding Friends

    How to LEVEL UP FAST in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee! (Mid-Game)

    Adding friends to Pokemon GO can be the fastest way to level up your profile, especially if you have a lot. The more you interact with a friend in Pokemon GO, the more your friendship can grow, and the greater the XP rewards.

    All Pokemon GO players can add up to 200 friends by exchanging Trainer Codes or connecting the game to their Facebook account.

    Players can level up friendships by sending gifts to one another, battling, trading Pokemon, and participating in Raids together.

    Reaching Good Friends status will earn you 3,000 XP, Great Friends 10,000 XP, Ultra Friends 50,000 XP, and Best Friends a ridiculous 100,000 XP. Youll also get 200 XP for each gift you send.

    To add friends in Pokemon GO, open your profile, tap Friends, and tap Add Friend. From here, you can copy your Trainer Code to send to someone or tap Add Facebook Friends to add any Facebook friends that have also connected their account to Pokemon GO.

    If you need more friends, post your Pokemon GO Trainer Code on Instagram or Twitter. Theres a lot of other players looking to increase their friends’ list.

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    Going Hardcore With Evolutions

    If you really want to go nuts with power leveling yourself, you can take doing your evolutions to a whole new level.

  • Buy a Pokémon GO Plus!
  • Find a location with multiple Pokéstops that are very close to each other where you can walk around.
  • On a new day, before you’ve spun any stops or caught any Pokémon , set up lures on each of those stops.
  • Open an incense
  • Set up your incubators as you get 1,000 XP for hatching a 10km egg, 500 for a 5km egg, and 200 for a 2km egg.
  • Begin a Lucky Egg
  • Set up your Pokémon GO Plus
  • Do your evolutions while walking around in a circle, catching Pokémon and spinning stops with your plus.
  • This is a bit intense, but it’s also incredibly effective and efficient. You should be able to take your typical 60,000 XP evolution session and push it to 80,000 XP or even 100,000 XP.

    Get Xp In Pokemon Go By Catching Pokemon

    Catching any Pokemon will always reward you with at least 100 XP, and registering a new one to your Pokedex for the first time will grant you an extra 500 XP bonus. How you catch the Pokemon can also affect how much bonus XP you receive.

    Using a Curve Ball grants you a 10 XP bonus and can also increase your chances of catching a difficult Pokemon. Achieving a Nice, Great, or Excellent Throw can also give you a 10, 50, or 100 XP reward, respectively.

    A Curve Ball is a type of throw, not a type of Poke Ball. To throw a Curve Ball, pick up a Poke Ball when you see a Pokemon and make circles with your finger on the screen. Once the ball is spinning, throw it at the Pokemon as usual.

    Players also get rewards for capturing a lot of the same type of Pokemon. You get a 100 XP reward for the 100th member of a species you catch, and there are numerous medals that you can unlock, each with XP rewards, on your profile screen.

    Some medals will reward you with XP and items for capturing a set amount of Pokemon from each region. In contrast, others earn you XP and increased catch bonuses for capturing 10, 50, and 200 Pokemon of a particular type, such as Fairy, Rock, and Ghost.

    You can also earn XP by unlocking other medals on your profile screen for completing different tasks such as walking a certain distance or battling and trading with other players. You can see details on each medal’s requirements by tapping on their icon.

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