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List Of Pokemon By Ev Yield

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Check Summary To See Evs

Pokémon EVs and IVs Explained! – Pokémon Fact of The Day

You can check EVs by selecting “Check Summary” & pressing the X button on the radar chart. You can’t see the exact amount of EVs but you can get a grasp of how your EVs have been allocated.

How To Look At EV Radar

Light Yellow & Dark Yellow
What To Do After Beating The Game

More Efficient To Buy With Money Than BP

Though Vitamins can be bought with a low price of 2 BP, it’s far more efficient to buy them using money at Pokemon center in Wyndon, as BP is harder to acquire and can be used for other more pressuring things.

Whats The Best Way To Distribute Evs

This is a rather complicated question to answer, but one that significantly affects how successful a Pokemon is in competitive play. For the most part, a Pokemons EV spread hinges on what kind of build and moveset itll have. For example, a special sweeper Infernape will want an EV spread of 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Speed, and 4 Defense in order to maximize its strengths.

Image by The Pokemon Company

A physically defensive Chansey, meanwhile, would want a spread of 252 Defense, 252 HP, and 4 Sp. Def. This spread makes it as tanky as possible on the physical side, while also raising its HP to the highest it can go.

But maxing out two stats wont always be the optimal EV spread for every Pokemon. If there is a particular threat that you have to address in the metagame that you play in , it may be beneficial to run an unorthodox, less focused EV spread. For example, you may want to take a few EVs from Defense and put them into Special Defense for a certain Pokemon, if it will give them a better chance of surviving specific attacks.

This is somewhat advanced, though, so dont be afraid to experiment with focused builds for a while. You can start getting into alternative EV spreads when you get your bearings in competitive play. Then you can start using third-party tools like the Pokemon Showdown damage calculator to see how you can best prepare against Pokemon that deal with yours.

Evs Are Equivalent To 1 Point In A Stat

As mentioned above, EVs allow you to increase your stats. To be specific, for every 4 EVs you have, you get 1 additional point in that stat. Likewise 252 EVs in a certain stat means 63 extra points in that stat. These changes are seen when a Pokemon reaches level 100.

As an example, a Blaziken without any EVs in Attack would have an Attack Stat of 276 at level 100, while a Blaziken with 252 EVs in Attack would have an Attack Stat of 339.

In competitive battles, every point of a stat will matter, so it’s best to get the best EVs for your Pokemon!

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Defeat Pokemon To Earn Evs

For every Pokemon you KO, aside from gaining EXP, your team also earns Effort Values, also known as EVs.

Each Pokemon species has its own EV yield that ranges from 0-3 in each stat, with 3 being the most amount of EV you can earn from a single battle.

As you earn more EVs of a certain stat, your Pokemon will grow stronger in that stat. Understanding which Pokemon to beat to earn the EVs you want will help you build the Pokemon with proper strengths where you need them.

You Can Have Up To 252 Evs Per Stat

Pokémon EVs and IVs Explained!

A freshly hatched or a freshly caught Pokemon will start out without any EVs. As you defeat Pokemon, or give them Vitamins, the Pokemon will earn EVs with each stat having a limit of 252.

Any time a Pokemon gains EXP, it gains EVs, so if you have them in your party and they gain EXP through EXP Share, they will also earn EVs.

Maximum of 510 EVs per Pokemon

While a single stat can only earn 252 EVs, a single Pokemon can only have a total of 510 EVs spread across all stats. To maximize stat improvements, most people choose to invest 252 EVs each onto two stats, while investing the remaining 6 onto another.

For offensive Pokemon you may put 252 EVs in their primary attacking stat , another 252 EVs in Speed, and the remaining 6 EVs in HP. While for defensive Pokemon you may want to put 252 EVs in their primary defensive stat , another 252 EVs in HP, and the remaining 6 EVs in Speed.

This is a good starting point, but you can tweak these as you get more familiar with what stats you need.

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How To Boost Evs With Vitamins

You can skip all of the complicated steps and training above if you have lots of money in the game. In previous games, there was a maximum of how many EVs you could give a Pokémon by giving them vitamins, but that’s no longer the case. If you have enough money, you can max out any stats you’d like. Note that the same rules apply regarding maximum EV values.

You can purchase vitamins on the second floor of the Veilstone City department store. Each vitamin costs 9800 Pokémon Dollars each. You can also purchase vitamins for one battle point each at the Battle Park.


TLDR: Purchase vitamins at the department store in Veilstone City to max out your Pokémon’s EVs.

Pokmon Sword & Shield: Effort Values Complete Ev Training Guide

Gone are the days of Kalos Super Training in which players launched soccer balls at inflatables. And no longer can we kick our feet up in Alola while our Pokémon train on Isle Evelup of the Poké Pelago. So what now? Do we have to go back to the old ways of gaining effort values ? What can trainers in Galar do to get a competitive edge?

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Use Vitamins To Max Out Ev Stats

If you want to EV train your Pokemon in the easiest way possible, then Vitamins are the way to go. Since there is no limit to how many Vitamins you can give to a Pokemon, you can max out a Pokemons EV by just feeding them Vitamins.

To max out an EV stat, itll take 26 Vitamins. This will be a bit costly, but its the fastest and easiest way of max out your Pokemons EV.

What Are Ivs In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

How to EV Train in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl – EV Training Guide

IVs, or individual values, are the Pokemon universes equivalent of genetics in real life. Just like EVs, they also determine each individual Pokemons stats but IVs are instead entirely luck-based just like real-life genetics.

There are six distinct IV categories, each of which corresponds to the same six primary stats as mentioned in the EV section. IVs range from zero to 31, with a Pokemon with 31 IVs across the board being referred to as perfect IV or 6IV.

It is possible to have a Pokemon with 31 IVs in all six primary attributes, but such Pokemon are exceedingly rare. Moreover, with the way things are set up in BDSP, getting a perfect IV Pokemon is extremely difficult, to the point where its practically unviable to even try.

The existence of IVs essentially means that almost every Pokemon out there will still end up having different stats compared to members of the same species, even at equal levels. Then again, thats just how genetics work. IVs are generated and set in stone upon encountering a wild Pokemon, or when a Pokemon is given to the player by an NPC. Once generated, IVs cannot be changed, at least in BDSP.

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Sword And Shield Ev Training

The first thing you need to understand about EVs is the basic math behind them. Any time a Pokemon fights in a wild or trainer battle, they get effort points, which are further divided by the six in-game stats of HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. So, if you fight a Rookidee on route 1, fainting it yields one Speed effort point. Every four points turns into a full EV, which in turn leads to a +1 in that specific stat, so you would need to knock out four Rookidees to get one Speed EV to gain an extra point in Speed.

A Pokemon has a cap on how many EVs they can gain, which is at 510 EV points. These 510 points are also capped based on your stats one stat can have a maximum of 252 EV points. For most, the best strategy is one of min-maxing, beefing up your two most useful stats to 252 for the full stat bonus. The reason for that 252 is because you need four effort points per EV gain. This totals an extra 63 points in each stat. When combined with perfects IVs and a beneficial nature that add a 10% boost to that base stat, it can lead to Pokemon with powerful potential in battle.

In practice, of course, fighting 1,000 of the same Pokemon is ridiculous, which is why over the years Game Freak has added a ton of methods, mechanics, and even bonuses to make gaining EVs extremely easy.

Pokemon Bdsp Ev Training

EV also known as Effort Values can be used to boost your Pokemons level in Pokemon BDSP. Normally when you level up a Pokemon, one of six main stats will rank up, making your Pokemon stronger.

EV is a hidden stat each Pokemon can level up. The details of how they work are as follows:

  • Each Pokemon can have a total of 510 total EV points
  • Gaining 4 EV points for a stat increases that particular stat value by 1
  • EVs can be used to go beyond the maximum limit of a stat
  • Players can prioritize which EV stat they want to increase for a Pokemon
  • EV points can be increased or decreased by using items like berries and candies
  • You can boost a certain stat up to 252 EVs or 63 additional levels

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Ev Training With Battles

Pokémon can also gain EVs in battle. Each Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl offers up a different amount of EVs upon defeat. Defeating multiple Pokémon with good EV values is a slow but free way to increase EVs.

One of the best ways to gain EVs through battle is to predictably encounter Pokémon who offer the EVs youre looking for. While Pokémon can offer either 0-3 EV points upon defeat, your best and most reliable option is to find Pokémon that offer two EVs of any individual stat.

This chart, based in part on information from Game8, shows the easiest locations to farm EVs in battle. Find the EV you want to train, and then locate the Pokémon in that region. Each time you defeat them, youll gain two EVs in the specific stat they specialize in.

Ev Training With Held Items

Pokemon Sword And Shield

One of the ways to EV train fast is by using held items. Several items boost the amount of EVs you gain each time you defeat a Pokémon.

  • Power Weight +8 HP EVs gained
  • Power Bracer +8 Attack EVs gained
  • Power Belt +8 Defense EVs gained
  • Power Lens +8 Special Attack EVs gained
  • Power Band +8 Special Defense EVs gained
  • Power Anklet +8 Speed EVs gained
  • Macho Brace Double EVs gained

You can purchase each of the Power items at the Battle Park after completing the game. Each item costs 16 Battle Points.

The Macho Brace isnt purchasable. Instead, you must first have all three forms of the Burmy in your party. Then head to Pastoria City and speak to the Bug Catcher who is located north of the Poké Mart.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield


Last time we introduced competitive Pokemon and began our guide series by showcasing the most efficient ways to IV train in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This time, we are looking into the second part of the competitive equation, EV training.

For anyone just getting into competitive battling, Effort Values, or EVs, are bonuses applied to your Pokemons primary stats. Like IVs, these can help maximize your stats to be the highest they can be, so the highest possible number for HP, Attack, Speed, or what have you. Unlike IVs, EVs are wholly controlled by the player, mainly because of the methods available to train your Pokemon to maximize its potential.

That is pretty much the theme here EVs represent the time training Pokemon to their full potential, and in Sword and Shield, training Pokemon with EVs has become extremely easy compared to previous generations. So, this guide will go through some basic information you need to know about EVs, and how to train them up efficiently to build up a competitive Pokemon.

Effort Values: What Are They

Every Pokémon battle you win yields effort values ! So, for those of you unfamiliar, you have already been gaining EVs! Generally speaking, Defeated Pokémon give effort values consistent with their highest stat. For example, Ponyta gives 1 speed EV each time you defeat it as its highest base stat is speed!

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How To Reset Evs

If you used a Pokémon to play through the story of BDSP, it will have EV points in all of its stats. EV points in stats a Pokémon doesn’t utilize are wasted. For example, a Pokémon that only uses special attacks shouldn’t have any EVs invested in its attack.

Luckily, you can lower the EVs of a Pokémon, including dropping them down all the way to zero. This is done by feeding a Pokémon berries. Each of the berries listed below reduces the corresponding EV value of a Pokémon by 10 per berry.


These berries are spread throughout Sinnoh. You can also purchase them for one battle point each at the Battle Park. Remember that you can grow berries, so you don’t need to spend a load of battle points. Just purchase one of each and grow your own.

TLDR: You can reset your Pokémon’s EVs to train them up a specific way. You can reduce EVs in each stat by feeding a Pokémon berries.

Each Pokemon Gives A Specific Base Point


The type of Base Point a Pokemon gives when you defeat is determined by that Pokemon’s species!

Example: Diglett

When you defeat any Diglett, regardless of level, your Pokemon will gain 1 Speed Base Point. This means, if you take down 252 Diglett, you will give the maximum number of bonus points to your Speed stat!

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl: How To Ev Train Quickly

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl include a fun story that you can play through and even some high-level trainers that you can rematch. They’re two of our favorite Nintendo Switch games and give you a chance to grow as a Pokémon master. As you progress throughout the games, being at a high level won’t be enough to defeat certain opponents.

Even the best team for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will fall short without proper training. To raise your Pokémon to the next level, you need to EV train them. EV training can sound complicated if you’re new to it. At the end of each section, we’ll have a too long didn’t read summary to make things simpler.

Best Locations For Ev Training

If you’ve prepared the relevant Power Item and Pokerus, you can get fairly good results out of grinding out a few battles for EVs. These Pokemon provide a good number of EVs in their stat and are easily found, perfect for a round of EV training!

HPNoctowl is common in Motostoke Outskirts in all weather, and gives a solid 2 HP EVs.

AttackPerrserker is quite common on Route 7 and produces 2 Attack EVs each.

Defense – An Obstagoon appears consistently right outside of the Nursery in Bridge Field, giving a consistent 3 Defense EVs each time. For Defense EVs that can be farmed repeatedly, Galarian Weezing appear in spades in the Slumbering Weald, each giving 2 Defense EVs.

Special Attack – can be found with some frequency on Route 6.

Special DefenseDottler are a common sight on Route 5, and each give 2 Special Defense EVs.

SpeedLiepard can easily be farmed for 2 Speed EVs each on Route 7.

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Use Power Items To Quickly Farm Ev

Power Items will give your Pokemon EV in a specific stat no matter what kind of opponent theyre fighting.

This means that you can easily farm EV quickly using Power Items. To do so, equip the Power Item on the Pokemon that you want to EV Train and put them in your party.

For the lead Pokemon of your party, choose the strongest Pokemon that you have. Now, find an opponent that your lead Pokemon can take down in one or two hits and keep farming that opponent until you reach your EV goal.

How To Check Evs


Sadly, the makers of Pokémon won’t just tell you how many EVs a Pokémon has in a specific stat, at least not numerically. You can, however, get a general idea about a Pokémon’s EVs. You can also see if a specific stat is maxed out.

  • Press X to open the in-game menu.
  • Select Pokémon.
  • Navigate to the Pokémon Skills section.
  • Press X.
  • You will now see a hexagon filled out with blue shading. These indicate how many EVs are in each stat. If there’s a yellow star next to a stat, that stat is maxed out.

    TLDR: Check the stats of a Pokémon and press X. A star means a stat is maxed out. You don’t want to have EVs in stats that don’t matter for that Pokémon.

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